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  1. R

    Sense Check - Water Pressure so low mixer shower no longer works but electric shower will?

    I have a tenanted property which has a standard boiler and hot water tank. Since it was built in the 1990's the bathroom has had a mixer shower fed from the bath taps for a shower into the bath. Recently the tenant has explained that the shower is too hot. The managing agent plumber has told...
  2. T

    Can some identify this shower? It's a Triton brand and I have to buy a new thermostatic cartridge for it.

    I need help on this as i need to get a new thermostatic cartridge for it. Many thanks for your help :)
  3. Bottom

    Fixed Shower Head type

    Can anyone identify this fixed shower head and is there a description and fitting manual available. Also is it possible to replace and convert it to a standard fit hose shower.
  4. scott_d

    Shower recommendations for exposed pipework

    I need to fit a thermostatic mixer shower (replacing electric) in an existing bathroom. This means the pipes will need to drop down from the loft in chrome. Any recommendations for a nice shower that doesn’t need the stand off kit?
  5. Y

    Tre Mercati "Marina" Shower valve too stiff

    I have an obsolete Tre Mercati "Marina" shower valve. Replacement cartridges not available. The inner, temperature control knob works OK but the outer, flow control, is a bit too stiff for my partner's arthritic wrist to turn off easily. The manual says to soak the cartridge in vinegar. I can't...
  6. bgs264

    Shower allowing hot water into cold feed

    Background: I have an outhouse with its own cold feed (with own stopcock). The hot feed into the outhouse is provided via a combi boiler in the main house - and therefore is controlled by the stopcock on the cold feed to the house. Therefore, to totally isolate both hot and cold water in the...
  7. L

    No hot water and heating comes on! Changed 3 port valve.

    I wonder if anyone could help. Problem: We have no hot water and the heating comes on when we switch the hot water on from the boiler programmer to heat the hot water up. Our boiler is a Potterton Suprima or (Supr1ma). What we’ve done so far: My neighbour switched the three port valve so...
  8. D

    Shower waste help - shower not draining

    Hi all, long time lurker on these forums I have a problem with my shower not draining properly - I had a new bathroom fitted 2 years ago, during lockdown I’ve been cutting my own hair in the shower; I’ve been clearing most of the hair away, but can only assume whatever has gone down the drain...
  9. M

    Aligning shower head with 90 degree elbow connector

    I have a threaded arm for my shower head that I want to screw in to a 90 degree elbow wall mount. When it's fully screwed in and tight, it's about 180 degrees further round than I want it for the supply pipe to fit nicely. How can I get a nice water tight seal but have the inlet where I want it...

    Shower Tray issues not enough circles for legs

    Hi all, Just bought an Elements shower tray, resin type, 1200 x 900 offset quad. I have 20mm marine ply cut to shape of tray and have inserted this ply in place of the floorboards. I intend to use the riser kit using the legs supplied. My issue is that this kit was supplied as compatible for...
  11. A

    Water gushing out tap and shower- while off

    HI We recently had our en-suite refitted- been using it about a week. Earlier today we noticed water coming through the ceiling of the room under it. we ran upstairs and found water coming out the shower heads and out if the bath tap- the tap has actually come away from the tiles. Nothing had...
  12. M

    Changing concealed shower valve

    Hi I just wanted to ask if turning the mains water off will be enough to allow me to clean / change an existing concealed shower thermostatic cartridge without any flooding. I have a Glow Worm condensing boiler with a cold water tank in the loft and and hot water cycling in a cupboard (first...
  13. T

    installing shower to plasterboad

    good evening what fixings do people use to fix shower enclosures through tiles into plasterboard? ive seen the grip it style but i don't know how you could use that through a tile? thank you for reading
  14. D

    Shower Advice for low pressure Bungalow

    Hi all Hope Im in the right sub-forum. I have a gravity fed ( I think) shower. Bungalow has cold water tank in loft and hot water cylinder in a cupboard on ground floor(same level as shower). My gas boiler is an old Glow worm "Normal" boiler, i.e. not a Combi. I believe my mains pressure is...
  15. T

    replacing tall shower

    good morning, we have a bungalow. the shower hasn't been replaced since it was built in the 80s. the showers 750x750 square in one corner of the bathroom. the waste outlet is in the other far corner. they've surface mounted the waste pipe around the bottom of two walls to connect the two...
  16. S

    Shower trap water seal

    Whilst looking at shower traps i noted reference to the water seal measurement. Having done a quick search to work out what it referred to, it seems that i may need a 75mm water seal trap (90mm size), due to the trap connecting to an internal soil stack!? Surely all traps eventually feed to an...
  17. J

    How to get this shower arm fitting off?

