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  1. J

    26 year old male south east/kent area looking for job as plumbers mate

    Hi i have just undertaken a city and guild level 2&3 in plumbing and heating i have not got a job at the moment due to being made redundant.....again (hence why im paying for my course) im a keen learner and have a young family to provide for and really need to learn as much as i can while im...
  2. D

    placement wanted

    as title says I'm looking for a placement to complete my gas portfolio I'm 46 and live in the doncaster rotherham area and I'm willing to travel
  3. H

    New introduction

    Posted a Vokera question lastnight but put it in the new introductions post so thought I would have another go but wanted to inroduce myself 1st. So here goes Started with Segas as an apprentice back in 82 ( South Eastern Gas for those not as old as me) worked for BG for the next 25 years then...
  4. M

    Offered - Free labour in exchange for some on the job experience to finish my nvq

    Hi, my name is Mark, i live in the Bishop Auckland area of County Durham and am coming up to the end of my plumbing qualifications, i'm just putting this out there to see if anyone on the Durham or north east area may be willing to give me a bit of on the job experience to help me through the...
  5. M

    Looking for a apprenticeship or plumbers mate job

    Hi I'm matt and new to this forum, I'm looking to get into the trade I'm currently about half way though my first year of my two year level 2 c&g plumbing course that I study at evening college, I'm 18 reliable, hardworking & trustworthy, I have a cscs card, full driving licence and my own...
  6. B

    pipe threads - tips&tricks

    hello colegues Im in HVAC buisiness as you but Im from Slovenia. I was looking similar forums in my country, but no luck so far (too small market) Im preparing tips&tricks manual for young plumbers in area of pippe threading (water, heating, gas). here we mostly use REMS machines which is same...
  7. R

    kitchen radiator luke warm. need advice please.

    My kitchen is an extension built before we moved in. We had a new radiator installed in there when we had a new combi boiler fitted 2 years ago along with new radiators in the rest of the house. This radiator is hot at the top warm in the middle and cold atthe bottom. The pipe leading to it is...
  8. P

    Removing a cylinder

    I am buying a house that has a Worcester 24 I boiler and a hot water cylinder in the loft , Can I connect the pipes so that I can do away with the cylinder. thank you for your attention
  9. T

    Strange Question...

    Hello, My name is Teresa and I'm currently doing a research project on making plumbing more productive, profitable, as well as more enjoyable. My question is: As a plumber what are the biggest problems you find yourself facing on a day-to-day basis? I'm not trying to sell you anything, I'd...
  10. A

    glow worm micron 40ff

    boiler is igniting for approx 10sec and cutting off, no heating nor hot water in taps, cant afford a plumber,pls help
  11. E

    Hi all

    Hi guys, just joined the forums :). Thought I'd say hello as my first post! Hope everyone is well and I look forward to joining in with some discussions.
  12. L

    hello can you help modena 102

    hi all i got a modena 105 runs ok in dhw. but will only run for 20sec in ch. boiler sounds like it steaming in ch and then locks out if i then run the hot tape it spits and steams then run cold for about 15sec then boiler runs ok in dhw . back to heating runs sounds like its steaming and lock...
  13. G

    worcester 28i junior boiler

    I cannot get the boiler to fire up. I have followed the instructions in the manual, but they don't help. The boiler appears to try to fire up, but ignition light does not come on, and I have no heating, and no hot water. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. C

    New to plumbers forum

    Hi everyone, Just to say hello, mainly doing bathroom fits for last twenty years, and some unvented cylinders or pumps as needed. I been reading the forum for some time, but haven't got around to posting. Thanks, Copperman
  15. T

    I need help

    Can anyone help I have a drayton tempus three and the screen has gone completely blank, I've switched the boiler on and off but no luck the screen is just blank.
  16. J

    The best way to get more work?

