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  1. M

    Ideal boiler displaying F1 error but pressure is as should be

    My boiler is displaying the F1 error meaning I have no hot water or heating. A quick google search tells me that this error is caused by low pressure and theres many tutorials on increasing the pressure. However, my problem is that the pressure guage is telling me the boiler is at ideal pressure...
  2. T

    How to resolve F05 error code on washing machine

    Hi there, I have an F05 error code on my hotpoint washing machine and think it related to a blockage. Would anyone know how I can go about checking to see where the blockage is? I assume I need to switch off my water from mains before I check? Thank you!
  3. L

    Needing some help - no plumbing knowledge

    Hi - I'm new here. I have a Glow-worm flexicom hx boiler that had a f25 error code and isn't heating my water. I have bled all the radiators, then reset the boiler and now have a f22 code. Can anyone offer advice please. Thanks.
  4. S

    no hot water of heating

    I have no hot water or heating, my boiler has no error symbols, my cylinder has gone cold, pump seems to be working well it’s making the same usual noise/vibrations, pipe under th boiler are hot but none near the cylinder is! Can anyone help
  5. G

    , spot the deliberate error

    logic f2 error. Checked the condensate, I wonder why
  6. I

    No hot water - boiler showing no error code

    I have an 18mth old ecoTec plus 825 Vaillant boiler. We have had intermittent problems with the hot water supply for the last 2 days - now there is no hot water whatsoever, although the boiler is showing no error code. When you run a hot tap - there is not the little flashing tap sign on the...
  7. Q

    Ideal Logic System 24 - F1 error - No idea how to re pressure

    Hello everyone, a friend of mine has recently had a F1 error on their boiler (Ideal Logic System 24). We have looked up what to do and it looks like we need to increase the pressure on the boiler. Seems simple enough. but with the way this was installed we don't know how to do that. we looked up...
  8. N

    Vaillant VRT 340f room stat - error message

    Hi all, I have a Vaillant VRT 340f wireless programmable room stat - the early version without the dial. I've just changed the batteries (2xAAA) - something I've done several times before - and now the display just shows 'Err'. I've tried leaving the batteries out for a few minutes and then...
  9. moonlight

    Can any one spot the error?

    You would never believe what I found today. spot the DIY???? On the cold and hot water. Any one else have any scary images?
  10. J

    E9 overheat error on zone valve switch

    Hi All I have a Worcester Bosch FS 30CDI with a traditional header tank and hot water cylinder. The heating circuit is divided into 3 zones: downstairs, upstairs and the hot waterr cylinder coil all controlled by Honeywell two port valves. When the boiler is set to Max about 86deg and is...
  11. C

    Boiler Error Codes Linea HE

    Hi all. Wonder if someone here might be able to assist with some advice. I have a Linea HE boiler from Vokera and I’m getting the following error indicators. I have no idea what’s going on. Basically the boiler just keeps cutting out. I thought it was a pressurisation issue but the boiler...
  12. A

    Vaillant boiler, no error on display but not working properly

    On unvented system. Not sure what model boiler. (not helpful I know) A tenant where I do some work has been in touch, he said the boiler was not working. I asked him to check the usual, thermostat turned up, gas on (light the hob). Can't check the pressure because it means taking the case off...
  13. C

    F22 error on Vaillant Ecotec Plus Boiler

    Hi all, I have a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 418 boiler (standard boiler, not combi), but as of this morning my heating and hot water has stopped working, and I get the error message F22. I believe this means the pressure is low and I've looked online, and it suggest I must use valves under the...
  14. J

    Veissmann 100-w F4 error (... trying to follow a youtube video)

    I have had problems with varying temperature in my shower - the combi boiler would cut in and out when the shower was used. This did not happen on hot taps. Some googling told me that the heat exchanger might need cleaning. I found the following video: I think that I have "drained down" the...
  15. L

    F1 error on boiler but water pressure is fine

    So I have got the horrid F1 error on my combo boiler for low pressure. I have recently moved into my property, and I had this issue before which I resolved. The pressure in my taps are fine however when the boiler is running the pressure gauge shows below 1. Of course I have turned the domestic...
  16. R

    Ariston class he 1P1 error

    Sorry deleted thread
  17. J

    Combi Boiler Rumbling and F-2 Error

    Hi there, Disaster has struck this morning, during the coldest week i've seen in years. It appears as though we no longer have any hot water or heating due to a fault with the combi boiler. We own a i-mini 24 system and the error code which we are seeing is F-2. I have looked this up in the...
  18. Marios Plunger

    Broken Heating Return tap or user error?

