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  1. Dan

    How many of you are fitting Ideal Boilers these days?

    How many of you are fitting Ideal Boilers these days?
  2. R

    Fitting cistern back on the toilet.

    Hi people. Having a bit of a nightmare here. Trying to fix the toilet myself. It’s a closed coupled toilet. I replaced the valve and the flush for it but did a massive schoolboy error.. when I unscrews the cistern from the toilet the wing nuts fell, and there is zero access to them with taking...
  3. J

    How to get this shower arm fitting off?

    What kind of fitting is this, I am unable to take this off by turning it like a normal shower arm fitting, its missing a screw but does not seem to make any difference, as in its not too loose. Any help in taking this off is really appreciated. Thank you, John
  4. F

    chrome exposed bath waste fitting

    Hello All, I need to fit an external traditional chrome exposed waste to a smaller than standard roll top bath. If I buy any standard one of these, will I be able to cut to size? images attached
  5. U

    Anyone ever seen a 15mm fitting like this?

    I've lifted up some floorboards in a house and found a Y shape tee joint on the central heating piping. It looks like two pipes sliced and jointed together rather than using a normal tee. The image below (on the link). Has anyone seen or can name this joint? or how/why or what the rationale is? is?
  6. D

    Details on fitting a remote oil delivery pipe.

    Hello again. Anyone on here familiar with the installation of remote filling pipes for domestic oil tanks? We are trying to figure out ways of getting a delivery from the front of a cottage to the rear without going through the property. One possibility - still apparently being explored by the...
  7. G

    Fitting sink in loft with low water pressure system.

    Hi, I’m making a “man cave” in my loft and I’d like to fit a sink for making drinks and washing up etc. It’s a low pressure system with a header tank up high in the gable end and 2 water tanks on the deck. I know one feeds the hot water cylinder below and one feeds the cold water below. I...
  8. I

    38mm European waste pipe to 40mm UK compression waste fitting

    What's the best way to ensure a watertight fit connecting a 38mm European / continental waste pipe to a 40mm UK compression waste fitting without using a 38mm to 40mm adaptor prior? The reason not to use an adaptor is because there's no space. Note, a 40mm compression fitting on a 38mm pipe will...
  9. J

    Help with fitting please!

    Hi all, i need to replace the 15mm pipe that comes from my mains inlet in the kitchen, photo attached. I've marked in red the pipes that i want to replace. My question is, what fitting do i get to connect the new pipe and equal tee to the stopcock, is it a normal 1/2 inch compression with a...
  10. Alan55

    Awkward tap washer fitting

    Hi. This one has me foxed. How do I remove the head of this tap to change the washer? The cap unscrews and lifts only as far as the knobbly top (which is moulded to the centre post). When the cap is unscrewed I can just see the thread inside but no nut to turn - even if I had an ultra thin...
  11. T

    Advice please about fitting mixer shower from Worcester Bosch 25/ 32 heatslave oil combi

    Hello everyone. Looking for comments/advice please about my wife's latest request... Which is to remove the existing bath from an upstairs bathroom (apparently we don't like it anymore!) and replace it with a shower. The hot water is from an external oil combi also feeding a second bathroom...
  12. G

    Fitting new flush unit

    I need to change the flush unit in the toilet cistern. Unfortunately the gap between the top of the cistern and the shelf above is not wide enough to get the new unit in. How would you approach this? I guess it’s either removing the shelf (not sure how easy that will be) or do I take out...
  13. S

    leaking compression fitting - can’t turn off supply

    Hi All, Have a lead supply pipe and the compression fitting where it joins copper in the house has started dripping. Unfortunately it’s before the stop-tap so have no way of turning off water. Anyway to fix it externally? Have just tried some Fernax stuff but wouldn’t stick and ended up...
  14. A

    22mm flexi pipe to 3/4 copper pipe.

    I am fitting a new mixer tap system. Because of the layout I have had to use flexi hose/pipe. The tap size is 22m. Each tap,respectively, connects to different sized copper pipes. The cold is 15mm copper pipe. So I used a 22mm to 15mm flexi. No problem there. The hot, however, is an old 3/4...
  15. L

    Fitting porcelain tiles bath panel

    So our bathroom fitter left before he fitted our bathroom panel to our whirlpool bath. He attached the tiles onto 2 pieces of cement tile backing and was just only going to join them to the bath with sealant, but I am worried that it won't be enough to hold them in place and I have small...
  16. scott_d

    Shower tray fitting?

    Fitting a shower tray onto a new chipboard floor what’s best to use? Tile adhesive Silicon Sand cenent Ply first Cement board first?
  17. D

    Can anyone tell me what size fitting this is?

