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Powermax 155 dilemma

Hi Everyone
I have a very old Powermax 155 boiler which is 20 years old. A couple of years ago, I had a problem with the burner switch intermittently switching off and on and I was close to replacing the boiler but eventually someone came round and managed to fix the problem. I haven't had any further problems since. Every year the boiler is serviced the engineer will typically recommend its changed because the boiler is ancient and parts are very rare and expensive etc etc.

Well recently, I put my house up for sale and have found a buyer and agreed a price and yep you've guessed it... The same thing has happened again! So now I have no heating or hot water. Its the same problem with the burner light switching off and the red lock out light coming on again. I have had someone come over and told me that the gas valve is defective and repair with parts could be approx £500. They have stated that they feel its beyond economic repair and advised replacement.

They have given 3 options:
1)Gloworm energy 28c, 5 year warranty() vertical flue £1500
2) Gloworm energy 30c with climapro2 controller 10 year warranty £1800
3)Gloworm 35c energy climapro controller,10 year warranty £1920
They have stated that option 2/3 is best for the house

I would prefer a repair if possible as any money I spend on a boiler, I wont get back in 2/3 months time assuming the house sale proceeds as normal. However, I dont want to spend 100s of £ in a repair if there is a high risk of failure within a very short space of time. Please can anyone give advice on the situation or on the quotes I have received?

My house is a 4 bed detached house with 2 bathrooms and a WC.

Any help appreciated.


Harvest Fields

Gas Engineer
As above mate. Not appropriate for your type/size of house. You should be fitting a cylinder and boiler or unvented Cylinder and boiler. Call baxi and ask for the fixed price repair.


Gas Engineer
35 as a minimum but you will probably be disappointed with it.
Those quotes seem very cheap to me!
Thanks for your helpful replies.

Further update: 2 days again the boiler started to work again. It now only works for 20 minutes before stopping again.

Ive called Baxi and they will not repair boiler due to its age. Ive booked a British Gas engineer single visit repair as a last chance.


Gas Engineer
i doudt you will get bg to do a repair especially if the baffles are corroded.at that age i would just upgrade to a new system.please let us know what bg say/do