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  1. P

    Where should the soil pipe enter through the slab?

    I'm building a new house and want to know is there a standard location\ distance from walls that the soil pipe should come up. The pipe will take a WC on the GF and then stack up to the 1st floor to take the bathroom above and then up to vent tile so he'll need a couple of T connectors which...
  2. T

    Which UFH system should I choose?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get everyone's opinions on underfloor heating. I am looking to install a water based underfloor heating system in the kitchen. The walking area of the kitchen where the heating will be around 5 square metres as confirmed by my builder. I'm also looking to install an...
  3. G

    Oversized radiator in bathroom - Should I not use it?

    Hi Chaps I'm currently replacing all the pipes and radiators in my house as the rads were all very old and undersized. It was a single pipe system system too, cobbled onto a modern WB combi! Anyway, i've sized all the rads correctly for the rooms, but the bathroom one I was a bit generous...
  4. C

    What Knowledge & Skills should a new Plumber have?

    What subjects should be taught to new plumbing trainees? The new plumbing qualification is only Level 3 what should they know at the end of the training? It has got to cover the whole of the country both rural, towns & cities. (& don't do the one about the best cup of tea etc please)
  5. V

    Should I attempt to mains flush my CH system?

    I just moved into my new flat and the boiler is probably around 20 years old. It's a sealed non-condensing Valliant Turbomax VUW 242 and on it's last legs. Just got the circuit board replaced with a refurb off eBay while I save some pennies. The system is a mix of 15mm and microbore copper...
  6. W

    Should a Bronze Pump have a a Timer?

    I’m a homeowner with no experience of hot water systems, so any help will be greatly appreciated. I’ve not been living in my house for the last 12 months (due to a flood), but I’ve recently had a much higher than expected bill. I had a brand new boiler and cylinder with bronze pump fitted in...
  7. E

    0.5mb drop on tightness test - Should I be worried?

    Hi everyone, Just looking for some advice/reassurance. My boiler had its second annual service today and the (gas safe) engineer recorded a 0.5mb drop on the tightness test. He assured my partner that this was nothing to worry about but as I wasn't home at the time I just wanted reassurance...
  8. B

    what should i charge?

    Hi guys I've just started out on my own as a plumber (no gas) I'm based in loughborough and mainly work nottingham, loughborough and Leicester. but I'm originally from Teesside so I'm just trying to work out a correct day rate/ hourly rate? even though I tend to just do a job rate I keep...
  9. Crooksy88

    Suggestions on how I should correctly seal this value

    What should be a straight forward connection is proving to be something annoyingly different. I have a 1/2 inch compression coupler which I am attaching to a new shower mixer valve (cold inlet). The photo doesn't show this but I have applied what I thought was adequate PTFE tape (10 rotations)...
  10. J

    Who should I call? (not Ghostbusters)

    So my saga continues. Viessmann Vitodens 200w and TadoV3. My plumber has been unable to connect it as per my wishes so that it does this. So who do I reach out to for advice as to a fitter who can fit. Do I speak to Tado or Viessman for a fitter reccomendation? I have spoken to the...
  11. M

    What should the fall be for waste pipes

    Hi Guys I’ve a few questions and hope someone out there can help, all are for a domestic system not commercial. What is the minimum and what is the preferred fall ratio for a toilet waste 110mm pipe? I understand if its too steep solids can be left behind in the pipe, likewise if its too...
  12. C

    Radiators Question - Should I Change Them?

    Hi, I had a new boiler (Baxi Duotec) installed with radiators a while ago. One room stays fairly warm and that has one of the original rads in it. All the others were replaced and the other rooms seem to not stay so warm. I said at that the time, this seems to keep the heat for longer and he...
  13. fronty

    How stiff should the 3 port valve be?

    Had a couple occasions where roomstat was calling for heat but boiler wouldn't fire. Wiggled the head on the 3 port valve (Drayton MA1) and the lever would then move from M to H, there'd be a click, the pump would come on and the boiler would fire. Actually on both occasions it looked like the...
  14. G

    Radiators Turning on when should be off

    Hi all, any help appreciated on this issue I have done a google search and I see that there could be an issue with the 3 port valve or more uncommon a reverse circulation issue. The Boiler model is the I-Mini C30 and the problem seems totally random, it started in the middle of the night once...
  15. greekengineer

    how often an oil fired burner should be on

    Hello, does anyone of you can give me information with regard to the frequency of an oil burner on - off cycle? For example, how often is permissible for a oil burner to cycle ON - OFF within an hour? Recently I noticed that an oil burner ON - OFF CYCLE was a little bit short ( about 10...
  16. Y

    What Washer Should I use To Connect

    Hi Can anyone help me on this one. Where will I find the right washer to seal this join please? I have half inch fibre washers, but they do not fit. The join is the 90 degree. I am fitting a flex hose type to that join. See Pictures
  17. mbc0

    Which Outlet Should I Use From HW Cylinder?