    I bought a vacuum pump from ebay and I'm not sure what size the threaded adaptor is. I want something to convert it to fit a 1/8 bsp female tee piece which will fits my gauge as well. I tried to see if the 1/8 bsp tee piece would screw onto the pump but not quite and the threads are different...
  18. D

    Low loss header connection Inc pump to unvented system

    I am fitting my first low loss header onto an unvented system including ufh and 300ltr tank. I have picked the job up after the ufh has been layer, tested and screened over. All I have to work with is the manifold with flow and return pipes and pre installed rad circuit all of which feed into...
  19. E

    Fitting new boiler to old Elson tank

    Can anyone tell me if its OK to connect a new heat only Vaillant to an old Elson tank. Not seen the job so not sure where the feed goes into the system. They currently have an old Apollo boiler working with it
  20. N

    Fitting a new mixer shower,Is my cylinder suitable?

    Hi,I am refitting my bathroom and decided to replace my old triton electrical shower with a Mira mixer shower.I know I need a pump,probably a twin impeller and positive head as I have about 3ft below the bottom of the tank to where the pump will be fitted which in turn will be about 2 ft above...
  21. J

    appropriate fitting for bath filler tap

    Hi, i have two bath filler tap valves to pipe to the combined bath filler/drain. The valve body is external 3/4 inch thread with an internal 1/2 inch thread (see picture). Straight tap connector doesn't seem the correct fitting due to internal thread and a male adaptor doesn't sit flush as it's...
  22. Stefromthewirral

    TMV valve checks on domestic properties

    Hi Am due to fit a TMV valve in a domestic property (not a new build) it's not a residential home or anything like that just a domestic dwelling for a private client. I am aware of the checks required in Nursing homes etc but I can't see any requirement for after installation tests on...
  23. G

    Hammer arrestor on dishwasher?

    I have some severe water hammer going on. Behind the bath upstairs where I cannot access the pipes. It is is mild when a cold tap is turned off or the toilet is flushed BUT it's horrendous when the washing machine and dishwasher run. I have bought an arrestor to put on the washing machine but...
  24. J

    NG Gas grill connection

    I know very little about plumbing, so I'm not even sure what to ask for and I may use the wrong descriptions of items, so apologies if so. I've done some searching online, but not entirely sure what I need to get. I recently moved into a house that has a gas outlet on the deck. I bought a...
  25. J

    wall fed shower head change to 1/2 bs fitting

    we have mira excel bir shower and the shower head is not looking good all the chrome is coming of and we want to replace it. we canot get a replacement as they do not sell the logic bir head anymore it is only available with the full shower? we had bought a difrent shower head but when fitting...
  26. G

    Q re fitting Vitra frame and wall hung WC

    I have a Vitra reduced height 75/108cm frame to fit a Vitra wall hung WC to. I also have a 550 x 210mm cabinet to fit around it. I have a few questions:- 1. To ensure the cabinet fits I have to fit the frame flush to the back wall and have had to remove the rear cross-member of the cabinet to...
  27. M

    Expansion vessel insert, should I remove?

    Has anyone installed a Refix potable expansion tank? There's a plastic insert inside the 3/4 threaded connector - should it be left in? I though it maybe to space the diaphragm off the inlet point, but not sure if it's just a protector insert which will stop the tank operating - nothing in...
  28. M

    Shower waste drain fitting

    Hi I have a low level shower waste fitted in a shower, the cover and fixing is broken and I have had to adapted the fitting by bolting it in place (bolts now rusted). The waste used to have a piece bolted to it but the piece broke and I was unable to find a replacement. Is there any plumbing...
  29. C

    Electrics under the bath

    Hi, I’ve just taken off the side of the bath with the aim of fitting an overhead shower to the bath, and have found an electrical unit under the bath, which appears to be for the central heating system. It’s fixed to the floor, so it’s not raised, and the fact that a small ingress of water has...
  30. C

    230 volt central heating box under bath

    Hi, I’ve just taken off the side of the bath with the aim of fitting an overhead shower to the bath, and have found an electrical unit under the bath, which appears to be for the central heating system. It’s fixed to the floor, so it’s not raised, and the fact that a small ingress of water has...
  31. S

    Fitting advice required for 30mm female thread

    Hello. What fitting do I need to connect an apparent 30mm diameter in/outlet, on a water pump, to 25mm MDPE pipe. It's on a DAB Jetinox 112M. Thanks in advance.
  32. Bogart

    Pipe fitting markings

    Going to fit a 22mm stop end fitting. Have a couple of solder ring fittings. Looking at them they are marked MA22 and LF22 is there any relevance in these markings?
  33. rwb196884

    Fitting a radiator that's too short

    TL;DR: Office workers should not be allowed spanners. Just bought a house and found the living room wasn't getting much above 15 degrees. It had a type 11 1400x600 radiator that seem to be about 3,500BTU but online room BTU calculators come out at about 8,000 to 11,000. Bought what I thought...
  34. K

    Leaking oil tank from compression fitting

    Had a leak on oil tank pipe fitting landlords plumber has said leak was due to small elevation on back of tank “brick” I know it’s bad practice not disputing that but I say olive was never fitted correctly as it’s loose on pipe please see attached vid any opinions would be appreciated
  35. F

    Fitting an Airvalve / bleeding point in central heating

    Hello, total plumbing noob here. I have a sneaking suspicion that the pipes in my house that run all the way to the attic are full of air (picture attached of pipes). These are the pipes that used to be fitted to an older hot water tank which was removed and replaced with a combi boiler- but...
  36. P

    22mm Fitting, thread size please ?

