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  1. Dan

    When did BOSCH buy Worcester out?

    When did BOSCH buy Worcester out?
  2. Dan

    Welcome to the new Worcester BOSCH Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Worcester BOSCH Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about Worcester BOSCH boilers.
  3. H

    Worcester bosh combi boiler strange pressure problem

    ive been having problems with my boiler banging at night so ive had all my radiators changed and on Saturday had M C 3+ cleaner through the system and sentinel x100 inhibitor put in the boiler was fine that night Sunday night about 3 in the morning the boiler banged then i could hear a woosh of...
  4. S

    Worcester Bosch Heatslave 20/25 Hot Water Not Working

    Hey there, I have a boiler (Heatslave 20/25) that had low pressure. I topped the pressure back up to 1 bar using the external filling pipe but the heating still won't come on. Do I need to reset anything? Thanks for any help
  5. G

    worcester greenstar camray utility 12/18 oil boiler water not hot enough

    I have a worcester greenstar camray utility 12/18 oil boiler and we have not used the hot water for years on the boiler we use it for just heating as we have electric shower and dishwasher etc. This year we thought we would use the hot water, but on turning the hot water on it only heats the...
  6. Christopher buzzard

    Worcester Greenstar Heatslave 18/25 oil boiler.

    Hey. Fairly new to oil. Serviced above boiler Last week. All working fine but now had customer call to say it keeps going to lockout. Been and looked today. Symptoms are the boiler ignition process will start. You can hear it sparking. The boiler will fire, run for around 1 min and flame will...
  7. M

    Opinions Re: Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i Combi

    Hi, would welcome some advice/opinions please. I currently have a Remeha Avanta plus 28c (combi) which is 11 years old, still working in a fashion but beyond economic repair. I have the opportunity to have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i (Combi) installed using the boiler grant scheme...
  8. G

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i Junior cuts out during use with reset button flashing red

    Hi So this morning I was having a shower and suddenly my hot water went completely cold. I jumped out and had a look at my boiler. I noticed that the burner had stopped and the reset button was flashing red. The blue oval shaped light in the middle was on and stable (it was blue). I reset the...
  9. J

    Worcester Greenstar 24i. Junior. Hot then cold.

    If the bath top shower is used by turning on the cold tap first, then the hot supply, it will give a consistent short shower, but that is getting shorter day by day before it goes cold. If the hot is turned on first, then the cold, that will result in domestic supply going cold within a few...
  10. J

    Worcester ri flue, does this look right?

    Hi all, this is a telescopic flue from a Worcester greenstar RI, I am looking for a replacement, I need the elbow that usually comes with boiler (with the test point).... my question is, if I get a new elbow will it fit on the end of this flue in the pics? are they a turn and click connection...
  11. N

    DT20 on Worcester 37CDi

    Hi Guys, Appears this timer/programmer maybe thinks its the wrong time since it was on at 1.00am this morning when it should have been off at 9.30pm. Looked at it today and it is set to 'timed', but when I finished checking and making sure the the clock, date, year and CH & HW times were...
  12. T

    Advice please about fitting mixer shower from Worcester Bosch 25/ 32 heatslave oil combi

    Hello everyone. Looking for comments/advice please about my wife's latest request... Which is to remove the existing bath from an upstairs bathroom (apparently we don't like it anymore!) and replace it with a shower. The hot water is from an external oil combi also feeding a second bathroom...
  13. J

    Worcester 30cdi loud rumble after hot tap turned off

    Hi. Our Worcester 30cdi makes a very loud rumbling noise after the hot tap is turned off. It seems to be worse if the hot tap is only run for a short time. The noise is getting worse since this video was done. Any advice gratefully received.
  14. gcleve

    Set Worcester combi boiler to circulate without heat.

    Hi there - I have a Worcester Greenstar 25Si combi boiler running our heating rads. I've recently added a small tank with a heating element powerd by solar into the rads circuit. It's producing good heat, but I need a circulation pump to be on to move the heat around the system. Ideally I'd like...
  15. D

    Worcester Negative Fan Pressure decrease after cleaning heat exchanger

    Hi, I am new gas safe registered. I serviced a old worcester R28 HE Z7-28 system Boiler. found negative fan pressure -3.95mb lower than MI's -4.2mb, Gas rate is 2.82 m3/h, little bit lower than MI'S 2.9M3/H, so clean heat exchanger very well. after that check fan negative pressure, -3.11mb...
  16. P

    Navien and Worcester Oil Boilers

    Hi all My sister is in the process of getting quotes for the installation of an oil central heating system (rural Cornwall) in an old house where none currently exists. For obvious reasons she is having trouble getting anyone out to quote at the moment apart from one local contractor. He has...
  17. sammathias

    Worcester 280 rsf Luke warm water

    Worcester 280 rsf. Heating works fine, hot water fires up but is only like warm. Now with heating demand I'm getting 240v at 3 port. With heating off and tap running it's only.luke warm. If I manually move motorized valve to left it gets upto temperature. Iam only getting about 4v on board with...
  18. K

