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  1. T

    Help with weird old rad valve please!

    Hi all, First post and DIY'er, please be kind! Just moved into a property which needs some work. Have a plasterer coming soon and need to get this rad off. Any ideas how on earth this valve works?! I've never seen one like it before. It's not moving with either a flat screwdriver or spanners...
  2. milleniumaire

    Unusual radiator lockshield valve

    Hi guys, I'm sure this isn't unsual to you, but as 90% of the radiators in my home have 15mm valve fittings on both sides (flow and return) it is a little confusing for me. Around 15 years ago a couple of radiators were installed in a loft extension and I'm currently trying to unblock the pipes...
  3. A

    Does my system need h-piece and lockshield valves?

    Hello 2 storey building 3 apartments per floor Waterborne heating system description: Each apartment has separate heating distribution manifold cabinet. Manifold based distribution system where each panel is served by its own circuit. STAD valve in the second floor manifold cabinet for the...
  4. B

    How far open should lockshield valves be?

    I was told by a plumber that the lockshield valve on my radiators should be 'just cracked open slightly', from my understanding you dont want the LS valve open too much as the water will flow through the radiator too quickly and not heat it up fully is this correct? I took this plumbers advice...
  5. I

    Lockshield valve bigger than tail on new rad

    Total amateur giving it a go .. We are trying to replace our radiator and came up against an issue. The tail piece in the original rad is jammed in and won't budge. We have bought new rad with a 15mm tail however it seems the pipe into the lockshield valve is 3/4 inch. Does such a thing exist...
  6. M

    radiator only getting warm

    Hi, I have gas central heating with a conventional boiler with a cold water tank and a hot water storage cylinder. One of my radiators towards the end of the run used to get hot and I would then control the temperature with the TRV valve. Someone has turned the lock shield valve on the...
  7. S

    Lockshield valve's safety ring came off. Do I need to replace or put it back

    I nearly avoided completely unexpected disaster when opening the lockshield valve fully open as somehow the safety ring (as shown in pictures) came off due to which the small screw inside lockshield few away and water fountain came out. I haven't applied too much pressure to open the lockshield...
  8. Jock Spanners

    Lockshield Valve Key

    Does anyone make a lockshield valve key (like a bleed valve key)? I'm sick of using an adjustable - a proper key would be much better.
  9. G

    Lockshield valve for Cylinder?

    Hi All I got open vent system with 2 zone valve. I am not able to put CH and DHW on same time cos there is no lockshield valve on Cylinder's flow and return. Everytime put both of them on DHW pipe steals all heating. After DHW zone valve 22mm pipe goes to cylinder and returns to main return...
  10. D

    Balancing Radiators Thread.

    How To Balance Radiators Tool List: Radiator-bleeding key Lockshield valve adjuster or adjustable spanner Screwdriver Digital thermometer or multimeter with thermometer function 1. Make sure all the radiators have been bled. Turn off the central heating and allow the radiators...
  11. S

    Radiator balancing

    Sorry if this has been covered before. I live in a dormer bungalow. I'm replacing all of the down stairs radiators with vertical radiators. The flow and return pipes are dropping down in 15mm from the upper room where there is a loop of flow and return in 22mm. On all of the downstairs...
  12. L

    Corner Angle Lockshield

    Hi, I am having Drayton TRV4 corner angle valves fitted on my rads. Drayton don't make corner angle lockshields so I would be grateful if you could recommend a good quality supplier that does. Drayton have said that lockshields are not completely necessary. Are they saying I don't need to have...
  13. D

    What are the consequences of unidirectional TRVs fitted to outlet not inlet?

    I have just had a new combi boiler (Worcester 36 CDi Compact) fitted as a replacement for my trusty Worcester 350 Combi. The system was powerflushed as well (with a Magnacleanse filter on the machine, though it didn't take as long as I'd have expected: about 3 hours for a 13-rad system). A...
  14. A

    Radiator Balancing Problem

    Hi, I have some radiators with old style valves and I think they need rebalancing as they arnt warming up whilst the radiators nearest to the boiler are really hot I'm having difficulty identify which is the lockshield valve and which is the wheelhead valve. When I take the caps of both valves...
  15. B

    rad problem

    Hi fitted a new rad like for like now rad not heating up hot up to trv luke warm rest of rad tried turning off rest of rad rad went hot left for hour then switched rest back on rad went back to cool
  16. T

    Radiator not working

    Hi sorry if im posting in wrong section but im stuck i currently have my central heating on, and all the rads are working perfectly apart from one upstairs in the bedroom, it will not turn on i have tried ive tried bleeding the rad, it bled correctly ive also turned the rads on using the TRV...
  17. D

