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1998 warmflow BF 70/90 baffles.

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Hi all, new member's 1st post.
On removing the boiler top for cleaning etc. I found a number of the baffles
damaged/burnt/rotted away?? The damaged portions have become brittle and
turned a strange blue in colour. Is this just ageing wear and tear or a sign of a
burner malfunction? Being a very simple design, would it be feasible to fabricate
Your comments would be most welcome.
Regards Bob.


Over aired for a start but then baffles don't last forever. Not sure if wf would still hold any of them so you may need consider fabrication.

Give wf a call first though.
Thanks Croppie, I must admit at this time I'm a DIYer. I'm preparing
the unit prior to having a new burner fitted, proffessionally!
BTW do you if the baffles are special material or is it the combustion
process which makes it look strange? I've a local stainless fabricator
available if that would be better.
Regards, Bob.
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