    Hi all Trying to repressure my combi boiler / heating system with a filling loop. When I turn off the tap on my Heating Return (B) and remove the blanking plate, I'm getting a lot of water (clean water) pouring out of it, several litres before I gave up. Is the tap / valve broke? Or am I...
  19. Michael Groves

    Worchester Bosch error code EA - Part 2

    I'm not sure why the moderator has blocked further posts to my last thread but I think if someone says something is dangerous and illegal it would be good for everyone to know why? Worchester Bosch 40cdi Error code EA So my question is what was dangerous, please be specific and what law has...
  20. Michael Groves

    Worchester Bosch 40cdi Error code EA

    I have a Worchester Bosch 40 CDi with error code EA. I've checked all the usual suspects but now I'm at a loss. I can hear the boiler clicking but it never fires up. Below is what I've tried so far; Clean condensate Replace electrodes (ionisation really worn) Replace ignition lead (rubber...
  21. B

    Ideal Combi logic 30 F1 error

    Hello Yesterday I noticed that the boiler is displaying an f1 error. I have bled all radiators and checked the pressure, it is just above 1 bar. Can anyone suggest what else I could try please. Thanks in advance
  22. C

    Potterton E168 error help.

    Hi all, i have a potterton promax 28 he that been giving me an random e168 errors. so far Ive replaced the actuator, diverter cartride, CH pressure switch, temp sensor, pcb and room stat (salus wireless). (All outside the combustion zone section) It doesn't happen as frequently now after...
  23. J

    Pump not working e3 error code

    Salus pump not working e3 error code what does this mean
  24. B

    He15 Ideal Boiler. Programmer light 'on'. status 0. water boiling

    Hi All! Really hoping someone can help. Have had 4 separate engineers out regarding my above mentioned boiler as it would spradically display the LF error code. Each engineer changed various parts and it would work for a while but the error always came back. On Friday a 'technical...
  25. H

    Valliant ecotec plus 837 losing pressure

    Valliant ecotec plus 837 losing pressure every few days. Boiler in loft with flue venting outside to house apex. Boiler 2 years old. Forgot to look at error message this morning so unsure of error message but when filled from two taps underneath it can last 2-3 days without losing pressure...
  26. K

    Potterton Promax HE 15 stays on constantly

    Hi - I'm new! Hello to all. I have a problem with the above boiler in that it just stays on constantly. Regardless of what temperature I put on the thermostat and regardless or whether or not its part of the scheduled daily timings, its just on. On full tilt too, the radiators are too hot to...
  27. M

    Baxi duotec 28HE error E160 Persistent!

    Hi I am having difficulty fixing a fault on a 5 yr old Baxi Duo tec 28 he boiler, and hope someone can help from their experience. a few weeks back the boiler came up with E160 error( fan speed error). The fan was erratic so changed the fan with a reconditioned unit but although the boiler...
  28. C

    Low Pressure Error Even though at high pressure

    Hi, I have a Ferroli Optimax HE 31C boiler. After switching on, it returns the error code F37, as dictated in the manual, which is for low pressure. However, I have already released the pressure valve and topped up to around 2.5 bars and it still returns this error (initially at 1.4bars...
  29. T

    Ferroli Domicondens 26C Help hot water takes a age to heat up..

    ok so a month ago I had this boiler fitted and all seemed ok until the boiler started with a error code (cant remember now what it was) so I contacted ferroli and they came out next day and replaced the PCB and the error stopped and the boiler seem to work fine again the problem is as the boiler...
  30. K

    Vaillant Ecotec 637 not igniting

    Hi there, You lot were brilliant with the last problem I posted about so I'm hoping you can help me again. We have woken up this morning to no heating. There is no error message on the boiler but it simply won't ignite. It makes the ignition noise but then cuts out. If anyone can help with a...
  31. D

    Intermitant fault on Biasi boiler (Newcastle)

    Hi, I have a Biasi boiler and the hot water only works intermitantly when the heating isn't on. It works perfectly when the heating is on. I've had a couple of plumbers come out to have a look, drink tea, scratch there arses and then never get back to me. One plumber turned the hot water...
  32. E

    Trainees causing damage

    I got called out to a job I done about 8 weeks ago , customer rang me 5.30 am and said water dripping Though the celing , I changed. 2 sets off basin taps , 2 sets off bath taps , the lad done the basin taps , he did not tightern up the back nut enough , my error was I did not check his work ...
  33. J

    Multimeter or not multimeter?

