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  1. Dan

    1 Million Posts!!!! - Well done people :P

    1 Million Posts! - That's a lot of waffling :D ;)
  2. B

    Professional Trades People !... I Salute You !! I'm also in need of advice for 1 stubborn rad.

    I have a 3 bed e.terrace. 1 rad in each of the 6 rooms (box room rad has damaged pipe so is turned off either side)all with TRV's. In addition there's 1rad in hall and 1 on the landing. Both with old style on/off valve. The Problem lies with the Bathroom rad. it's kinda on a dog's leg; as the...
  3. P

    People cannot use their phones when trying to show you something

    Have you noticed that people are a total whizkid when it comes to using their phones but when they want to show you something they suddenly turn into a illiterate caveman, bashing at the screen with a finger "ooh no ive opened up my caluculator, ooh no I've just turned off screeen rotation...ooh...
  4. T

    Sump to catch sand in wetroom designed for people returning from beach

    The room in question is at ground floor level and is around 5' x 9' with between 7' and 20' headroom beneath an apexed polycarbonate roof. There are currently terrazzo floor tiles (to be removed) on a concrete sub-base. My idea is to create a wetroom for people returning from the beach (who...
  5. Dan

    Stock Reply for People Who Shouldn't Be Messing With Gas

    Okay, so it seems we have been closing threads, banning members, generally annoying them and being rude to them, when somebody is asking to repair a boiler or whatever when they shouldn't be. So rather than do that, which A) looks unprofessional, B) stops them asking about a bath in the future...
  6. Dan

    Tag People in Posts (Like Facebook and Twitter and stuff)

    Not sure if we had this before, I can't remember. But you can tag people in posts. Like this. @Lou @croppie @Plumbstar Tom Just use the @ symbol as you would anywhere else.
  7. T

    Unusual 15mm fitting for WC. Anyone seen this before?

    I have received this photo of a fitting for a friend's WC that heats the seat (essential, of course :censored:). There is a leak just above the isolation-valve on the t-piece. Will there just be some sort of washer or O-ring that will require replacement? Thanks for any comment but I have not...
  8. G

    External soil stack below window

    Today I have had my internal soil stack removed and a new one fitted externally. The soil pipe ends below my bathroom window with what i think is a durco valve fitted. Several people have stated this does not meet building regs 2 questions 1) Is it within regulations to terminate the pipe...
  9. G

    Charity run

    https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/RAMPAGE-CA Hi guys Not been on in a while been very busy Me and amate are doing a charity run in April for friends of ours They sadly lost there baby on Christmas Day to a still birth It's been an unbelievably tough time and I'd like to do something...
  10. A

    Urgent Plumber Required for Charity Working with Disadvantaged Young People in Wemble

    AYP has recently been given the chance to run daily youth and community programmes from Wembley Youth and Community Centre 7 days a week. The building itself needs some work before it is suitable to run activities out of. We need a plumber who is willing to come down and inspect the situation...
  11. N

    Boiler problems after moving house

    Can anyone help me? I'm looking for people who may be willing to be a case study. I'm doing some research around house surveys and conveyancing. I'm looking for people who have experienced boiler / gas appliance problems shortly after moving home. I know of a few people who have had serious...
  12. C

    Getting more work

    Hi, I've recently set up on my own after being employed as as a gas/heating engineer. As a lot of homeowners now seem to have cover plans i.e. BG, CORGI, HOMESERVE there's probably less Service/repairs work around. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on where to try to get on some of...
  13. S

    Gravity Feed Custom Radiator Question

    Hello, I am creating a gravity fed heat sink for my new stove back boiler. I live on a narrowboat so many of the standard house practises such as installing a F&E tank in the loft cant apply. So please bear with me! So the only reason for the post is to understand if the heat sink idea...
  14. L

    cost of a full heating system ?

    can I please ask for advice ?. I have being left my fathers house and it needs modernisation. it needs heating so....gas combi boiler pus 4 medium rads and 3 small rads will do the job. I have 2 plumbers calling to give quotes,what can I expect to pay,all in inc.labour. the house is in east...
  15. D

    Sad news from Glasgow

    Two women found dead at Glasgow flat in suspected gas poisoning - BBC News The full story is yet to come out. However these poor women died from carbon monoxide poisoning which can only be caused by an appliance burning a carbon based fuel. This is why we on this forum take the position we do...
  16. S

    dangerous flu

    hi anyone who can help I,m not sure if I,m on the right site, but anyway we have moved into an old house which we have a drive to, which is ours but we have to give access to the neighbour so as they can use their back door walking only, which is not a problem but they have a flu from an old oil...
  17. M


