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Social Distanced Boiler Installations During COVID

Customers are looking for clean fast and efficient boiler installers during this weird pandemic. So if you have tips for social distance boiler installers then please do reply to this. A real obvious step is to ask the customer to stay segregated in another part of the home, which means no tea or coffee made by the customers, and no sharing of their loo etc.

Wearing gloves where possible (not always doable but sometimes is), clean door handles on the first visit with your own detergent so that they're clean for each use afterwards when you're using them. If the customer uses them between your own uses then they'll need cleaning again to be sure.

This is your trade, so if anything is going to risk you working then for the sake of a few new practices it's well worth giving this a lot of thought.

The other thing to keep in mind is the fact that it takes 5-7 days to show symptoms, so when you think you're clear, you could be going from house to house spreading it before you actually know you've got it, if you're even showing symptoms. As a lot of people, especially the younger ones, are asymptomatic (so show no symptoms they're aware of at all).

I haven't noticed much of a change personally. Other than needing to wear a mask in some customers houses. We tend to ask them when we first get greeted at the door, if they're okay with us working without them we ask them to stay in their living room while we rip out and tidy up ready for the new boiler. That bit was a bit dusty before this outbreak anyway so not much has changed from that point of view.

The hardest bit is showing them how to operate their new boiler at the end. Clearly you're both leaning in and they want to press the buttons after you point at them. So need to keep your distance at that point or explain to them that you've set it for them, wipe it clean, then leave them the instructions.

Websites like this and facebook help as they can get answers to common issues without needing to call out somebody.

We've also noticed no sudden surge over winter as winters get milder. Used to find when boilers all get switched on high in the really cold months years back, that we'd get an influx in breakdowns. These days as boilers get a bit more clever and the winter months warmer, they break down in all months pretty much the same as any other.

That might help long term, as the common cold doesn't come around over winter like the good old days. Not sure.


Staff member
Ahhhh gone are those snowed in days eh?! I remember when it used to come up the door and come in the house when you opened the front door! Can't even build a good snowman if you gather all the snow from the whole street these days. Our little one has only ever built one. I used to build one every other day when I was a kid! haha how about you @Lou?


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We used to get a huge snowdrift in our back garden and I remember my Dad throwing me in it lol. We also used to go sledging on the common in our village, all the kids would be up there it was fab.