    I started my own small business a few years ago and have been fine up untill the last few months where work has dried up a bit. My question if anyone can help is whats the best way to get more work without spending a fortune on trust a trader or yell.com? Ive tried classifieds but they have not...
  17. M

    Leaking Mixing/Blending Valve

    Hi, My hot water tank has developed a leak so I called a plumber out to have a look. He said that the leak was coming from the 'blending valve', I was hoping that he would suggest tightening something or replacing a part, but he suggested I get his colleague out to quote for an entire new...
  18. J

    working abroad

    hi first ever message posted but would like some advice or contacts for working in thailand (bangkok) as am considering moving there with the missus and just wondered if anyone knew what sort of job market is out there for plumbers. Was wondering about english or international developers as i...
  19. T


    Please could anyone advice me on the quality of sanitary ware from here and difficulty of plumbing. Thankyou
  20. D


    Big hello to all! Been registered on the forum for quite some time, decided its time to start contributing as i have been using the forum for help and tips for some time! Been in the industry for 10 years, went self employed last year due to redundancy, loving every minute of being my own boss...
  21. C

    Biasi riva advanced HE 32

    Hi to all This is my first post on the site so hope this is in the right place. need some help with a problem on the above combi, for about a week I have been having a problem where the boiler will only start when I loosen the screw on the front of the pump today it has stopped working...
  22. J

    Boiler/gas work

    hi very informative and helpful site by the way. im a fully qualified plumber, ie not a nugget. i finally decided to get my gas, ive finished all the gas foundation theory and nailed the theory exams. im now building up my portfolio which is slow going as i have recently moved and the majority...
  23. L

    ****plumbing apprenticeship needed in shropshire area****

    hI, My names luke i am 24 years old and i am currently looking for an Advanced Plumbing apprenticeship in the Shropshire area, for around the beginning of July 2012. The reason being i am currently serving with the Armed Forces and my termination date is the end of June. I have served for 8...
  24. D

    New (ish) to forum

    Hi everyone , been nosing on here for a while now so thought i'd sign up and post. Been a plumber for 3 years after coming into it from roofing. Find this site very useful for help and advice.
  25. M

    ideal he30

    I have this problem on my ideal he30 displaying H-F fault codes for the first time.tried pressing reset button but woud`nt clear at all.pls advice what could be the problem.thanks
  26. S


    Hi All, Just want to say hello as i am a newcomer on here always looking for information on something :drool5: Regards Mark.
  27. F


    Hello all, I have just joined the forum and would like to introduce myself. I joined to help others and to ask advise from those who know. I hope I have used the right place for this, although I am sure the moderator will soon put me right if not. Thanks for reading. Cheers :winkiss:
  28. L


    Hello all, I am a mature student (45) studying my level 2 Plumbing in Brighton. I have experience within plumbing and general repairs Etc Etc. I am about to start My second year @ college and am looking to work One or Two days a week along side an experienced plumber. I can offer my life...
  29. M

    Gas safe

    Paid up today for gas safe online (£438 rob dogs) just wondered how long it takes to process the application and get on the register?
  30. T

    Plumber in training !

    Hi all, first post on here ! I'm a trainee plumber in my spare time, and desperately looking to get work experience in the Luton area. Hoping to qualify as a domestic plumber on August 11th, would like to get some experience in the afternoons and evenings if possible. Cheers Tim
  31. M

    Plumbers mate/Apprentice

    Hi i am 23 years old currently waiting on starting an nvq level 2 in plumbing in september at stockport college. i am looking for some experience in the industry as a plumbers mate or an apprentice or helper! i live in the manchester area and drive! i am very dedicated,reliable and super keen to...
  32. Ian10261

    How Do

    Just wanna say hello to you all, ive just been admitted onto 'the register' yesterday at almost the grand old age of 50. i have to say that of everthing i've ever done this has to be my best achievement to date after a great deal of hard work and a considerable sum of money. I've been a member...
  33. M

    Noise from HWSC Unvented System

    Hi, A customers HWSC in an unvented system is making bubbling/running water noises when ever the hot water is switched on. Hot water and heating is working as normal but noise eminating from cylinder has only just started to occur within the last two weeks.:confused: Any ideas. I will probably...
  34. F

    hiya im a plumber of 45 years

    had some really great advise from gas man on the combi potterton puma 8o great guy, frankace
  35. D

    hi everyone

    just like to say a big hello and im a plumber from stoke on trent been working for someone and im looking to go on my own soon
  36. B

    shower pump

    was in a house last week and they had a shower pump fitted for ensuite ,the pump is located on the floor in airing cupboard at the side of the cylinder.when you turn hot on to bath in family bathroom the pump kicks in for about 2sec ,although pipe work is totally seperate thinking it might need...