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  1. C

    Which way is open for this valve

    the red lines can be at 12 O'clock or 3 O'clock? I want it open. Thanks, Chris
  2. L

    Air Admittance Valve question for bad smell

    Hi Everyone, We have a new house that may not have been piped correctly. There is a sewer smell in the laundry room and I am thinking of adding an air admittance valve to the standpipe in the laundry room since I do not know if the drain is connected to a vent pipe. Would that be okay to do to...
  3. R

    Combination Valve Installed Correctly?

    Hi, I have an unvented cylinder with a water combination valve before the inlet. It has been installed with the "balanced" cold water feed coming straight off the combination valve and not after it. Is this installed correctly? If not, what are the consequences of this connection? Many thanks!
  4. Y

    Tre Mercati "Marina" Shower valve too stiff

    I have an obsolete Tre Mercati "Marina" shower valve. Replacement cartridges not available. The inner, temperature control knob works OK but the outer, flow control, is a bit too stiff for my partner's arthritic wrist to turn off easily. The manual says to soak the cartridge in vinegar. I can't...
  5. B

    New washing machine water valve issue.

    I recently fitted a new washing machine along with a new cold water feed hose. Since installation whenever the toilet upstairs finishes filling, the shower is turned off, the cold water tank in the loft stops filling or the kitchen cold tap is turned off, there is a clunking noise coming from...
  6. S

    Leaking from the top red valve?

    Can somebody tell me what this part is as it's leaking from the red cap. Is it easy to replace?
  7. A

    Do I need a Durgo Valve

    Hi appreciate some advice - whether or not I need to install a durgo valve In a new downstairs bathroom.... the soil for the downstairs connects to the old soil for the upstairs which (as it’s an old house) the stack terminates above the roof line. my uncle keeps on banging on about regs...
  8. P

    Why does the valve have two pressure relief nipples?

    Any ideas why the pressure relief valve on my water heater has two outlets? Is one inflow and one outflow?
  9. C

    Help - valve isn't twisting!

    Hi lads, I have a tricky situation with a shut-off valve beside the toilet. Water is dripping from the pipe. No water is pouring into the cistern. I can tighten and untighten the nut but I can't twist the valve too much regardless of whether the nut is very tight or very loose. I can attach...
  10. M

    Changing concealed shower valve

    Hi I just wanted to ask if turning the mains water off will be enough to allow me to clean / change an existing concealed shower thermostatic cartridge without any flooding. I have a Glow Worm condensing boiler with a cold water tank in the loft and and hot water cycling in a cupboard (first...
  11. S

    Old TRV Valve connection

    I have a tiny leak coming from the underside of the "nut" at the top of the copper feed pipe on an an old Valiant TRV valve . It probably just needs a tightening or a bit of PTFE . I understand that these are usually compression fittings but I think this might be something different as the way...
  12. S

    3/8” 20 spline ceramic valve

    Can anyone help me please ... ive been searching for a 3/8” ceramic valve for my bathroom tap and nowhere seems to stock them anymore. It’s a mini valve (41mm) with 20 spline 7.5mm ... photo attached from when I purchased one a few years back. Any help really appreciated. james
  13. P

    Aquatronic 2 Plus - slight leak from Stabiliser valve assembly

    Hello, our shower has started to seep a few drips from the stabiliser valve assembly (P07810800) but not from the top where the plunger is which appears to be where they can normally leak from. I've seen you can buy as gasket kit for this area. Ours is leaking from where the temperature control...
  14. R

    Anyone know if this type of valve already exists and where I can buy one?

    Hi, I'm still abroad and slightly bored. My father waters the plants on his balcony using plastic bottles. Refilling them from the kitchen tap is time-consuming and laborious and 16 bottles take up a fair bit of floor space. It has occurred to me that if there were, say, 2-4 bottles filled...
  15. Ben Slade

    G3 combination valve

    Any advice ont his mind after so would appreciated. Having just passed my G3 I have attended this old OSO cylinder the combination valve looks like it’s feeding the the cylinder from the balanced cold? I would of though the feedback to the cylinder would have had to gone through to the other...
  16. orty

    Tub/Shower Faucet Eventually Starts Dripping Again After Replacing Valve Stems

    Ah, the joys of older home ownership (1974). We thought our major plumbing issues were dealt with when we got rid of our orangeburg sewer line and our rusted out galvanized supply line to our house. It's still galvanized under the house, but we live in a very dry climate and the pipes/joints...
  17. K

    I cant find the cold water valve shut off

    Please see the pics. I can not find the cold water shut off valve. Just trying to replace the tap in my bathroom and want to shut off the hot and cold water. Hot water is off now. The left valve on the pics is the hot one and logically the right should be cold one. Its just not turning...
  18. N

