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New Ideal system boiler - Keeps losing pressure

I had a new ideal S32 Vogue boiler installed recnenlty. Its a system boiler. So i have a hot water cyclinder with a expension vessel to it.

I keep losing pressure and need to top up every few days. No visible leaks that i can see.....however the discharge pipe is letting out water when i have the hot water and heating on. The tundish to the hot water cylinder is also dripping when hot water is on and the guage on the cylinder is getting to 6 bar.

The pressure of the boiler seems fine and steady which makes me think its a problem with the hot water part of the system.

Is it possible an issue with the expension vessel to the hot water cylinder?

Any advice / previous experience would be helpful.
Will get someone in to look at it but was just curious as to what it could be and why its loosing pressure. I dont work in the industry but like to know how things work.


Gas Engineer
I’m a bit confused by the description.
Is the boiler losing pressure or at a steady pressure?

Any pictures of your setup?
How many radiators/ufh etc make up the system?