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Potterton F50

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My elderly mothers boiler has stopped working and im looking for some advice.
She has a potterton f50.
This has been an on going issue for a while now and its finally kicked the bucket.

She called me up as the the fuses had tripped. Clicked the breakers and the boiler isnt turning on
She has told me she has been pressing the reset button everytime the boiler cuts for a while now but it is in the compressed position all the time.

There doesnt seem to be any power to the boiler (no fan noise or ignition)

If anyone has any advise please help!


:welcome:Hi Butchico and welcome to the forum's you need a gassafe engineer to check over the boiler ..where are you based ? You can try on the I'm looking for a plumber/gassafe engineer section of the forum's .....regards Turnpin

joni os

Boiler won't ignite unless fan is working. If you cannot hear fan and you have 240 volts at the boiler then its a job for gas safe engineer. If mother is in receipt of state benefits then grant available for new boiler.
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