    Baffling radiator problem

    Hi Hope someone can help. The radiator in my ensuite only gets slightly warm while all others are roasting hot. I have tried turning of all the radiators but this didn't improve the heat, if anything the radiator is cooler! I have turned them all back on and the offending rad is heating up but...
  18. D

    1 Rad Not Working

    Hi Guys, Im having a problem with 1 radiator that wont work properly. The rest of the system heats up fine apart from one on a dropper downstairs. I Turned all the other radiators off and left just the one on and it got hot at one the lockshield end and not at the trv end so i assumed it was a...
  19. 8

    Radiator Valve replacement.what to do by a College teacher

    I was doing some write ups to finish my level 2,ive finished all exams just got to tidy a few bits and pieces off.Anyway Teacher comes in and says "you go to miss dopalopaloss house to change a leaking radiator valve in the living room ground floor." i said ok ,he then says "how would you deal...
  20. A

    tall radiator not heating

    I replaced a Stelrad with a tall rad in the bathroom but it's not heating up. The only difference in pipework is that the existing 15mm copper is extended by 800mm 10mm tails to the new rad position. New rad is full of water, Boss dual flow TRV one side and lockshield the other. The old rad...
  21. R

    Radiator vale & drain cock

    Hi Friends I am going to move a radiator in my house, does it matter if the drain cock is on TRV or Lockshield end? I see at Sscrewfix you can buy chrome one atached to the valve (it looks like a lockshield). Thank you Rocket
  22. L

    Cold Rad

    Hi I posted a thread the other day regarding a cold rad, went back today, shut down all rads,apart from the cold one, did not do the trick, took about a bucket of water from the bleed valve ,no good, the pipe under the floor going to the rad is hot,but not above floor, undid the valve nut on...
  23. T

    Adding a New towel rad to heating system

    Hi All I am looking at putting a towel radiator into the central heating system. The bathroom is right next to the combi boiler i would only need a 3meter run to get to the position. How close can i connect an extra loop into the existing pipework coming out of the boiler and would it be best...
  24. N

    Balancing rads - determining proximity to boiler

    Hi there, been trying to balance my rads today. Discovered that all 6 rads upstairs heat up very quickly and all pretty much simultaneously (within a few seconds of each other). So it's a bit difficult to determine which is closest to the boiler. Downstairs they are sluggish to heat up and some...
  25. D

    Leaking lockshield gatevalve

    Heys guys, looking for some help with a job i got today. The problem i'm having is that as soon as i open the valve, water leaks from the spindel. Normally easily fixed by re-packing the gland with PTFE. But these valves don't have gland nuts. There are a few of them throughout the school i'm...
  26. R

    Warm radiator!

    1 month ago one plumber installed a new radiator in my bedroom and my bedroom had already got 1, so there are two radiators in my bedroom. when i put the central heat on the old radiator gets hot very quick but the new radiator just luke warm. 1hr later still the same old rad hot, new rad warm...
  27. T

    Heating not working properly unvented microbore system

    Hi all, I'm trying to find out why an unvented microbore system isn't working as it should. The boiler works fine but when I got to it this morning the system pressure was at zero bar. I filled it up to the working pressure, turned on all TRVs and lockshield valves and bled the system fully...
  28. D

    Blocked central heating pipe - how to unblock it please.

    Apologies for an amateur posting on here but I'm trying to get some information before paying out a lot of money. Sealed system. Biasi boiler 32kw. I've a blockage in a central heating pipe. I've isolated where the block is, but it's under laminate flooring and floorboards. Water is...
  29. P

    How to take off this Danfoss Ras-C2 TRV?

    I know this is a danfoss ras-c2, pic attached, but how do I take it off? The reason why I want to is because it's not isolating the radiator. Have completely closed the lockshield valve but even with the TRV at 0 (past frost setting) it still lets radiator fill so I want to take TRV and check...
  30. G

    Cold Radiator

    Hi We have a Ferroli Combi around 10 years old. Recently just 1 radiator downstairs (front room) has stopped working, although it gets tepid intermittently, so far we have tried: Bleeding it, no air in there... Taking off the (old) TVR - the pin seemed OK it was moving up and down but...
  31. B

    Does anyone know anything about balancing radiators?

