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replacement boiler

  1. G

    Replacement Boiler Duty Question

    I have searched but couldn't find a similar recent question. I have lived in my present house for about 30 years and have replaced the existing floor standing heat only gas boiler a couple of times. Each time it was a 23kW output, 29kW input boiler. The existing one is nearing the end of its...
  2. S

    Ideal Mini 28 Replacement Boiler

    Hello Everyone, I've just joined and am trying to help a damsel in distress - in very remote area of West Scotland. I'm hoping someone can help me here. Her 17 year old Ideal Mini 28 combi boiler has stopped working. She's had someone round to look and has been told she needs a new boiler...
  3. M

    Help and advice on replacement boiler and system.

    Hi, Any help, advice or personal experience appreciated. We are supplied by a lead pipe but on a shared supply. I am about house 4 out of a run of 6 or 7. When tested by Affinity Water no other houses seemed to be drawing water. If you were to run a hose and another house draws water the...
  4. quality

    Replacement boiler .

    I am heat pump chap as regulars may know. How many gas men have a new boiler in the box sat in the corner for when the times comes? Ps I am in Dorset all next week if anyone fancies a pint
  5. D

    Boilermate 2000 replacement

    Hi, I have a Boilermate 2000 that I believe was installed when our property was built back in 2001 its situated in a cupboard on the first floor of our two storey 4 bed semi-detached house. We also have a Potterton Suprima boiler installed in our kitchen on the ground floor. We have been advised...