    Hot water zone valve issue

    Hi I’ve been having problems with my boiler tripping my electrics For a while which has got worse.. I now have no hot water and my boiler won’t turn on for more than 5 Mins without tripping. A gas engineer attended yesterday and said it was water damage from the pipes and the hot water zone...
  19. B

    Do I need a check valve on cold feed pipe

    Hi everyone, I am looking for advice as under my kitchen sink their are two pipes, the cold water feed and hot water feed, the hot water feed has a check valve/NRV fitted on the copper pipe (I am not sure which kind of valve it is but it has an arrow on it) but the cold water feed pipe doesn't...
  20. T

    Help with weird old rad valve please!

    Hi all, First post and DIY'er, please be kind! Just moved into a property which needs some work. Have a plasterer coming soon and need to get this rad off. Any ideas how on earth this valve works?! I've never seen one like it before. It's not moving with either a flat screwdriver or spanners...
  21. B

    How do I get a new flexible hose to engage without leaking to inlet valve bottom entry?

    The inlet valve bottom entry to toilet cistern developed a drip that flowed under toilet and dampened grout on tiles. Initially I could not figure where leak was so fearing it was an underfloor pipe I called out the original plumber from 13 years ago. Turns out it was the inlet valve to...
  22. E

    Stop valve resource.

    Hello people, I hope you can help me out. I have a broken stop valve and need a replacement. This is the cold water supply to a gas boiler (instant hot water only). Please have a look at the picture attached. It also has an integral bleed valve to the right of the fitting; however this has...
  23. V

    Bauhaus RADVS2 towel rail valve leaking

    Hi This valve is leaking just under the square cap. If I want to take the cap off to try to tighten the nut underneath it do I just pull on it? Thanks Vik123
  24. S

    Leaking concealed thermostatic shower valve

    Hello, Could someone help me fixing this concealed thermostatic shower. I probably need to replace the cartridge, the problem is that I can't tell which brand is the valve and not sure how to dismantle and where to find the cartridge. I am attaching some photos for reference. View...
  25. M

    Thermostatic valve replacement

    Hiya I need to replace my thermostatic valve, can I just buy any replacement valve from local shop or does it have to be a specific one?
  26. S

    Recessed shower valve and wall thickness

    I am looking to steal a few inches from my bedroom, to slightly enlarge the en-suite and make the refurb job easier for a whole host of reasons. In undertaking this task i can go either with a 3” thick stud wall, or 4”. I am thinking of fitting a recessed shower valve fixture and hence my...
  27. B

    refitting exposed shower valve unit

    Hi All I am in the process of re-fitting an exposed mixer shower control unit. This was removed to replace a cracked tile. So now beginning to re connect. I begin by sliding the back shrouds, nuts and olives over the water supply pipes and insert the15mm hot and cold water supply pipes into the...
  28. R

    How To Adjust Alien Filler Valve

    Hello all Came across a kind of filler valve I haven't see before. Wondering how you adjust it. Anybody familiar with this one? I don't want to experiment with it because it looks super fragile. (Wouldn't it be great if manufacturers gave you a clue on their products as to who they are?) Cheers
  29. R

    Help with water tank valve.

    Hi, please could somebody offer some advice. I’ve just tried to re-pressurise our hot water as a plumber told me to do a couple of years ago. I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working and realised I was stupidly turning the wrong valve. Instead of the one that I should have turned, I did...
  30. scott_d

    Isolation valve flow limits?

    I know it depends on pressure but is there a rule of thumb limit to the litres per minute that can pass through a cheap 15mm isolation valve?
  31. M

    boxed in air admittance valve

    I'm renovating our upstairs bathroom. At the moment the soil stack is boxed in a corner within the room and exits straight through the roof. I was reading up on air admittance valves and I believe the regs say it has to be more than 200mm above the highest point of entry to the soil pipe. So I...
  32. L

    Washing machine valve

    Hi, I'm trying to disconnect my washing machine. I've gone to the tap behind it but cant see a valve. Does anyone know how I can turn it off? Ibe attached a picture. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I've got a new machine coming tomorrow. Cheers
  33. V

    central heating permanently on, faulty motor?