    With modern boilers, a lot of their error codes will tell u exactly what is wrong - is there a need for multimeter for fault finding?
  34. J

    Remeha avanti combi boiler problem with hot water

    I have a problem with a remeha avanti combi boiler in that the boiler keeps failing when asked for hot water.it gives an error code and switches off.it does this whether the central heating is on or off.can anyone suggest what the problem may be.
  35. stani

    Can't upload photo on iPad

    Anybody know why I can't add a file picture to a new thread, I'm using an iPad
  36. MZR

    no hot water or heating

    Hi all i have a baxi 80 he with no hot water or heating it wont fire up at all its gives an error code for a faulty pump we have changed the pump no change with error so we got a new pcb the error still remains, any thoughts on the problem ? thanks for any help
  37. M

    Duo Tec 2 Error Code 15

    Does anybody know what error code 15 means on the new Duo Tec 2 boiler? I called the Baxi technical help line and they say there isn’t a 15 error code but it does appear on page 43 of the install manual but with no explanation as to what causes it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  38. H

    Vokera Unica He Tacho/Fan Fault

    I was wondering if anyone may have experienced similar problems to me with this combi boiler (Vokera Unica He). The boiler has been installed 3 years and has had light use. The boiler is installed in a bedroom and has a flue to an external wall. Over the past 4-5 weeks I noticed the boiler was...
  39. A

    Glow-worm Flexicom F1 Error

    can anyone advise me a reliable fix for an error code on a Glow-worm Flexicom with an F1 error, i know its ignition, the condense is not blocked. So is it PCB or spark electrodes? Thanks
  40. S

    Keston c55

    Hi had a call from a customer today about the above boiler,it has a intermittent fault. does not always fire up when called for , and Read's error code which is fan not working. this boiler [not registered] is we think about 2 years old. Any body had this fault before or any idea what wood...
  41. A

    Baxi duo-tec Combi HE Range Error code 119

    Any help would be greatful beening a cold water plumber ie not gas, i have a problem with my own boilder showing code E119 low water pressure: The thing is that the guage is reading between 1 and 2 bar so thats fine, have empted water from rads just to see if the guage falls, and then refilled...
  42. S

    MPDE to Copper

    I'm trying to connect a new incoming water main 25mm MPDE blue pipe to the 15mm copper serving the cold water supplies in my house. If I use a MPDE to cu stopcock will I have to fit an insert into the blue pipe.? Hope this is not to stupid a question but I don't want to make an expensive error...
  43. I

    Washing machine - cannot access pump :(

    I have a Zanussi zwf 1621w and when it is finished its wash we get 2 x beeps and some of the water isn't drained. A check of the manual indicates that the pump may be blocked (2 x beep error code). The manual says in the bottom right corner of the machine, open the service flap, use the...
  44. H

    New Water meter fitted

    We had a new water meter fitted, within 12 hours the condensing combination boiler stopped with an error code of E9 and then we had a water leak due to a joint blown open on a pipe leading to the shower. CH system and boiler now working fine and mains cold water inlet is fine. The question is...
  45. C

    Mira Magna Digital shower installation

    Hello I have been a reader of these forums for some time and found them very useful. I now find I need to post a question. I purchased a Mira Magna Digital Shower (high pressure/combi type) and I have just finished installing it. My problem is that no water is coming from the shower. Power...
  46. F

    Plumbing positions/plumbers in training

    I was sent some info yesterday and amongst it was a statistic that 27,000 plumbers are in training at this current time, there are only 3,000 required.
  47. P

    reillo oil pump?

    hi guys, was at a burner tonight, no oil from the nozzel, it was real dirty underneath so changed it, still no oil. the solenoid was working as was the pump. opened the pump and the filter was also minging so i cleaned it and thought as i had the pump lid off i would open the lid beneath it to...
  48. S

    Are CORGI Certs worthless when buying a house?

    Hi, We bought our house in July and were satisfied that we had all the requirements regards the HIP and CORGI certificate for the gas boiler and installation. We had problems with the boiler in September and called the original installers and issuers of the CORGI cert to fix the problems...
  49. B

    spillage test and undersized pipes

    hi has anyone any tips on spillage testing fires - been to a few especialy regent radiant fires where the test has to be done between the 2 radiants the problem being the heat seems to melt the match further down causing a wide band of smoke giving false test.i have even put in smoke match tube...
  50. W

    If a combi loses pressure repeatedly...

    Will it only be a leak somewhere that's responsible? Or could it be something else? Got bunch of random jobs to do in a house including new rad - so need to drain-down. Checked boiler and noticed pressure guage at 0 bar. Heating works apparently, albeit a bit slow off the mark. They...