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  1. J

    Maxipod Temperature Differences

    If a Maxipod is heated only with a oil fired boiler does the outlet temperature change (before any TMV) depending on where the cylinder stat is located, for example if the probe is located towards the bottom of the cylinder and set say to 70C then because of the deltaT through the boiler the...
  2. M

    Baxi Duo Tec 40 HE A Fluctuating Hot Water Temperature

    Hello All, I am currently having an issue with my Baxi Duo Tec 40 HE A not maintaining a constant temperature for the domestic hot water. With a thermometer under a tap & the domestic hot water thermostat set to 43 °C I get a fluctuating temperature from 51 °C to 38 °C which is clearly not...
  3. F

    Battery powered RF thermostat receiver OR thermostat with auxiliary temperature sensor?

    Hi, I would really appreciate your help with this issue. I'm looking a wireless boiler thermostat with a receiver that is battery powered, or a battery powered thermostat that can read a wireless temperature sensor. The problem that i'm trying to solve is that my current thermostat is located...
  4. D

    Thermostatic bath/shower mixer - water temperature fluctuates hot-cold

    Hi there, We've got a problem that I'm hoping someone has some thoughts on. We have a Grohe thermostatic bath/shower mixer in a first-floor bathroom which is fed by a combination boiler. The intsallation has worked fine for around 8 years without problem. Around 2 months ago the hot water in...
  5. B

    Aqualisa processor problem

    Electrician has stood on my aqualisa shower processor box/pump unit and now the water does not get hot enough for a shower even though the indicator light stays on to say it has reached temp....any ideas ?
  6. M

    Bar mixer shower - unable to adjust temperature

    I have a concealed 3 valve thermostat mixer shower which is around one year old. I realised that the middle mixer that sets the temporary is just going around and not changing the temperature. I’ve removed the knob and found the grub screw has created a groove all around the spindle and the...
  7. F

    UFH running temperature and how to gently warm screed

    Hi all, I've just had my wet UFH connected up and turned on for the first time in my new extension and I've got a couple of questions: The screed was laid 6 weeks ago and my floor finish tiles haven't been laid but I'm looking to get them laid in about a week, so would like to spend the next...
  8. G

    Aqualisa Rise Digital Shower - temperature issues

    Last week, the hot water ran low (we don't have a combi boiler) when I was in the shower and the temperature dipped. Since then, the temperature of the water will not go above that level. The hot water is fine everywhere else including another shower. I turned the processor off for a few...
  9. mgw

    Temperature of circulating coolant what difference does it make?

    Clearly if not hot enough the house will not get warm enough. However had some problems with my oil water heater for central heating and domestic hot water not lighting, the engineer came and adjusted electrodes, and now seems OK, but at same time he turned up the temperature of the water a bit...
  10. M

    Temperature relief unvented cylinder

    What can be causing a temperature relief to drip. I have recharged the expansion vessle that had totally lost its charge. I am g3 registered. Thanks
  11. B

    Sime Murelle HE300 not getting to temperature

    Hi, have a Sime Murelle HE30 boiler on traditional CH 15 rads plus hot water tank circuit. Boiler gets to about 60 then modulates, drops to 50 ish but fails to reach demand temp of 75. Pressure is ok (although could do with a bigger expansion vessel). It was fine last week! Any ideas?
  12. D

    Constant Room Temperature

    I'm looking for a more constant room temperature if that is possible. My boiler is a Vaillant Eco Tech plus 418 and I have a basic Honeywell room stat. I have the stat set so the boiler fires up at 20.6. It goes off at around 21.4 and then carries on heating up to approx 21.9. I therefore have a...
  13. F

    What is the optimal temperature for boiler ?

    Hello guys, We have a quite big boiler which circulates hot water in our hot water storage tanks and 80 apartments radiators. We have currently set the boiler thermostat to 65 °C and the boiler Flue gases are between 250-350 °C. The person who services our boiler insists that we lower the boiler...
  14. R

    Glow worm boiler temperature

    I moved into a house during the summer with a 3 year old Glow worm ultimate 35c combi boiler fitted. We had it serviced at the time. Now it's winter I'm wondering if it is working correctly. What temperature range so they normally cycle over when running the heating. I have notice initially the...
  15. R

    Shower temperature problem

    I have two showers at first floor level fed by a Worcester Combi boiler. Both showers are Mira Agile thermostatic mixer showers and are fed from the same hot and cold supply runs. One shower has been in for approx 2 years and at the moment is working fine. I had temperature fluctuation problems...
  16. P

    Shower temperature erratic.

