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Trainee Plumber in Brighton.

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I'm looking to get on site to start my plumbing career everyone has to start somewhere just need to be given the opportunity. Ive finished my first year of college and only needing to go back for the second year to complete two outstanding exams and my final assignment which is a bathroom suite and drainage system.

Very excited about my future in plumbing just need someone to give me that break that I'm looking for.
I'm aged 25 I have a full clean UK driving licence and have my own set of tools ready to go.
Any help, advice or recommendations would be much appreciated. I'll do whatever it takes.

Not a person to let anyone down loyal and given the chance we won't be looking back.


Ricky Lumley.

Ch4 plumbing

Welcome along Ricky, if you hang about for a couple of hours it will give the other guys a chance to reply.

What sort of experience have you got on the tools?

Good luck.
Thanks for the reply.

I haven't been onsite as of yet as a plumber, all I have is my college work, completed all my portfolio (cloak room, cold water cistern/hot water cylinder, all frames ect) just the bathroom suite to go.

Thanks again.


Hi Ricky, in future post in only one section of the forum or you could be banned for spaming before you get started. lol

PS Welcome to the forums mate.
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Welcome to the forum Ricky. Good luck in your search, hopefully someone can help you out...
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