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  1. Dan

    How many of you are fitting Ideal Boilers these days?

    How many of you are fitting Ideal Boilers these days?
  2. A

    Advice on some of these please...

    I bought these (not the ones in the image, what they sent) Ratchet Tool for 0.5mm²-10mm² Ferrules - https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/DVDCER510.html, however I had to return them as the crimps kept getting stuck, nearly broke the wire getting it out. I was considering these Ferrule Kit -...
  3. Bidge

    Leaky toilet cistern - Advice on flexi hose

    Hi my toilet is leaking both from the water inlet and from the existing copper piping. I'm usually quite handy and many many years ago, I replaced the water inlet for this cistern. However last week, it began leaking, initially from the copper piping leading into the cistern. I tried to tighten...
  4. S

    OK, any idea what these are?

    I simply can't find the answer but I'm sure someone here must know. The diameter of the inner tubing is 5mm (sorry about the dog hairs on the 1st pic , it's that time of year :/ )
  5. scott_d

    How would this shower valve plate fit?

    Spotted in Toolstation but I can’t work out how you would attach it to pipes? https://www.deva-uk.com/products/wall-plate-for-bar-showers-spe10
  6. A

    Bottom outlet toilet are these available?

    Hi I’m trying to make use of an existing 6” waste pipe for a repositioning of a toilet in a ground floor bathroom. The waste pipe centre from wall is 275mm. I don’t really have the room to pull the toilet forward to connect normally. Can I get a bottom outlet toilet, if so where? Or is there...
  7. T

    Pipes left from cylinder removal

    So I’ve had my hot water cylinder removed as I’ve changed over to combi and this has opened up a lot of space which I can make part of the bathroom. But I need to hide these pipes shown in the picture. Are they important? Could I just hind them under the floor. Or do they need to be accessible...
  8. T

    Can anyone identify these taps?

    Hi Can anyone identify the taps in the attached photos please? Thanks
  9. J

    Shower Tray choice of these two???

    Hi, Another quandry. having taken previous advice I think I can get two showers rather than a quadrant and shower. I am looking at 1500 x 800 and 1500 x 900 trays with wet room screen (1200mm). I am down to the Aquadart or the Kudos. On paper very similar. However there is a £200 difference...
  10. G

    Can you help me identify these fixings?

    Hey guys Looking for some help identifying these push fit fixings. There are used on a concealed cistern panel and I can seem to find them anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. P

    Anyone help identify these parts?

    As per title, looking at making these out of 1/2" pipe for a local charity to raffle off but could do with a list of fittings (mainly the one that clamps to the bottle) if anyone could lend a hand?
  12. A

    Do you know what these pipe connections are?

    Hi all I moved into a new house last year and under the kitchen sink the pipework has what looks like 2 filter connections but I have never seen these before and having ploughed through the internet I can't find any products that look similar. Even went into a couple of stores including Selco...
  13. C

    What are good employed GSR engineers being paid these days?

    I've spent most my 20 year career self employed but for the past few years have been employed as a service and breakdown engineer. I shut my firm and joined a bigger firm to help kick their service department into shape and get it running slick and efficient - which it is now. Lots of...
  14. R

    I am retiring, anyone want these books ?

    I'm 77, and finally decided to call it a day. Also health ain't brilliant so time to pack it in. For the past 15 years I have been running my own company (one man band and Joycie doing the invoices) just North of London. My speciality has been CP12's in N.and central London That's Landlords...
  15. A

    Opinions on neatest way to route these pipes?

    Evening all, me again (I know I can be a pain!!) I need to re-route these pipes to connect to the new inlet on the opposite side, and am wondering about the neatest way to do so. Originally I was going to use a long flexi connector and box out a ledge to cover everything - cheating I know. But...
  16. K

    Help what are these in my new house

    what are these ? They are in the living room and two bedrooms
  17. J

    Anyone seen one of these plastic couplers on WC before?

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of fixing an old Twyfords WC. It is a close-coupled model, though with an unusual plastic elbow between the cistern and pan. See pics. Anyone know if/where I can get a new elbow? Thanks for your advice, Jennie
  18. J

    Have you seen one of these before, coz I ain't...

