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  1. L

    Noritz NRCB Combination Boilers

    A couple of main options from Noritz. NRCB199DV and NRCB180DV.
  2. R

    Combination Valve Installed Correctly?

    Hi, I have an unvented cylinder with a water combination valve before the inlet. It has been installed with the "balanced" cold water feed coming straight off the combination valve and not after it. Is this installed correctly? If not, what are the consequences of this connection? Many thanks!
  3. Ben Slade

    G3 combination valve

    Any advice ont his mind after so would appreciated. Having just passed my G3 I have attended this old OSO cylinder the combination valve looks like it’s feeding the the cylinder from the balanced cold? I would of though the feedback to the cylinder would have had to gone through to the other...
  4. P

    ?? Am I missing something combination tank

    Combination cylinder..two tappings,mains cold bottom,hot at top...two immersions below the drain off??
  5. Y

    New combination PRV is humming loudly

    Hi, I have just replaced the combination pressure reducing valve on the inlet to my unvented got water cylinder. The new valve is exactly the same model as the old valve, but hums very loudly when any hot tap is turned on. The only time there is no humming is when a tap is fully open. You can...
  6. E

    Combination tank wall mounted.

    Hi all, There’s a combi tank wall mounted in the actual flat and the new kitchen tap is higher than the HW feed from the cylinder. I’m looking for suggestions on a pump suitable for the bathroom and kitchen for the HW only. There’s only one person living in the flat so there’s no chance of more...
  7. N

    Mira Event XS and combination boiler

    hi I need your help, my Mira Event Xs packed up on xmas eve. I have a combi boiler with this power shower with a pressure reducing valve as we didn’t want to change the shower when we had the boiler fitted. The shower was working perfectly prior to the motor being noisy and packing up. I’ve...
  8. MrGatch

    Flow rates with this combination of pipes/equipment

    At the moment I have a very old 15mm copper water supply entering through a wall in the cellar. This services a 15mm network of cold water and a combi boiler (Worcester 37kW) on 15mm copper throughout. The house is over 4 floors with a lot of outlets. 5 toilets, 4 showers, 2 baths. Family of 4...
  9. R

    Combination Boilers Trash

    Over the years I've seen the growth of combination boilers and how they have overtaken system and heat only. While combination boilers have their uses, its becoming increasing frustrating why so many plumbers choose this option. Heat only is by far the cheapest and effective way to heat a home...
  10. L

    Combination valve unvented cylinder

    Hi I know that on the instructions of the combination valve that the mains water goes into the bottom of the valve then the outlet to the left or right depending which way your looking at it goes to the balanced cold then it goes up to the cylinder feed. Does it matter which outlet the cylinder...
  11. R

    Replace combination tank

    Hi, I've just moved into a small studio and I've got an old direct combination tank with an immerse heater (RMCylinders) installed. I wondered if there's anything else I can replace it with to get some normal water pressure as there is literally none. Moreover I can't call the water hot, but...
  12. M


    Hello has anybody used or had experience of a Grunfoss upa 15-90 ? I need to improve hot water flow in a small flat so the shower and taps have better hot water pressure. There is a combination cylinder just supplying hot, and all cold is mains. Grunfoss say this pump can be installed inline...
  13. T

    Plumbing issue need help a worchester bosch system boiler and a joule 250ltr unvented cylinder

    Guys looking for some advice I have a property that we are working on we have the following gnd flr wc kitchen with dishwasher and one basin water softener 1st flr ensuite shower toilet and basin ensuite 2 shower basin bath and toilet 2nd flr shower basin toilet washing machine We have...
  14. N

    Megaflow tank air bubble refill

    Hi, I have looked on this site for the answer to this question but couldn't find it. My hot water pressure feels like its getting low. System is 7 years old and has never been touched apart from the normal yearly gas cert. All system is outside. I wondered if it was to do with internal air...
  15. K

    Removing shower

    I have a shower which runs of a combination boiler. There's a large cylinder in my loft with pipes running out of it and down to my shower. There are what appears to be 2 isolation turn keys in the loft. I will post picture separately. I want to remove this shower completely as we have another...
  16. R

    Main Eco Elite combi boiler warranty goes to 5 years

    Main announced yesterday that their Eco Elite combination boiler will carry a 5 year warranty. System and heat only boilers carry a 3 year warranty. This promotional warranty upgrade applies to boilers purchased between 1/3/2016 and 31/12/2016
  17. D

