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  1. B

    HElP PLEASE! Toilet making weird sound after flushing!

    Hi there guys! DIY and homeowner here! For the past month and a half, every time I flush my toilet, it makes this sound and it sounds like also the water is running! I'm not sure what it is! I always have to turn the water off after I flush, and it's getting annoying! Can someone tell me what's...
  2. Bibbs118

    Weird wiring/pump over run

    Hi, I've got a rewire job next week. The current setup, old cast iron boiler with pump over run, (currently wired so pump over run isn't working). There is a (new) 2port and pump to the cyl with cyl stat with bypass. There is a bronze pump for DHW There is a (big) pump for the CH. (And...
  3. P

    Weird pump set-up ??? Advice please..

    hi there. My unvented heating system has a single pump which is located in the upstairs airing cupboard. The pump outlet feeds a motorised valve for the heating and a motorised valve for the hot water. However, there is also a direct feed from the pump to the return side of the hot water...
  4. B

    Honeywell V4043H Weird Problem

    I wonder if anyone can help with this... One radiator circuit is constantly hot even though the room stats are not calling for heat. So the rad circuit is being fed with hot wat er from the manifold if (for example) the hot water cylinder is calling for heat. I suspected a stuck valve so I...
  5. B

    Ideal Isar weird noise

    Hi guys, my boiler was doing it since I bought the house a year ago but now it is doing it more often and all night. Before it kicks in it is making a scratching noise, hard to describe. I tried to show to my gas engineer but of course it was fine when he was at my house. Maybe it is normal for...
  6. A

    Weird “Unfixable” boiler sound?

    So I posted this question on this forum a few months ago but it still has not been fixed. There’s been a sound coming from my boiler which is apparently not fixable. I have been told by a plumber that it is due to condensation from the cold weather? sounds like bs, but is it correct? I’m not...
  7. L

    Weird boiler setup in house

    Hi All, I have recently moved into a 4 bed house (standard terraced Victorian property with a loft conversion in the Kingston area). There are two showers - one in the loft and one on the first floor and radiators in each room. There is a glow worm boiler in the kitchen (pic 6) which seems to...
  8. Guy Dewdney

    Weird LLH behaviour.

    Good evening Gentlemen (and ladies?). I have a large holiday let, in rural Somerset, and commercial heating engineers are rare out here. I’m a design engineer by education, so have taken on the task of getting this system running better than it is at the moment. Long story short, the heat...
  9. A

    Weird noise from boiler (VIDEO)

    Hey everyone, There’s a weird sound coming from our boiler, it kind of sounds like it’s dripping? Let me know what you think it is, it keeps me up at night and is hard to study as it travels all the way up to my room. Thanks!
  10. A

    Weird shower drain - how to unblock?

    Hi, shower hasn't been draining properly recently, not blocked but slow to drain. Can anyone please explain to me what's going on in the drain? There is some sort of pipe/cylinder running crossways directly under the waste. Not what I expected to see (but am DIY novice). Not sure best way to...
  11. 3

    Weird request. Looking for old boiler that we can photograph and then throw away.

    OK this might be a weird request. For 2012 we are seriously thinking of reaching out to Gas Installers to show them how veratile our diamond core kit is. For example - Something our drill kit can do (in addition to drilling tiles) is to drill holes into solid granite worktops. Thats very...