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underfloor heating

  1. S

    Underfloor heating worries

    Hi guys, I'm having some trouble with my builder and the plumber who fitted my underfloor heating. In a nutshell, the plumber has laid Hetta aluminium pipes over c. 40 square metres comprising of two zones. The builder has then laid around 6cm of semi dry aggregate-based fibre screed. He's then...
  2. R

    Underfloor heating clean

    Not cleaned one before any tips before i get involved, not sure its a problem or boiler People tryimg to generate work (Boiler insurance engineers)
  3. bozor

    Dirty water in underfloor heating loops - how big a job to drain/clean them?

    Hi, I have been noticing my underfloor heating taking longer than usual to heat up. Decided to take a look at the manifold and noticed the water in all the loops looking a bit worse for wear: While not super urgent right now, I think I should get that sorted out in the near future. How big a...
  4. U

    underfloor heating. one section not heating.

    Problem with activator in just one area of the UFH system. I don't know how to take off the activator to check the pin. No problem with water flow. Not sure how to handle the flex coming out of the activator. I know the pins aren't working as the water gauges are not responding (that's what...
  5. R

    Underfloor heating flow won’t get up to temp

    Hi all. As above having issues with my UFH. Boiler fires up and works as normal . Issue is the return stays cold and as such when the boiler switches off when it reaches temp the flow stays about 35 degrees and the cycle continues . Have had it running with just one short loop open , pump on 3 ...
  6. A

    Underfloor heating - manifold valve leak

    My underfloor heating has sprung a leak where one of the pipes reaches the manifold. I have tried giving it a bit of a clean and tightening it, but to no avail. Every time I re-pressurise the system is goes again. Is it as simple as shutting off the water supply to the heating and replacing the...
  7. M

    looking for a Wunda underfloor heating plumber - London

    I'm looking for someone that has experience with the Wunda underfloor heating system. I'm based in Mortlake SW London
  8. FateFirst

    UFH pump stopped working. Replaced and still not working...possible sensor issue?

    Apologies for any terminology used that doesn't make sense to any plumbers here - not sure on part names etc. so please correct me as I'm always keen to learn and understand ? Moved into a property about 3 years ago and water UFH already installed (JG Speedfit One Room). Been working fine and...
  9. Christopher buzzard

    Uponor underfloor heating valve.

    Can some please identify the valve on this underfloor manifold ( with the black wire coming out of the top). Have an issue where the system is turning off every 10-20 minutes and staying off for a while then coming back on again. The room can’t get up to temperature because of this. Power was...
  10. jontyking

    Polypipe underfloor heating not working

    Complete amateur here. I had a Polypipe underfloor heating system put into a new extension 3yrs ago but the plumber who fit it is now no longer available - he's just had a career change, he didn't go out of business. It's just a single zone system connected to my main central heating system but...
  11. kenjiru

    Underfloor heating not working correctly

    I've bought an old house and converted it from radiator heating to underfloor heating. I've reused the old gas boiler Vaillant ecoCOMPACT VSC 206/4-5 90 that had an multiMATIC 700 module already installed. Heating work fine for the first floor, but it does not work correctly for the upper...
  12. PolypipeOverlay

    Pipes going in at angle into Underfloor Heating Manifold Problem?

    Is it acceptable to have plastic pipe going into the manifold at such angles as shown in photo? There is definitely stress on the fittings as the pipe is pulling hard to one side on numerous connections. The manifold does not leak under pressure test. Should it be kept as is if it does not leak...
  13. M

    Underfloor heating, no gas and big boiler - what is this?

    Hello everybody, I’ll need your help! I’ve no experience on this matter... I’m about to buy a flat that has underfloor heating. The flat has no gas and the only source of heating, as far as the agent knows, is what looks like to be a big boiler in the picture. There is a thermostat on the wall...
  14. C

    Air Source and underfloor heating in old bungalow

    Hello. I’m looking for some advice. We had a 1960’s bungalow in Cornwall with a wooden suspended floor. The old oil builder is 20 years old and so we want to replace it. We were looking at a Air Source Heat Pump with underfloor heating but the more we look at it the more concerned we are that it...
  15. F

    Can my boiler handle underfloor heating?

    Hi all, Needing some advice on underfloor heating please. I have an approximately 4 year old Vaillant ecoTec Plus 838 combi boiler which is currently serving 11 radiators around the house which includes 2 towel rails. I've heard that if you want underfloor heating you need to ensure the boiler...
  16. T

    Which UFH system should I choose?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get everyone's opinions on underfloor heating. I am looking to install a water based underfloor heating system in the kitchen. The walking area of the kitchen where the heating will be around 5 square metres as confirmed by my builder. I'm also looking to install an...
  17. N

    Polypipe Underfloor Heating with 3x 2-Port Zone Valves???

