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  1. S

    Should I pressure test relatively small plumbing job

    I am a DIYer that is looking to address piping under my en-suite floor, whilst I am undertaking a major re-ferb of the room. With reference to the picture, you can see that I have a number of JG connections under the floor and they will ultimately be tiled over. To complicate things further...
  2. D

    Glow Worm 30 CXi gas test cap has fallen apart.

    Hi everyone. When I looked in the cupboard where our gas combi boiler is installed, I found a wee white plastic cap which had pretty much disintegrated. A search found it was the cap that's meant to seal off the flue test point - from which a nice breeze from outside was ensuing. As it...
  3. R

    Help pressure test pump for rothenberger pump

    Hi guys had to open a new account not sure what happened to my old one.. Is there a drill pump out there that can pump up my 1st fixes for pressure tests? As doing it by hand can take a long time. Thanks.
  4. Ricardo Napoli

    HELP..Pressure test pump drill pump

    Hi guys just wondering is there a drill pump or something that I can attach to pressure test when I'm on new builds. Currently using the rothenberger pressure test pump but that can take a while to get up to pressure pumping by hand. Thanks guys.
  5. G

    ideal straight swap for the potterton suprima to run a gledhill Boilermate 2000 ?

    I have a potterton suprima 50l running a gledhill Boilermate 2000 job on at the minute. the potterton failed its CPA test with a ratio of 0.1205 and its kicking out a terrible odour. the customers opted for a replacement but I'm a lil stumped on ideal straight swaps. ideally I'd of opted for...
  6. P

    First fix pipe work testing

    Hi Just using a rothenberger RP50 to test first fix radiator pipework. part HEP and part copper. what is the correct procedure? Struggle to pump it up to 4.5bar! Used pump to put water in the system then vented the air and then pumped up but became very hard to pump. Long time since I did this...
  7. N

    Bad workmanship or is it just me?

    Hi All, I recently had a new kitchen, installed by a local company. When I opened the cupboard under the new sink I was surprised that half of the cupboard is taking up with the copper pipe runs which to my non plumbing eye are a convoluted mess. As I say I am no plumber so would like to hear...
  8. R

    How to test per 2007 grant temperature controller

    I have a client with grant vortex combi 21 condensing 2007. Looks similar to be new vortex 21e but the control panel is different. Has a few seperate circuit boards and clear relays. The fault is that it just stays on when central heating on until high limit kicks in. I've checked for trapped...
  9. J

    UFH Pressure Test Length / Pressure Dropping

    Hi All, My wife and I our renovating our first house together and have become a little stuck installing our wet underfloor heating system. Before we end up phoning around local plumbers I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone has any bright ideas. We've laid the pipes (2 zones)...
  10. J

    british gas test paper

    i am going for sub contract role with bg was just wondering if any of you have done the test paper they said 36 questions ? any info would be great
  11. P

    newby test can anyone help me be a valued member

    trying to learn how to create a new thread What is a Tag What does Upload a file mean What will be my Attachments can Someone guide me through the basics
  12. A

    proper pressure test

    hi, i am an electrician but recently i started to do some plumbing. can somone please explain to me how to pressure test a bathroom after you are complete. i have been told that you need to bypass hot and call and pressure up to to 5 bar. i would be more than happy if you can show me with some...
  13. E

    0.5mb drop on tightness test - Should I be worried?

    Hi everyone, Just looking for some advice/reassurance. My boiler had its second annual service today and the (gas safe) engineer recorded a 0.5mb drop on the tightness test. He assured my partner that this was nothing to worry about but as I wasn't home at the time I just wanted reassurance...
  14. B

    Taking acs test next week

    First post after reading many on this forum. I'm just about to take my acs at the end of Feb, I'm pretty confident on my practical side as I have been out with my engineer on many jobs. I'm wondering if anyone has access to any mock papers for my theory side, I read in a post to ask kirkgas but...
  15. J

    Syncron motor test /motorised valve

    happy Christmas everyone hope all well!! Off work enjoying holidays hence the question. Please don’t laff as this may seem a silly question , when checking if the syncron motor has had its day what wires do you test for ohms in wiring centre? I know it’s 2300 ohms but just wanted to confirm the...
  16. C

    hi all,i have a alpha intec 28x which will fire in test mode

    Hi, the boiler is a alpha intec 28x which will work in test mode but not in normal mode and it gives plenty of hot water
  17. J

    Water Test Results - Heat Exchanger Pack In

    Hi Our Vokera boiler was installed just over a year ago. The Heat Exchanger gave up the ghost last week and the engineer took a water sample and stated that is was likely that the system hadn't been flushed property and there were still chemicals present. I have received the water results but...
  18. B

    Pressure test JG Speedfit?