    Hello. Could anyone please advise ? What is the thread of a standard ( as used in UK ) 22mm compression fitting ? It appears to be 14 tpi but is slightly larger than 3/4 bsp. Thank you, Pete.
  37. DuncanM

    Fitting auto air vent

    Been advised to fit an AAV on return of a sealed system to try and keep air out of the HEX as it keeps error coding about circulation. Power flushed the system already, this is the next step. Anyway, usually fit AAV on positive side of pump so how far away from pump to make sure AAV does not...
  38. Bogart

    Tectite slip fitting

    Trying to use a 28mm tectite slip coupling. Mangaged to get it over the pipe push it down, with some effort, but am damned if I can get it to come back. Am using the demounting tool and the plastic collar is all the way in but am damned if I can get it to come back on itself.
  39. D

    Sink fitting pipe question

    Hi all, Been trying to fit new sink and move from pillar taps to a mixer. Previous piping was all rigid pvc with push fittings (not sure if I'm getting the lingo right). Went to toolstation to buy flexi-hoses to connect the new tap and the pipes and they sold me ones with an apparent push fit...
  40. B

    Plastic pipe thread snapped off inside compression fitting - how to remove?

    Hi The fitting is brass (though doesn't look it in photo), the stuck plastic threaded pipe section is off the bottom of a standard ballcock assembly (bottom inlet) . It's snapped very cleanly, dead level with the nut. So, any smart ideas on how to get it out? Thanks
  41. B

    Favourite fitting and PE pipe

    Hello PFM's, I was wondering what was everyone's fav. fittings for tieing into rads and general central heating system design. My judging considerations are 1.speed of install. 2.longevity of the fittings, likely to fail. 3.footprint, EG. Find JG etc. can be a bit bulky under shallow floors...
  42. D

    Gas fitting Garage Heater

    Hi. I bought a house that has a pool heater and the gas line for it is shown here. I also want to put a natural gas garage heater in. My question is: is that piece of pipe coming up where it is capped off where the installer will tie into and go up the side of my garage? That back corner...
  43. D

    What is this fitting called?

    I had to replace a perished washer in my toilet cistern and I had to remove the cistern from the toilet itself. In the process of detaching the water pipe I had to unscrew a white plastic cowling / covering and it has slid down the pipe and now I can't move it back upwards to re-secure(!). I...
  44. P

    Compression fitting value blown off from the pipe

    Hello, I installed 2 compression valve fitting for my kitchen sink about 10 days ago, after I cut off the 2 old valve with pipe. I put teflon tape around the olive after I found leaks from the fitting(which had been proven wrong!), with oil around the thread. It had been working fine until this...
  45. A

    Boiler Programmer fitting advice

    Hi Looking for help. My sisters boiler programmer is faulty, so I've bought a like for like programmer (Worcester Bosch DT20RF), think her boiler is a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i/28i Junior. Seen a video online that showed a few seconds of installation, I.e. taking old programmer out. Looked...
  46. Dark Eyes

    Fitting a Blanking Cap to a redundant waste pipe

    Hello folks I have what seems to be a standard 40mm white PVC pipe that used to hold the washing machine drain hose, which I wanted to cap off to avoid any water overflowing from (as my kitchen drainage seem to get blocked up easily, and it will probably be replaced within the next year). I...
  47. M

    Advice for bathroom floor and fitting shower Tray

    Hi, Im fitting a new bathroom and am after some advice. As you can see in the pictures the current floor is a mixture of 18mm chipboard and OSB board. Im installing underfloor heating and then tiles on top. What should I put on the floor as ive read lots of conflicting advice? Does it need...
  48. centralheatking

    Fan Flue Boiler with good internal fitting arrangements

    On behalf of a friend we are looking for which fan flued ng combi or system boiler has a good fitting from inside only. The outside is in Bath and 3/4 Floors up but the outside is above the River Avon so no ladders too high and no scaffold...unless expensive suspended stuff. around 20kw to 30kw...
  49. hammers4spanner

    Fitting a worcester 2000 boiler

    Fitted one of these today and was a bit flumoxed on the valve set up where they connect onto the boiler. In a nutshell i couldnt fit a spanner in to tighten them up enough and the prv connection seemed utter pita. They electric supply isnt long enough either for what i needed and you cant...
  50. R

    Leak at this fitting. Any suggestions?

    Hello, I've got a leak on this part of my central heating, at the fitting (no idea what it would be called, Feed end Fitting?). Has anyone had a similar issue? I've attempted to use LSX, Plummers Mate evo, and Fernox F4, without any success. I'm considering solder as a last resort, but the...