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  1. J

    Looking for a plumbing contractors

    Hi, Everyone We are planing to give our new home plumbing services to the top contractors in Oakville. Can you guys suggest me the best plumbing contractors in Oakville.
  2. Dan

    PlumbersLive.com Relaunches with New Forum Software

    PlumbersLive.com Relaunches after a long break offline, with new forum software and a new design (albeit not quite finished - but readable at least). Your Login Details Will Still Work With PlumbersLive.com Your old login details have been transferred over to PlumbersLive.com and will work as...
  3. D

    Free work to gain experience near Portsmouth

    Hello My name is David, I'm 33 and looking for the opportunity to work for a plumber/gas engineer in South Hampshire. I'm based just outside Portsmouth but I do drive. I have completed my level 2 and NVQ and have 3 years work experience on new builds. I was employed and doing my gas course but...
  4. F

    Battery powered RF thermostat receiver OR thermostat with auxiliary temperature sensor?

    Hi, I would really appreciate your help with this issue. I'm looking a wireless boiler thermostat with a receiver that is battery powered, or a battery powered thermostat that can read a wireless temperature sensor. The problem that i'm trying to solve is that my current thermostat is located...
  5. M

    looking for a Wunda underfloor heating plumber - London

    I'm looking for someone that has experience with the Wunda underfloor heating system. I'm based in Mortlake SW London
  6. M

    looking for training on how to powerflush near Wetherby West Yorkshire

    Hi everyone I'm thinking about buying a powerflush machine and would really appreciate some hands on training by someone who does power flushing regularly. I'm 50 years old and gas safe registered .
  7. M

    Looking for reccomendation/advice regarding doing gas safe/plumbing course

    Hi there looking for some advice or direction on what to do. I have seen this on internet Its a gas safe course but im not sure if its legitimate. I am 21 years helping family business and have now decided wanting to do something practical.
  8. A

    Returning to plumbing and heating - looking for a refresher...

    Hi all, My name is Aaron, I completed a four-year apprenticeship after leaving school and attained my NVQ level 2 in plumbing and also completed, which was at the time, CORGI registration. After my training, I installed a number of boilers, full central heating systems and conversions. I was...
  9. P

    Mature Student Looking for Work Experience

    Hi folks, First post on here so please go easy on me if possible ! I’m a mature student in my 40s based in the Wrexham/Chester area looking to gain further knowledge and experience with a professional plumber. After a career change 12 months ago, I recently completed City & Guilds Level 2...
  10. A

    Looking for a heating engineer

    I need to upgrade my heating system from blow air to radiators, house is running off the district heating therefore engineer needs knowledge of district heating. Thanks
  11. Leon watson

    Looking for plumber to assist - East London

    Hi I’m looking for work with a plumber to work alongside whether it be boilers or standard pipe work related jobs in the east London area. I’m currently studying my lvl 2 diploma in plumbing twice a week (wednesdays and Thursdays) Fortunately I’m not completely new to the field and have had 1...
  12. J

    Looking for work for gas portfolio

    Hi I’m looking for evening or weekend work with a plumber that’s doing gas related jobs as I’m nearing the end of my gas course and need evidence for my portfolio. I work on new builds so I’m struggling to get some of the required jobs in the portfolio as my work is limited on site. I’m...
  13. M

    Looking for a plumber near Slough

    Hi all. There is a job in Slough which is refurbing an office block and so needs toilets, sink and a shower unit replacing. This is for West one refurbishments. Anyone keen for this? I can send you the plans and you can contact them direct. Cheers
  14. R

    Looking for experienced plumber to sign off NVQ Level 2 Assignments.

    Asking if there are any experienced plumbers (In Kent) to help me complete my NVQ Level 2 assignments. Please PM if you are available, would greatly appreciate any help.
  15. J

    Looking for some advice on new toilet fittings

    Hi all, Got a tiler coming around to tile to toilet and thought i might aswell replace the old toilet. Problem i can see is if i order a new toilet there is gonna be a big chance that the water feed pipe going to the old cistern will not line up with the new cistern. I was thinking if i cut...
  16. plumb_know

    Looking for experienced plumber - kent

    Hi, We are looking for a Reliable experienced plumber to join the company, we are based near maidstone in kent. We carry out a variety of work from small maintenance jobs to full bathroom renovations & heating system installations. The position would be on a self employed basis, own van/tools...
  17. B

    Looking for a Gas Engineer, West Yorkshire.

