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low water pressure

  1. B

    Low Water pressure area

    Dear all, I have a question please kindly help me. The job is in rural area and has very low water pressure. There is no gas here. The customer is thinking to install an electric combo boiler. The problem is the minimum pressure for electric boiler is 1 bar. How can I fill up the combo system...
  2. G

    Fitting sink in loft with low water pressure system.

    Hi, I’m making a “man cave” in my loft and I’d like to fit a sink for making drinks and washing up etc. It’s a low pressure system with a header tank up high in the gable end and 2 water tanks on the deck. I know one feeds the hot water cylinder below and one feeds the cold water below. I...
  3. L

    Low water pressure on newly fitted tap

    Hi, I recently fitted a new precision rinse mixer tap in a kitchen and the water pressure is really low. I have checked for leaks and to make sure that the isolator valves and stop cock are open fully. What can I do to improve the water pressure?
  4. T

    low pressure/cut-off after 2 mins >> been told to replace/upgrade entire system!

    Have attached short video link to make explanation easier View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzBcvJTr10I 646 sqft apartment 1 ensuite bathroom 1 large(r) bathroom 150L(ish) boiler/water tank Grundfos Amazon STP-2.0 B ( AP030) (i think) 00:00 Water pressure upon opening is fine with hot...
  5. KenLM

    Low water pressure. Non-standard boiler.

    Hey folks, I’m moving into a 2 storey house built in 1970s, and water pressure upstairs is really bad. The current system: cold water supplied from mains, good pressure. Cold water is stored in a tank in the attic. Downstairs there’s a boiler, however it’s the first time I see one like that...
  6. A

    low water pressure in flat

    Hi, I am a newbie in this forum, so my apology if I posted my question in the wrong forum. The water pressure in my flat has dropped to very low pressure, which allows for only one tab at a time to be operational. It happened end of July and is continuous low 24h. There seems to be no obvious...
  7. J

    Ideal 30 Low Water Pressure

    Hi Removed radiator from wall for decorating, then refilled and bleed all Radiators. System now saying low water pressure Boiler saying 1. Fill System to 1 bar.. although after topping up now showing 1.5bar 2. Bleed radiators - done all 3. Contact Installer!!.. Is there anything i can do check...
  8. D

    Low mains water pressure

    Hello, Bought my house 3 years ago, a 50 year plus detached house on the coast of north west England. Lots of heating and insulating projects to do over the next couple of years. So I though I'd join this forum so I can find out some good ideas while getting my house up to scratch. Currently I...
  9. A

    Logic Combi 35 low water pressure.

    Hi, I keep getting a F1 fault on my boiler for the last 6 months. Easy to reset to get my water and heating going again. Over the last week I’ve had water coming through the ceiling in my downstairs toilet. The paint is bubbling away and it’s in a straight line across the whole ceiling so I’m...
  10. M

    Low water pressure/flow

    Hi all, Looking for some help to identify my problem. Basically get poor pressure/flow around the house which is not limited to one faucet etc. Downstairs taps and shower is barely okay then upstairs the shower looses quite a bit of pressure. Outdoor tap also not 100%. I have a unvented system...
  11. A

    Baxi duo-tec Combi HE Range Error code 119

    Any help would be greatful beening a cold water plumber ie not gas, i have a problem with my own boilder showing code E119 low water pressure: The thing is that the guage is reading between 1 and 2 bar so thats fine, have empted water from rads just to see if the guage falls, and then refilled...
  12. A

    Leaking external stopcock - South Staffs responsibility?

    Hi there, i'm new to the forum but am hoping somebody could provide some advice on the following problem Have recently purchased an end terrace cottage with a shared water supply. Last night we got back from work to find that we had no water. south staffs eventually agreed to come out and...
  13. L

    Airlock open vented system?

    Hello new to the forum Hope someone can help please. New gloworm flexicom 18hx fitted last year,not much problem with the boiler until changed out pump and replaced rad upstairs i thought i take the opportunity to drain down and flush the system out at the same time.Bad mistake i think...
  14. W

    Ariston Micro Combi

    Hi peeps. Went to a customers house to diagnose a boiler fault. The above boiler isn't firing, there's no room stat. Tried running the hot tap. Tried re-setting it. Not even the pump is firing. There IS power to the boiler. I've had a look at the ariston fault finding flow chart...
  15. S

    Confused: do i need a Positive or Negative Pump ??????