    I am currently trying to find out which is the best way to wire up my underfloor heating. I have attached a PDF of what my system is currently like. I've been advised to install 3x 2-port zone valves so that when the UFH calls for heat it can do so independently of the radiators, which is...
  18. D

    Wet Underfloor Heating not working

    Hi , I have a polypipe underfloor wet system , manifold and with a Salus wireless thermostat. Was working fine last winter for the first time - brought up the temperature slowly over several days using the manifold temperature valve as instructed and left it on 45 degree setting and then...
  19. S

    Underfloor heating pump and manifold choice

    Having a load of work done at the moment, part of which is to have wet UFH installed, just looking for any thoughts around the best system to use. There seems to be lots of choice, looking for 3/4 zone system. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  20. M

    Location of secondary return pump and return pipe for underfloor heating.

    I am fitting a secondary return on a system, tank will be in the loft. All the pipework goes up to the loft at the back of a cupboard, I would like the pump to go on the return pipe in here so it is easily accessable for maintenance. My collegue says he thinks it should go to as near to the tank...
  21. N

    Underfloor heating question - Heatmiser

    Hi all I have underfloor heating downstairs and radiators, plus two towel radiators upstairs. I have a Heatmiser UH8 and the radiators are connected to the the 5th zone and the towel radiators are connected to the 8th . Now, if I remember rightly from manuals, if you want to hook up a towel...
  22. M

    Underfloor heating zone getting warm with system turned off?

    Hi Guys hope you can help, I have a wet underfloor heating system and have 6 zones, the problem I'm having is one of the zones is getting warm even though the master thermostat/controller is turned off, the pump is not being switched on so is not circulating through the system. I have an 'Ideal...
  23. L

    run pipes for underfloor heating?

    Hi I have an installation for CH half way installed (first fixed) I want to tile all the floors.. and have realised it will be too cold so I thought about laying pipes in the floors instead of having radiators and simply using the flows and returns that are already there for the radiators to...
  24. M

    Polypipe underfloor heating

    Hi I have a polypipe multizone underfloor heating system (Gas) that stopped working a few weeks ago. It had been making some screeching noises and my hunch in that the Grundfos pump has died as the screeching has stopped - along with the heating! I may be wrong of course. The LED's on the side...
  25. C

    Wet underfloor heating

    Hey guys Ive carried out some rough calculations as to how much of my concrete floor I'll have to break out to fit a UFH system and I'm concerned about the amount of work involved and the number of skips I'll need and was wondering if I can reduce the amount of digging I need to do. I was...
  26. R

    Underfloor heating + Viessmann 222F

    hi all, Just purchased a property and looking at boilers etc. We’re going to have all of downstairs with underfloor heating (approx: 100 sq meters.) running backup rad pipes also downstairs (just in case!) 4 beds, will have an en-suite bedroom in the loft and also mid level bathroom. Rads in...
  27. M

    Underfloor heating, I've done the donkey work testing, can you diagnose

    ok, so I have a underfloor heating manifold with 11 ports (see pic) Rooms struggle to warm up. Think I know why, here's what I've tested: 1. Pressure expansion tank in garage 2 bar - ok 2. Boiler working, water hot - ok 3. Thermostats calling for heat and actuators respond - ok 4. Flow: all...
  28. E

    Insulation in thermostat back box??

    hello, I’m looking for some expert advice. A recently completed extension has wet unfloor heating installed. The stat is hard wired to the boiler with a probe into the floor. The stat is a SolFex slimline. The rest of the house also has wet underfloor and is on a Heatmiser RF system. The issue...
  29. D

    Underfloor heating - supply & return flow temperature question

    Hi I have a wet based underfloor heating system and I've noticed that the stone floor in our kitchen isn't warming up evenly. There is one patch that is much warmer than other areas. I have noticed that when I look at the manifold the supply temperature is running at around 50 to 55 degs but...
  30. R

    Help... underfloor heating

    Hi, can any one give any advice on UFH please? We have a system that goes through one pump, picture attached, and there is no way of switching the UFH off whilst the downstairs heating is on, despite it being on a separate thermostat. When I turn the thermostat for the UFH something in the...
  31. M

    Draining down unvented system including underfloor heating

    Hello folks I haven't had any experience working on radiators when it comes to replacing them on Unvented/sealed systems which include underfloor heating. My question is more geared towards when draininh down, would I need to open the 3 port valve or two port valves to drain down a system...
  32. king of pipes

    Pressure testing alpert pipe underfloor heating loops

    Evening gents what pressure do you test and leave the system pressurised to for laying of the screed? . Kop
  33. C

    Wundafloor underfloor heating

    Has anyone got any experience with their EPS 400 board system please? I’ve just laid a zone and when I got back to the manifold I cut the pipe to the right length. When I did, there was a heck of a lot of pressure built up in the 16mm pipe. Now the pressure is out of the pipe it seems the that...
  34. C

    Underfloor heating wet system

    Hi there, i have a wet underfloor heating system that is about 17 years old, it runs off of 3 manifolds around the house. In the last 4 years almost all of the actuators popped off, 3 of them seem to have burned out as there is scorching and the smell of burning when they popped off. Is this...
  35. T

