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  1. Dan

    Vaillant one of the least installed boilers?

    Vaillant don't seem to be one of the most talked about boilers going. Is it because they're a newer company, or perhaps one that doesn't exist anymore? or something else?
  2. L

    15 Year Guarantee when Installed by a "Registered Club Energy Installer"?

    15 Year Guarantee when Installed by a "Registered Club Energy Installer"? How many of you are one of their Club Energy installers they mention?
  3. L

    F20. Valliant boiler problems

    Hi Everyone. I have had a boiler installed in March 2020 (a replacement like for like Valliant boiler). It has cut out twice with F20. Valliant came out and state that I have "All" my rads off so the boiler cut out due to over heating. The thing is that not all my radiators were off, most were...
  4. F

    What's a reasonable price for a water softener and iron filter installed, in the US?

    What's a reasonable price for a water softener and iron filter installed, in the U.S.? For a name brand, just replacing the old units, so no plumbing needed.
  5. G

    Smart meter installed correctly?

    An OVO fitter installed a gas meter and said we would smell gas for 24-48 hours. I took a look in the meter box and saw a load of putty and sealant around pipe that goes into the property. Just wondered if this looks like it's been done correctly? Or if we should get it looked at.
  6. M

    Help: Intergas Boiler: Has my filling loop been installed

    Hi All. We've woken up this morning to zero hot water and my diagnosis is that the (Intergas HRE Compact SB) boiler needs to be repressurised. (It's only a year since install, so I'm a bit surprised but...) We didn't have a lot of handover from the installer and, having taken a look, I'm...
  7. P

    Bath Installed Unsupported

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can give me any advice. Just under 2 years ago we had a complete bathroom renovation. Over the last few months our acrylic bath has started to 'creak' quite substantially, the sealant has become 'strained' in certain places, and our bath panel has developed cracks at the...
  8. A

    Heating Pump not horizontally installed by BG and noisy

    My heating pump was installed by BG with the motor shaft at a 45 degree angle. Could that account for why it is so noisy? From what I have read, pumps should always be installed with the motor shaft horizontal so that the bearings wear evenly. Should I ask BG to sort it out on the next boiler...
  9. K

    Since GSH been installed I’ve had 4 leeks. Boiler moved, valves put in the wrong way.

    please can someone help me a little. I am a council tennant and was placed on a scheme that involves getting GSH installed, first of all the contract manager came in and we agreed that the boiler be put in the kitchen however on the day if install the put the boiler in my sons room, later that...
  10. P

    salmander shower pump installed problem :-/

    hi all installed a Salamander Pump 100 TU negative and positive head , each side side of the pump as red for hot a blue for cold water connections , but I have just realized I have fitted the wrong way round , would this be a problem for the life of the pump ?
  11. hammers4spanner

    Builder has installed boiler.

    Right what' the deal with this? Builder has installed boiler in at that time was his own house. However he has now sold the house and the new owners now have an unregistered boiler. Alarm bells rang when I noticed room stat in bathroom next to the cistern lol.
  12. Dan

    Most Installed Boiler Makes?

    Name a bunch of boiler makes for me and I'll make a poll so we can see which ones get installed the most.
  13. P

    Pump for electric water heater

    Hi, I have installed a water tank in my loft to feed an electric water heater for my shower, the pressure was low so I installed a shower pump, but it doesn't work? If I crack open the pipe from the pump to the heater the pump sees there is a flow and works but when I turn off the shower it...
  14. U

    Looking for a GSR plumber to relocate boiler and hot water tank

    New system boiler (Worcester Borsch) has recently been installed in a room which has now been converted into a shower room. Boiler needs to be moved to the recently converted loft. The supported hot water cylinder is installed in the loft eaves but not easily accessible except if the side walls...
  15. M

    Help! Newly installed toilet cistern float valve getting stuck against side of cister

    Hi all I have installed a new toilet cistern in let valve and it is rubbing against the inside of the cistern and won't fill up. I can't take the cistern apart now because it isn't accessible. Any ideas to help me please? Thank you Martyn
  16. S

    multifuel boiler and electrical issue

    I have a Charnwood LA50 inset multifuel burner that has been installed for a year or two now. The problem we have is concerning the pump and a pipe thermostat which i believe is to ensure the water doesn't over heat and to force the pump to run to dissipate excess heat via the radiators. this...
  17. finchy01

    Wiring problem?