    Toilet install - is this a no no

    Hi, Can anyone advise whether installing a loo using a flexible (corrgugted) waste through a 270 degree change in direction (3 90 degree bends) is a good idea? The distance from loo to soil stack is approximately 800mm Thanks
  18. T

    Pipe bender

    Sorry to be a pain but I need help identifying my bender! Our apprentice bought his own today and we compared the bends of his new rothenberger to my old ....... And that's my point I bought my bender about 8 years ago from screwfix! It was what I could afford at the time but it's worked...
  19. N

    Shower pump problem

  20. S

    Books - Is there any worth buying

    Hi guys Im just wondering if anyone knows of any good books out there that cover all boiler faults and how to fix them? Or just any reading material that someone has found useful? Thanks
  21. M

    Unvented cylinder pressure problems

    We have a flat with a typical unvented cylinder arrangement. Prv on incommer and external expansion vessel. We seem to have low cold pressure and are not sure if it's external to the flat or a problem with the cylinder arrangement in the flat. We also get high hot pressure when opening the hot...
  22. S

    MegaFlow 3 Bar Valve

    I have a leak in the '3 Bar cold water valve' but I am unable to find a replacement part. The Tank is a Mega flow HE pre 2009. When the valve is cleaned it does not leak. I have tried to find the part on the internet and have spoken to Interpart and they told me to get a combination pack - which...
  23. P

    problems with a Direct Combination unit hot water cylinder

    Hello i wondered if anyone had any advice as I have never worked on a combination unit before The hot water bath tap will run at full flow for about a minute and then go down to a very reduced flow. If you turn the tap off and wait a minute and re run the bath the flow goes back to the maximum...
  24. R

    Mums House - low pressure to bath

    Dear Friends My Mum is 80 this year and she's had low pressure to the bath taps (just told me!) for ages. In her 1st floor airing cupboard is her tank and the cwsc directly connected. If I was to put a pump in and connect to the bath taps would this solve the issue? She has electric in the...
  25. M

    Another Combination Cylinder question

    Apologies for the basic questions, juts like to know in my mind what i want out of a new system before i bring a professional in to actully do it :) 2 up 2 down terreced house, bathroom and kitchen both on the ground floor, only hot water required (no central heating) we want to use the loft...
  26. M

    Help on system redesign

    Morning seems to be a place of great knowledge so got to be worth a go running what i imagine is quite basic past some of you :) Just in the process of completing a purchase of a 2 up 2 down vicotrian terreced house, with a bathrom loacted on the ground floor, which has no mains gas it needs...
  27. M

    direct cylinder

    a question if i may ? i need to get my hot water tank in to the loft (bungalow) i only want it to be heated via a imersion heater ( a direct cylinder i think its callled) BUT what i am wondering is does it have to be an unvented one or can i use one of those combination tank with a little tank...
  28. P

    direct hot water cylinder

    can you still get the cylinders with the cold water storage feed incorporated on top? been out this afternoon to look at replacing one (the wooden platform it was stood on collapsed and everything is wrecked) the system is well old and no central heating just the hot water off the cylinder.
  29. B

    Combination cylinders

    First and foremost, hello to all! I am hoping someone can advise me where the best place to purchase combination cylinders would be, be it online or elsewhere. I am searching for a 1500 x 450 Economy 7 direct combination unit as I wish to replace my current unit which has seen better days...
  30. S

    Urgent unvented hot water cylinder help needed.

    I was called by a friend to have a look at his unvented cylinder. The tprv was discharging into the tundish so I went to have a look, found it like this. I know there are a few serious errors and would like someone to help identify them all to confront the installer. The D2...
  31. M

    blender valve

    hi ive got a thermal store combination cylinder that runs on economy 7, customer says they are only getting half a bath of hot water then it runs cold, bottom immersion has just been replaced. My question is can a blender valve cause this fault or would you get no hot at all if the valve was at...
  32. S

    Loft access

    Hi all I have been using a step ladder when climbing in & out of lofts but after suffering a back problem don't think this is the best idea Just wondered what you guys do to get up & in Thanks
  33. A

    Room thermostat problem

    Our room thermostat for our central heating is above the hottest rad in the house and as such, to keep the room at 21C (we have small children) we have to keep the thermostat at 27C and always have something on it - such as wet washing. Last week I noticed that the temperature on the...
  34. H

    New Water meter fitted

    We had a new water meter fitted, within 12 hours the condensing combination boiler stopped with an error code of E9 and then we had a water leak due to a joint blown open on a pipe leading to the shower. CH system and boiler now working fine and mains cold water inlet is fine. The question is...
  35. M

    Gas combi boiler increasing pressure & switching off

    Hi all - the original problem was a combination of the water pressure decreasing sometimes and increasing other times, both resulting in the boiler making a 'click' sound & the pilot light going out within an hour or so. We have bled all radiators and cannot see any visible signs of leaking...
  36. O

    How long it takes on average to service an oil fired boiler?