    URGENT Worcester Heatslave 15/19 Oil Combi Boiler Pressure

    My boiler pressure gauge is at zero so the boiler is not firing up. I thought I heard a small water leak in the wall near the boiler the other night, just before this happened, but the leak has now stopped. I have been reading other posts to try to find a solution and I've hunted everywhere...
  19. M

    Worcester Greenstar 24I Hot water problem

    Hi there hope you guys can help me, the boiler in my rental property has stopped giving hot water, i.e. now water at all. the central heating works fine, cold water works fine, but when i turn on the hot water i get nothing no water at all. look forward to tour suggestions. Many thanks Martin
  20. Tommo25

    Hydro block pin hole worcester

    Went to look at a leaking worcester combi 30cdi, and found it has a pinhole/hairline crack in the flow unit hydro block. (LHS bolts onto plate to plate heat ex) Any tips or anything I should look out for when replacing the flow unit (87161063560) I don't do too much work on Worcester boilers...
  21. R

    Worcester 26cdi XTRA advice?

    Hello everyone, Currently no hot water or central heating with my Worcester 26cdi XTRA. It's making clicking noises and then a loud scraping noise when trying to ignite. I've taken a video of problem, any ideas what might be wrong? View: https://youtu.be/rDk2PxmsXIw Any ideas of what...
  22. G

    Boiler replacement - Regular (with Boilermate) vs. Combi

    Hi everyone, I've just moved to a 4 bed detached house (2 bathrooms) built in 2005, in Bromsgrove (B60), with the original 15 year old set up of a Glow Worm Micron 60FF regular boiler coupled to a Boilermate 2000 storage unit. The boiler itself is not very efficient and I'm just waiting for the...
  23. M

    Worcester boiler part leaking

    Hello this part of my Worcester boiler seems to have a leak and boiler pressure has gone up? Any ideas what this part is?
  24. J

    Worcester boiler pressure issue

    I have a Worcester Greenstar 24i junior boiler that is around 12 years old. I am having issues with the pressure on the central heating. When the boiler is off the pressure is dropping down to 0 (I know it should be around 1 bar). When on it is around 1 bar some of the time, but it can go up to...
  25. G

    Worcester 20 25 heat slave

    boiler works fine for rads and hot water, but after reaching required temp and shutting off a noise continues .. sounds like a fan or air blower. Sometimes stops in minutes other times hours. sometimes doesn't happen at all
  26. E

    Worcester filter power flush adaptor

    Does anyone know if you can buy an adaptor to fit on the unions of the worcester filter so you can connect magnaclense power flush machine connections ?
  27. B

    URGENT Worcester 28CDi return manifold

    Does a Worcester 28CDi Combi have to be taken off the wall to change the plastic return manifold?
  28. L

    Cascading rigs or frames for two 40 kW Worcester boilers

    Hello, This is in relation to replacing a 50 year old 68kW boiler with two 40kW Worcester boilers for a residential blocks's (12 flats) centraol heatign only. Are you aware of any cascading rigs or frames that would be suitable? King of Pipes had suggested the Ideal Evomax heder kit, which...
  29. T

    Worcester Greenstar 30CDi info please

    Hi Is the Eco button for the heating of the radiators, or the domestic Hot water? The reason i ask is there is also an E setting on the Hot water control Knob. When i had a Baxi(old house), the domestic hot water always had priority. which seems logical. How does a worcester bosch handle it...
  30. U

    Worcester greenstar 30 - wont start after bleeding radiators

    Ive just moved into a rented property and some of the radiators were very cold at the top so I bled the radiators. The boiler lost pressure and switched off. I've repressurised the boiler to 1.5 but the controller on the boiler is completely off and I have no idea how to turn the thing back on...
  31. S

    Getting a Remote Control RFWRT thermostat talking to a Worcester Boiler 28i

    Getting a Remote Control RFWRT thermostat talking to a Worcester Boiler 28i, changed the batteries, no heating, hot water working ?
  32. P

    Can anyone help with a worcester mt10 timer

    The clock function has stopped working. Heating and water are working fine but we can’t use the timer function as the clock has stopped turning. I’ve tried resetting, and switching between ‘on’, ‘off’ and timer at various stages. Does it have a separate battery or anything similar? Thanks
  33. R

    Worcester Bosch wires melting

    Hi about an hour ago all the lights in my house tripped out. I went to the fuseboard and one switch was down. Flicked it back and it tripped out immediately. few moments later theres and acrid smell and a little smoke in the room tracked the smell down to the boiler, took the cover off and...
  34. M

    Worcester fan replaced, pressure now dropped / air in pipes / constant need to top up

    Hi, We recently had a Worcester compact system boiler repaired under warranty where the fan had failed. Since this has happened, the top floor radiator has needed bleeding constantly and additional water added to the heating loop. There's no apparent leak. I'm guessing the boiler is releasing...
  35. D