    We recently installed some underfloor heating for a customer. I've not done it before so enlisted some help of another plumber friend of mine. Problem. Heating only = fine. CH and ufh= fine Ufh only = brings ch on too and can't be switched off on the room stat and rads get extremely hot. I've...
  18. G

    Water heating gone nuts after installation of new shower room

    Hi Guys, I wonder if some kind soul could help advise on a problem I've got with my water heating. Essentially, I have just had a new shower/basin/wc installed downstairs and noticed the hot water all over the house no longer stays continuously hot whereas previously it did. I get 2-3 minutes...
  19. U

    iflo snowdon pressure problem

    Hello there, I have just had a iflo snowdon thermostatic shower installed. I also have had a viessman vitodens 111 combi boiler that is able to deliver 18 litres of hot water a minute. My mains water pressure is 1.2 bar and the shower has 15mm hot and cold feeds to it. When the new boiler was...
  20. S

    Underfloor/boiler set up.

    I've installed nuheat underfloor through my house. It doesn't seem great in that you can feel were the pipes are so you get hot and cold lines across the floor surface. That said I haven't had it on for more than about 8 hours but I would have thought this would be enough to warm the whole...
  21. N

    Vertical column rad supply-return feeds

    I just bought several vertical column hudson reed rads to install in new hot water heating system. I notice that when I screw the vales to the two lower rad ports that I can look straight thru to the other port. I expected there to be a baffle of sorts directing hot water up thru the crumbs and...
  22. S

    Vaillant Ecotec vs Worcester Greenstar system boiler?

    Wondering which is best to go for here. Everything I read, they seem about even. Vaillant Ecotec I'm told has a stainless heat exchanger and Worcester have far superior customer service. Any advice on these two? :dead: I can get the Vaillant for about £75 less than the Worcester.
  23. Chalked

    Ground scource

    Can anyone recommend a ground scource installer in the east yorks/ south yorks area. I have a new build that the customer is set on this. large new house with plenty of land . Would rather fit oil, but customer is always right!
  24. R

    Quooker Boiling Tap

    I am about to have one of these installed in a property I am refurbishing COMBI Tank | Quooker boiling-water taps Do I need to get my heating engineer, who is G3 rated, to fit this or can I do it myself? The reason I ask is according to the spec it has a pressure relief valve and a sort of...
  25. M

    Domestic water softener

    Hi there am looking to install, or have installed a water softener. Fairly hard water where I live and my daughters are struggling a little bit now with a dry skin. Can anyone recommend best ones to have either for me to do myself (quite competent around plumbing) or to have installed. Thanks...
  26. D

    New Boiler, Leaking Stop Cock & Professional Practice

    Hi, I had a new Worcester Bosch 42CDi boiler installed a few weeks ago by a local Heating engineers. Unfortunately, we were left without heating or hot water for six days, as the gas pressure was too low (only 13mbar). I was told by the engineer that the pressure cannot be tested until...
  27. T

    Oddly behaving shower!

    Hello. This my first post. I have run out of ideas and so want to try and get some wordly advice before my next step which might be to replace reasonably expensive shower. I have a combi boiler - 35Kw and installed about 3 years ago. Upstairs I have a water pressure shower in the bathroom. It...
  28. R

    Gas flow for new fire.

    We wish to have a glass fronted hearth gas fire installed. Other than the heat output an important factor is the visual appearance – flame height, spread etc. Our existing gas supply pipe exiting the concrete floor is 15mm OD. One dealer assures us this is adequate. However another dealer says...
  29. B

    Pushfit under floor boards

    Walked in on a new install yesterday and there was push fit absolutely everywhere! I've never run it under floors in case of fittings leaking after time, is this the norm now?
  30. U

    Combi Boiler turning itself on randomly

    Hi, we've had a new Ideal Logic + 30 Combi boiler installed very recently, replacing an old back boiler and immersion tank. The boiler has a non programmable wireless thermostat and a mechanical clock fitted on the boiler. Magnaclean Filter installed. Boiler has a preheat option which is turned...
  31. T

    woodburner with only a Gravity system?

    I've been struggling to find a plumber who has experience of gravity systems so was hoping to pick your collective brains..... I am having a Hunter Herald 14kw, with wrap-around boiler installed and intend to run room radiators on a pumped system as per the Hunter recommendations . The...
  32. M

    Wet underfloor heating system

    My underfloor heating is set at 21 on the stat but the floor area feels cold to touch. I was expecting to feel a little warmth from it. I have since discovered that my builder has laid a 30sqm pack over a 50sqm area. Is this as bad as it sounds? Thanks in advance
  33. Meady

    Salamander force 30pt brass pump

    I fitted one of the above showers a while back and all was well for about 10 months. Then I had a phone call to say the pump stopped working, diagnosed as faulty flow switches so salamander sent out a new pump and all was good. just got another call today about a month later to say the pump has...
  34. J


    Hi, We are about to convert our loft into a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, but have been told by the architect that there is no route for a conventional outflow pipe. He has suggested we opt for a Saniflo system to carry the waste from the loo, basin, shower and bath. My questions are...
  35. S

    Shower pump - Re-assurance, help, advice

    Hi everyone, I'm new to plumbing and have managed to slowly plumb in my new bathroom suite with the help of plumber friends, google/youtube, plumbers merchants etc.. I have installed a bath mixer/shower, mounted in the wall.. Feeding the shower is a 1.5 bar twin impeller positive head...
  36. U

    No floor fixing to Tavistock Ion WC Pan - Plumber says it cannot be done.