    Hi, Just after an opinion on where to tap off the HW Cylinder to feed a downstairs shower (Pumped) I fitted a new Cylinder last year with an extra 22mm tapping (marked 2 on the picture) to feed a shower pump in the upstairs bathroom for the shower and basin tap. I am now installing the...
  18. A

    Should I be worried?

    Hi all, Appreciate any advice, I have an issue of some sort of grainy blue material clogging up the hot water lines. Because I have mixer taps everywhere, that means all of my taps eventually get clogged and I have to remove and clean them. I know its isolated to hot water because only the hot...
  19. M

    Should UFH be nearly scalding at floor with Vinyl (LVT)?

    Hi All. I'm pretty sure the answer to the above is "no". I've recently had UFH installed, with a mixture of porcelain (kitchen) and LVT (lounge). I have a mixture of neoStat wall stats but no floor probes. (I was never advised to get such). The UFH in lounge is sitting in Polypipe Boards and...
  20. R

    Should my boiler ask for heat constantly when on

    Hi everyone sorry to bother on a Sunday, I have a Ariston clas HE 30 Combi just over a year old, been working fine and kind of still is I’m just on to ask a general question basically I got 3 new rads fitted Friday 3 old ones about 20 years old and up one from a single to double with TVRs before...
  21. E

    What Delta/T Rating should I be working on for Replacement Radiators

    Hi. Please can someone help. I'm in the process of a refurb in the house and replacing existing Stelrad horizontal radiators for new Vertical Designer type Radiators. I want to make sure I get the BTU ouput required to heat the rooms. I've done the online BTU calculator and I also have the BTU...
  22. Terry Godber

    Header overflow - should be so simple.

    Header tank overflows. Has 4 connections 2 x 18mm mm distribution both fitted with non return valve, 1 x 15mm [pressure limited 4 bar] supply via ball valve, 1 x 18mm overflow waste discharge to eaves. Also theres 1 x 18mm pressure releif line from cylinder cupboard which terminates over the...
  23. O

    Which side of radiator should thermostatic valve be?

    which side of radiator should thermostatic valve be? Does it matter?
  24. B

    How far open should lockshield valves be?

    I was told by a plumber that the lockshield valve on my radiators should be 'just cracked open slightly', from my understanding you dont want the LS valve open too much as the water will flow through the radiator too quickly and not heat it up fully is this correct? I took this plumbers advice...
  25. C

    Should my 3 port valve be a 2 port valve?

    Hi, I bought a house last (built 1988) which had a 3 port valve (Honeywell V4073A), a vented cylinder and 2x tanks in the loft. I had a plumbing company remove the cylinder, 2x tanks and replace it with an pressurised cylinder and filling loop along with new radiators. They chose to keep the...
  26. U

    What should I do next?

    Hi people, After a two year college course I managed to achieve a level 2 Diploma in Plumbing. However it is not enough to get a job as i still need an NVQ (Professional level). What would be the next best step?
  27. T

    Gas certificate for gas hob

    Hi this is my first time on forum, Hello to all expertise, I recently became a Gas Safe registered engineer, but there is a lot to learn in a job field. I am currently doing gas certificate for a customer, I manage to do Gas rate boiler, taking flue performance analysis co/co2 ratio which...
  28. R

    Insinkerator leaking after install

    Hi All, I've just had an insinkerator installed and it's leaking water. The leak is happening through a hole in the top of the pipes next to it and the hole looks like it's supposed to be there. If I turn the insinkerator on whilst water is draining, it sprays up through that hole. It only...
  29. O

    Testing for leaks in oil line

    I wonder if someone can reassure me about this... Our domestic oil tank was recently found to be empty many weeks ahead of schedule. There was no sign of theft and our engineer queried a leak in the underground upvc pipe that links the tank to the boiler. He isolated the tank and using a...
  30. A

    New boiler Vent

    Hi all, Need some advice We have just had a new gas heating system installed in our Housing Association bungalow, on the outside wall near the boiler is a copper vent pipe in 15 mm copper pipe and elbows, We had the same setup at our previous house it is for (I think ) any overflow of liquid...
  31. H

    grundfos alpha 2 setting help

    I have just had a new heat only boiler installed. I believe it is a 2 pipe system with 3 port valve for ch and dhw. The installer couldn't really tell me what setting the pump should be on. I have had it on III since the install but the manual I downloaded suggests pf2. Can anyone help with...
  32. D

    Whole house underfloor heating as only heat source. Yes or No?

    I'm having a full house refurb and extensions built and had always been keen to have underfloor heating and no radiators. We don't have any plans for a fire or burner either. Does anyone have any experience living solely with UFH? Would you recommend it or should I maybe go with UFH for the...
  33. B

    Range HE help - crazy bills

    Hi, im sorry if this is the wrong forum but I really hope someone can help me. I have a Kingston Range HE tank that connects to two immersion switches on the wall. There are no timers - just the switches and the tank. I've read that the switch connected to the upper part of the tank is for...
  34. Hobo128


    Hi Ive been recently asked to provide evidence of thermostatic valves on all baths and showers at a care home for the gcq and im just wondering how i go about this. Are there qualifications i need to have or is the some kind of paper work i can buy to properly document this. Eg like a cp12...
  35. M

    2 bypass valves??

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what these two manual valves are and what they should be set at? So far as I can tell, the lowest one (closest to tank) is the manual bypass and should be set to partially open but the other one has me stumped. What is it and should it be open or closed? Thanks in...
  36. S

    Mains Cold/Gravity Hot for Thermostatic Shower: PEV vs PRV vs Pump? Whats best?

    Hi Everyone, After doing some reading on this forum I see the issue of having a gravity fed hot supply and cold mains supply is pretty common. For the new shower I am installing, what is the best solution? As far as I understand it there are 3 solutions really. 1. Pressure Reducing Valve...
  37. O

    Boiler ALPHA CD28C repressurize

    Hi, My boiler is losing pressure. I cannot not find the filling valve. Can anyone help, please? Many thanks!
  38. M

    New boiler: "Inserted necessary chemicals" - is that a Powerflush or should I worry?

    Can anyone tell me what this phrase means on an invoice? I've just had a new condensing boiler installed to replace a combi that was 21 years old. Is the work below enough? (The engineer said he was doing a powerflush - is that what this is? Or should I be worried?)...
  39. M

    How long should it take for a my 28k Volkera bolier to heat a 170ltr tank. Cheers.

    How long should it take for a my 28k bolier (Volkera Easi-Heat Plus) to heat a 170ltr tank. Cheers.
  40. A

    No heating...

    We have a Gloworm boiler and a Boilermate2000 up at the top of the house; a workman put a hole in a pipe today (tucked in the corner of the house no less) for hot water. This meant a good 90 minutes of the water going everywhere until it drained away. Plumber arrived and fitted a compressor to...
  41. T

    Salus RT500 RF problem.

    I've only been at my present house just over a month and last night I found the central heating was still on at 3.30am which is way after the programmer should have made it go off. I have programmed the remote unit as per the manual and the 5th and last setting was set to 10 degrees which means...
  42. X

    boiler fires when cold shut off

    hi fitted a vokera boiler fan starts for few seconds when cold water shut off upstairs not kitchen sink, turn stop cock to reduce pressure, no joy, no dead legs pipework new, would you recommend a non return valve or shock arrestor. any help would be appreciated. regards
  43. K

    Concealed shower valve leaking

    Hi, We have fitted the above shower valve although there is still a small leak at the female threads. Firstly i tried ptfe tape and it leaked, then used loctite 55 but still a very small drip. Im obviously doing something wrong :biggrin5: Should there be a seal that goes between them or any...
  44. I

    Microgenus 27 MMFI

    Hi, Can anyone give me some pointers as to a problem on this Combi? 27 MMFI Its an older installation and the water storage jacket at the back looks like 10-12ltr? Heating works, DHW is OK, but the jacket is not getting hot. It should be maintaining a HW supply. The problem looks like a...
  45. J

    Unvented issue with pump

    I have an issue with a unvented system on a separate plan with mega flow cylinder. I replaced three trv's and also a two port valve on the heating.The boiler and cylinder r in the loft.I fittedo and all was OK for three days and know it fails to fire up every two days unless you loosen spindle...
  46. D

    Saniflow Toilet System - wastepipes and manhole cover

    Hello Does anyone know what size and width a saniflow toilet waste pipe should be? Also is it normal to drill a hole in the outside wall of the bathroom to feed the waste pipe through the hole and stick the wastepipe directly into the manhole without a cover so folk can see directly into your...
  47. T

    Problem with pipework for a Mira event power shower

    Hi all, I've just replaced a Mira event that worked fine for 15 years with 'up and over' pipework, which should have been 'down and under'. There's now air in the shower - of course - and I was wondering if there's anything I can fit that will let the air out. I am aware that I should have...
  48. H

    Worcester Bosch 37 CDi greenstar - code " -¦¦- " and loud vibrating noise

    We have just had our boiler serviced, after about an hour of having the heating on the display shows: -¦¦- and the boiler makes a very load vibrating noise which can be felt when touching the boiler. Our engineer wasn't sure what could have caused it, he will be back in a few days to take a...
  49. F

    New boiler flow and return temps

    Hi all, Just had my new boiler installed. Went from a heat only with hot tank to a combi boiler. Its a Ideal Logic+ 30 and in the menu it shows sensor values. I understand there should be a large difference between flow and return values but quite often when running there is only a 5 degree...
  50. Last Plumber

    Internal oil tank

    This may be just the part of the world I'm in but I can't remember in my working life, seeing an oil tank inside a property before. ( commercial property) I know it's allowed but there are rules. This one is face to face with the boiler ( 2 foot max away). steel tank, no bund, no fire...