    Hi, i'm trying to balance my radiators as the two furthest away from the boiler are cold, i have regis nostalgia taps on both sides and it's not clear which is the lock shield. Can anyone help? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  32. R

    Hydro phonic (noisy) rads with bi directional TRV’s

    Just had a new Potterton combi boiler installed and had the existing radiators single flow TRV’s replaced with bi directional TRV’s (one rad left without a TRV as per norm). When the heating reaches a specific setting one of the rads emits a vibrating hydro phonic noise which can be stopped by...
  33. Z

    Bathroom Rad Problem

    Hello - first timer here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've just installed a replacement towel radiator. Upon installation, the rad heated up fine, but then cooled and since then (2 days ago) there is no hot water reaching the rad. 1. There are 4 rads in the property...
  34. P

    Towel Rail installation help on a combi system

    HI I wonder if someone can help I have been asked if I could put in a new towel rail in an upstairs bathroom The heating system is a combi The copper flow and return pipes are already installed in the bathroom and are currently capped off This is what I was planning on doing Turn off...
  35. G

    Odd lockshield valves - can anyone help me adjust them?

    Hi - got some rather old rads in my place with some odd valves. Can anyone tell me how I might adjust these? It doesn't appear to be obvious! I am not a plumber but grateful if any of you could help me. Can get pics of better quality if necessary. Basically first pic shown valve normally and...
  36. I

    banging in radiator

    hello folks I have a junior 28i combi boiler (6 weeks old) , I recently replaced all 6 radiators at the weekend as they were old. The all have new danfoss bi directional valves on the new rads and the pipes/system was flushed, cleaned and refilled with inhibitor. I have checked all the setting...
  37. P

    Luke warm towel radiator

    Dear All Recently completed a full bathroom renovation for a customer. Included was the instalation of a heated towel rail to replace the existing rad. All fine, one happy customer except the towel rad only gets realy hot at the valve and luke warm throughout. The rad was fully vented and the...
  38. GQuigley67

    Problem with Airing Radiator

    I've came across this problem twice in the past fortnight, the first time was in a household, with a combi boiler. I had the pressure set to 1.5bar, and the Radiator was on the 1st floor and so was the boiler.With the boiler on, the Radiator was hot at the bottom and so was the flow and return...
  39. M

    2 rads not working

    I have a big system on a house i rent out - 14 rads. 2 rads never get warm and the valves are fully open (the ones which change the amount of water into the rad. I think it is something to do with the size of the house as it is very big over 4 stories and i had to fit an extra pump on the...
  40. S

    cold rad!

    im having a problem with 1 radiator when heating is on all the rads warm up apart from 1 which stays cold can any1 help?
  41. T


    I know this is basic for most of you out there but can you please advise me as to why when I turn the TRVs in the bedrooms in my house to zero or the frost sign there is maximum output of heat from the radiators!! How can I turn the heat off on these radiators? Are all these TRVs faulty or does...
  42. K

    Is this my central heating drain valve?

    Image attach fail! :rolleyes:
  43. T

    Can anyone help with radiator balancing please?

    Hi all, I have to balance radiators for some friends and whilst I've done plenty of other jobs for them this will be a first time effort! Does anyone have any tips or links to websites that show you what to do? Many thanks!
  44. S

    Where to buy Radiators

    Hello. I need to purchase 10 rads. Can anyone please recommend somewhere to buy decent rads. I'm not after top brands just something that looks decent and works. Have thought about wicks, seem cheap ish and get good reviews. What do people reckon to wicks? btw why I don't have a trade...
  45. G

    radiator balancing ??

    hiya lads , went to a job to remove old rad and fit a new one in its place but for the life of me i cant get it to stay hot , all other rads around the house are red hot but this one situated in the front living room gets hot if i draw the water through from the drain valve but wont stay hot ...
  46. P

    Strange lockshield valve

    We've moved into a 1970 house with steel radiators, but the lockshield valves are not the modern type with a shaft. They have a plastic cap over a flat, black plastic insert with a hexagonal hole in it. I assumed it was closed with an Allen key, but it doesn't turn far and doesnt appear to...
  47. G

    Changing lockshield in bedroom

    Hello everyone, I have currently just passed my city & Guilds level 2, and already the family think i am a qualified plumber (not). My Sisters Lockshield is in her bedroom and is leaking from the gland slightly. I realise i will have to drain down the system, but i have been told dont fully...
  48. B

    CH Noise

    Hello all. Hope someone can help. Just changed boiler from standard Gloworm to Worcester Bosch 37CDi condensing combi by accredited Worcester engineer. System flushed, kept same rads but he changed all the lockshields and TRVs. All seems ok except when the heating starts I can hear what I can...
  49. G

    tepid radiator

    Had no heating in the kitchen so added a rad to the existing system. To my surprise it worked, the bad news is the rad in the hall is luke warm now. I'm told the system needs balancing. How do i do this?
  50. I

    A radiator that fills but don't heat up

    i have started work on a radiator all that was required was the radiator to be taken off the wall and the wall to have damp rot treatment then i was to come and refit it with a new valve as the original was leaking and due to that the radiator had not been in use for over a year all wall work...