    A plumber has installed a Tavistock Ion open backed closed couple WC in my bathroom. This is part of a full bathroom refurbishment so the plumber has installed the above floor soil pipe from the soil stack. The soil pipe has been boxed and tiled. The plumber has not used the proprietary...
  37. Q

    Problem with shower pump on vented system

    Hi, A shower pump was installed a while back but whenever it turns on ie due to someone turning on the shower it never turns off and just continually pumps water up the vent pipe and into the cold water tank and back down to the hot water cylinder. The system never pressurizes and the pump never...
  38. M

    shower pump problem

    I fitted a pump a couple of months ago and have just been contacted by the client saying 1run 1st thing in the morning when he turns the shower on he has to wait for the water to flow from the head. But any other time of day it is fine. Now it is installed as the 1st draw off on both the hot and...
  39. C

    Column Radiators - Flow Direction

    Hi, looking for some advice. I've had 6 horizontal column radiators installed and some heat up faster than others. I removed one to decorate behind and noticed there are sticky labels showing the inlet/outlet top and back. Out of the 6 only 2 have been installed as the labels say and the rest...
  40. townfanjon

    Boiler not registered

    Morning gents, can anybody help me with this one .... customer moved into a new developed property at Xmas , the heating system was described as brand new ( I have seen the agents brochure ) Lots of problems but the main one is , the brand new boiler was manufactured in 2008 ( WB junior ) I...
  41. A

    Sooting-up of photocell

    We had a new Grant Vortex Pro 26e boiler (external) installed just before Christmas after the water jacket in our old boiler split. Since the n I've twice had to clean the photocell after it became excessively sooted-up. We've had some quite strong winds recently and I've read this can...
  42. B

    Advice on replacing a leaky expansion vessel

    Hello All. I have a Varem expansion vessel that is leaking: I had the system installed 7 years ago with a solar ready megaflow cylinder, ready to have solar thermal installed when we could afford it. We never bothered (got solar PV and solar iboost) The I suspect that the vessel is...
  43. T

    Will my new boiler be overloaded???

    Hi everyone, can I please start by saying that plumbing is not my forte, in fact I know very little about plumbing and so far have been relying on my plumber to spec everything correctly. But I have some concerns, and would like to gather more information. We have very recently had a new...
  44. D

    Ravenheat csi85 & new room thermostat problem with HW

    Hello, I have a Ravenheat CSI85 combi boiler which has been working fine both on CH & HW with no room thermostat installed. I installed a room thermostat (Salus it500) wired to the volt free contact. The thermostat works fine and was controlling the boiler CH via my smartphone temperature...
  45. J

    Solar Hot Water System Help!!!

    Wondered if anyone can give an opinion on whether it's a good idea to buy a house with solar hot water system installed with no building regs! Is it a big deal to have it removed if not compliant etc.? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  46. R

    Durgo at 45•

    Is there any refs against putting a durgo up into a loft space at a 45 degree angle along with the pitch of a roof. Will it still work correctly?
  47. T

    Problem with shower tray rocking

    Hi Just need some advice for the corner shower tray that is installed in our bathroom. Noticed that there was a water mark on kitchen ceiling directly below where the shower is installed, so changed the seal around the base, but have also noticed that when stepping in and out the shower it...
  48. M

    Under Floor Heating Flow Meters Silted Up

    Hi, I have a UFH system with a GSHP. The UFH system has 3 manifolds all with glass flow meters. The flow meters on the manifold nearest the GSHP are turning brown. The system was installed in mid 2010 and there were signs of brown in the flow meters in 2011 but the flow meters are nearly...
  49. P

    Combi boiler for H/W only?

    Just a question regarding combi boilers. At the moment in a small one bedroom house, I have an old Brittony FF, and no CH. The FF is on it's last legs and I need to replace. I also will be installing CH in the near future. The question is (as you may have guessed) is can I have a combi...
  50. hammers4spanner


    Just started on a large site of block of flats which is all gas when i asked the mechanical company (which aint a small one) how come no renewables here they simply said its carp and its not all that its cracked to be.They have been ripping out and re converting to gas alot of renewables that...