    What kind of fitting is this, I am unable to take this off by turning it like a normal shower arm fitting, its missing a screw but does not seem to make any difference, as in its not too loose. Any help in taking this off is really appreciated. Thank you, John
  18. M

    Shower screen fittings

    We got our curved screen from dolphin bathrooms who no longer exist. As soon in the picture, this part is now broke and needs replacing? Who was there manufacturers or where can I get this part?
  19. S

    Low profile shower trays and flow rates

    I’m considering the JT40 shower tray, along with the matching JT90 trap. Their blurb states it can shift 48 litres / min. Looking at the flow rate for a Grohe bar shower, for example, it’s quoted at 26 litres / min at 3-bar and this is approximate to what my pressure is and my flow rate is...
  20. M

    Shower tray riser kit?

    I'm installing a riser kit with my shower tray but unlike others I've seen my instructions dont say anything about securing the feet to the floor. Please advise.
  21. R

    Shower waste connection into soil stack

    Hi Hopefully someone could help advise me. I'm in the middle of replacing our shower with a modern low level tray and was wondering what is the best way to connect to waste pipe/soil stack. As you can see on picture the waste from the sink comes from the left and then the shower pipe joins...
  22. R

    Can high mains pressure damage an electric shower?

    Hi, planning to update electric shower, not sure what Kw rating current one is, but it works well at the moment during summer, so don't necessarily need to go for a higher rating. The cold mains pressure to the cottage we are working on seems pretty high - when I replaced a kitchen tap valve and...
  23. orty

    Tub/Shower Faucet Eventually Starts Dripping Again After Replacing Valve Stems

    Ah, the joys of older home ownership (1974). We thought our major plumbing issues were dealt with when we got rid of our orangeburg sewer line and our rusted out galvanized supply line to our house. It's still galvanized under the house, but we live in a very dry climate and the pipes/joints...
  24. F

    Sealing shower installation?

    Quick one if you guys wouldn't mind..... You take lots of care to ensure the shower enclosure is sealed, then you screw the shower mixer and shower head into the wall. Should I put some sealant around the screw holes or something? Also, looks like 2 of my fixing screws for the shower head are...
  25. S

    What is this shower seal?

    Does anyone know what type of shower seal this is? It sits separately to the glass shower screen which is concertina style. I can't seem to find one anywhere to replace it!
  26. will-i-am-sam

    Cold Shower/ No Hot Water

    ??? Hello there, we have a Bristan Bliss electric shower, yesterday morning it was working fine, my husband and my daughter both had a shower no problem. We had a plumber round to relocate our bath pipes and sink pipes & to fit the new toilet, ready for our new bath and sink to be fitted, but...
  27. T

    Mixer Shower and Gravity Fed System

    About 10 years ago we had a new mixer shower fitted. However, the most we ever got out of it was a trickle - even from the beginning. At the time I looked up the manufacturers installation instructions and it says that the showerhead needs to be at least 1 m from the bottom of the water tank we...
  28. S

    Recessed shower handset installation

    Spent ages on the web, but not finding an answer to what is seemingly a simple question! :-/ For a recessed shower, the handset is commonly fitted with a G1/2 male thread and clearly attaches to a female thread of the same size. But, i am struggling to determine how such an installation is...
  29. N

    No top to shower drain

    Moved into new home. I need to purchase the top to this shower drain. How do i measure for it. Or can someone post the one i need. Thank you
  30. M

    Glass shower screen for bath

    My daughter has just had her small bathroom remodeled. It includes a bath with a shower at one end. However the installer has been unable to source a glass shower screen that will fit, in terms of height. Does any one know of a made to measure solution or any other idea, other than a shower curtain?
  31. B

    Anyone recognise this cartridge and shower model

    Hi just moved into house and to save a completely new shower anyone recognize the cartridge and shower model so i can find a replacement cheers
  32. D

    Riser Rainfall Shower

    Hi I have purchased an extenable rainfall shower where the supply pipe is exposed and fitted to the wall. This is more curiosity than anything, but it seems the rail is never completely fixed in one position (you can always extend or shorten, none of the grub screws seem to tighten enough to...
  33. S

    Leaking concealed thermostatic shower valve

    Hello, Could someone help me fixing this concealed thermostatic shower. I probably need to replace the cartridge, the problem is that I can't tell which brand is the valve and not sure how to dismantle and where to find the cartridge. I am attaching some photos for reference. View...
  34. S

    Standard thickness for recessed shower valves

    I am looking to steal a few inches from my bedroom, to slightly enlarge the en-suite and make the refurb job easier for a whole host of reasons. In undertaking this task i can go either with a 3” thick stud wall, or 4”. I am thinking of fitting a recessed shower valve fixture and hence my...
  35. S