    Hi All I'm confuased.. I do i need a Positive or Negative Pump ?????? I have very low water pressure in my shower and want to fit a pump to boost it.. the bathroom is on the floor below the loft, as is the hot water tank. the cold water is fed from a tank in the loft, the hot water is fed...
  16. R

    System improvement

    As a result of a unfortunate accident on the roof, (please don't ask) we are replacing our Ideal Isar HE 30 with a Broag Remeha Avanta 28C, after an awful lot of research. To be honest the Ideal has in fact been far from "ideal", having had a new PCB, three igniters and User control board...
  17. M

    Low water pressure on unvented syetem.

    3 days ago I partially drained the central heating on an unvented system to fit some TRV's. It refilled okay and everything worked fine but now the domestic water pressure has dropped to a mere trickle. Does anybody think there could be a link between the 2 or just a coincidence. If the how...
  18. N

    Can a faulty faulty tap cause low water pressure.

    Hi I got called by a customer today to try and fix low water pressure on his hot water bath tap (its a shower mixer type fed from a water cylinder). All the pipework looked ok to me. So I disconnected the flexi pipe connected to the tap. I checked the pressure going in and the pressure seems ok...
  19. C

    Non-return valves necessary?

    Hello, First time I actually post in weeks, our renovation is going well in Wales but we are having a few snags with the shower. We had a "twin concealed thermostatic valve" shower put in, before the plumbers actually set up the boiler. We had to call the plumbers back, because even though the...
  20. B

    Water Pressure

    Hi all I have a problem at home which is really annoying, water suddenly stops running throghout the flat. I use a shared system from the main which divides in six properties. One of this is mine. I leave on the ground floor. I have investigated and the low pressure is not due to other flat...
  21. S

    pressurised stainless steel hot water tank

    Hello - I have a pressurised stainless steel hot water tankintstalled but low water pressure. Consequently if someone is in the shower and any other tap in the house is used, the shower dies. Is it possible to add a storage tank of hot or cold water to this system? Sam
  22. J

    Noise from water pump and low water pressure

    I have a waterpump in my house that makes a short sharp revving noise when I turn off certain hot water taps. This only happens when the timer for heating the hot water is off. The water pressure on these taps is good. Is the noise from the pump normal? In addition to this the bath hot tap...
  23. K

    Matki shower /water pressure

    Hello, we have recently installed a new Matki shower, as well as an Albion Ultrasteel cylinder, which I assume (excuse my ignorance) is the same as a Megaflo.. The water pressure in our shower is lousy, and I am being told this is due to small pipes in house / Matki shower internal pipes /...
  24. N

    baxi 105e biler - no hot water but to only 1 tap !!

    Hi and hello - a new poster here with a question. My hot tap in my bathroom sink only gives me hot water if I run the baths hot tap for about 30 seconds - during this time the boiler clicks on and starts to heat the water - no bat hot tap use - no boiler switch on and no hot water to bathroom...
  25. A

    Dirty toilet water after rainfall

    Hi all, we're having a problem with our toilets after heavy rain. When we flush them after a storm the toilets fill to the normal level, but the water is discolured and smells musty. There doesn't appear to be any debris in it though. Seems to clear after a few days of normal usage. I...
  26. S

    Immersion tank issues

    Hi, I'm new, female and have a phobia about tanks and water :o and have just moved into a very old cottage which has a copper immersion tank with a lid which is loose...(I'm terrified of lifting the lid to see inside because of my phobia), but have kind of pushed it to semi-fit the top. The...
  27. G

    Ideal Classic low water pressure

    Hi Have to go to a breakdown which is a Ideal Classic Model NF50 I think. The customer has said that there is low hot water pressure. First breakdown for me. Am trying to find out before I go, if this has a cold water filer, and exactly where it is? Can't find anything in MI. Help...
  28. D

    Low water pressure due 15mm pipe supply?

