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Vaillant one of the least installed boilers?


Staff member
Vaillant don't seem to be one of the most talked about boilers going. Is it because they're a newer company, or perhaps one that doesn't exist anymore? or something else?
This boiler guide website does a bit of a comparison with Worcester BOSCH.

When it comes to down to price there’s not a lot in it, but Vaillant do come in a little more expensive than Worcester Bosch. The typical price of a Greenstar 25i by Worcester Bosch falls between £750 – £875 while a comparable Vaillant EcoTec Plus 825 costs approximately £1000 – £1050

When you can get a Worcester BOSCH for a cheaper price, I think that'll have a lot to do with it.


Gas Engineer
I prefer Vaillant every time. I hate repairing Worcester Bosch juniors. You need hands of a junior to get your hands in :(