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  1. G

    F9 fault

    Had f9 yesterday on a veissman, says in MI it's a fan issue but seemed to work fully when there. Any ideas?
  2. S

    baxi duo-tec2 fault code e385

    as above driving me insane about ten people from 27/4 rescue looked at it can not find problem,i get hot and ch but it takes a while for it to come through all the time flashing 385 then all of a suden will fire up and be fine
  3. G

    HA fault on ideal isar 24he.

    Replaced a main heat ex today for a customer on an ideal isar, heating is ok but when running hot water it overheats and comes up with HA fault code, only happens on hot water though. Any way to shift the air from the plate heat ex? Its situated flat in these boilers instead of the usual on its...
  4. D

    I have a F1 fault code on my ideal boiler, the pressure is fine?

    Pressure is ok but increased to see if boiler would click into action but didn’t, have reduced back, needle is moving on pressure gauge, have tried reset but still nothing, any ideas before I call someone out? Thanks
  5. L

    Telford tempest cylinder fault?

    Hi I have a Telford tempest unvented cylinder and I'm finding that when the hot water is on and I turn it off on the programmer the TPRV opens and let's the hot water out. Only stops running when it cools down again. What I find strange is that it only happens if I turn the programmer off. If...
  6. K

    Fault / No hot water with Bristan Shower

    Hello All I have a Bristan mixer shower. Pressure is excellent and I have replaced all seals on the Thermostatic cartridge. The CD valve is turning easily and 'looks' as if it is ok. Unfortunately the temperature dial does not make any meaningful difference in the temperature which is tepid...
  7. L

    Viessmann vitodens 100 FF fault?

    Hi. I've been out to look at this boiler today (I am a gas engineer) and found that this FF fault code keeps coming up even after restarting the boiler. On arrival I found pressure was on zero so I topped it back up and reset the boiler. On the display it says 141 then changes to...
  8. P

    Air Pressure Fault - Heatline Boiler

    Morning all, We inherited a c.2007 Heatline Compact boiler when we moved into our house. On Friday the boiler developed an air pressure fault. I first tested the air pressure switch in both the Common-normally closed and Common-normally open positions and both are working ok. I even tried a...
  9. N

    24i RSF intermittent fault help

    Basically the boiler stops working intermittenty for heatingand water... It had a leak from auto air vent which was dripping into the APS which has been repaired.. Everything seems to be working I've tested the harness to the APS and the overheat stat. and out of desperation changed the PCB...
  10. J

    Vaillant Ecotec Plus 824 F75 fault

    Hello Our Vaillant boiler has developed a fault in the last 2 weeks. The hot water is working without any problems. However, within 15-20 minutes of turning the heating on we are getting the error message 'F.75 Fault. Pump water shortage'. The boiler being on for heating is pushing the filling...
  11. A

    Reliability of fault codes potterton

    HELP!,,,, E125 error code Been trying to get to the bottom of problem with potterton titanium 40. keep getting e125 which is circulation fault ( primary circuit). Fault is intermittent. Thought about system flush but seem am reluctant as all rads are red hot. Return pipe also hot. Fault...
  12. M

    Boiler fault. Gas valve ?

    Evening all, I am the unfortunate owner of a very large gravity fed floor standing gas boiler. A few days ago the boiler decided not to come on when there was demand. The pilot light remained on. After a quick look over and attempted relighting the pilot light went out and would never stay...
  13. T

    Ideal Logic+heat 24 (not combi)

    Hi I have an Ideal Logic+heat 24 (Not Combi) it is: Alternatly flashing between: 0 (on its own) and C (on its own) when in central heating mode, it works fine on water only, any idea as to the fault? many thanks Tom
  14. R

    Vaillant Eco Tec Pro 28 fault.

    Over the last couple of weeks my boiler has started to throw the occasional S.54 and F.64 codes. I know when its happened because the hot taps run cold. The whole system is 8 years old and has been serviced every other year. Normal service is resumed by pressing the reset button. The question is...
  15. A

    Viessmann 100 WB1B-26 F4 fault on warm days

    I have a problem with my Viessmann Vitodens 100 WB1B-26 boiler. It has had this problem since it was installed (Dec 2012), but is worse this year due to the very warm winter in my area (Philadelphia, PA USA). The problem goes like this. From midnight to 10 AM, the boiler works fine. But when...
  16. P

    Fault : 3 way diverter valve

    Hi, after some advice.... We have a faulty 3 way diverter valve on on our hot water tank. So we have to put heating and hot water on at same time to have both working. No an issue as its winter.. However, our automatic timer doesn't work on the honey well control panel to allow us to preset...
  17. P


    Keston C55 fault code E 02 and will not reset can any one help Thanks
  18. F

    seeking experienced advise on an intermittent fault on ideal logic combi?