    Why did you edit my post then closed? The electrical check list can be freely downloaded from vokera. Actually the whole installation process including gas installation can be done through downloaded manuals. So if anybody wants to do it, there is no point in stopping/censoring them or telling...
  18. S

    Are we giving too much info away

    Hey Gang... Are we giving too much info away and potentially costing plumbers work for the sake of *Likes* & glory hunting. Remember this isn't the only site were the standard Joe public and pick up info and "do it themselves" I'm sure it won't be the last. What do you think?? Is it a good...
  19. C

    How many core wire for ufh stats?

    Hi whats the best wiring to use for underfloor heating stats. I'm hardwiring it all. Not wireless. Thanks
  20. stani

    TFi demo jar

    As anyone else received one of these from Fernox? at least now I can show people how they work before we fit them.
  21. D

    new gas safe operative

    Hi all new to this forum. I am a newly qualified gas safe engineer and am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get going in the industry ,have done a few bits and pieces , but no where near enough to pay off what ive spent , seems like the training centres are the only ones making big money by selling these...
  22. Worcester

    Help Please - Collecting spare kit for calais migrant camp

    I'm helping out a fellow renewables guy over on the leccy forum and "as per the title, I seem to have roped myself in to sorting out some of the infrastructure problems at the Calais migrant camp to support a grassroots effort to clean it up and make it less of a hell hole for those...
  23. R

    Getting the cheapest possible bargain price on your heating install.

    Saving money by shopping around. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and few of us have so much of it that we can afford to waste it. It makes sense, therefore, to shop around, and make sure that we are getting good value. So we Go-Compare, we are sooooo! Money-Supermarket, and we have Meerkats in...
  24. L

    PRV termination

    Hi all. After passing my gas exams I had some bad luck with work so had to bite the bullet and take whatever job I could. Unfortunately that was driving to cut a long story short I've been offered a job doing gas and a bit of plumbing as the last plumber disappeared, so I've been told. im now...
  25. U

    Looking for P-t tutor of plumbing - Surrey & Berks

    Could you help young people learn skills for employment in construction? PART-TIME TUTOR to teach a highly successful Construction course to young people in Surrey, Berkshire and neighbouring boroughs salary dependent on experience and qualifications. up to three days a week during...
  26. M

    To Late?

    Hi, one thing I regret in life is not doing a trade when I left school. I'm now 28(29 in July) and would love to start one now, and plumbing is the one that interests me. But thinking I may be to late to start one now as I'd imagine most people would only want give younger people an apprentice:(...
  27. F

    CRB checks

    Morning chaps, If i am setting up my own business and working alone as a sole trader do i need to get a CRB check done? Reason I ask is the last few firms I worked for I had to, so wondered if its the same on my own?
  28. plumb_know

    Builder + plumbing = speed fit

    Another prime example of people confusing a builder with a plumber, i personally think builders are the worst people at building for example here there is not a clip in sight, maximum notches and holes have been totally ignored and wastes not even been drilled with a fall. The customer has told...
  29. S

    My Builder ?

    Hello people, Does anyone have an opinion of the best trade sites out there, and what are they? I have started using my builder and am in two minds about it, I have recently moved and looking for more trade not sure wether or not this is the way to go as I seem to get messed about by customers...
  30. N

    liberty gas

    has anyone worked for liberty gas? how was/is it?
  31. Dom Perkins

    Effects of 22mm Hot pipe in pressurised system

    Hello, I'm having a Worcester 34CDi put in at my home, replacing the accident gravity system that is there. Obviously a lot of the existing pipework is already in 22mm supplying the Hot side. Does anyone recommend changing this all to 15mm to get a more desirable flow rate/pressure, or is...
  32. F

    plumbing force!! bad builder... bang to rights

    Has anybody seen this yet hahah!!!!! Banged a magnaclean and scale reducer without asking the customers permissio. Naughty naughty
  33. S

    Central Heating in Flats

    A flat on the first floor is having a 30 plus year old central heating boiler replaced. The new boiler is being sited in the bedroom and the old back boiler is being left in situ. There is some concern that some water may be left in the old boiler which may eventually leak and cause problems to...
  34. E

    radiator valves

    Just finished an install of new boiler and drayton trv4's for all rads. Balanced all rads up and all working fine on max setting. Got call last night to say he had turned all trv's to 3 and all gone cold. Had to go today to sort. Shut down all lockshields and started at furest rad with cracking...
  35. D

    Clipping ideal flue

    Some people will literally chuck it in & not think for a second about what they're doing. This was someone's idea of clipping a flue.. Wasn't secured together nor was vertical part pushed in to the 45.
  36. F

    Boiler Sizing Too Big?

