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water pressure

  1. R

    Sense Check - Water Pressure so low mixer shower no longer works but electric shower will?

    I have a tenanted property which has a standard boiler and hot water tank. Since it was built in the 1990's the bathroom has had a mixer shower fed from the bath taps for a shower into the bath. Recently the tenant has explained that the shower is too hot. The managing agent plumber has told...
  2. Cat

    Water pressure mystery

    Hey folks, I am hoping you can help me solve a bit of a mystery. My water pressure drops on occasion, kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower (electric) meaning the temperature fluctuates and it shuts off. I haven't had any plumbing work done but my downstairs neighbours have, the water supply...
  3. B

    Low Water pressure area

    Dear all, I have a question please kindly help me. The job is in rural area and has very low water pressure. There is no gas here. The customer is thinking to install an electric combo boiler. The problem is the minimum pressure for electric boiler is 1 bar. How can I fill up the combo system...
  4. G

    Fitting sink in loft with low water pressure system.

    Hi, I’m making a “man cave” in my loft and I’d like to fit a sink for making drinks and washing up etc. It’s a low pressure system with a header tank up high in the gable end and 2 water tanks on the deck. I know one feeds the hot water cylinder below and one feeds the cold water below. I...
  5. E

    Electric showers and water pressure

    Hello, could someone give me advice on a problem I have with my shower? I’m close to replacing the shower engine but not sure if pressure could be the problem. In our en suite, the shower starts but very very hot then proceeds to a kettle noise and stop. After a few seconds it does the same...
  6. H

    Why is the water pressure non existence for hot water supply to shower?

    We bought an Edwardian semi detached house just over a year ago (previously a hotel, converted in the mid 90s). The shower (not power or pumped) had low pressure for hot water which got worse over time, then out of nowhere (hadn’t got round to getting anyone to look at it) it was great, better...
  7. M

    Help and advice on replacement boiler and system.

    Hi, Any help, advice or personal experience appreciated. We are supplied by a lead pipe but on a shared supply. I am about house 4 out of a run of 6 or 7. When tested by Affinity Water no other houses seemed to be drawing water. If you were to run a hose and another house draws water the...
  8. E

    UK 1970s Flat - Cold Water Pressure

    Hi all, I’m at my wits end and would really appreciate any advice! The cold water in our kitchen mixer tap has recently lost all pressure i.e. just a dribble and if the hot has been on for any length of time it seizes up completely. A plumber In the past has suggested that the kitchen cold...
  9. L

    Low water pressure on newly fitted tap

    Hi, I recently fitted a new precision rinse mixer tap in a kitchen and the water pressure is really low. I have checked for leaks and to make sure that the isolator valves and stop cock are open fully. What can I do to improve the water pressure?
  10. R

    No water pressure and loud gurgling and tapping from loft

    Hi I have for a while had bad hot and cold water pressure. At a certain time in the morning the boiler comes on and you can hear bubling coming from the radiators and much louder from the tank in the attic and like a taping noise the gradually slows down after 20 seconds, it does this circle I...
  11. O

    Loss off water pressure after mains scale inhibitor fitted

    Hi all, i have fitted a 22mm scale inhibitor today( due to very hard water) and have lost pressure to all the cold taps in my property bar the outside tap and the washer valve feed . I have also lost around 4L a minute on the flow rate on all the affected taps . Property is a new build MDPE...
  12. J4M13UK

    Hot Water Pressure Kitchen Sink Intermittent

    Hi folks! I’ve just had this video from a friend who lives in a block of flats. This video is the hot tap from his kitchen sink. As you can see the flow rate is perfect the suddenly drops a fair bit but continues flowing then it goes back to flowing a lot a few seconds later and continues to do...
  13. D

    Can I move this water tank as shown in the diagram?

    Hello, My apartment has a tiny bathroom and a large kitchen. I am remodelling the bathroom soon, almost a quarter of the room is taken up by the water tank 'hotpress' as shown in the image. Is it possible to move that water tank to the area shown inside the kitchen? I'd be moving it...
  14. K

    Incoming Water pressure

    We have a viessmann 111 and we was expecting faster hot water flow. I looked at the PRV it is set to 2 bar, the boiler has a 46l storage tank, so will this PRV set to 2 bar affect the hot water flow rate to the taps. Can the PRV be set higher than 2 bar ? Regards Ant
  15. R

    URGENT Zero water pressure on boiler gauge

    Gas boiler shows No Water Pressure. The water feed to feed the system doesn't move gauge. Water dumps overboard. A banging noise starts when the valve to top up the system is opened.
  16. A

    Clogged Faucets and Low Hot Water Pressure on 1 faucet

    I have 2 issues/questions. To start from the beginning, we just purchased and moved into a home at the beginning of November that has a private well, once we moved in I noticed we had water pressure issues. Upon investigation I found that all the faucets/fixtures with pressure issues were...
  17. O