    My own boiler at home has developed an intermittent fault causing an ignition lock out every week or two when there is a demand for hot water. When reset the boiler runs without issue for a week or two. This fault only occurs on HW demand, there has never been a lock out on CH demand. Ideal tech...
  19. K

    Central heating not firing up is controller at fault r

    Renewed room thermostat and 3 port valve(drayton MA1) but hot water fires up OK but not central heating unless I turn off hot water timer settings on drayton lp522 controller?
  20. C

    Glow worm Boiler Ignition Fault

    I am a new poster to this forum - not a heating professional, but a householder looking for advice. please. I have a Glow worm 18hxi boiler with Magnatech installed in 2006 by a local engineer who has serviced it regularly and comprehensively every year - very competent, has done a lot of work...
  21. T

    Ferrolli domicompact f24b - fan/pcb F5 fault

    Hi all New to this forum, hoping someone can help I’ve been called to my neighbors boiler yesterday. Ferrolli domicompact f24b - I know Ferrolli ? Fault showing up F5 and go nothing Reset boiler numerous times and nothing just F5 I’ve downloaded the manual an f5 says APS or fan The...
  22. G

    Baxi Combi 80 fault

    Hi there I was called out tonight, no heating no h/w. Pump would run, pump proving made (continuity across connections at board), no power to fan across L-N, but getting 240v L-E. Going back tomorrow with the PCB but just wanted to confirm this diagnosis. The fan resistance was 30.6 ohms which...
  23. chucklepie

    Help diagnose Ariston boiler fault

    Hello, I have a boiler engineer coming out, but it's not till next week, so I was just curious if anyone knew what this fault could be in case it was something obvious, it's the first I've tried heating since May... Ariston Clas HE EVO38 No error messages, hot water is fine, but no heat. Even...
  24. R

    Central heating - timer fault or something else?

    Noticed that when we turn the heating on manually we would then notice it had gone back off again so set to continuous and saw this video has sound Does this look like a faulty timer or something else tripping it? Thanks
  25. J

    Synch motor fault not opening

    Hi I have an issue, couple of day ago no water. Boiler worked ol for heating so looked at syncho motor ( had to replace this about 5 years ago on the same system). Motor was working but when I checked it it was not opening the water valve enough to actually make the contact switch to tell the...
  26. P

    A21 fault on Greenstar Comfort RF

    Hi I have a permanent A21 fault on my Greenstar Comfort RF receiver on my boiler. I am unable to access the settings as it does not respond to any input from the buttons on the panel. My thermostat is showing an A28 fault. My thermostat was not working so I disconnected it from the receiver in...
  27. D

    Replacing Diverter valve to fix PCB fault?

    Hi, new to the forum and looking for some advice if possible. I had an engineer out to look at my combi boiler (potterton performa). The power light is coming on, but no response to demand for hot water or central heating. The engineer had a look inside and found the PCB was getting 240V in...
  28. N

    I am looking for help with my NVQ L2 Maintenance and Fault finding

    Hi guys! I'm looking for help from a Plumber with 5+ years of experience for my NVQ L2 evidence work,which will enable me to attend onsite assessment. I think it should not take more then 1 day to complete it.I just need to make some pictures that i am solving a problem basically and write down...
  29. S

    Quick answer on mid position valve fault please

    Evening all, I’ve just left my last job of the day and I’m completely knackered. I’ve just been round to a job I did in January ( manual flush radiator on kicrobore) and whilst I was there the old tower mid position valve was making a racket, so the customer asked me to put a new one on(...
  30. H

    ideal independent c24 F1 Fault, but pressure is high

    Hi guys, I've just spent the last half an hour going through the fourm trying ot find someone with my problem but no luck. I have a C24 combi showing F1 fault, the pressure is high if anything - just over 2 when it should be 1.5. Any idea how to make this error go away? I turned it off and...
  31. AJ9

    P & J Fault Finding Course Scotland. Feedback?

    Hi folks Currently a Service Engineer looking to move onto Repairs. I've been looking for a Fault finding course which also does controls & have came across P & J Training in Johnstone, Scotland. They want £350 for a 2 day course covering Multimeter training, Fault Finding and Testing and then...
  32. AJ9

    Looking for Gas Fault Finding & Heating Controls Course

    Hi Folks I'm a service engineer but looking to do a Course similar to Baxi's Fault Finding & heating Controls course. The company I work for aren't able to give me the extra training I want which is frustrating as I want to progress onto Repair/Breakdown. I'd also be happy of opportunity to...
  33. O

    Ideal Mini HE C24 won't ingnite - Brrrrr!

