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boiler installation

  1. J

    New boiler installation

    New boiler installation costs may be difficult to calculate as there are several specific considerations involved with the procurement and implementation of a gas boiler Installation and repair is carried out by some plumbing firms and other HVAC firms-you may need to look for recommendations...
  2. I

    Extra charge to fix boiler installation.

    My mum had a new combi boiler fitted. A few week later the pressure dropped (you have to manually operate a lever to re-pressurise it). We wanted to confirm there really was a problem, so we waited until it happened twice again before contacting the plumber. They confirmed there were 2 leaks...
  3. C

    Help new boiler installation not registered at gas safe

    Hi all My boiler installation was done by a gas safe registered installer but he didn’t register it (May 18). What should I do? I can’t get him to respond to me at the moment. I need a gas safe certificate and can’t get it if it’s not registered is that right? Thanks
  4. P

    Is this Wiring Correct?

    Hi Everyone, Was looking for some advice on the below. Boiler is working and controlling the heating however the hot water diverter valve is not talking to the nest and has been put onto manual override which is causing the hot water to be permanently on and extremely hot. All new parts as new...
  5. M

    Electric heat only boiler installation advice for a charity please

    Hello, would appreciate any advice please. I assist a charity which is taking on a building which has stood empty for some years. It will be used for archival storage and office/exhibit area. Existing heating was blown air via a large commercial grade HVAC unit utilising a pressurejet oil...
  6. mars_man

    Viessmann boiler question

    Wondering if there are plumbing gurus here who can suggest what could be the issue .Recently changed to gas heating and have a viessmann vitoden 100 , 26 kw condensing boiler .The old oil boiler was a firebird 26 Kw and I have almost already started missing it . The house is well insulated and...
  7. T

    Thermostatic mixer failure and leak following new boiler installation

    Hi, We had a new combi boiler fitted this week, changing from a system boiler and water tank. The work did not touch the bathroom area. The first shower with the new boiler the concealed mixer failed and caused water to flow through the ceiling below. The mixer failed when I activated the stop...
  8. S

    Gas portfolio advice?

    Hi, I am at the end of my Gas engineering course and have completed a majority of my portfolio work and exams. To finish off, I need to have completed 3 boiler serviced & installations which need to be signed off by a gas registered engineer. We’ve been left to our own devices in finding gas...
  9. E22

    Filling loop / check valve

    Hi, in what circumstances, would you say, it is ok to install a boiler without a filling loop and/or check valve? We had a new boiler installed without a filling loop and/or check valve. I had conflicting advice on the subject: some say it is illegal not to have a check valve (risk of water...
  10. A

    Is my gas engineer a quack? Should I trust the new boiler installation?

    Hi all, I am in the process of refurbishing a storey semi-detached house in London, UK. This is a complete refurb, including new pipes chased into walls, under the floors, installing a new boiler and new unvented cylinder. When I started the work, my builder assured me that he has a gas...
  11. DjClubber

    Electric Boiler Installation: -

    Going to be doing a job installing a Full Heating System using an Electric Boiler: - Is working out the kw to the property the same way as sizing a Gas or Oil Boiler? I am hoping to go down a Combi route in a 4 Bathroom House, 2 Main Bathrooms and 2 En Suites. Not actually seen the Job until...
  12. P

    New boiler installation position

    Just starting the refurb and extension and plan to put a new boiler under the stairs with a vented door directly to the outside. Thinking of putting a large hot water tank upstairs. Wanted to keep the boiler away from bedrooms if possible. What regs are there regards position?
  13. R

    Incorrect boiler installation ?

    Hi, I've recently had a new boiler fitted under the ECO scheme. The engineer that carried out the installation was in a constant rush. After the installation he checked all the radiators were hot but I pointed out a loud banging/gurgling noise. He said it was air in the system which would settle...
  14. M

    Boiler Installation (Qualifications)

    I had a new combi installed recently. Great job, very clean install and everything working fine. I have noticed on many occasions on this forum the attention paid to qualified labour being essential. Mine was a two man job and although I had no reason to doubt his ability the second man (...
  15. C

    Where to start when buying a boiler?

    Since buying our house in Leeds, It's become apparent that we are having more hassle than its worth with out boiler and have agreed to put some of our savings aside to buy a new one. We know we need a Combi Boiler but have no idea what brands we need to be looking at in regards to how expensive...
  16. S

    Duel gas boiler installation

    Hi Has anybody designed or installed a duel gas heating boiler installation for Schools, Hospitals, factories, office blocks or old peoples homes or domestic use. We are now living longer, hyperthermia is a big killer when temperatures drop well below freezing, should we be prepared for the...
  17. S

    Combi boiler installation

    We've just had a new combi boiler installed by a corgi registered engineer and there's a join with 2 different size pipes as picture. We were told by other engineered when getting quotes that the smaller pipe needed to be replaced. Can someone please clarify if this difference in pipes size is...
  18. N

    Trying to contact Barry Boud (Plumbers) ltd

    Hi, I have an Alpha boiler in my property which was fitted by Barry Boud (Plumbers) Ltd, based in Ipswich. My property was a new build so I didn't arrange the boiler fitting myself. I found out recently that the boiler was installed poorly and the pipe has started to leak. The problem is the...
  19. S

    What valve to be purchased to complete this Systems boiler installation?

    Hi - I've just bought the items listed below and my plumber tells me that I'm missing valves that get connected to the Albion Ultrasteel cylinder (from the boiler??). He's Polish with little knowledge of English, and I don't know any Polish at all! Can someone please tell me what's missing from...
  20. S

    Are CORGI Certs worthless when buying a house?

    Hi, We bought our house in July and were satisfied that we had all the requirements regards the HIP and CORGI certificate for the gas boiler and installation. We had problems with the boiler in September and called the original installers and issuers of the CORGI cert to fix the problems...
  21. spanner

    single channel programmer probs( Potterton Baxi28HEplus)

    Bought a single channel programmer and have also fiited the wiring centre. Now I think I must have missed a wire out or something. Wired from the existing 3amp fused spur have live neutral earth(123)to wiring centre and in (4) have the wire from live room stat(BROWN) to number (3) swtch live to...
  22. C

    Theft of gas

    Had the good old BG inspector on the phone today re case of 'theft' of gas at one of our properties. I haven't seen the installation yet, so I'm only going on what's the inspector has said. The inspector is of the opinion that the 'theft' began with our new boiler installation. It went from a...
  23. J

    new boiler installation story

    Decided to put this up on here because i think it worth letting people know about how thing can go when you get someone to come round and fit you a new boiler. The job was to adjust some pipe in my garage and fit a small radiator in my utility room and fit me a new boiler. He said he'd do it in...
  24. S

    new boiler installation

    just wondered if anyone can shed some light on this, a new boiler has been fitted by british gas and the radiators are not getting hot! yet the hot water is fine, lots of air came out some rads but seems like there is no flow going aroung the c/h system any ideas how to solve this? :confused...
  25. J

    Here is a boiler infographic i made about boilers...

    It's a few recent facts about boilers for the UK, you can add it to your blog using the code below! <a rel="follow" href="http://boiler-insurance-and-repairs.co.uk/" target="_blank"><img...
  26. R

    Quote for boiler installation required in Burton on trent

    Hi I'm looking for someone who can and advise /quote & install on a new installation, experienced with worcester bosch can provide basic floor plans MUST be local or in Burton on Trent & don't mind me doing some donkey work beforehand to cut your time and my money ! Cheers Paul