    Recessed shower valve and wall thickness

    I am looking to steal a few inches from my bedroom, to slightly enlarge the en-suite and make the refurb job easier for a whole host of reasons. In undertaking this task i can go either with a 3” thick stud wall, or 4”. I am thinking of fitting a recessed shower valve fixture and hence my...
  36. S

    Rainfall Shower head

    Thinking of installing an overhead rainfall shower fitting, but not sure what is the best size to go with? The tray will be 1000 X 800 in size. Are there any rules of thumb for this sort of thing? Obviously I will check pressure and flow, but it is more specifically the size of the head I am...
  37. A

    Shower waste - what size pipe?

    Hi, I have a new shower tray to install that has come with a shower waste trap with 40mm output. The waste needs to run around 3.5m to 4m before connecting to vertical soil stack. I understand building regs require 50mm pipe to be used for this length of run? Do I therefore need a new trap with...
  38. Heather7000

    Shower drain leaking

    Hi, i am looking for some advice please! My shower drain is leaking. The water is leaking down the outside of the drain. The water that goes into the pipe is fine but most of it is not getting there! I have attached photos for you to see and marked with an arrow where the water is coming...
  39. B

    refitting exposed shower valve unit

    Hi All I am in the process of re-fitting an exposed mixer shower control unit. This was removed to replace a cracked tile. So now beginning to re connect. I begin by sliding the back shrouds, nuts and olives over the water supply pipes and insert the15mm hot and cold water supply pipes into the...
  40. Jamesgilchrist8

    How to seal a frameless shower screen

    Hi All, I've been grappling with this problem for a while now and figured I reach out for some advice. I have a shower screen that I'm struggling to figure out how to seal properly. It's a frameless 5mm glass screen that opens and shuts with 2 hinges. The problematic area is the the corner...
  41. T

    Advice please about fitting mixer shower from Worcester Bosch 25/ 32 heatslave oil combi

    Hello everyone. Looking for comments/advice please about my wife's latest request... Which is to remove the existing bath from an upstairs bathroom (apparently we don't like it anymore!) and replace it with a shower. The hot water is from an external oil combi also feeding a second bathroom...
  42. P

    bath screens and shower screens

    Hello people! just looking to do a bit of product research really and see what people are using and finding the best. What Manufacture screen do you usually use? What Thickness glass would you usually go for?
  43. P

    shower leak on floor

    Any ideas what i can do to fix this without tearing out the shower? shower drain never backs up, but pipe below it does leak below shower floor and only when taking shower. See pics. The drain must be leaking. It gets wet inside that wall and with long showers, it leaks out onto the finished...
  44. D

    Shower pump no water/intermittent

    My shower pump started pulsing yesterday while using and then water stopped completely. If I leave it for a few hours and try again it works for 20 secs or so and then pulses and dies. The pump is connected to hot water tank next to it and cold water tank in the loft above. From what I've read...
  45. B

    Mira Premium Shower Seat Stuck

    I have a Mira Premium Shower Seat that now will not lift, there are no parts to disassemble and I assume that hindge on the part has just a metal to metal surface. It appears that the pivot point is a metal tube that was fored in during manufacture and I assume that one end was a force fit. Has...
  46. J

    Where to place water stop valves for shower ?

    Having a straight bath fitted and going for taps to the bath and an Aqalisa shower above. So the hot/cold pipes that supply the bath taps will they be different to the ones that supply the shower? I mean do I need separate pipes to the shower with their own valves or can the pipes that will...
  47. Z

    Shower is not activating hot water?

    Hello all, first post here. My shower has been playing up lately. It feels like it's lost pressure and goes cold after a couple of minutes. The copper pipe for the hot water from the combi boiler is cold so it's not activating the hot water for some reason. If I run the tap that activates the...
  48. S

    Questions about SVP placement / adjustment

    The SVP for my en-suite shower is poisitoned bang underneath a stud wall and there is only 90mm gap to the underside of the flooring - grrrr! The attached picture shows the issue. To get around the problem, the previous tray was installed 150mm above floor level to accommodate the pipe fittings...
  49. G

    How do I remove the handle from a Bristan Colonial Thermostatic Shower.

    I have unscrewed the handle and removed the grub screw underneath but can not remove the outer body! The instructions say it should just pull off? TIA
  50. S

    Matching shower door with tray

    Due to being a fussy devil, along with having restricted space that complicates installation, i suspect i won’t find a tray and matching door for my requirements i.e. from the same manufacturer. So, my question is specifically about the pitfalls of matching a tray with a recessed pivot door and...