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UKPF Rules And FAQ’s

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Terms and Conditions of Use
By using this forum by any means such as reading, browsing, downloading, registering to, posting to, replying to, any part of this forum, you agree to the following terms and conditions (aka forum rules). If you do NOT agree to these terms, close all forums pages with immediate effect.

Glossary of Terms Used Throughout These Rules

PM: Private Message
Forum / UKPF: The Message Board / Website Generally

Privacy Policy

UKPF will never give or sell your details including your email address to anybody, no matter what. From time to time we may send you an email even though you have chosen not to receive emails from administrators, but only emails we see as important to the way we run the forum.

From your user control panel you may select to not receive general emails from administrators, and you may also control which emails you get regarding messages sent from other users, moderators, and about your thread subscriptions.


Racism. No form of racism in any content is permitted.

Swearing. No swearing allowed at all in public sections of the forums.

We have a strict 'be nice' rule on UKPF and if you're not nice you're out. Be nice to other members on the forum, there's no need to not be nice, even when replying to a contribution you don't agree to.

If a forum member is being abusive to others, uses bad, offensive (even asterisked wording (****)) or racist language, incitement, or the likes to disguise such breach of the rules laid out, then they highly risk their account being removed from the forum permanently and will never be able to rejoin the forums.

We do, however, permit a slight relaxation of the swearing rule in the private forums where such posts are out of the public view.

Reporting of Abuse and other such posts

The public report most abuse on the forum by using the contact us link at the bottom of every page on UKPF, or by using the report post icon within each individual post.

Any abuse reported will need a reason, and should include the post number, should the abuse be in the forum contributions.

Please remember that a forum is open discussion and "bad advice" just isn't a good enough reason to remove a contribution. You have the right to reply providing you follow our rules and terms, and everybody is allowed their own opinion. A thread with 100 contributions in it could actually have 100 different opinions, therefore there is a chance that you may find that much of the information isn't to your own opinion, obviously.

UKPF Management

Our moderators and admins don't get paid for their time here. They're great help on the forum and we couldn't run as well as we do without them. They get some special benefit from Dan, and often the sponsors, and they'll often be caught on here during the night, and they're always known to be giving hours of their valuable time to the forum. They're not always advisors of any type, they're simply here to keep the place happy and to ensure the rules are enforced in a light-hearted manor.

Don't question their actions, they often don't have time to give reasons for their decisions when they need to do something, and they certainly don't have time for answering questions about their actions when they do provide a reason.

Anybody found insulting or annoying the moderators in any way shape or form will be removed from the forum and blocked from all of our associated websites, where possible.

Abuse needs to be reported in the correct way, to the forum management as instructed above.

Should you see something on the forum that needs removing, please do not respond or reply to it as you are actually causing more work for the helpers. Please simply report it, then ignore it.

Our moderators / helpers are not here to serve you, the user, in any way at all. They are here to help Dan run the website / forum.

If there is a grievance to any points raised then you must defer from posting on the open forum for all to read and private message the Admin or moderators directly. Doing so will be given consideration to the points raised and discussed at a higher level. The concluding decision reached by this will be final, but not irreversible.

Committee-Like Community

Generally speaking UKPF is run by the members. They are the ones that often suggest categories, help choose sponsors and help keep the place tidy. Dan will often ensure that all of our members are getting a good deal from the best companies within their sector of their market, in return for their commitment to the forum.

Keeping Threads On-Topic

UKPF wouldn't want to stop you from discussing something. But please discuss only that what the original thread started wanted discussing in a particular thread.

Anything else you want to discuss you need to either find a thread already discussing it, or start a new thread of your own off.

If you ended up thinking about your new thread as a result of reading or contributing to another, perhaps then you want the same contributors to pop-over to your new thread, if so then consider linking to it from the original thread as often the members will be subscribed to it and they'll get a notice to read when they next login to the forum containing your link.


Post in any category that are seen to be advertising any good, services or companies generally will be removed. No advertising is allowed via the PM system either.

A few examples include providing your own website link to another user if its selling something to offering your chalet in France to a forum 'friend'.

Few exceptions:-

UKPF is here to provide free information and advice to plumbers. Providing it's not within your first few posts, we do allow a plumber to advertise him or herself on the forum to the general public, or any type of contractor who would use such a plumber.

We do NOT allow advertising from plumbers who also sell a few tools, etc, as this could be seen to be a person providing TO other plumbers, and not just the general public, therefore such a person should consider signing up to our sponsorship scheme. Second hand tools can be sold in our for sale / wanted forum once you have posted a minimum of 10 posts in the main forums first.

Advertising your Services as a plumber

We don't mind plumbers advertising themselves on the forum. However as this forum is community driven we would like you to at least have 10 posts before you do so. This way, you're giving something back to the community as well as possibly gaining something too.

Sponsorship Scheme

To protect our unique sponsorship scheme which allows advertising to our niche viewers, readers and subscribers, we will only provide full details to those requesting it, and not all companies fit the model, so not all companies will receive such information.

Though in general, UKPF is paid for by our sponsors. We select our sponsors to ensure their reputable established companies who are trusted to provide such a product/service to plumbers within the UK. Our sponsorship scheme includes many things including advertising on UKPF.

Individual Forum Category Rules

Any forum category may have rules at the top of that forum, it'll be a thread that's made 'sticky' (stuck to the top of the forum category list of topics), you need to follow these rules to keep your posting privileges.


Do not post copyright content on the forum. All trademarks and logo's are property of their respective owners.


We allow links in signatures and often images too, but only in accounts made by regular contributors to the forum. And only plumbers.

No company providing products and / or services to plumbers should have links or company information in their signatures.

Gas, Gas Appliances, Boilers and Central Heating Advice.

Any posts relating to gas, gas appliances, boilers and central heating should be posted in their relevant sections and not in the public domain.

We cannot and will not give advice on the installation or repair of boilers, cookers or ANY gas appliances for your own safety unless you can prove you are in the industry.

For in depth discussion on this subject we require you to join the GSR only forum, for which you must have a minimum of 10 posts, proof of membership with the registration body in force of your country of residence (We have a few ex pat’s dropping by occasionally!) and then undergo a small examination to prove to us you are keeping up with industry changes.

Providing gas-related advice to anybody who should not be touching gas and cannot prove their competence is unacceptable. We will take whatever action we deem appropriate to prevent such advice being given


(Also covering any negative comments made towards a company and / or brand)
All comments made to this form are uncorroborated therefore should never be seen as fact, but simply the opinion of the person posting the comment, and only at the time of posting the comment, as opinions often change over time.
www.ukplumbersForums.co.uk, untold.media, any current or former sponsor / advertiser, or any other company / brand mentioned on any page of this website do NOT take any responsibility for any damage caused by taking any advice from this website. We recommend that you always seek local professional advice and ask that you make your own mind up after reading all comments here before acting on anything.
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