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  1. M

    Ideal Icos HE24 LF. code

    Good morning, Our boiler has started to fail after 14 years. Given the apparent reputation of this particular model, I think it's done rather well! The current fault has become progressively worse over a few weeks. The boiler is now igniting but then shows LF. within a few minutes. As the...
  2. S

    Locating Stop Cock - and why only shuts off hot water

    Hello all Have spent all evening trying to find the stop cock for my mains water supply into my flat; and hoping someone can help me I have located a tap under the sink (photoone ), but when I turn clockwise to close off, it only closes off the hot water. There is another 'screw' nearby to...
  3. T

    gas service query

    just a thought is there a way to know who or what company has done a service at a property or capped gas even? if no info at job btw
  4. L

    Question of responsibility?

    Good afternoon all, No longer [email protected], just Luke now but I thought it better to use the account I already had. The girlfriend's boiler stopped working recently (installed last year by previous owner of the property) (vaillant ecotec pro 28) and we found that the company that had...
  5. B

    What parerwork to issue?

    Hi, I have worked as a heating engineer for 9 years for a housing association where we have to fill out 4 forms every time we install a boiler. The reason for this post Is I want to know what I need to buy and what I need to fill out to operate correctly as i have just got my own gas safe...
  6. P

    Plumbers lost...

    Any considerations for the following issue please reply. Plumber started today, he is installing an upgrade to a 20yr old system, new dual coil cyl, three zones, one for broom rads, one for hot water and one for rads in kitchen area. there is an aga feed for hot water into the cyl, the...
  7. F

    are you listening to lbc fm london radio at the moment !!

    Another kick in the teeth. another way of them charging fee for nothing no benefitt to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sad3: