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  1. S

    Dripping hot water cylinder from upper thermostat... Is it safe?

    Hello I live in a rented flat and have noticed water dripping from the top thermostat of the water cylinder (see picture). It worries me as there is clearly electric wiring nearby, and also another thermostat at the bottom that the water is dripping towards. My landlord's plumber is...
  2. C

    Fast track gas safe courses

    Hi all. I am a plumber with 6 years experience, I have my own business and have and NVQ level 2 plumbing qualification, I’m also OFTEC qualified and that has been the bulk of my work but I am now fitting a lot more gas boilers (under supervision) but I really need to get my gas safe...
  3. D

    Is this safe? Open vented CH system has overflow capped.

    Good Evening All I have a general question - I have searched the inter web and can't find an answer, Recently I had an issue with a scalding hot header tank on an open vented system. Boiler is fairly new, British Gas advised that it is being caused by sludge. They cut out the offending pipes...
  4. G

    gas safe: notification on unvented

    hi i'm gas safe registered i have my g3. i stopped fitting a few years ago when gas safe stopped notifications. i only ever did one maybe two a year so it was not joining yet another scheme in order to be able to notify. Due to covid, with work situations changing thinking i might need to...
  5. A

    Is it safe to just unscrew the nut that connects a pex pipe directly with a tap?

    I tried to replace a couple of taps but surprisingly they are screwed directly to the pex piping instead to the flexible tap connectors. I'm no expert so I don't know if I can proceed as normal. I'm hesitant to just unscrew the nut because it looks like a permanent fitting glued to the pex and...
  6. H

    Im looking for a gas safe registered mentor

    Hi, im looking for a gas safe registered mentor, I want to get some experience in the gas field, unfortunately I don’t have any experience plumbing or gas. I am currently doing a domestic gas course and I need to get some work done for my portfolio. I am a quick learner and I can travel. I live...
  7. J

    Gas stove DIY modification - is this safe?

    Hi all, I’m a hobby chef with a passion for Asian cooking, hence was looking for a way to tweaking my domestic gas hob to do a better job when cooking with a wok. The problem is that the largest flame on my hob is too widespread to generate the centric heat needed for a proper stir fry. I...
  8. O

    Is it safe to make recording studio in room with water and gas metre?

    Hi everyone, I would like to put foam acoustic panels all over the walls and ceiling of a room to soundproof it, here are the panels: https://www.amazon.co.uk/A2S-Protection-Acoustic-Soundproofing-Fireproof/dp/B01GAMP2S6/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=fireproof+acoustic+foam&qid=1590420176&sr=8-9...
  9. B

    Gas supply and automatic interior switc

    Gas heating is set to come on 2hours per day via interior automatic switch. I would like a neighbour to go and turn gas supply off at mains as she has no key. I am away. Is this safe? but i but I want a neighbour to
  10. Y

    LPG Flexi installation concerns!

    In december I had a gas safe registered company carry our an inspection on my food trailer with a view to obtaining a Gas Safety Cert. The engineer informed me that the small bore pipe to my two fryers was not sufficient for the appliances, and that he would also need to fit flexi pipes to the...
  11. C

    Electrics under the bath

    Hi, I’ve just taken off the side of the bath with the aim of fitting an overhead shower to the bath, and have found an electrical unit under the bath, which appears to be for the central heating system. It’s fixed to the floor, so it’s not raised, and the fact that a small ingress of water has...
  12. F

    Safe to Continue to Use Boiler

    Hi, I've had to stop the water at the stop tap due to a leak. Can I continue to use the central heating?
  13. D

    Gas safe experience Nottinghamshire

    Hi I am working towards completing my gas safe training. I am looking to work along side someone in the field in order to gain experience and to complete the necessary portfolio. I have some experience and am willing to graft. Some compensation can be offered on completion of the portfolio. I’m...
  14. C

    Help new boiler installation not registered at gas safe

    Hi all My boiler installation was done by a gas safe registered installer but he didn’t register it (May 18). What should I do? I can’t get him to respond to me at the moment. I need a gas safe certificate and can’t get it if it’s not registered is that right? Thanks
  15. A

    Gas safe (Acs) To Rgi Ireland

    Hi Guys, Im looking for some advice. I will be leaving scotland for Dublin soon and wondered how i would go about converting my domestic and commercial gas qualifications to thr irish Rgi certification. I have SVQ level 3 apprenticeship in domestic gas maintenance and all ACS certs required...
  16. M

    Gas safe magazine online?

