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Ideal Heat 15 - repressurise

Hi. I've got an Ideal Heat 15 system and I've noticed a few of my rads need bleeding. I've located the pressure gauge which is above my cylinder and is already reading only 0.5 bar and if I bleed the rads, this pressure is going to drop further.

I've located what appears to be the filling point (it's tagged as such) but when I turn the valve, nothing happens.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.IMG_20200108_171140284.jpgIMG_20200108_175059691.jpgIMG_20200108_175115556.jpgIMG_20200108_175136147.jpg


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S. Mod
Gas Engineer
Did you open both eg black lever one

and the screwdriver slot on the other end (not the one above the black lever)
Open up that flat head valve on the flexi end entering the system with a large flat head screwdriver and then turn the black lever 1/4 of a turn. When system has reached pressure close and bleed the rads, top up again as needed


Gas Engineer
Have you had your cylinder serviced as it requires it annually.
Need a G3 registered engineer.
If it's been serviced properly then that would of been sorted for you