    Fluctuating cold water pressure up from PRV

    Hi, we're experiencing fluctuation readings in a PRV here's the story: Cold water into premises is 7 bar. This runs unregulated to four outlets: Kitchen sink Outside tap Washing machine Dishwasher The cold water to the first floor runs through a PRV set to 3 bar. This then supplies: Central...
  18. deFoix

    Regular momentary dips in mains water pressure every 15sec

    Hi all, hoping for some help here. Over the last 2 months I've been experiencing dips in water pressure from my kitchen tap. The weird this is that these are momentary dips in pressure that occur every 15 seconds. It seems to happen in the mornings and evenings and is making my plastic pipes to...
  19. S

    Leaking toilet cistern pipe to valve

    Hello I wanted to fit an isolating valve to the supply to the toilet cistern so as to reduce the water pressure. The cistern has a shutoff valve with a small rubber diaphragm type shut off and if pressure is to high it keeps filling and overflows into toilet. I have posted a photo, new copper...
  20. KenLM

    Low water pressure. Non-standard boiler.

    Hey folks, I’m moving into a 2 storey house built in 1970s, and water pressure upstairs is really bad. The current system: cold water supplied from mains, good pressure. Cold water is stored in a tank in the attic. Downstairs there’s a boiler, however it’s the first time I see one like that...
  21. A

    low water pressure in flat

    Hi, I am a newbie in this forum, so my apology if I posted my question in the wrong forum. The water pressure in my flat has dropped to very low pressure, which allows for only one tab at a time to be operational. It happened end of July and is continuous low 24h. There seems to be no obvious...
  22. H

    How To Change The Water Pressure On This Boiler?

    Hi, The thermostat dial is just about on 1, but it should be between 1 and 2? The temperature is constantly high too. Should be around 40. The boiler is also making some vibrating noises once the hot tap is running. How do I adjust the pressure gauge if its external? Any help/advice will be...
  23. J

    Ideal 30 Low Water Pressure

    Hi Removed radiator from wall for decorating, then refilled and bleed all Radiators. System now saying low water pressure Boiler saying 1. Fill System to 1 bar.. although after topping up now showing 1.5bar 2. Bleed radiators - done all 3. Contact Installer!!.. Is there anything i can do check...
  24. K

    Boosting Water Pressure

    Hi, I have just had a bathroom installed on the third floor of the house in a room which used to be a bedroom. The problem is, the water pressure/flow isn't very consistent. Its acceptable sometimes and we get flow rates of about 10-15 l/min but at other times it drops down to about 5l/min or...
  25. N

    Water Pressure for new Garden Tap

    I currently have ½ inch supply to my main outside tap. If I create a T, in the main feed, and run a 1 inch pipe to a new tap from the ½ inch feed, will this contribute to a greater flow rate at the new tap?
  26. A

    Low hot and cold water pressure

    Hello, I have been experiencing low water pressure from both hot and cold taps throughout my property. It is all electric no gas and I have a cylinder in the airing cupboard. I do not have any instructions on how to repressurise and really struggling to find a solution online that have worked...
  27. D

    Vaillant aqua plus water pressure low

    Hi, my ten plus year old Vaillant aqua plus boiler water pressure is low, however its not a conventional valve top open, I've purchased a key filling valve - below, unfortunately it doesn't fit the valve due to valve being previously opened with a flat screwdriver which has misshaped/worn out...
  28. D

    Low mains water pressure

    Hello, Bought my house 3 years ago, a 50 year plus detached house on the coast of north west England. Lots of heating and insulating projects to do over the next couple of years. So I though I'd join this forum so I can find out some good ideas while getting my house up to scratch. Currently I...
  29. S

    Thermal store - very low hot water pressure. Help/ideas

    Very low (trickle) hot water pressure at outlets. Albion mainsflow indirect cylinder. Help and ideas please!
  30. D

    Loss of water pressure on shower

    Hi We've had a problem with a loss of water pressure on our shower. Spoke to our plumber and he said replace the thermostatic cartridge on the shower. So I ordered a replacement one for our Bristan shower and fitted it. The shower now runs on full pressure on cold but not on hot? Would anybody...
  31. T

    Advice needed - water pressure

    Hi all, any chance of some advice please? We've had a plumber in recently who has done a wonderful job cosmetically with a new en suite shower room for us but the water pressure from the new shower is awful. So much so, you can't wash the soap out of your hair. We're now being told we need a...
  32. M

    Combi boiler: water pressure question.

    My son recently moved house;...the CH boiler is an Ideal Logic Combi ES30 and it’s about 2 or 3 years old. When the system is cold the water pressure shows approx 1.9 bar,...when the CH has been on for a while and everything is fully heated-up the pressure gauge rises to approx 2.9 bar. If the...
  33. F

    Washing machine inlet pipe leaking, water pressure too high?