    My central heating won't turn off via the wireless thermostat. I can see that it communicates correctly so suspected a problem with the zone valve. It is a Honeywell 2 port and I notice the manual level is completely loose and I can't lock it in the manual 'on' mode. We have other zones and...
  34. S

    Radiator valve replacement and piping alteration

    Can someone please advise me on the following problem? I have a Worcester CD30 SYSTEM boiler which is connected to the plumbing in an S configuration. Heating is pumped and hot water is pumped via 2 diverter valves. There is a radiator in the upstairs en suite which is part of the hot water...
  35. A

    Fill valve identification

    Hi all Anybody know which fill valve this is? I've got a leak coming from the top of it causing a continuous flow into the bowl; though I need some ideas on which fill valve it is before taking it apart! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Aled 1591615088 You can see where the water is...
  36. M

    Radiator Valve Threads

    Evening All, I have had a several rads fitted in my house over the last few years and I am having problems with some where the paint is cracking and causing the radiators to leak. Two have been replaced by the online suppliers and another is in the process of being exchanged. See attached...
  37. S

    Can this Bristan shower valve be fixed

    I have a Bristan Trinity shower which gives out hot and very hot water. I have removed the valve and checked that there is high flow in both hot and cold water pipes. I have also descaled the valve. Is there a way of fixing the valve or is a case of just buy a new one. Valve is CART...
  38. P

    Bottom Fill Valve Advice

    Hi All, I've tried replacing my broken fill valve this afternoon with a Flomasta FA1090. I got my old one off fairly easily (although my main stop cock is stuck, I can't turn it so I just used the stop valve) but this one won't fit due to it's low height and the bob being too low. It catches...
  39. P

    URGENT pressure relief valve

    Hi I am having a pellet boiler installed in spain and the instruction manual says "maximum working pressure of boiler is 2 Bar" the plumber is installing a saftey group which has a prv of 4 bar so I'm just wondering should the pvr be 2 bar or is that working pressure and 4 bar release if things...
  40. D

    Triton bar valve shower installation advice

    We have a Triton Westbourne Bar Valve Mixer shower with diverter. The instructions clearly show all the components which include Push Fit Wall Brackets to attach to the pipes. The instructions also detail the installation of the wall brackets and reference that the supplied brackets come with...
  41. D

    Hot water boiler for floor heat bleeder valve question

    have a hot water boiler (was converted to steam before me). Want to run the oxygen Barrier pex under the bathroom floors for heat. Do these loops need a bleeder valve? Thanks
  42. Stefromthewirral

    TMV valve checks on domestic properties

    Hi Am due to fit a TMV valve in a domestic property (not a new build) it's not a residential home or anything like that just a domestic dwelling for a private client. I am aware of the checks required in Nursing homes etc but I can't see any requirement for after installation tests on...
  43. J

    Does anyone know why an Riello RDB boiler would start pluming black smoke?

    Does anyone know why an Riello RDB boiler would suddenly start pluming black smoke? Does it have anything to do with the needle valve in the fuel pump?
  44. P

    One isolating valve on both loft tanks inputs?

    Hi, just after the mains stopcock under my kitchen sink I have a tee, one pipe to drinkable water+washing machine and the other to the loft cisterns (talking about an open vented pumped S-plan system, standard here in UK). I was wondering whether it is safe to add an isolating valve on the...
  45. C

    Shower valve model identification

    We had this shower installed in 2001 and yesterday the flow valve started to go on the blink. The knob has become harder to turn both on and off and the water shuts off. I can access the unit and I know how to isolate it and I am a pretty dab hand at 'stuff' Can anyone identify the model . I...
  46. J

    Hot Water Issue. Dual Valve System

    Hi All I have an issue with my hot water. I have a gas boiler situated next to a hot water cylinder fed from a water tank in the loft. There are two separate valves one for the heating and the other for the hot water. (No 3-Way Valve) Both valves open when asked to via the controller (Hive...
  47. G

    Dual appliance valve question

    I am planning to replace a single appliance valve with a dual appliance one, see the photo. I don't think I'll have enough space for wachine machine/dishwasher connections where the old single valve is and am thinking now to cut the horizontal copper pipe and put a valve there. Just wanted to...
  48. P

    CH drain valve won't shut

    Today I drained my CH/HW. This is a standard vented, pumped S plan with two electric valves, and I'm in UK. I was lucky enough to have a drain valve underneath ground floor, relatively accessible, see pics: However, upon refilling the system, I found out that that valve will rotate...
  49. D

    Replacement diverter valve for Heatslave 20/25 OSO

    The diverter valve on my old Worcester Heatslave 20/25 OSO oil boiler needs replacing. It is a ACL A679B316-52L0 3 port 3 wire valve which is now obsolete. I have read elsewhere on the forum that a Drayton 679-3 can be used instead. With the helpful post on wiring the 5 wires into 3 I am...
  50. A

    Identify Pegler Valve type

    Good evening. Would anybody be able to identify a Pegler valve? Its located in our airing cupboard on the cold water supply. I think it might be a filter perhaps. The gauge has not worked for a while so I was planning on replacing it. The problem comes with knowing what it is! This system was...