    If your an engineer in a firms gas safe. Can you view the gas safe magazine online?
  17. K

    gas safe inspection event

    anyone been on a gas safe registration inspection event?
  18. A

    Looking for a Gas Safe engineer to install a Viessmann Boiler SE London

    Hi, i’m looking to upgrade my heating system; i currently have an unvented system with a Potterton Boiler, cylinder in the airing cupboard (1st floor). what i want to do is change the boiler to a Viessmann in a new position - cupboard at the front of the property - see pics. Also i want the...
  19. D

    want to fit tmv2 but supples to basin taps not balanced pressures

    have gravity hot, mains cold to basin taps,require to fit a tmv2 anything i can fit to avoid trying to get gravity cold to taps to balance
  20. P

    "Gas Safe" Plumbers Needed - UK All Areas

    Plumber Point UK Ltd is currently looking for experienced "Gas Safe" plumbers in all areas of the UK. The work mainly involves visiting customers in their own home to resolve a wide variety of everyday heating problems - central heating radiator problems, air bleeding, oil and gas boiler...
  21. C

    Best Route to Becoming Gas Safe Registered: NVQ Level 2 + Gas Course or Gas Course Only?

    Hello, I've done the C&G Level 2 in Plumbing Studies. I'm currently working as a plumber's mate (part-time). Eventually, I'd like to become Gas Safe registered and work on LPG - at leisure sites and maybe on boats, etc. Any comments or advice on how best to get there? Should I do the Level 2...
  22. D

    I need help building my ACS Gas safe Portfolio.

    Hi all, I need help to build my ACS Gas portfolio of evidence and I'd be over the moon to hear from gas safe engineers willing to take me on for a few days a week. I am ex British Army struggling to get back to civilian life. Should anyone near to Greater Manchester or Merseyside feel that they...
  23. J

    Landlord Gase Safe Certificate

    So I have an annual Gas Safe Inspection done at a property I rent, it is done by the same company that provides my boiler cover, they usually call and book the time themselves. However the Engineer who deals with this has left and a new Engineer cannot now call out until after the certificate...
  24. G

    2 Gas Safe numbers

    Hi there, I work for a large national company. My gas safe number is registered to them. Is it possible to get another gas safe number in my name so I can sign off jobs? Anyone had experience with this?
  25. M

    Mira flight low safe shower tray

    Hi, I've purchased a Mira flight low safe tray and my existing waste is directly in line with the trap that's on the tray however the leg that's on the riser tray fights exactly between the two so not sure what to do as I can't make the waste go lower as the joist is there? Would it be ok to...
  26. L

    Runcorn Woman Fined For Falsely Claiming She Was Gas Safe Registered

    Catherine Dick was prosecuted by Halton Borough Council Trading Standards. The 33-year-old from Clayton Crescent in Runcorn, pleaded guilty to two offences of making false claims when she appeared at Chester Crown Court. Dick, trading as ACN Heating and Plumbing Services of Clayton Crescent...
  27. S

    Gas safe registration

    Evening all Could someone tell me please if there is a deadline between passing the acs and getting registered on gas safe? I passed my acsin June and just want to make sure I'm not running out of time to register Thanks in advance
  28. A

    Gas Safe Engineer doing a foreigner - what should I ask?

    My step mother has had several quotes for a boiler replacement. The first one was from Homeserve as she had boiler insurance. This quote is a minimum of 30% higher than the other quotes she has received when you add in the fact that it is for installation only (boiler is free!!). One of the...
  29. GameForkStudio

    Green colour inside copper pipes safe?

    Hi all, I have just changed my kitchen sink tap and this involved cutting the copper pipes under the sink. I noticed a green colour inside the pipes. When I wiped it with a tissue, the tissue became green. Since this is the main house tap and we drink from it, I was wondering if the green...
  30. N

    Advice on work done by gas safe engineer

    Hi Guys - sorry but this is going to be a long post! Recently had some work done in my house to move a boiler, clean cold water tank and pressurize central heating system - this was done by a gas safe registered engineer. Another plumber has come over to do other work in the house and he has...
  31. B

    Gas safe course registration

    Does anybody know how long the course is in UK for gas safe.thinking about getting gas registered. I'm based in northern Ireland, the course over here takes 3 month
  32. D

    Becoming gas safe for cookers.

    Hi, Just looking for advice from anyone who may be able to help..time served plumber bit have never done my gas,done ccn1 as part of my apprenticeship but everyone had to do it. All I am looking to do is alter gas pipe & connect hobs.I do alot of kitchens for joiners & it's a pain having to get...
  33. V

    Exposed cable in the shower. Is it safe?