    Ok folks, standard WC pans are approx 400mm to the rim right? Those for elderly or less able 430mm i.e. DOC M etc. Well in the bathroom I've been working on this week the pan rim height was 490mm!! Pic FYI How terrible is that, doesn't even fit the profile of the pan... at first I thought...
  19. P

    Identify these taps Please.

    Can anyone identify these taps? They are leaking and I can find no way to get at the cartridge. There are no grub screws. The pix show the whole kit plus 2 closeups 1 with the rear collar slipped off. Thanks in advance.
  20. S

    Is it possible to bleed these rads?

    There’s a finned element along the bottom.
  21. R

    What do I need to cap these pipes?

    Hello, Please forgive my ignorance but I was hoping someone could let me know what I need to cap these two pipes so I can disconnect my tap and toilet from the water supply... the toilet one has a screw on it - is that for isolating the connection? Many thanks! Ross
  22. D

    Are these fitting used here in the UK?

    Can anyone please advise whether we use this type of plumbing fitting/stop cock here in the UK.... Many thanks :)
  23. P

    Please help find these fittings

    Quick story, our fridge hasn't been connected up to water for awhile. Went to get the fittings but they was not all there. Now i'm unsure where to find the fittings in the pictures. Obviously i have one side but i need the same fittings for the other side. So if any one could point me in the...
  24. R

    Gas is where the work is these days - true or false?

    I've heard people say quite a bit recently that a lot of the work for plumbers, gas engineers etc is in gas...i.e. that is where the greatest demand is...can anyone tell me why this is the case? where is the evidence that backs this up? does it depend on the company, or is it the case across the...
  25. moonlight

    Have you tried one of these? The new Quick fit Flush valve.

    anyone tried one of these valves yet? I can't see the point of fitting a different drop valve in place of the one you have? Its saying you don't have to remove the cistern to fit? Interested in your views
  26. finchy01

    How do I remove these covers?

    Sat in a customer's bathroom trying to replace their concealed thermostatic shower. I've removed the 2 grub screws (1 on each) but can't shift either of them. I've been trying one for about 15 minutes now so can't believe it's just scales. The new replacement (looks identical) is just the 2...
  27. gmartine

    Removing olives

    I have a puller, use a hacksaw if I can't be ****. Saw this thing and thought it might be worth ago to save a few seconds or is it worth the investment in a olive cutter (monument) for each size. https://www.jtatkinson.co.uk/olive-cutter-15-54mm.html
  28. F

    Best ply floor seal

    Hi Im tiling a bathroom floor on monday. Have ply lined the floor today and just wonderee what you guys use to prime the floor prior to tiling? Cheers
  29. Y


    I have British Gas Homecare for 2 houses I rent out. The tenants at both are complaining about the number of times the boiler has broken down. It does seem excessive. Also it seems to take several visits to fix one problem. I've asked for a full list of all callouts for both properties and...
  30. C

    Update on Grundfos UPS2?

    Are there still some startup problems with these circulators? Most of the comments are now a few years old, though the sensitivity to spikey voltage was mentioned only a couple of months ago. I would also like to ask if these problems occurred when on a proportional pressure speed setting or...
  31. T

    Removing twin valve radiator temporarily

    Hi ALL, I need to remove two twin valve radiators temporarily so I can decorate. There's limited info about this type of rad online, except to say they're rare and a bit old fashioned. In my case, the ones I have also have an extra pipe running up from the twin valve fitting which I have...
  32. gassafe

    Quick question...

    Gotta quote replacement trvs... like for like, all currently on microbore plastic with those collapsible internal brass reducers which I don't normally rate! Is it okay to re-use the these fittings or isn't that asking for trouble... don't want to have to add couplers on all of them as it...
  33. W

    Syphon, anyone used a Macdee Quick fit Wirquin syphon

    Hi , has anyone used one of these things, if so are they any good , and easy to fit, got a back to the wall pan,cistern, ,needs new syphon ,mare of a job, apperantently you can fit these syphons without taking cistern apart ? Cheers
  34. hamish

    Problems with Bristan Easyfit Kitchen Taps

    Between June 2015 and June 2016, I fitted 21 Easyfit kitchen taps. I have recently had 4 cases of the taps ‘blowing off’ the base and flooding people’s kitchens. These occurred 8, 9, 11 and 13 months after installation. In each case, the base was installed the correct way round, and the grub...
  35. Neil T

