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    Can't re-pressurise boiler

    I moved into a house with an already installed boiler. I am trying to re- pressurise it and have followed Worcester instructions, however I have no idea how the boiler has been plumbed. There seems to be a pump/ filter coming off the main cold water pipe. So when I turn the silver pipe valves to...
  2. F

    No hot water can’t repressurise

    Hi I desperately need some help please. We have an oil fed heating and hot water system that has decided to stop working today. Done the obvious checks on the oil, which is fine. But they system is below 1 bar pressure. So suspect this to be the main issue. However I can not seem to be able to...
  3. S

    Ideal logic losing water!

    Ideal Combi bolier. When I repressurise the system to 1bar it almost immediately dumps the water out the condensate pipe before even switching in on at mains. HELP!
  4. N

    Wilo pump & expansion tank - need to repressurise

    I live in Azerbaijan where I have a Wilo MC605-EM pump attached to a Wilo LRS 50/10H diaphragm expansion vessel, which pumps water into my house on demand. We have a large water storage tank sitting between the mains and the pump so there is effectively no water pressure, the pump sucks water...
  5. B

    Potterton HE Store - Can't repressurise - Valve stuck?

    Hello, I have a Potterton Promax HE Store boiler, and in the past a few times I have had to repressurise the system after getting an E119 error. Usually I take off the bottom cover and turn one valve, hear the water coming in, and watch the pressure increase. However I've got the error today...
  6. J

    Repressurise white expansion vessel

    Hi all, I've got my G3 card. First time I've attempted to re-pressurise the white, expansion vessel above an unvented cylinder. I first turned the water off, ran the taps to relieve the pressure. The vessel (it was flat). I managed to pump it up to 1.2bar with no issues. But then it was...
  7. N

    Ideal Heat 15 - repressurise

    Hi. I've got an Ideal Heat 15 system and I've noticed a few of my rads need bleeding. I've located the pressure gauge which is above my cylinder and is already reading only 0.5 bar and if I bleed the rads, this pressure is going to drop further. I've located what appears to be the filling...
  8. M

    Boiler is leaking and won’t re-pressurise

    Hello, I’m looking for a gas registered plumber in the Newport, South Wales area. I’ve got a leak from the bottom of my boiler when I try to re-pressurise it. Pressure has fallen from 1.1 bar to .7 in 3 weeks. Give me a message if your interested. Thank you
  9. J

    Pressure low - can't find valve to repressurise

    Hi all, I cannot find the valve to repressurise the boiler, bled the rads earlier and the CH has cut off. I've attached the below images, can any body see the correct valve here I've tried a few variations with no success. Thank you
  10. T

    Valliant Echotech Pro24 repressurise - no flexi loop or valve taps

    Hi - I have a Vallian Echotech Pro24 boiler with low pressure and F.22 error displaying. Ive researched how to repressurise and a lot of video/ threads suggest this should be straight forward however there is no flex-loop, no obvious places to attached a flex-loop and no valve taps as described...
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    Repressurise Ideal Logic 15 Boiler

    Hi, please can someone help. I just moved into a new house and the boiler needs filling up but there is no filling loop. The previous owner did mention how to do this without a loop but I can't recall. I do remember going to the tank upstairs and next to it is a knob which you have to turn after...
  12. A

    Halstead Ace - Repressurising Problem - No Filling Sounds Whatsoever

    Hi, I have a Halstead Ace boiler and just a few days ago, I went to repressurise it as the pressure dial was on zero and we had not hot water or heating. Anyway, when I used to repressurise before, I would hear the water going through and I was hear the pressure up. Now, I don't even get any...
  13. S

    baxi 80 eco combi. loss of pressure. need help please!

    Have recently bought property, have never had more than 1bar of pressure with either taps on. Pressure has now fallen to zero and am unsure ho w to repressurise properly. The water has always been hot on demand in kitchen but luke warm at best in bathroom. Compounding the problem now is that...
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    How do i repressurise this?!

    If anybody fixes this problem you will have made my day. Live in a flat wit this super duper (super ****) heat exchanging system?! The whole building has it. We don't have boilers or the like...Just this "work station" As you can see from the picture, the pressure guage is at 0 so no...