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shower enclosure

  1. A

    Paint peeling above shower enclosure

    Whats the best way to combat paint peel problem on the ceiling above shower? Will special white paint do it? Or shall I paint with normal matt emulsion and seal it with something? I was thinking also using a off cut of white pvc and sticking that onto the ceiling? But that sounds a bit of a...
  2. G

    Sealing Ideal Standard Kubo Shower Enclosure

    I installed an IS Kubo enclosure last year and I have a problem with black mould growing in the silicone in the corners, like this: That vertical aluminium corner cover strip cuts into the silicone and forms a crevice where the mould grows. The sealant is Soudal 2/S antifungal, so not some £1...
  3. K

    Shower enclosure identity

    Can anyone identify this shower unit for me? I’ve broken a pane of glass and need to replace it. Can anyone suggest where to get the door replaced? Many thanks Keith
  4. DesW

    Desperate for help with a Quadrant shower enclosure

    I am hoping someone can help with finding a shower enclosure. I am looking to replace a 100x800 l/hand quadrant shower enclosure to fit my existing shower tray. Replacing with a new tray will probably mean at the least re-tiling the floor and possibly the walls too. The problem is the existing...
  5. W

    Shower enclosure questions

    Hi I have a shower cabin in the bathroom that is on the way out. So am thinking to replace it with a quadrant enclosure in the same place. All walls are tiled, but would there be a problem with the exsisting grout when it gets wet? Is it waterproof and would it discolour over time? The hot and...
  6. B

    Removing a (cheap) corner shower enclosure and reinstalling it?

    Hi All, I have a cheap shower in my flat which was installed by the previous tenant. It is manufactured by Aica and I have two issues: (1) Mold in the grooves and inaccessible areas which make deep-clean and re-caulking almost impossible. (2) It was installed in a very small room and there...
  7. A

    Shower enclosure recommendation?

    Need to sort a 1200x700 enclosure. Needs to be mid ranged around £350-450 mark. What are you currently fitting cheap and mid range wise? I fit alot of cheap Vic plum and instinct which are crap tbh, not brought a mid range one for a while.
  8. gas tec

    Help selecting the right size shower enclosure

    Hi I’m looking at buying a Simpsons/crosswater fixed screen with small return panel. Elite Walk In Easy Access Shower Enclosure My shower tray will be 1400 long by 800 wide. I can’t seem to find details for the enclosure based on the tray size. Would the 1050 from the website be suitable...
  9. B

    Decent shower enclosure recommendations (pivot 1000x800)

    hi all Our current 5 year old cheap eBay shower enclosure needs replacing. The hinge on the door has snapped. Learnt my lesson with being a cheap one. I’m after recommendations on a replacement, basically one that will last long, has durable under door seals. decent pivot hinges, min 6mm...
  10. D

    Minimum size for a walk in shower enclosure tray

    Hi All About t0 purchase a low profile shower tray 1400 x 900 and would later be thinking of fitting a walk in enclosure to it. My question is that would this size of enclosure be big enough to keep most of the spray in? I could at a push go for a longer tray and enclosure...
  11. R

    Shower enclosure size

    Hi there, I have a shower tray which is 1000x760, however once it's tiled in etc the shower enclosure area is more likely to be a couple of cm smaller on both width and length. Do shower enclosures allow for this sort of variation in size? It seems some shower enclosure have a couple of cm...
  12. T

    Stream shower enclosure advice

    Hey just looked at a shower steam unit there and looking for any advice from people that have done it before, usual hot+cold manifold (pump added because pressure is grim atm) however i want to take the steam unit off from the mains just to prevent any lapse in pressure or too much from the pump...
  13. H

    Can anyone recommend good quality easyfit quadrant 900mm shower enclosure

    Hi I was thinking of getting the Hydrolux 900mm quadrant shower enclosure at Plumbworld as price is so good. But I read a review that as it is a continental shower enclosure therefore there are problems when it comes to alignment to walls. This is due to the difference in British and...
  14. J

    Surety Shower enclosure

    One of the guide wheel assembly has broken, where do i get a replacement.
  15. T

    Angled shower screen

    Hiya I'm off to look at a job tomorrow which sounds interesting and I wondered if anyone had any experience of sourcing and fitting angled shower doors. I found a supplier down south who bragged about being the county's number one, I requested a brouchure and was told to USE A LOCAL - that's...
  16. M

    replacement 800 x 800 quad shower enclosure

    hi guys, any of you out there know a decent supplier of shower enclosures? not the fancy really expensive ones just the ones that are around the £250 mark (just enclosure..no tray)
  17. P

    Need a bit of advice on a shower enclosure

    Elderly customer wants me to take a bath out and put a shower in for easier access. The trouble is the bath is right under a window. The window reveal is tiled completely and plastic framed so water getting on there isnt a problem. For this reason an 800 x 800 enclosure is out of the window...
  18. W

    Is this a bodge?

    Fitting a new thermostic shower today and was a pain :mad: Anyway got one o/d 25mm olive on chrome pipe at one end with loads of grief plumbing grease and pliers. But the other olive couldnt get on :confused: spent ages but no joy. Went to the merchant didnt have one either :confused: So as...
  19. L

    Shower enclosures

    It's doing my head in trying to ensure that I get a decent shower enclosure. I bought an Aqualux Pura which seemed great, however, the hinged doors do not have enought space to open and so I am looking at a Hyrdrolux 1000 x 1200 bow fronted sliding door enclosure although it doesn't look as...
  20. S

    shower door nylon wheels

    One of my nylon wheels / rollers has broken. Any idea where I might get one? I don't know the make of the shower door I'm afraid. EDIT It's a Kudos shower enclosure CONTACTED MANUFACTURER Thanks Lee:)
  21. K

    Where do you get your stuff from?

    I just want to know where you guys get your bathroom stuff from if customers asked you to help them. For example, if a customer want a shower enclosure for their bathroom and they asked you to buy for them. Where do you normally get them from? Thank you!
  22. I

    wanting to make shower room need advice urgent

    I've got a big airing cupboard in my bedroom that i'm going to turn into a shower room . Only thing is i have a combi boiler in there, is this a problem if i have it all boxed in with doors? Been told that i cann't any ideas any1 please urgent. cheers steve