    Hi all, I’ve just installed a two pipe central heating system and need a pressure test. However JG require a wet test at 2 bar then at 10 bar with the pipe disconnected from the rads and boiler. I should have probably thought about this earlier but I can’t think how I’m going to fill the pipes...
  19. L

    Pneumatic pressure test pump

    I was working on a project once when I had seen another plumber testing his install with an air compressor test pump. Doesn't seem to be any on the market. If you Google Air pressure test pump or pneumatic pressure test pump. Nothing comes up so I'm assuming that it's his own set up. It makes...
  20. P

    legionnaires test failure

    Hi A kitchen tap thats in regular use has failed a legionnaires test, ive been asked to clear out the pipes? I know they have an isolated shower, maybe a dead leg somewhere but not directly on this pipe. So can it be a dirty pipe even if in regular use? I always saw this as a stagnant static...
  21. D

    Any way to 'actively' test whether gas flow is adequate?

    Bro has a system boiler which he'd like to replace with a combi. He's on the 5th floor of a building and the gas metres are at ground level. The gas pipe route seems to be up the outside of the building for most of its way, then comes in and travels up to a 'room' on the roof where the system...
  22. W

    Pressure drop on test of new install

    Hello guys , girls . Can you please advise on the following. Had a new water and heating system installed into a new build property and was all cross connected and put under pressure test . this happened Sunday the 14th of Jan , so been under test for a week now. The pressure was left at 5bar...
  23. Z

    Drain Test Bag Leaking

    I've been asked to perform a pressure test on a soil stack i've recently installed for a new build and i'm using an inflatable test bag for the bottom and i cannot get it to seal. I flushed the toilet thinking maybe a bit of water on top might help it and i can see it dripping though. The bag...
  24. T

    I've got my first Plumbing exam on Tuesday for Level 1 in College. What should I know and remember?

    It's my first year for plumbing at college and so far liking it a lot and excited about it. I would like to know what should I definitely remember for my plumbing exam on tuesday? It seems like we learned mainly basic things but I was off in one of the days so I might have missed something...
  25. Stants

    Flow + Pressure Test

    Hi Just done a Flow and pressure test Flow 3,3 L in 10 secs =19.8 ( did it 3 times pretty consistent) Pressure 4 Bar This however was at kitchen sink downstairs but looking to install Unvented Cylinder ( santon or Mega or similar) in loft ( servicing 1 bathroom + 1 onsuite ) will/ is this...
  26. robj20

    Hydraulic system test

    How long is it wise to leave a system before filling it up, after you have wet tested it as obviously it will stay wet throughout with untreated water?
  27. gas tec

    Gas isolation valve with test point

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a 22mm gas isolation valve with built in test point. It must be full bore. Thanks
  28. C

    Dry test for leaks on speedfit/ tectite sprint install

    Hi, I've finished a ch installation using speedfit and tectite sprint, and wanted to drytest for leaks. What pressure should i dry test at? Can i dry test the radiators, coil, drain cocks and manual air valve as well? (I'm isolating the boiler and pump using isolation valves). Any tips...
  29. G

    What materials can be used on hot water distribution pipes

    Hi, allow me to introduce myself. Im on my first year of a 2 year plumbing course and loving it. Im busy revising right now for my hot water test, and one question is saying you can use the following materials on hot water distribution ... Copper Pipe Galvanised Steel and Polybutylene pipe...
  30. P

    Problem with Hasltead Quattro clock.

    Hello eveyone. I am not a plumber so this may sound a pretty stupid question... The timer/clock on my Halstead Quattro stopped working recently and I have purchased a new Grasslin (600516) clock. The pins on the back have me confused. I thought I had it right (see attached) but the clock...
  31. H

    No Hot Water Or Heating

    Hi I have no hot water or heating, I have system boiler and cylinder is on the landing the boiler lights and that is it can any body help, neighbour thinks it the valve in the airing cupboard, does that sound right to anybody and how do I test it. don't what to replace it if not broke.
  32. M

    gas analysers

    anyone any ideas on whats a good gas analyser ,testo,kane etc been looking at the kane 455 anyone used one or no if there any good
  33. M

    HELLLLPPPP! Heatline C24 No DHW!!!!!