    My shower water used to arrive at both the main shower head and the small one on a flexible hose at a perfect,constant temperature. Suddenly unless I keep adjusting the temperature manually the water is either boiling hot or freezing cold. What is needed?
  17. H

    Boiler cycling when system up to temperature

    Hello, can anyone explain what causes a Honeywell Ultracom 24hxi that works as expected when the system is cold, but when the system gets up to temperature the boiler starts to constantly cycle and fire quickly every 30 seconds or so. - When the system is cold the boiler will fire for a period...
  18. Gee

    Water temperature from electric shower is a problem

    Hello, I'm using a Triton Amber III and sometimes the water is just totally cold and other times irregular and the light at the top of the unit doesn't come on. Can anyone tell me what's happening? Thanks.
  19. R

    How to test per 2007 grant temperature controller

    I have a client with grant vortex combi 21 condensing 2007. Looks similar to be new vortex 21e but the control panel is different. Has a few seperate circuit boards and clear relays. The fault is that it just stays on when central heating on until high limit kicks in. I've checked for trapped...
  20. T

    honeywell thermostat model cm927 issue with low target temperature

    just turned on my heating for the first time since last winter. the thermostat will not allow me to set a target temp above 9.5 degrees. it just cycles back to zero......help!
  21. T

    Hot water not up to temperature

    Evening all, hope someone can give advice. I have a Baxi duo etc 24 HE A combi boiler and over night the hot water is not going above the digital display of approx 48 degrees. The burner and light does come and goes off, this still happens when the hot water dial setting is at max but the temp...
  22. S

    Shower Temperature Fluctuations.

    I have a Baxi Duotec 2 40 GA Combi boiler 8yrs old and Hudson Reed Exposed Shower. Recent problems with temperature fluctuations in the shower. It will be warm for 5 minutes then it goes cold for 3 mins then hot again, you get the idea. Have massive problems with Limescale, a water conditioner...
  23. L

    Shower Temperature

    Hi all Some advice if possible. I fitted a new shower yesterday (Mira ERD Realm) thermostatic type at a clients house. Very pleased with the flow rate BUT it could be hotter. After flushing and commissioning I left the shower to run on full power ( lever turned up completely anti clockwise. I...
  24. J

    Hot water temp 20C above desired temp set on dial

    Good Morning. Are you all fed up with me yet? I'm posting yet another separate thread. Update. As you know, last night I fired up the boiler after re-filling the system following some repairs I had made... Actually I spare you all the details, I perhaps give to much Long story short. I've got...
  25. M

    CWST temperature advice please

    Hi all, first time posting, looking for advice regarding a CWST. I was asked to look at a system where the customer couldn't get below 25degree at cold taps. The building is predominantly unused at the moment, it is going to be used as a holiday let soon. It has 8 ensuite bedrooms, a main...
  26. C

    Underfloor temperature limiting valve

    Hi Guys Does anybody have any experience in working with one of these: RTL valve Underfloor heating return temperature limiter thermostat UBG insert 5902693830900 | eBay or RTL-MB3 Return Limiter for underfloor heating Valve Temperature Cassette Box | eBay its basically a TRV that...
  27. L

    Bath Tap Temperature

    Hi All, I have an odd problem, we moved into our house about 5 years ago and have always had a problem where the bath tap runs from scorching hot to luke warm after it's been running for a minute, despite the heating being on all day, this process can be repeated after switching off for about a...
  28. J

    Hot water temperature advice.

    Hi, I've got a combi valiant ecotec plus 837 with a control vrc 430 weather compensator controller fitted. The picture attached is the mains display of the vrc 430 with both heating and water set to auto. 1) The only purpose I have used auto is for the heating to kick in when it's in for the...
  29. C

    Water pump turns off as shower temperature is increased

    Hi all, We recently moved into our house and have had a few issues with the cold water and showers. The cold water goes from the tank through a water pump to the shower. hot water is fed from a combi-boiler. If you turn the shower on with the temp set to cold, you can hear the water pump kick...
  30. W

    Mixer valve set up not controlling temperature

    Initial begatube UFH system, 6 zones downstairs and 7 rads upstairs. 1 zone. I know thats rbbish but was new build and thats what i got not knowing any difference. The manual 3 port mixing valve and thermostatic heads.... I've replaced twice since. I had new vouge c40 combi boiler in April to...
  31. J

    Varying shower temperature

    Background: I live on the first floor in a block of 24 flats with a water pressure booster set (this has been serviced and is in full working order). I have a Weissmann vitodens 100-w boiler. One shower is a Bristan mixer shower, the other is an Aqualisa thermostatic quartz A2 mixer shower...
  32. J

    Best way to measure flow & return temperature's at radiators?

    What's the best way to measure flow & return temperature at radiator? What type of thermometer?
  33. N

    Low temperature emitters

    Hi all Could anyone give me a ballpark, very rough cost for upgrading of radiators in an office of about 5,000m2 to low temperature radiators ( running at about 40C ), assuming minor pipework modifications for each radiator - including supply of the radiators + time and materials? Just looking...
  34. P

    DHW Temperature Drastically Fluctiating when CH is on.

    Evening all. Last month i had a new Worcester Bosch Greenstar Compact 32CDI combi installed. I have come to notice that when the CH is on there are drastic fluctuations in the temperature of the hot water when the tap is on. The water temperature is currently set to 46 degrees on the boiler. I...
  35. H

    Wireless Thermostat with multiple heating temperature & timer option?