    Floor drainage

    Hi, does anyone know where I could get one of these drain 'cups' from? Not even sure of the proper name for it. Its in a McDonald's and 2nd time I've had to deal with one of these. First time I just improvised with a multi appliance sink trap but there isn't enough space here. Cheers
  36. G

    Scottish Gas Coyboys

    Recently purchased a house. One of the selling points was a hardly used year old heating system installed by Scottish Gas. After a week I noticed a drop in pressure so decided I better get this sorted before moving in. I found most of the 30 year old back boiler system still in place including a...
  37. J

    Looking for latex/silicone 'sac' alternative

    Hi everyone, this might be a bit of a strange question, but I'm looking for an alternative to small 'sacs' that are used in vintage pens to hold ink. I'd like to show pics but I'm not allowed, you can see what I mean by googling 'pen ink sac'. The prices for these are ridiculous, and I need a...
  38. M

    Antique taps - are there washers out there for these?

    Hello all, I'm a tenant in a property and we have some antique taps that are shut off, because they leak quite badly. The plumbers who visited said it wasn't possible to get new washers to fix them, and a whole new unit would be needed, which the landlord isn't prepared to accommodate. Could...
  39. jtsplumbing

    Poor standerd of driveing

    Don't know what your local roads are like but where I am its mainly twisting country roads and narrow lanes with lots of Double white lines, I'M finding more and more that mainly young drivers like to overtake on these roads , blind bends/tractors, caravans and you cant see what's coming due to...
  40. jaydebruyne

    Wall-Hung duravit pan & Grohe consealed cistern

    Have to replace the flush cone on a duravit pan which is connected to a grohe cistern. Arent these wall hung pans secured with the two buts underneath the pan? As there is no access to any of the frame as all tiled in.
  41. scott_d

    Rad valve with drain

    How does the drain on these seal? Is there washer that can be removed? got a drippy one to sort out
  42. S

    zone valve leak

    I have a zone valve (220V actuator) on 28mm boiler primary loop .... and a slight leak from there. It is not leaking from either of the compression joints ... so must be coming out via the central ball valve actuator. It's a Cimberio 1" valve with 28mm compression reducers, model...
  43. T

    Soil smell coming from underfloor only when wind blows in certain direction

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help. I have a 1930's house and in the waste man hole I have two redundant pipes that look like they go somewhere underneath my house. When the wind blows in a certain direction a smell comes from under the floor. It probably happens once every two weeks. Could these...
  44. D

    Sad news from Glasgow

    Two women found dead at Glasgow flat in suspected gas poisoning - BBC News The full story is yet to come out. However these poor women died from carbon monoxide poisoning which can only be caused by an appliance burning a carbon based fuel. This is why we on this forum take the position we do...
  45. Jock Spanners

    Lockshield Valve Key

    Does anyone make a lockshield valve key (like a bleed valve key)? I'm sick of using an adjustable - a proper key would be much better.
  46. B

    Plate heat exchanger

    Hi quoting for a reply old church building. Can anyone post a link of a good heat exchanger as I want to keep new boiler circuit separate
  47. T

    Globe Taps size of internal main nut?

    Hi all, hope you can help. I want to change the washers on my bath taps. They are typical 1930's Globe taps. Unscrewing the main stainless steel cover, I come across the nut that needs to be turned to lift the tap body out. Here I hit the problem. What size is this nut? My spanners only go up...
  48. G

    Worcester boilers

    Is it just me or are these boilers a pain to service and repair. Had to replace the PRV on a Junior greenstar 28i and it was a nightmare to replace. Even testing a GV the plugs are on the back so needed to be removed to check solenoids. Does doing their training course help at all? Would be good...
  49. R

    Battery operated sensor taps

    Ive been asked to replace 12 mixer taps with sensor taps in my local doctors surgery. Ive been looking at the ones that run on AA batteries rather than wired to the electrics. Does anyone have any experience with these, are they any good? Thanks
  50. M

    13,333 btus off 15mm pipe.

    Hi I am putting the pipework in for a heating system and am left with 3 rads to pick up with 13,333 btus of heat needed for this 3 rads. After the last rad on the circuit before these 3. Is around 4 meters, I have ran 22mm from there. I plan on reducing down to 15mm around 300 mm before picking...