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  1. I

    Concern over paint stripper like smell after...

    Hi Guys , I dont know anything about diy The plastic bath panel cover on my bath came loose, and i used some of this Unibond No More Nails Tube - 234g | Wickes.co.uk - https://www.wickes.co.uk/Unibond-No-More-Nails-Tube---234g/p/190646 Uni Bond Original which seemed to work well and i left it...
  2. A

    Pipes clanging after renewing outside tap.

    Newbie on this site...first post. Just replaced old outside tap, turned off water supply under sink and completed job. However since then, when I turn off the indoors cold tap including flushing the toilet I hear a fairly loud clang as though there may be air in the system. If that is the case...
  3. J

    Advice? Gas supply valve and meter newly enclosed after house extension. Is this risky?

    Hi, wondering if anyone can offer some advice? We just had an extension in the light-well house (lower ground floor), installing a glass roof to the light-well. This is where our gas and electric meters are, as well as the main supply valve. My concern is that this area used to be open and well...
  4. Zootie

    Boiler firing up then failing & pressure gauge fluctuating after re-pressurizing

    I’ve had an issue with my 7 year old Worcester Bosch boiler losing pressure for a couple of months. It’s fine when running, but when I turn it off at night it loses pressure and I have to refill the system in the morning. The problem has got worse with another weird symptom and I need some...
  5. U

    Worcester greenstar 30 - wont start after bleeding radiators

    Ive just moved into a rented property and some of the radiators were very cold at the top so I bled the radiators. The boiler lost pressure and switched off. I've repressurised the boiler to 1.5 but the controller on the boiler is completely off and I have no idea how to turn the thing back on...
  6. J

    Why is my cooker going out after a few minutes on my country duo 75

    Why is my cooker going out after a few minutes on my country duo 75 thanks
  7. B

    HElP PLEASE! Toilet making weird sound after flushing!

    Hi there guys! DIY and homeowner here! For the past month and a half, every time I flush my toilet, it makes this sound and it sounds like also the water is running! I'm not sure what it is! I always have to turn the water off after I flush, and it's getting annoying! Can someone tell me what's...
  8. S

    Salamander CT60BU negative head shower pump - intermittently coming on after use

    I have just had a Salamander CT60BU negative head shower pump reinstalled after the previous same pump failed. The old pump initially after installation, would intermittently come on after use. This would occur every 10mins or so and then after time there was a period of an hour. after a week or...
  9. I

    HeatraeSadia Electromax vibrations after service: Is this an EV pressure issue?

    Our HeatraeSadia Electromax boiler has just been serviced. Since the service we get a lot of vibration from the system each time the hot water is run after the system has been heated up. After some investigation and correspondence with the service engineer we concluded that it was probably...
  10. D

    Rads going cold after about a week of being hot

    I guess this is going to be an airlock problem but I have tried to deal with it and I am getting nowhere. I have two rads at the end of the heating run and they get cold when others around the house are hot. Even though we live in a bungalow we do have a loft conversion with two rads upstairs...
  11. K

    Running out of hot water after 3 minutes

    I’ve had a new bathroom put in and having problems with the shower. The pressure is awful and runs cold after about 3-4 minutes. The hot water still comes out of the taps and we have another shower which has never run out of hot water after 15/20 minutes plus and is still working perfectly. The...
  12. A

    Advice on flow to radiators after new boiler

    Hi All, I am looking for a bit of advice. I am not a plumber, just a DIYer who has been doing his own plumbing for more than 40 years. I understand how central heating works with flow and return but have a bit of a potential issue which I want to discuss. Bit of background first. I had a...
  13. G

    Boiler wont ignite after power off

    I replaced a couple of TRVs earlier, and prior to starting I powered off the boiler (a Main Heat 15). Boiler is 7 months old, and never been isolated from the mains before today. Once all the rads were bled, went to power on the boiler and now the pilot won't ignite. And the reset button...
  14. D

    thermostatic turns cold after 3mins

    having nice hot shower then water turns cold for couple mins then hot again, cycle continues wb 35cdi 9yr old, BUT when heating not on shower runs nice and hot and doesnt change answers please
  15. S

    Pressure drop after cleaning filter

    I cleaned out the magnetic filter on my Worcester boiler for the first time and the pressure has dropped from about 1.7 bar to 1 bar. What could the reason be?
  16. A

    Leaking radiator after bleeding valves

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could provide me some advice. Due to high boiler pressure, I bled some of my radiators. However, one of radiators is now leaking on both sides from a nut at the spindles? Could some explain to me why this happened and what I can do about it? I’m...
  17. T

    Leaking isolation valve after depressurisation of boiler

    Hi Need some advice please, my boiler dropped pressure so I attached the filling loop to the Tribune cylinder and added some water to rectify the pressure issue. Pressure is all good on boiler and CH is working, I now have a constant drip from the valve. Are these easy to replace? Any...
  18. Roxy13