    Worcester boiler with wireless thermostat

    son has had Worcester style installed and has Easy Control RF thermostat, table tennis stand and Worcester Bosch easy control wireless key for bottom of boiler. Does he need internet connection in house to work thermostat or should it pick up wireless key? I'm h
  36. C

    Boiler broken Worcester 24cdi

    Hi All Boiler does this morning. Made some fairly major clanking noises then started letting steam out of the vent at the top. About 30 seconds later it stopped and all the lights on the boiler started flashing. Tried resetting it, and after 3 seconds of it starting up again it died entirely...
  37. C

    New Worcester green Star 24ri noise

    Hi all just joined ? Last month I had a Worcester Bosch 24ri fitted on my own place it's all registered now and commissioned by a friend of mine (gas Safe) Was all ok until I removed the towel rail in upstairs bathroom which is on the flow and return. This was off for a few weeks while fitting...
  38. J

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Combi Anti Cycling

    Acquaintance has problem with a 5 radiator zoned system which takes ages to heat up. The boiler (don't know output) fires up normally and after ~ 20 minutes reaches its setpoint of 65C, over the next few minutes it will creep up to 70C and then cut out, again fairly normal if min boiler output...
  39. J

    Worcester Bosch combi - HW suddenly runs cold for a few seconds

    Hi - I've searched the existing threads but not found an answer... I've just had a new W-B combi installed and it's excellent. But the question is about what's "normal". My wife and I both take a shower each morning, one after the other, and the shower is turned off for 10-15 seconds while...
  40. R

    Nest wiring for a new Worcester heatslave 11 combi 18-25 3amp nest 5amp boiler

    Replacing a clients old standard boiler with new oil heatslave 11 combi 18-25. It has a nest wired in and looking on the instructions it says 3amp max to nest but the boiler requests 5amp. Anyone with suggestion around this. Im sure there are plenty nests wired in to oil boilers. Thanks...
  41. D

    Salus to Worcester wiring

    Hi all. I have just purchased a wireless room thermostat for my central heating. I've come to wire in the receiver to the boiler and found the boiler manual (Worcester 28i jr) calls for three wires, as I expected but the receiver (salus rxrt510) depicts four terminals. I'm not 100% sure which...
  42. hammers4spanner

    Fitting a worcester 2000 boiler

    Fitted one of these today and was a bit flumoxed on the valve set up where they connect onto the boiler. In a nutshell i couldnt fit a spanner in to tighten them up enough and the prv connection seemed utter pita. They electric supply isnt long enough either for what i needed and you cant...
  43. H

    Kerosene Boiler Worcester 12/18 Heatslave "hot water expansion" !

    This heating system is new to me, in reality about 8 years old and in good condition. In the tail end of last winter's heating season, I think I shot myself in the foot. With more bedrooms than occupants and a water cost of about £4/tonne, I had a water meter installed. It might have been a...
  44. G

    Worcester bosch 42cdi

    HUMING through pipes when boiler not on programed to be on 42cdi switched to eco runs heating and hot water all day ok at night after heating switches off we can hear the HUM through the pipes iv looked at boiler with no burner light on but I think pump is still running any help
  45. H

    Worcester heatslave intermittent lockout

    Boilers been running fine since its last service in March but it went to lockout so I removed the front panel and found that the water pressure was just about zero. I filled it up to 1bar and pressed the reset button and she fired up OK but I noticed that the water pressure was rising a lot more...
  46. kris

    Worcester heatslave problems any oil engineers here

    Any oil folks in the here today. I dont hardly do oil as all gas here except country side etc ... anyway I've one customer I had problems with this boiler earlier in the year I changed oil pump and capacitor and that fixed that. Now I'm back again and when calling for heat it runs and runs...
  47. Inverness

    Recommendation for a Worcester combi

    Hi guys, which combi from the Worcester models that give the best flow rate on the hot water? The boiler will be installed in the loft. What's your views on the Worcester 30si? 3 bedroom bungalow and 1 bathroom property. Any recommendations are welcomed.
  48. M

    Worcester Greenstar Junior 28i combi boiler - no green light or heating

    Hi all, First of all, I hope I have posted this in the correct place (apologies if not). I haven't used my boiler throughout the summer and have gone to turn the heating on. The hot water is fine and no problems but the green light does not come on my boiler and there is no heat. The blue...
  49. S

    Worcester 30i or 28/32 CDI compact? Please advise!

    Hi thanks for reading. I have a fairly old semi detached 2/3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (showers mains but not often used same time). Existing old combi 22mm piping at gas meter and at boiler but quite a long route from basement at front of house to boiler at back of house (around 20-25m as it seems...
  50. D

    Worcester Bosch greenstar 30si locking out

    Having problems with this boiler with the hot water running for about 5 mins it locks out .then after a while I try it again it works for another 5- 10 min then locks out again CH is ok , I’ve done usual checks the gas valves ok and the amount of pressure is there is fine ,and ohms is about...