    Hi Folks Wandered how long on average it takes to service an oil fired boiler? and how many you service in a day? Cheers
  37. D

    Hot Water Tank leaking - Please Help

    I have a Fortec F4 combination Hot water tank in my airing cupboard which is dripping from the bottom. the water seems to be coming from the foam coating round the tank and not from any fittings, Is there anything i can do to repair the tank, ie add some central heating leak sealer to the...
  38. T

    Scottish Lead

    A question for our brothers over the wall (good result against South Africa by the way) Or our lead experts I have done a few lead ridges over the years , usually on victorian style sunrooms , they look sooooo much better that tiles cut at angles Now we use copper clips formed over the wood core...
  39. F

    Y-plan to sealed system(combi)

    Hey guys.Converting a y-plan to a sealed system in the airing cuboard where the cylinder is.Once i have removed everything is it just the c/h flow and return from the cylinder coil that i join together and capp all the other pipes? cheers guys
  40. A

    oil boiler reset button ??

    this may sound stupid but would someone be able to explain what exactly the reset button does, other than ask the burner to start its timed sequence again after being locked out due to a failed sequence my question arrises from a boiler in which when turned on by the time clock makes no...
  41. K

    Valliant wireless problem (VRT 392f)

    Hi, I've got new Vaillant ecoTEC plus 831 combination boiler with Vaillant VRT 392f wireless control. I can't program this. All settings have dashes instead of possible values. Even in default display no Auto/Manual/Off is displayed only dashes. Turning LH control does nothing.:confused...
  42. M

    DIY Help, What Pipe Size For Thermostatic Shower

    Hi All I have bought a shower (Ultimo) from B&Q and there are no instructions...! What size pipe should I use, in and out, it will be mounted above the tap end of the bath which has 22mm & 15mm pipework, I have a combination boiler. Cheers.........:)
  43. A

    How do pump water up to barn?

    Hi all, Renevating an old barn for my self and need advice on how to get water to the property if possible! Got no mains water for miles, but what Ive got is a strong well, with a slightly small chamber, that is 560m away. The well is curently feeding 2 houses. The well water will come, with...
  44. A

    hybrid liverpool

    looking into doing a gas course at hybrid in liverpool went for interview to discuss course and fees, very happy with what i saw but could anybody give me any info on this course and wether its worth the cost, any feedback would be apreciated;)
  45. P

    Replacing a radiator and valves on a combination system

    Dear All A customer has asked me if I can replace two rads for two new, with trvs and lockshields. My question is this, do I have to drain down the whole system as the heating is on a combi boiler.I am aware of pipe freezing kits but am not overly confident with using them. Most of my jobs...
  46. P

    sealed or unsealed

    can someone tell me is an all in one space saving tank with a cws built in a sealed or an open system me and my mate are having a friendly argument their are 2 pumps air arrestors and pressure release valves
  47. B

    Which RF Thermostat to fit to a Glow Worm 30ci Boiler

    Hello I was wondering if someone could help me select an RF Thermostat that will work with a Glow Worm 30ci combination boiler - my main query about selecting one is that will it connect okay? I hear a lot about low voltage contacts, switching, etc and I don't want to purchase one and find it...
  48. D

    Alpha CD24...Intermittent red light (A)...&...

    Advice please...intermittent (as in not evey time or even every day) red light (A), have to reset. Also going cold for a moment after about 20-30 seconds of turning on the tap, it will then get to normal temperature again, it seems to be too hot at the start when this happens (temp sensor?)...
  49. K

    Warmflow Combi Boiler

    I had this oil combi boiler fitted four years ago and it has never worked properly, it now turns out the pressure vessel is knackered and the heat exchanger isnt working either. Warmflow have refused to replace the parts despite the fact there is a 5 year warranty on them. Their backup service...
  50. G

    Pump over-run wiring

    Hello all, I'm a house-holder who's been given contradictary advice by Corgi registered engineers. I'm having a Gloworm Ultracom 30SXi system boiler with an indirect unvented cylinder fitted to my house. Engineer one says that he has priced in for an installation of an additional cable to...