    Morning all, This is my first post and I confess I did not even know about checking boiler pressure until yesterday, so any help would be much appreciated. So, my Ideal Mini HE C24 boiler stopped working last night. The lock out light is red. There is a click, a blue spark of light behind its...
  34. A

    Ideal Independent C30 boiler - fault F1

    Hi. I know that F1 means low water pressure. Had a look at the boiler and taken front cover off and can’t see any filling loop!? Any idea how to bring water pressure back up?
  35. Boiler Faultfinder

    Boiler Fault Finding system for heating engineers

    Genuinely not spamming this forum or system, but thought this fault finding system might be useful to you guys. The boilerfaultfinder system has a lot of technical information for heating engineers and plumbers regarding 'boiler fault finding'. Google A lot of it is free and works well as a...
  36. J

    iMini 30 Combi Boiler - L2 Fault Code

    Morning - hoping someone can help with a problem we've had for two days. Our iMini 30 Combi boiler doesn't seem to be working consistently. We're getting an L2 Fault code and when we try to reset it, the machine has a low rumble/gurgle sound for about 10mins before displaying the L2 fault code...
  37. G

    Greenstar 34DCI Classic intermittent fault

    Hi Folks, I have a puzzling issue that I hope someone could help diagnose. The mother-in-law has a Greenstar 34DCI Classic that has worked fine for ~7 years (without a service ). Recently it has been intermittently cutting out and requiring a reset and displaying an "EA" error message on the...
  38. robj20

    Ideal Vogue "Flow/Return Thermistor Fault" again.

    Boiler, Ideal Vogue Gen2 C32 Honeywell Evohome with Opentherm. Had Ideal out last year and they changed the thermistor, but this year its doing it again. Strangely same time of year. Suggestions last year from the installer was to remove the Evohome TRV from one radiator to act as a bypass. I...
  39. Pauld1962

    Unvented heating system, unusual boiler fault

    Called to a customer today and the system boiler keeps repressurising on its own ... After I dropped out all the pressure I watched as it refilled ... The filling loop was disconnected at the time ... Customer reports that it's never done it before ... The only way I could stop it was to turn...
  40. C

    strange fault with baxi solo 2

    hi guys ive got an odd fault with my baxi solo 2. when its fired up its working fine...however it doesnt start on its own. on start up, all the correct red lights come on: boiler on fan on ( and it is on. I can see it spinning) pilot on. I can hear ignition sparking but it wont ignite on its...
  41. S

    Fault with boiler, pump or controller?

    Hi, Please can someone help identify if there is a problem with my heating system. A few days ago it seemed the boiler was trying to light despite no demand for heating or hot water for an hour. The display indicated ‘C’ and the burner light was blinking. This morning, there was no display on...
  42. A

    F1 fault on Ideal LogicAL COMBI 24

    Hello nation, hope you have good evening. Have boiler`s fault F-1, but presure on the gauge over 1 bar. Tried to drain water from boiler to check for any dirties. When I was draining water I detective black fragments, so I rinsed the boiler`s system. When I refilled boiler and tried to launch...
  43. C

    Low Water Pressure - Help!!

    Hello there, I'm new to the forum so excuse my lack of expertise. I've got a fault code F1 on my Ideal boiler and I have learnt that it's due to my water pressure not being between 1 - 1.5 That being said I have no idea how to fix it. This is first time I've ever dealt with something like...
  44. Y

    Vaillant ecoTEC plus 837 R1 with persisting F75 fault

    Can someone help diagnose Vaillant ecoTEC plus 837 with persisting F75 fault please? We already replaced the pressure sensor, installed F75 kit, replaced the main heat exchanger, and the pump, and the PCB, and flushed the system and installed a filter on the return, but still sometimes we get...
  45. L

    Vaillant Ecotec F32 Fan Fault

    I have Vaillant ecotec 838 with F32 fault. I have had the fan and PCB changed but still get the fault. When the fault comes up the fan is still running!! Any ideas?
  46. T

    Intermittent Boiler Fault

    Boiler Model: Saunier Duval Enviroplus F24e combi Problem: •boiler does not ignite in the morning and requires multiple resets to get it going •once boiler starts it seems to be working fine •boiler fails to ignite after longer periods of no use Hi, We moved in to a new house around 7 months...
  47. P

    Worcester Boiler Pump fault can cause faults with PCB?

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me, I have a Worcester boiler, I’m not sure which model but its gone faulty, I’ve had this issue a few times but only after the boiler has been turned off. In the past -once switched back on, it has seemed to sort itself out within a few days and then works fine...
  48. C

    Ideal Logic 15 - Fault Code Fd

    Got the Ideal Logic 15 along with Wet UFH. All fine for a year and half. Suddenly boiler says Fd when the UFH calls for boiler. Any thoughts?
  49. M

    Worcester 37cdi combo E9 fault code

    Hi, I have a Worcester 37cdi combi & over the last couple of weeks it has been cutting out with the E9 fault code showing. This evening I have reset it numerous times. Any suggestions what is causing this ?
  50. L

    Ideal logic 24 + heats radiators once then stops shows no fault !

    Hi all Looking for some help please! It concerns an ideal logic plus 24 combi. When you switch the central heating on it fires up fine. All the radiators get up to temperature. It then stops and the radiators cool down. All good! They do not come back on, even when the room is noticeably...