    Underfloor Heating Mixer Valve not working

    Hi, I just put a couple of these in: Problem is, the mixer valve is not regulating the output reliably. eg set boiler to max (78C) and get 57C going into the UFH circuit, which is way too high - it should be regulating to 35C on MIN according to the sheet. I'm not sure if this is a problem...
  36. Z

    Underfloor heating problem

    Evening all! Just wondering if any one has had any issue with underfloor heating wiring center 'clicking' on and off, have replaced the center but the issue persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  37. V

    Fixing toilet to tiled floor with underfloor heating

    I have to fix a new toilet to my daughter's downstairs toilet.She has just had the floor retiled. The house has piped underfloor heating. I am just a bit concerned about screwing the pan to the floor and whether the pipes will be far enough down not to worry. The previous wc was plugged and...
  38. Matt V

    Rehau underfloor heating: help?

    Hi, Just moved into a new flat. Half of the house has radiators, but the new extension has a Rehau underfloor heating system. The boiler is brand new (Vaillant ecotec), and the radiators are working fine, but no heat coming from the underfloor. The pipes at the manifold are hot, but the flow...
  39. J

    Propix Underfloor Heating. Insulation underneath?

    I have had a quote from a reputable installer for underfloor heating using the Propix system. Does anyone have experience of this? My concern is it is a suspended downstairs timber floor and the quote has not included any insulation beneath it. The Propix panels come in 4 different thicknesses...
  40. S

    Underfloor heating advice.

    Hey guys, looking for a bit of advice on underfloor heating if you don't mind?! I've done a bit of research and am still a bit confused. So i'm looking at installing wet UFH through the hallway, kitchen and rear extension that we're planning. existing bungalow floors are timber suspended...
  41. W

    Bathroom underfloor heating

    Hi, We are in the process of refitting our downstairs bathroom, the house is a long term project with all rooms requiring renovating as well as a rear extension. Eventually we would like to have underfloor heating throughout downstairs, construction is a suspended wooden floor with a large crawl...
  42. K

    Combi boiler flow temperature with underfloor heating

    hello, I have a Worcester greenstart 440 Cdi combi boiler feeding a wet underfloor to my whole house. There’s one manifold upstairs and onedownstairs. The underfloor manifolds have a trv to make sure the flow temperature remains at 40-50 (or even lessbecause I have a laminate floor). I have...
  43. C

    Underfloor heating in new build ... does it comply with regulations?

    Hi ... I'm a keen DIYer who has installed a few systems in the past. My parents have just moved into a new flat and are finding the heating system very difficult to use. I am wondering if the below specification is sensible or even complies with the regulations ... It's a 2 bedroom flat (with 2...
  44. F

    Noisy UFH system. better controls?

    I have just had an extension built and put in a 30m2 underfloor heating kit in the extension. it's run from a baxi combi, flow is split using zone valves so both the radiators and ufh can work independantly. the problem i've found is the system is quite noisy. I've been bleeding it at the...
  45. B

    Underfloor heating advice needed

    Hi all, I'm looking a bit of expert advice on an idea I have. We moved into a new house a few months ago which has its master bedroom over the garage. We used the bedroom for the first two months but have since changed because it was so cold. I've insulated the loft and sealed the garage...
  46. D

    Underfloor heating - problems with thermostat

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice and hope somebody can help. I live in a new build house with underfloor heating on the lower floor and radiators on the top two. The bottom floor was controlled with a wall thermostat and the upper floor was controlled with a Salus room thermostat. I recently...
  47. S

    Heatmiser 4 zone system and underfloor heating control wanted

    hi. Looking for a Heatmiser Neoair thermostat 4 of them and UH8-RF fitted to exsiting heating system. Current wiring centre is a JGWWC and thermostats are managed by a salus RT500RF. Need finished system to be controlled by iOS devices. Current boiler is glow worm Ultracom. Please message me...
  48. V

    Water Underfloor heating not working - help needed to find the problem.

    Hi everyone and hank you in advance for your time. My kitchen water based underfloor is not heating up appart from a small area near the start of the laid pipe... The remaining of the floor is permanently cold as if there was something blocking the water flow. This appened only this winter (the...
  49. A

    Underfloor heating, 1 side not working.

    I have to look at a job tomorrow. The cust called and said that one side of the room works fine but the other side doesn't work at all. Reckons 1 half hasn't been connected up. Sounds a bit strange, I asked if it's always been like that and he said yes. Installed approx 1 yr ago. Also said he...
  50. M

    Underfloor Heating & towel rad

    Hi, I am having water underfloor heating installed in a one bed new build flat. I intend to have three zone. Kitchen/Lounge, Bedroom & Hall/Bathroom. My problem is that I want to install a heated towel rad in the bathroom. What is the best way to acheive this. I have a three port manifold. I...