    Newbie after concealed panel advice

    Hi, I’m after a large access panel that is similar or the same as the one that can be seen in the pictures and have no idea where to start looking. Does anyone know if this is something that can be bought off the shelf (so to speak) or Specialist made. Any direction or leads would be greatly...
  19. D

    Worcester Greenstar 12/18 Locking out after heating circulates

    Hi Guys, I have a Greenstar 12/18. External Oil Combi. 3 weeks ago it cut out . Changed photocell as they have died on it before. Still didn't work. Single red light on burner. So I checked the fuel. Discovered water had been sucked into the pump and the oil pump was goosed ! Sludge and...
  20. D

    shower pump pulsing after use

    Ihave fitted a 3bar Watermillshower pump it works fine except when shower turned off it continues to pulse until power is turned off and when power is back on its ok
  21. cadmunkey

    Toilets continuously refilling after boiler install

    Had a new boiler installed 3 days ago, since then all four toilets in the house have had a slow drip into the bowl. Today however all 4 are filling fast and not stopping, just continuously filling into the overflow pipes. Had to turn 3 of them off at the supply. All toilets just have a standard...
  22. M

    New hot-water cylinder after three years??

    It's three years since I posted in these forums. (Then I was agonising how best to clean out 40-year-old pipework prior to having a new boiler fitted - all went well, with an excellent father & son removing the rads, hosing out a great deal of sludge, then refitting with thermostatic valves)...
  23. S

    Filling loop - small leak after repressure

    Hi all I bled a radiator today and had to top up the pressure on my Glow Worm 24cxi combi. After I closed the valves and turned the heating back on there was a slight trickle of water from flow side of the loop. Couldn't see exactly - but not the valve itself, somewhere above it. Just a few of...
  24. SteveRobert5a

    Drying out after a long slow leak

    Had a slow leak in a first floor bathroom toilet cistern, and it's probably been going for weeks. This is an ensuite that doesn't get used much, and the water was dripping from the service valve and running down the pipe into the cavity, close to an exterior wall. Parts of the chipboard floor...
  25. D

    Press fitting review after a month's use.

    A month or so ago I asked on here about the pros and cons of press fitting and I said that I'd post a review after using it for a while. I purchased a used Rems Akku-Press with 15mm, 22mm and 28mm tongs and it came in a sturdy case with two batteries and a charger. It's a heavy unit when the...
  26. A

    Banging Pipes After New Megaflo Cylinder Installed

    I recently had a new Megaflo unvented cylinder installed and have noticed that when the washing machine is running there is a significant banging noise coming from the pipework by the cylinder. This noise was not present before the new cylinder was installed. Could this be water hammer? Any...
  27. S

    Cold radiators after bleeding!

    Hi all, I have a vintage (!) boiler and expansion tank system (Glow Worm fuelsaver mk 2). I've had no issues with it , although admittedly it is well overdue a service. A couple of my radiators weren't getting as warm as the others so I decided to bleed them. One kicked out a fair bit of air...
  28. T

    Noise after boiler stops

    Hi all, We have a Concord gas boiler and it runs fine and not particularly noisy in operation. Lately after the first cycle of heating the water there is a rumbling/clattering noise about 30seconds to a minute after the boiler has shut back to pilot only. The noise sounds as if it travels up...
  29. G

    Inline pipe valve/taps dripping after turning off and back on

    I’ve recently moved into an old house and I’ve just replaced the immersion heater in a copper cylinder. The problem is that, to stop the tank from refilling I turned off two pipe valves (not knowing which did what) and now I’ve truned them back on they’re both dripping. How do I stop the...
  30. M

    Loud bangs few mins after hot water/heating switched on

    Hi All, We have a greenstar 15ri boiler, what I believe is a vented cylinder and two tanks in the attic. About 10 minutes or so after the heating or hot water is switched on there are loud bangs/scraping noises coming from pipes next to the cylinder. We believe the culprit is an aerjec2 that...
  31. R

    Customer claiming against you after 6 years!

    I did a job in augest 2012 and last week received a letter in the post off there solicitor saying I was liable for a compression fitting leaking and causing some damage in augest 2018! The company I had then stopped trading in March 2015 as I went limited. Does anyone know where I stand etc?
  32. A

    New radiator goes cold after an hour

    Hi guys please be nice I'm not in the trade ☺️ Fitted two rads yesterday to an existing system one to replace an old one and another one totally new and extended the rad circuit. The issue I have is they warm up perfectly but after about an hour or so one goes cold. The rad isn't the last in...
  33. O

    Fitting Dishwasher after Saniflo

    My son is fitting this close coupled basin toilet (below) into a newly created downstairs cloakroom. He started to trench the floor to take a full size soil pipe (4 metres long!) but we stopped him! He's now got a nice deep trench - too shallow for a soil pipe but plenty for a smaller pipe - and...
  34. Sue66

