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Big hello to all!

Been registered on the forum for quite some time, decided its time to start contributing as i have been using the forum for help and tips for some time!

Been in the industry for 10 years, went self employed last year due to redundancy, loving every minute of being my own boss (dont tell the wife) money is tight and work is sparse but im hopeful things are going to get better. :smile:

Look forward to having many a discussion about the wonderful trade that is plumbing.


Hello Davidsr2 and welcome good luck with your new venture and I hope more work comes your way soon regards turnpin


Hang in there mate, it will get better the more determined you are to succeed.
Thank you all for the welcome, the way things are at the moment it can only get better lol. I'm a firm believer that if you work hard and keep your customers happy then it will pay off in the end.
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