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  1. J

    Best online sites to buy Eastbrook products

    H. I've decided to buy an Eastbrook 1200 X 800 shower tray. Be been asking and researching trays and Eastbrook have come up a number of times. Cheapest site I can find is Bathroom Luxuries.co.uk. Anyone had experience of buying from them, or any other suggestions where to buy Eastbrook. I've...
  2. J

    oil boiler manuals

    Hi all, does anyone know if there is a bank of boiler service manuals you can get? New installer and service technician just trying to be prepared!
  3. M

    Cast iron rads

    Any one know the best place to source these? Cheers
  4. D

    new gas safe operative

    Hi all new to this forum. I am a newly qualified gas safe engineer and am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get going in the industry ,have done a few bits and pieces , but no where near enough to pay off what ive spent , seems like the training centres are the only ones making big money by selling these...
  5. D

    My Builder??

    I've just signed up to my builder has anybody had any good or bad experiences with them or is there any similar sites people have found better?? Would appreciate some info just starting out on my own Thank you
  6. Y

    Potterton Puma 80 fan replacement- reconditioned part is ok?

    Hi.. I have a Potterton Puma 80e. The fan assembly is knackered, as it produces a horrible noise when the boiler is turned on. This has been confirmed by a plumber who opened up the combi boiler who has told me the bearings are worn out. I've had a look on the internet for replacement fan...
  7. D

    CSCS Plumbers urgently required Kent and Essex

    Essex insulation energy solutions urgently require plumbing teams for first and second fix. We have multiple sites in Kent and Essex at various stages. We are about to start to large sites in Essex and Kent, as well as other ongoing sites. We are looking for multiple teams for all sites...
  8. Ted808


    Hi there has anyone used this latest gang of 'pay- as -you - go- lead' generators...? It seems too good to be true, no subscription, you choose the area, the amount of leads and well, like all the others you never guaranteed to get the lead you paid £20+vat for but ... maybe worth the chance...
  9. A

    Get Rateed!!!

    Have any of you guys out there looked at any of these rate sites?? do you put down a advertising? I don't like the idea of paying£--- per year for a subscribtion, (don't really like pay to join the GSR club but thats another story!!) then every time you want to look at a job you can buy it...