    I’m looking for gas engineers based in the west Yorkshire area. Good oppertunity!
  18. M

    Looking for work to complete the Nvq 2

    I’m looking for work to complete my Nvq 2. I am 29 years of age and hold a valid cscs card.
  19. O

    looking for a part time commercial plumbers

    looking for one commercial plumbers be part time to join us. we are going to have 2 large project in London and others city UK and we are running few more commercial business in London. require a qualified electrician also who can work with right immigration condition in UK. what you need to...
  20. R

    Im looking for scrap copper piping in derbyshire

    Hi Is there anyone in the chesterfield area, where I can buy scrap copper piping from? will collect and pay cash
  21. C

    Training as a Plumber, looking for hands on part time work.

    Hi guys and thank you for taking the time to read this. I am currently working through a at home course compete with practical training at a centre. I have my Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing studies and have so far completed 32 modules of the course which is 42 modules in total. I am waiting for...
  22. R

    Manningtree, Essex, CO11. Looking for RGI

    Looking for a registered gas installer to carry out a gas inspection (and any necessary maintanance and repair) on a rental property in Manningtree, Essex. Property has a gas cooker, 1980s Thorn Apollo boiler, and DFE gas fire. Previous RGI who carried out LL certificate last year left the gas...
  23. JCplumb

    Looking for a plumber in South Manchester

    Got a customer whos son has bought a house in Didsbury. Gainsborough bar shower is passing and there's a leak on the bath waste, from my conversation with him, it sounds like an in and out job. It's too far for me to go and sort out before mid January so do we have any members more local to him?
  24. J

    Looking for work....

    Hello have my diploma 6035 from college a couple of years back. Ever since I’ve been working on and off as a assistant, but never found anyone decent to give me a proper job and full weeks work. Know most stuff now and wanted to find work with someone who can help me to get my nvq. Located in...
  25. J

    Looking for a Plumber and separate Tiler

    Task 1: Please help me replace my 2 keston C40 with a potterton gold 65kw system boiler, i've been quoted £2,200 including boiler and parts but he cannot start for months. Like something in immediately . Task 2: labourer or tiler to fit showers and do tiling general good d-i-y- person to...
  26. L

    Looking for some advice on fitting waste pipes

    Hi everyone Im looking for some advice please, i had a pedestal sink which i replaced with a vanity unit sink. My problem is becuse of the cupboard and the waste pipe coming out of the wall ive hd to turn the right angel connector 180 degrees soit faces upright instead on down. the waste pipes...
  27. S

    Looking for a GS registered engineer to shadow

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a gas safe registered engineer in Fife/Edinburgh area to shadow and build a portfolio of job descriptions/photos for my gas introduction course. I've already done a lot of experience with a firm but amen't getting some of the work that I need to show (breakdowns...
  28. M

    Gas Engineer looking for work

    Hi, i recently finished my domestics ACS qualification. I have all my domestic appliances along with unvented hot water, essential electrics and EUSR. I am Glasgow based and have my own gas safe registration, own tools and gas analyser. I am ideally looking for full time employment, does anyone...
  29. M

    18 year old looking for training

    Anyone in burnley or surrounding areas thinking of taking on an apprentice my lads 18 yr old and has finished his second year at college .College are now saying they are not allowed to teach them gas in the 3rd year it needs to be an apprenticship for the work experience.thanks in advance. Or if...
  30. J

    Plumber C&G Level 3 looking to further knowledge

    Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate if someone could help me out, or even just give me a nod me in the right direction. I am a City and Guilds level 2 and 3 Qualified Plumber who is looking to shadow someone to further my knowledge in Heating, Boiler break downs and brand new installs. As...
  31. L

    Looking for work - willing to do so for FREE

    Hi. Can someone please help me. I’m NVQ Lv2 and looking to get back into the trade. I am currently in a full time job which I work a Continental shift patter so it allows me lots of time off. I am not able just to give this job up without having something secure. That’s why I’m trying to do...
  32. J

    Looking for a bit of pipe

    Hi, I'm not a plumber, but a home DIY-er, trying to fix a musical instrument. I wondered if I might ask whether a plumbing part might do the job? I'm looking for a part that would be a bit like the pipe below. It could be metal or plastic, and stiff or flexible. It needs to be about this...
  33. S

    Looking for commercial engineer nuneaton

    Can anybody recommend a commercial gas engineer for a job in Nuneaton. A friend of mine needs a new warm air heater in a warehouse.
  34. M

    Looking to purchase Viper books and self study workbooks. Any good?

