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  1. F

    seeking experienced advise on an intermittent fault on ideal logic combi?

    My own boiler at home has developed an intermittent fault causing an ignition lock out every week or two when there is a demand for hot water. When reset the boiler runs without issue for a week or two. This fault only occurs on HW demand, there has never been a lock out on CH demand. Ideal tech...
  2. J

    Quality plumber seeking lucrative work...

    Hello all, I've many years experience in the plumbing industry, have the following quals / certs, fairly recently back into the trade (it's in my blood... the lead I mean :eek:): C&G Craft - Plumbing (Herts College of Building - 1984) BPEC - G3 Vented & Unvented HWS (2018) BPEC - Water Regs...
  3. M

    Plumbers/ Pipefitters/ Mechanical Mate seeking work in Leeds or Wakefield

    Hi I have recently been made unemployed by NG Bailey and I am now seeking employment in the industry as a Plumbers/ Pipefitters/ Mechanical Mate in the Leeds or Wakefield area. If anyone knows of anyone seeking a mate their details would be appreciated. Regards Darren
  4. T

    First post and seeking a plumber who is experienced fitting gasification boiler etc

    First post and am hoping this forum will result in our finding the right person. Seeking an experienced plumber to fit: Orligno 25kW Wood Gasification boiler 1000 litre buffer 100-litre expansion Effectively all the pipework between boiler / buffer and expansion tank. Also need feed pipes...
  5. W

    mature student seeking apprentiship and/or on the job experience in northants/mids

    Hello All. I dont know if anyone can help me... I am 43 years of age and in the process of changing my career to become a plumber. I am 3 monthis into a 2 year city and guilds NVQ level 2 course locally, 1 day a week and am seeking either a full time apprentiship (I know that the wages will be...