    Hello all, first time poster here, I have looked but don't see this issue mentioned. My old washing machine inlet pipe was leaking, not surprising given it was over 30 years old. It looks to have been a slow leak from the meeting between the rubber pipe and plastic connecter at the machine...
  34. M

    Decreased Water Pressure When Both Hot & Cold Taps Being Used

    Hi There I'm new here and I have a strange issue in my bathroom which I'd love some advice on if anyone can! It was fitted 3 years ago, and I knew it was a bit dodgy, because after a shower, my sink tap in the bathroom runs hot water through the cold tap for a while. But last night I noticed...
  35. J


    Re: Domestic c/h with Vaillant ecoTEC plus 837 boiler. For the past 12 months or so, boiler water pressure has intermittently dropped from the normal operating pressure of 1.8bar to 0.3bar overnight, indicated by fault code F75. I would re-pressurise the system and monitor pressure for a...
  36. B

    Water trickling through black plastic connector between two pipes coming from a water pressure tank

    Hello, I’m looking for some advice on water dripping between two pipes coming from a water pressure tank. I’ve attached photos to try show the problem. Basically there’s a steady trickle of water visible through the black plastic connector between the two pipes. I guess it’s also connected to...
  37. C

    Saniflo water pressure seems low

    Hi, Last night our Saniplus unit started running continuously, failing to pump out water. I tried looking for blockages but couldn't find any. When I disconnected the discharge pipe and directed it into a bucket, water was pumped out ok but the pressure seemed fairly low. Having spent quite a...
  38. B

    Low hot water pressure - Combi

    I have a vaillant ecotec pro 28 combi, the hot water pressure to all the taps have always been pretty low. I just got home from a few weeks away and I’m sure the hot water pressure is lower than before. I have 2 bathrooms, en-suite with bath over shower and other bathroom just shower. I’m in...
  39. A

    Hot water pressure issue

    I have a Worcester heatslave 15/19 oil fired boiler. The expansion tank was recently replaced however I am still having issues where the hot water pressure is not consistent. Examples being you run the kitchen tap and it seems to take a while for the hot water to come out but then when it does...
  40. T

    Unvented cylinder - water pressure

    Hi, looking for advice about unvented cylinder. I had one installed as part of a horrific modular loft conversion that was recently finished. The water pressure in the bathrooms is poor, probably worse than when just had combi and I cant use two showers/bathrooms at one time which was the point...
  41. L

    F1 error on boiler but water pressure is fine

    So I have got the horrid F1 error on my combo boiler for low pressure. I have recently moved into my property, and I had this issue before which I resolved. The pressure in my taps are fine however when the boiler is running the pressure gauge shows below 1. Of course I have turned the domestic...
  42. E

    Water pressure issue

    I replaced my immersion heating element yesterday and when I reconnected everything and turned on all the stop cocks, the water pressure is exceptionally low when it used to be very good and there is no water coming from the hot water tap in the kitchen. I wondered if anyone knew why and how I...
  43. C

    Low Water Pressure - Help!!

    Hello there, I'm new to the forum so excuse my lack of expertise. I've got a fault code F1 on my Ideal boiler and I have learnt that it's due to my water pressure not being between 1 - 1.5 That being said I have no idea how to fix it. This is first time I've ever dealt with something like...
  44. C

    New Loft Conversion and Water Pressure

    We’re having a loft conversion done in a few weeks. We’re concerned about the pressure that we will have in the loft bathroom when other showers in the house are in use (we will have 3 showers and would like them to be able to be used simultaneously). We have been looking into unvented...
  45. C

    Water pressure drops when neighbour's use theirs... At my wit's end!

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me here, as title says, I'm at my wit's end with this problem! Following info might not be useful in places but the more info the better I hope! I live in what we call 4 in a block, basically 2 bottom flats and two on top. It's an ex council property...
  46. W

    Problem Altech pump cold water pressure

    I have an Altech shower pump GWMAP284. Suddenly this morning the water pressure reduced, and the temperature increased. It seems like the cold water pressure has disappeared. I'm quite sure no taps have been closed. I suppose there could be a blockage in the cold supply, but seems unlikely? Any...
  47. G

    Need to restart Glow Worm 30hxi after water pressure loss

    Hi guys. The water pressure got too low and my boiler switched itself off (actually, it stopped heating and was making a whirring noise and there may have been a flashing light, I turned it off quickly). I have brought water pressure back up to about 1 bar and am attempting to reset following...
  48. D

    Lost water pressure in all my taps

    Hi. Some advice, please. I've lost water pressure in all the taps in my flat. There is still some running water, but not enough for the boiler to kick in and heat it (it's probably lost around 2/3rds pressure). At first, it went away for a few hours, came back again for a few hours, went away...
  49. C

    Water Pressure Pump Alternative?

    Hi. So here's the situation.. About to re-do my old bathroom and would really, really like to remove the old electric shower and replace it with a 'proper' shower, with good pressure and the taps attached to the wall. Now - in my flat (built 25 years ago) there's an airing cupboard which...
  50. EmmaT

    Advice on fitments and water pressure needed

    Hi, We have just had a new bathroom fitted and we have lost virtually every ounce of water pressure on both hot and cold feeds on all new fitments. We are fed from a tank in the loft and have an external pressure tank in the airing cupboard. The pressure was absolutlely fine before the work was...