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kitchen radiator luke warm. need advice please.

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My kitchen is an extension built before we moved in. We had a new radiator installed in there when we had a new combi boiler fitted 2 years ago along with new radiators in the rest of the house. This radiator is hot at the top warm in the middle and cold atthe bottom. The pipe leading to it is red hot. When we turned the rest of the radiators off this radiator became hot. When we turned all the radiators back on the kitchen one went to being luke warm again. I understand it's probably the last one on the run but surely with a combi boiler this shouldn,t make a difference? Please can anyone help, I'm fed up of a cold kitchen! Thankyou.


Needs balancing, should have been balanced when new rads installed. If you do a search plenty of threads on here cover it. If not confident bring in a pro to sort it for you. Good luck and welcome to the forum :)


Like SimonG says hopefully will just need balancing. What size pipes feed the rad?
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