    Please Help. We have a Heatline C24 Combi Condensing boiler. I know they are naff but not got £1500 at the mo for an new boiler. Fault: Lack of hot water - lukewarm at best. CH still works fine. Background: A few weeks ago, the boiler had a fault displaying on the panel, with the DHW...
  34. C

    Calling Viessmann Experts: Flow Switch

    The situation: One of the first versions of Viessmann Vitoden 100 18kW regular boiler, powering ten rads in a two down, three up home. The boiler struggles to heat the home (when it's working) and the rads appear appropriately sized. Three times in the last nine months our engineers have had...
  35. V

    Rad valves and bung kits

    Hi all Got a lot of rad valves to change in various houses tomorrow - think i've drawn the short straw:eek: - anyway, I have a bung kit on the van and never used it, but was just wondering if any of you guys have? I've no problem with the drain downs but would use bung kit if quicker Any...
  36. quality

    Ideal mexico HE30

    I went to one of these boilers today put the heating on it fired up all seemed ok until it cut out on temperature as the flow pipe reached 70 degrees. I was expecting it to fire up when the temperature dropped but it never did. so I flicked the user control switch off then back on and it fired...
  37. P

    Valor 941 DFE coals covered in soot

    clients valor 941 DFE after approx 2 months use the some of the coals are covered in soot fire about 2 years old. flue working well any idears thanks
  38. F

    Rotten Egg Smell

    To anyone who may be able to help, We have been suffering on and off with a smell like rotten eggs in our dining room, the smell is intermittent and we cant seem to tie it down to anything, or any particular time, there doesnt seem to be any drains under the floor which is a joisted ground...
  39. C


    simple Q, any one fit one , what do you think of them , :confused:
  40. P

    Expansion vessel???

    Combi boiler pressure rising to 2.5-2.7 with flow temp around 73 degrees on potterton Gold combi 33he. Pressure when called is 1 bar have replaced the filling loop as letting by and also prv as client said was at 4 bar the other day. So is a new expansion vessel needed?? as was working fine...
  41. V

    Baxi Bermuda gas leak help.

    Hi we have a Baxi Bermuda Inset 2 back boiler. It started to leak gas, so it has been shut off by transco, they tested the pressure and it is leaking from the boiler. We shut the boiler down, but it still leaked, untill we shut the valve off on the boiler. My question is: Is this 95% the valve...
  42. J

    Cleaning Baxi 552 boiler burner/jets

    What is the correct way to clean the jets and burner on Baxi 552 back boiler? I have no problem getting the burner out but need advice on cleaning the parts to obtain a clean burning flame. Thanks for any advice.
  43. A

    Leaking external stopcock - South Staffs responsibility?

    Hi there, i'm new to the forum but am hoping somebody could provide some advice on the following problem Have recently purchased an end terrace cottage with a shared water supply. Last night we got back from work to find that we had no water. south staffs eventually agreed to come out and...
  44. Y

    Performa 28 hw works ch kicks in but does not circulate please advise

    Hello, I have a Potterton Performa 28. The hot water works perfectly. The problem I have is with the central heating, it does not circulate the heated water. When I switch the CH on the temp increases to 80 degrees in about 20 seconds and then cuts the boiler out for a couple of mins, it...
  45. E

    faulty pipie stat?

    got a pipe stat that clicks on once frost stat signals but does not switch off? any one got any ideas. i think it is def wired up wrong as connected to white wire (from 3p.v) in junction
  46. K

    sewage smells in bedrooms - help

    I live in a 3 storey victorian terrace and we've had a smelly sewage smell in both the bedrooms on the middle floor for the past 2 or so months that comes and goes but tends to be worse in the evenings. We've also recently had a blocked toilet on the ground floor which was caused by a block...
  47. A

    Room thermostat problem

    Our room thermostat for our central heating is above the hottest rad in the house and as such, to keep the room at 21C (we have small children) we have to keep the thermostat at 27C and always have something on it - such as wet washing. Last week I noticed that the temperature on the...
  48. 3

    No hot water after pump install

    Have decided to install a Salamander CT 75 2 bar pump, as the pressure was no good for new big shower head. With dedicated water supply from cold header and Grundfos Surrey Flange on the hot water, new 22mm pipe as far as possible up to base of shower then on old 15mm. Valve on shower is a...
  49. F

    Baxi 105e main flow switch not operating

    Gurus, Have a baxi 105e which has been switch off etc for last number of months. When started does not provide CH or DHW. Pump operates and DHW diverter M/S operates when hot tap turned on, but, main flow(ch) M/S does not operate, if I operate this manually the boiler fires up and heat hot water...
  50. V

    Sentinel Test kit

    Some advice please , I have ordered a Sentinel test kit that does 10 tests for the strength of X100 . I will shortly be changing a rad for a customer and if I could test the inhibitor strength it would be handy ( i dont want to put nails in a jar of fluid & wait to see if they go rusty ) ...