    Hi All, I’ve had a couple of people in to quote for boiler install with weather compensation in a well insulated refurbishment. It will be a system boiler on a 250L unvented tank with rads upstairs and UFH downstairs. I’ve done the heatloss calcs from the CIBSE book and run through the whole...
  37. D

    Icos HE15 - LF fault

    Hi all. I have the above boiler that has developed the LF fault. My gas guy has replaced 2 electrodes but still no joy. He is coming back tmw and said it could be the spark generator or the gas valve or the pcb. I have no problem in replacing the dodgy part but I don't want to keep forking out...
  38. L

    Any other way of being able to apply for gas safe?

    Hi people, I'm currently doing a level 1 plumbing course and I'm going to level 2 next year and level 3 after that, but i was wondering, because it is so hard to find anyone that will employ me for an apprenticeship, if there is any other way of becoming gas safe qualified, like I'm sure you...
  39. J

    Problems with Veggie oil

    A wee tip people, Have terrible problems with cookers & issues with cold veggie oil on worktops & cookers :thinking: Have found from nationally located DIY home supplier a paint removing product named “Diall” takes around 15 – 30 mins to work but reduces this horrible veggie oil to a...
  40. T

    Why every plumber seeking more leads should invest in a better website?

    Hi Guys, As some of you know I have been working on new websites for members of this forum over the past several weeks. I did a survey of businesses and have also had consistent dialogue with those who have signed up about their aspirations and goals for the future. What seems to be...
  41. D

    British gas Subcontracting

    Hi there im new to all this. heared people going on about subcontracting to british gas how do you apply for this. so i can let my boss know
  42. H


    Heard from a couple of people that when you go VAT registered you can backdate VAT 3-4 years?
  43. E

    Gas Safe Course

    Hi all, i enrolled for a gas course today. Apparently if your 19-23 you can get it for free and if your like me 24 plus you can get a student loan for it. Il pay back £7 a month after 2016 only if on a salary of 21k plus which seems worth it. Just a quick question i saw on a website that you...
  44. R

    Any ideas on how to drum up more work (newbie)

    Hi guys and gals, first post on here so helloooo. To the point....... Iam asking for some advice on how to get some more work coming my way. Iam still a very new company (1y old now) i have a good word of mouth client base, a page on MyBuilder, 2 builders who use me for all their bits and i...
  45. H

    job pricing

    I would just like to know what people would roughly charge for labour on the following as iv just lost a job through pricing A bathroom swap without changing positions and then retiling of 8m²..... Includes a difficult window frame Just rough prices and I'll then give my price Thanks
  46. B

    Gas safe registered, looking to get into boilers, doing fires currently

    My name is Paul I'm a hard working 28 year old who works in the London/essex area, i am a gas safe registered engineer who is currently installing, servicing and repairing all types of gas fires, through a company for high end clients. However I am desperate to get into boilers as the company I...
  47. S

    waste disposal unit

    Can somebody recommend a good waste disposal unit, price range £100 -£150.
  48. C

    Accreditations and Schemes

    Hi guys, I'm looking to become part of a worthwhile scheme/accreditation and am wondering if anyone has knowledge on the most credible ones. I am currently looking into the APHC scheme and watersafe but are there any others that may be worthwhile joining? I've looked into WIAPS but...
  49. R

    Heads up!!

    WHAT A BARGAIN?????????????? Rothenberger R600 Drain Cleaner & Accessory Pack 110V | Sink & Drain Clearance | Screwfix.com
  50. M

    How important is your presentation to you ?

    Afternoon gents, Just curious and this is probably aimed at the one man bands. Going back to the old days all my 'teachers' wore baggy jeans, butts hanging out and holes in the knees. Tops were normally stained Adidas tee shirts. Generally, they looked a bit of a mess. What do you guys wear...