    As the title says I'm looking to purchase a bunch of books to begin studying gas. Is it worth spending £320 on books to prepare me for the course I'm looking to book myself in to? The course I believe consists of 8 days training and 3 days assessment (that maybe wrong as its off the top of my...
  35. A

    Looking for apprenticeship in Hull

    Hello nation, is anyone looking an apprentice in Hull. At the moment planning to start plumbing study (2nd level) on begin of september in Hull college, but as a better option I am looking for apprentieship or part time job during my study. Thank you for your advice and suggestions. Pm me for...
  36. S

    Looking for an Employer

    I am coming to the end of my level 2 diploma in plumbing. I am looking to complete my NVQ and go onto level 3 and gas. I am looking to work with or for someone to help me gain experience and complete my NVQ. Are there any plumbers or companies in the West Sussex/ Surrey area looking for a...
  37. P

    Looking for a Westminster 1902 bath/shower mixer valve diverter

    Hi I am trying to track down a Westminster 1902 bath/shower mixer valve diverter. I thought I could replace it with a Bristan 1902 diverter but it does not fit> I have tried my usual sources but no luck. I am sure there must be some company who keeps them. It is the valve on the left in the...
  38. M

    Time served plumber looking to progress.

    Hello everyone. I'm not sure if anyone can help me but I'm wanting to do my Gas Safe. I'll be able to do my domestic with no problem (I work for a Gas Safe engineer) and he wants me to do my gas. Once I've managed to pass my core gas I want to progress on to commercial. I don't want to just...
  39. D

    Anyone looking for work?

    I'm looking for plumbers and heating engineers for work nationwide. If you're interested please leave me a message, phone me on 07460276758 or email your contact details to [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  40. A

    Looking for a replacement part for my toilet - only have the image!

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can advise me on where I can purchase a part for my broken toilet! I have looked, but cannot find this part (the buttons have broken). I do not know what to even search for :-) I look forward to a reply, fingers crossed. Regards, Andy
  41. Y

    Looking for toilets that flush down the front

    Hi guys. This may sound odd but I need to know how (if its possible) to know where the water flushes on a toilet. Following bowel cancer I now have an abdominal stoma - so when i sit on a toliet i basically empty my bag, the content of which ends on the front of the inside of the toilet. Some...
  42. V

    Still looking for plumbers mate

    My last post has disappeared, but I am still looking for a plumbers/mate improver in the Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey triangle. Some experience preferred. Happy to help with portfolio.
  43. P

    Newbie looking for advice

    Hi Guys, I've just joined and hoping to get lots of tips and ideas from you guys. My partner has asked me to build her a bathroom upstairs in what is currently and extra unused bedroom. I am not a professional but I am a decent DIYer. Now, we currently have a downstairs bathroom with nothing...
  44. P

    Trainee plumber looking for experience in Swindon,Wiltshire

    Hi my name is Phil I'm based in Swindon. I am currently studying a Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing at college and am looking to gain more experience in all aspects of Heating and Plumbing. I have fitted numerous bathrooms, kitchens, radiators in mine, family and friends homes however have only ever...
  45. N

    Looking for a Apprenticeship (North East)

    I'm currently doing plumbing in college and I do really enjoy it and would like spend more time learning as I only have it 3 times a week, and it's not exactly working in a real plumbing environment either. I just want to know if anyone is willing to help me out?
  46. A

    Help a brother out ?

    Hi Guys, Hope is all well! Does anybody know of any plumbing companies or know someone that takes on plumbers mates or trainee so i can gain more experience I'm qualified plumber just cant get work due to lack of experience. many thanks
  47. C

    Looking for advice on plumbing training in scotland

    Hi, im craig, 30 been plumbing away and other handyman tasks on the side for about 4 years whilst working full time, Im self employed got proper insurances tax.... work is famine or feast but I seem to be turning away unvented work I cant even get my G3 without going through an apprenticeship...
  48. X

    Looking for a plumber or plumbers mate to help us next week!! Great pay

    Hi were a small/medium heating company based in Surrey. Albatross heating ltd We require help on an ufh install next week (9th) we have an engineer off sick!! The job is being filmed for part of a new series so you must be presentable! Please pm for details Thanks Fred
  49. gingalig

    Looking at un-certified boiler ??

    I have recently passed my ACS and registered as Gas safe, I have been asked to check an install of a combi that was never certified , Apparently it was fitted by a gas engineer that didnt benchmark it. Any advice ? I was going to check , location ( for vents, ducts, etc ,correct fitting ), pipe...
  50. J

    trainee plumber looking for work/experience

    Hi I have recently passed my level 3 diploma in plumbing and heating and am currently looking for experience as a trainee plumber in oxfordshire while at college I learnt how to bend copper and low carbon piping and I have fitted a bathroom I haven't done anything gas related so will need the...