    Hi all Here's a problem. 3 storey victorian terrace house, water pressure/flow good on ground floor, gets worse the higher you go up (esp cold water), at the top pressure and flow poor, less than half on the ground. The neighbours don't have the same problem. Plumber (friend of a friend) took...
  29. T

    combis/unvented running with no pressure

    been doing a few rad jobs lately and found that the systems were very low or empty of pressure, customers totally unaware and heating seemimgly fine. So what is the issue running like this? will it wear quicker? more stress on the pump? :confused:
  30. L

    water pressure drop making combi useless

    Hello, I got a combi installed about 5 years ago into my 5th floor unit. Water pressure was not amazing, but always plenty good enough to shower etc. We were very happy with the combi :) In recent months water pressure has begun to drop, and in the morning, when flats beneath us (an...
  31. A

    Which Shower Head For Low Water Pressure?

    Hi, I have a low pressure, gravity system (0.2 Bar) and the shower provides good water flow. I need a new low pressure, high water flow shower head. I currently have a very old white chunky shower head, that has a lot of small spray holes and does a good job giving a powerful shower and I...
  32. G

    mixer shower

    Hi iam new to the site could anyone tell me if you could fit a mixer shower to a combi system with low water pressure many thanks gary
  33. G

    mixer shower

    hi iam new to the site could anyone tell me if you could fit a mixer shower to a combi system that has low water pressure? many thanks gary
  34. J

    Combi cutting out when running shower

    My friend has a combi boiler and is running a shower with a pump, Recently the water has going cold and the boiler has been shutting off, Has anybody any idea. The boiler is ok once you start it again
  35. K

    council reposnsibilities?

    Anyone know anything about how much responsibility a local Coumcil has on fixing insufficient under street water pipes? I am in a top floor flat with a historical problem of low water pressure (the electric shower stops mid flow, washing machine pauses mid-cycle, and no water from cold taps -...
  36. R

    Worcester boiler 24i junior problems

    Hi, I have a Worcester Greenstar 24i junior. This morning the boiler was making strange noises and has since failed to work. Due to the cold weather I have tried to warm up the outside condenser pipe (just incase of it becoming frozen) but this has not worked and was not frozen. The fault light...
  37. A

    Water Pressure

    i have a town house, and my bathroom and shower room is on the top floor (3rd floor) my water pressure downstairs in the kitchen is fine, but upstairs i have no pressure. my water tank is in the loft sitting above the shower. what can i do to increase the water pressure, especially in the...
  38. M

    3 year old Warmflow U90 oil fired boiler - knackered already??

    Hi, Sorry, I'm not a plumber but am looking for some advice re my boiler - any help much appreciated! I have a 3 year old Warmflow U90 boiler with Riello RDB 2.2 burner. It was making strange metallic banging noises so I got the plumber who fitted it (OFTEC registered) to come out and look...
  39. S

    low water pressure shared mains

    Hi could any1 please help. I have a house and a row of sheds off one mains water supply. The sheds are downhill of the house and do not have a storage tank. When the sheds supply is on the supply to the house reduces to a trickle. Is there any equipment I could install to give priority to the...
  40. G

    No Hot Water

    Hi New to the forum, would appreciate some guidance on a problem with my central heating Background...Recently had the system drained to fit a new towel rail and re-route some pipe work, also flushed out some of the debris etc. Thats the only change which has occurred. Boiler is a fairly old...
  41. D

    powershower recommendations

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good power shower with pump built in. My Redring has died on me! Prices seem to range from £100 - £400+ Is there much between a Mira and Triton for example. Triton seem to be a bit cheaper? What about the Aqualisa which seem to more expensive again? but look...
  42. M

    Low water pressure for garden irrigation system

    Can anybody help, I have just installed a new lawn irrigation system, but the pressure from the mains water tap is not enough, is there any pupm I can buy just to increase my garden hose pressure?:confused:
  43. S

    Water pressure and electric showers

    Hi gang I wonder if anyone can give me some advice? A friend of mine says her shower runs cold a few seconds after it warms up and she ends up having to pull the chord off and on again several times to get the water hot again which is not always successful. She thinks that it is due to low water...