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  1. J

    Looking for a plumbing contractors

    Hi, Everyone We are planing to give our new home plumbing services to the top contractors in Oakville. Can you guys suggest me the best plumbing contractors in Oakville.
  2. S

    Advice Sought Following Boiler Service

    Hi Guys, I am looking for some advice following a boiler service earlier this week. I am not an engineer, just a home-owner. Last year (June 2013) I bought a new build property. Installed was an Ideal Logic Combi 35 boiler. A few days ago I had it services by British Gas for the first...
  3. P

    i'm work on my own nd have recieved a tender for 18 dwellings, HELP?!

    Hi everyone just joined the forum and looking forward using it! So I have received a fair few of these enquiries in the last year or so. Big companies working on behalf of my local council etc requesting a price for 42 weeks worth of work. I've always been scared off by it to be honest as i'm...
  4. S

    Asbestos Lagging

    Would i be right in saying this is asbestos?
  5. P

    CET Safehouse?

    Hi Has anyone had any experience of a company named CET Safehouse? They provide emergency insurance work for contractors for their clients who have taken out insurance. I have had exhaustive info from them but no mention of pay rates. I don't know if they charge contractors to be on their network.
  6. L

    Approaching Councils direct for Boiler installs

    I heard on the grapevine that you can approach councils direct and get a slice of there of Boiler installs as they are trying to save money by not dealing with large companies and subbing it out to sole traders. Im based on the coast in hampshire and thinking of doing it this year. Any...
  7. P

    BG subbies

    Anyone else on here just been told there is no more work for sub-contractors with BG?