    Hi, I am trying to find a suitable wireless thermostat with heating timer options which can be programmed for 4/5 times a day ON/OFF setting with different temperature settings. Will appreciate anyone sharing their knowledge. Thank you
  36. D

    3 bed bungalow, Glow worm 125 electronic combi , heating excellent, taps temp rubbish,

    Hi folks, I recently moved into this bungalow and am not at all happy with the boiler, which is situated in the garage. Every morning I have to run off 3/4 of a bucket of water before any hot water arrives and even then it's not very warm I have to boil a kettle to wash the dishes. Kitchen and...
  37. A

    Adjusting temperature on this type of radiator valve?

    In my flat I have two types of radiator valve, one that can be adjusted just by turning and a different type of valve (shown in pictures). Sometimes I want to control the temp in different rooms. If I want to adjust the temperature on these radiators, is the only way to unscrew them and...
  38. S

    Water temperature in heating mode

    Hi there We've had a new glow worm betacom 30C installed recently as part of an extension. Only in the last couple of days we've needed to switch the heating on but the radiators are absolutely burning hot, even when the valves are set very low, like 1. Is there a way to decrease the water...
  39. L

    Hot water temperature dial - on Boiler - fixable?

    Vaillant ecoTECH Plus 837. Hot water (taps) temperature dial on boiler - rotates - but does not change the temp on the boiler - it's as if its no longer connected to the rotary switch itself. I think the plastic shaft is broken/snapped. Either way - is such a mechanical problem easily...
  40. cr0ft

    Temperature problems with large commercial hot water system

    Hi all. As most of you will know I've gone back on the cards now and am now fault-finding one of our commercial hot water systems in a 5,800sq.m building. It's a large building on a hospital site. The hot water system is an old system! Heating is run from a steam feed from the main hospital...
  41. W

    Worcester greenstar 18ri purpose of the CH control knob on face

    Hi, I have a conventional Greenstar 18ri in a house I rent out. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms the function of the CH control knob on the front of the boiler? When it was installed, the engineer set the knob at about three quarters way round to the right and said that was about the...
  42. G

    Bath mixer or immersion heater

    Hi Bath mixer tap is running too hot in shower, almost scalding. Other taps seem mostly good temperature. However there is immersion heater in flat. How do I differentiate whether element stat or mixer tap is failing.
  43. W

    Boiler keeps restarting. Is it meant to do this?

    Hello. Excuse my ignorance but I think I MAY have a problem with my Potterton 40L boiler. Basically it runs ok for around 30 minutes and then it starts this cycle of turning off the flame, pump runs for a couple of minutes, the whole thing shuts down and goes completely silent, then instantly...
  44. N

    Boiler kettling / cutting out.

    Hi, I have a problem with my Ideal mini C28 boiler. When running the hot water the boiler kettles, cuts out and restarts. I have cover so called an engineer out, he was struggling to diagnose so went and rang a colleague, he came back and said it must be the PCB circuit board or temperature...
  45. N

    Boiler kettling when using hot water

    Hi, I have an Ideal mini c28 combi boiler, I have been having problems with it kettling when using hot water, I am with Scottish power repair plan he has changed the pcb circuit board and also the temp valve, this made no difference, after this he decided that it must be the heat exchanger to...
  46. S

    Vaillant Eco Boiler - Heating will keep coming on and off at random times!

    Radiators keep coming on and off, could just be a coincedence but I have noticed this happens on really cold days/nights. Frost protection? I have the Hot Water and Radiotor dial on the boiler turned to half way. Thermostat in house switched off or set to under the dispayed temp. On the odd...
  47. I

    Cold house

    I moved into my present 1990-built home just over a yearago. A British Gas (Potterton) non-condensingboiler was installed a year or so before I bought the property. All the rads have TRVs and there wasoriginally just a time-switch for boiler control. Despite recently installing a...
  48. siricosm

    Experience with thermal store

    I have learned a lot reading the forum and thought I should contribute back with my recent experience.I bought a 90 square meter 2 story row house with a 22kw gas Vaillant non-combi boiler in the loft that is approximately 12 years old. The water was heated with electric point-of-use heaters in...
  49. S

    UFH won't go above 19 deg

    Hi all, I have wet UFH 4 Zones. I used to have HIVE controlling it but I wanted a better way of controlling Zones as I was wasting money having all 4 zones at the same temp. I have since dumped HIVE and have had emmeti actuators, Wiring centre and RF thermostats fitted. My problem is that it...
  50. M

    Wide range cylinder stat?

    Hello forum, Can anyone please tell me, is there such a thing as a cylinder stat with a wider than standard temperature range? I have a bog standard one now which holds temperature to (I guess about) +/- 5 oC from set point. I'd like one that has maybe a 20 oC range, so it comes on at 50 oC...