    Hi all, I joined this forum for some advice as a consumer :) We recently had a bathroom refurb carried out, we supplied all the fixtures for our installer. The work involved a completely new layout and replacing a bath with a shower quad and moving the sink. The company responsible was well...
  34. J

    How To Become Gas Safe

    I currently live in a house with oil heating and an electric cooker but we’ve saved up enough to buy a house of our own. Me and emma ( my girlfriend) have found 3 houses that look ideal. 2 of them have gas cookers with a gas boiler and the 3rd one has a gas cooker with the option to have an...
  35. J

    Gas safe embroidered logo

    Are there any legit places that sell the embroiderd logo other than the gas safe shop ? I’ll go there if I have to but at £7.20 each after shipping and tax it seems a bit steep. I can only seem to find the iron on ones.
  36. D

    Gas Safe private forum?

    Not been on in a while, can someone direct me to the GSR private form? I have a question regarding meter sizing and calcs. Thanks
  37. J

    Gas safe registered card

    So I passed my domestic gas assements before Xmas ( CCN1, CPA, CENWATand got my certificate from Bpec today telling me I’m now on the gas safe register. How do I get the actual gas safe I.d card ? Tried phoning gas safe and bpec but they are both closed. It was done through the company I work...
  38. D

    Using a small piece of rockwool for pipe insulation. Is it safe?

    Good morning. First of all I say that I am not a professional plumber or anything like that,.I made a lid (a cover cnc aluminum) that I glued with a 5 cm POLYSTYRENE and attached it with screws at the gas boiler for insulation and protection from frost . I bought a piece of rock wool that I put...
  39. S

    Is this gas meter location safe?

    Moved into a new house this week (new to us, not a new build) and initially had a bit of trouble locating the gas meter. Eventually found it in the kitchen, however it is almost fully enclosed within a plasterboard wall with only the reading display visible and a small hole to reach the gas tap...
  40. Tony

    Advice Please on a NEW BUSINESS OPNENING as a Gas Safe Engineer

    Hi everyone, am about getting a van for my business as a Gas safe engineer. what do I need to put into consideration towards establishing business. which company sector offer a good public liability insurance for business what are the major TOOLS do I need to get in the van for as business...
  41. I

    Help? Gas safe engineers?

    I am looking for a gas safe registered engineer who would be generous to take me on to help me complete my gas portfolio also to teach me about the onsite gas work too. I am a very focused hard working lad. I already have my level 2 and 3 plumbing City & Guilds diplomas and i have worked onsite...
  42. E

    Gas Safe probation inspection

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have my Gas Safe inspection coming up on Monday and this will take place at my house. I will be carrying out a service on the boiler and doing the basic checks. Even though my background is fires and fireplaces. But the fire has been capped off a while ago. Note...
  43. Karl

    Gas safe advice please

    hey guys I’ve been thinking about doing my gas, I have previous gas experience (the company I did my apprenticeship with) but after I left I went with a company that specialises in oil. I want to stay with this company but potentially broaden my skills. Obviously the problem I have is I won’t be...
  44. P

    gas safe initial inspection

    I have my initial gas safe inspection coming up after successfully completing my ACS a few weeks ago - and, it's fair to say i'm slightly nervous. Not particularly because I think i'm not capable of doing the various process' you have to follow, but doing them in the right order, whilst under...
  45. C

    Unica He 28 Code 10 Fixed In 15 mins By Gas Safe Professional

    Hi, I'm an electrician registered with the NICEIC. When it comes to protecting my job I have a hissy fit with all the DIYers out there. My boiler, a Vokera Unica He 28 had a recurring fault that would often be resolved by doing a reset. The problem was that it would attempt to start up then...
  46. J

    Gas safe registration

    Hi I am new here. I am an lpg engineer. I originally did my acs around 6 years ago. I have recently registered myself with gas safe as I no longer work as an employee for the company I originally qualified with. I am now also an employee of another company as I carry out other engineering...
  47. Matt0167

    Access to gas safe forum

    Hi guys , Anton know why i cant access the gas safe forum , i can only access the public one I have sent my details over a few months back ??
  48. M

    Gas safe probation inspection

    Any one recently had one of this? Are you asked to show jobs you have completed? Or just quized on your knowledge?
  49. Savva

    Gas Safe Registered Engineer needed- good rates. SW London

    Hi, we're a small firm with a a growing client list in the B2B sector, letting agents, property professionals & landlords. We need someone with a "can-do" attitude which for us, is more important than your experience or technical skill/ knowledge. You will be working in a reactive & planned...
  50. J

    Gas safe portfolio contents?

    Hi I am starting my gas safe in around 6 months and my employer has told me to start taking photos and build up a portfolio ready for when I start. I was just wondering if anyone is currently doing or recently finished their gas and could give me an idea of what photos I need if possible...