    Bathroom smelling after using washing machine

    A young girl called me to her small ground floor flat to investigate a really bad sewage smell coming from her bathroom after she uses the washing machine which is in a cupboard next to the bathroom. She said the washing machine and bathroom have been there since she moved in 3 years ago and...
  35. D

    Pressure drops after a few seconds

    Hi, wonder if anyone can offer me any advice. Had an old gravity fed system replaced with a sealed pressurised hot water system. When installed it was great (a few months ago) however now its not great at all. Pressure is great when you first turn on the taps/shower but then drops off after...
  36. B

    Combimate leaking after replacing crystals

    I was told my my plumber that the crystals in my Combimate needed changing and I decided to have a go at it myself but now it's leaking - there is a steady drip coming from the bottom. I cleaned everything thoroughly, replaced the rubber seal with a new one, pushed the dome in as far as it will...
  37. B

    Shower goes cold after 5 minutes

    hi everyone I’m a novice in terms of diy but wonder if you can advise me at all. I had a new combi boiler fitted in September and everything has been fine until now. My shower is one that comes off a mixer tap on the bath. For some reason it now goes cold about 5 minutes into a shower. My...
  38. S

    Radiator stopped working after boiler conversion

    Hi, I am new to this forum and I need help with my central heating. I replaced my old boiler with an Intergas HRE 28/24 and it was running in conventional mode. The bathroom radiator was always hot as it was a bypass. Recently, I had the original installer convert the boiler to run in combi...
  39. L

    Valve Accuator keeps failing after a week or so.?!

    Hi, Any help or advice very welcome.! I'm not an heating engineer but more or less understand how the system works....But the fault I gave has flumoxed me.... I have a pressurised oil based system with Grant boiler in detached garage..The pump is in the boiler body. The hot water and heating...
  40. C

    Radiators go cold after 20 minutes

    Hi All of my radiators go cold after 20 minutes once the boiler stops firing. Could it be a faulty wall thermostat?
  41. U

    Additives after boiler replacement.

    System has been largely unchanged for about 15 years, Worcester oil boiler and about 18 rads, all cleaned or new back then, but boiler recently failed (see my other posts) and has now been replaced with a good used similar Worcester with separate (new) pumps for CH and DHW and this ‘pump plan’...
  42. C

    Toilet cistern farts after flushing

    Hi, Has anyone got any idea why this toilet makes this noise after flushing? Many thanks.
  43. R

    Knocking sound in pipes for hours after last use

    Hi there, I've recently moved house into an old property (built 1938). Something that keeps me awake at night is an intermittent knocking coming from somewhere in the walls, that I believe must be the plumbing (doesn't sound like the house 'settling'). It's not Really loud (not deafening), but...
  44. G

    Slow draining bath after work being done

    Hi all. I recently had had leak from a split flexi hose from my bath. The Plummer had to pull the bath out to get at the hose and fix a new one. Ever since the bath went back in it's draining very slow. Almost not at all. I've tried the chemicals and taken off the u bent waste pipe but there is...
  45. B

    Smell from the boiler after tank was filled

    evening everyone, First time poster here. Have always had oil heating but this is a first for me. Moved into a new house 3 months ago with a Camray 5 oil boiler installed on it. Not one issue with it. I filled my tank this week (there was still 150 litre left in it) and since then there is a...
  46. F

    Showermate issues after swapping old for new

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has some advice! Changed a showermate pump in the week, old one was a 1.4 twin but apparently this isnt made anymore so i swapped with a 1.8 twin. The issue is now the shower pump kicks in on hot only. As i get further round to cold the pump stops. Ive read the...
  47. R

    Boiler overheat cutoff after new pump fitted

    About 4 weeks ago I had no hot water and there was a vibrating noise which seemed to come from the hot water pump in the airing cupboard and go down to the boiler in the kitchen. I believed it was this as if I fiddle with the hot water pump I could sometimes get it to stop. I had a plumber...
  48. D

    Air circulating after 40 minutes

    I have a problem that try as I might I can't solve. It all started when I changed a rumbling UPS for a new UPS2 pump. After 40 minutes I can hear some gurgles of air / gas entering two radiators. This carries on for a few minutes and then stops. I bleed this off and the same thing happens the...
  49. G

    Dizziness after using Propane Blow Torch

    Hello, I'm a DIYer and I recently bought a blow torch. The torch bit is a "Gas Torch Auto Ignition Gas Soldering Brazing Piezo Blow Lamp QP8088H", the gas bottle I'm using is "ROTHENBERGER DISPOSABLE PROPANE GAS CYLINDER 400G" from Screwfix. The torch ignites well, I adjust the flame to make...
  50. H

    Cleaning drain rods

    Hi guys, first post so be gentle. Having an issue at work just now and I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem. I'll try and give you the short version. Basically the h&s officer raised concerns about how drain rods are transported and cleaned. We used to keep them in an old golf bag...