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  1. J

    Gas safe registered card

    So I passed my domestic gas assements before Xmas ( CCN1, CPA, CENWATand got my certificate from Bpec today telling me I’m now on the gas safe register. How do I get the actual gas safe I.d card ? Tried phoning gas safe and bpec but they are both closed. It was done through the company I work...
  2. S

    Oil course to get qualified.

    Hi guys, Was thinking of doing my oil course. I’ve done a few boiler installs but had them signed off by a guy I know who’s oftec but now thinking I wouldn’t mind getting qualified and registered myself. Local training centre says course is 4-5days training and exam etc. Now I know I’ve...
  3. S

    Looking for a GS registered engineer to shadow

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a gas safe registered engineer in Fife/Edinburgh area to shadow and build a portfolio of job descriptions/photos for my gas introduction course. I've already done a lot of experience with a firm but amen't getting some of the work that I need to show (breakdowns...
  4. I

    Looking for a gas safe registered mentor

    Hi, I am looking for a gas safe registered engineer who would be generous to take me on to help me complete my gas portfolio also to teach me about the onsite gas work too. I am a very focused hard working lad. I already have my level 2 and 3 plumbing City & Guilds diplomas and i have worked...
  5. C

    Becoming oftec registered?

    How does one become oftec registered? Is it like gas safe whereby you have to complete a portfolio and find someone willing to show you the ropes yadda yadda or do you just sit the courses (of which there a few) and then you can go out and start servicing etc alone, I know there are annual...
  6. Chriswareham

    worcerster bosch 30 cdi system boiler

    boiler runs at 75c then drops to 45c the buner cuts off and fan goes to low speed as if in condences mode i have change the pcb board and wiring loom high limit stat and primiy stat i think it may be bad pump circulateteison but the pump seems to be runing ok (but may be not) ? dose any one have...
  7. N

    Help with qustions!

    HI, guy's could you please help me with the following? What is the longest 90-degree flue bend? If you were authorized to adjust a domestic gas regulator and were unable to adjust the regulator to the correct pressure what steps would you take? Many thanks Trevor.
  8. B

    Boiler was not commissioned.

    Hi, This is my first post, and I have a genuine issue so hoping for some assistance. I am based in Edinburgh and about 7 or 8 years ago, I commissioned a guy to carry out a number of jobs on a conversion of my flat from a 1 to a 2 bed property. I paid him cash. Though he did a good job, it...
  9. J

    Pipefitter/Welder wanting to move into domestic plumbing/heating

    Hi, just after a bit of advice really. I am struggling to understand how i can become gas safe registered. To do this i need to evidence gas installations i have worked on but i am not allowed to work on gas with out being gas safe registered. Can i work under the supervision of a gas safe...
  10. K

    Part needed - please help!

    Hi all, I hope you can help me on behalf of a friend who has been without heating in her old stone building for five days now! Basically, her builder has installed the wrong boiler or something. She needs to get hold of a union for a U16 meter to a 35mm pipe. Does that make sense???
  11. M

    New central heating system - do I need OFTEC plumber?

    Hi, I am having my one pipe system replaced with a two pipe. The Oil boiler is only 2 years old though so that is staying. Do I need an OFTEC registered plumber or doesn't it matter? Thanks
  12. R

    Boiler advice

    Hi, we have been called to a property that the boiler has been capped off from the gas supply and issued with a warning notice. The engineer has isolated this and on the warning notice has stated that 'heat exchanger check minus 6.59'. I personally have never come across this and have been asked...
  13. B

    Established company, but new to Gas Safe

    We run an established plumbing company, but specialise in bathroom refurbishments and general plumbing. We are looking to grow and expand in other areas, and we have an opportunity to work with a gas safe registered plumber. The GS plumber wants to stay self employed (subbie) and he has his...
  14. T

    Pressure relief valve leak

    Hi people I have a Saunier Duval Themaclassic F30E which has been releasing water from the PRV. It was initially letting out a bit when the pressure got close to 2 bar but seemed to be ok all winter, after I removed and refitted it and also flushed out the whole system and refilled. The...
  15. R

    Boiler registration

    When a GS person fits the boiler they fill out the benchmark cert. Do they then register with gas safe & the boiler manufacturer? Can you then find out whether a boilers been registered? If so, what info is needed if you don't know the installer details & can't find the benchmark cert? Thx
  16. K

    New glow worm gas boiler

    Hi just had my old baxi back boiler replaced for a glow worm energy 18s system boiler which seems to be working well. However I have noticed the burner is always burning when it is on via the timer. Is this normal for a condensing boiler as I have not had one before.
  17. U

    ballpark costs

    Hello All I've popped on just to see if anyone can help guide with costs and an invoice I've just received for works recently done. This wasn't quoted as the engineer in question has done some work for us before and this job, although not an emergency, was done in haste. Telephone call...
  18. R

    PHEX at Chelsea

    Well, that was a rubbish experience! I had pre-registered, but not long enough in advance to have my accreditation. So when I get there, and there are two queues, "pre-registered" and "not pre-registered", I stood in the former line for 15 mins. When I got to the front, and explained I was...
  19. D

    Who is responsible for installation?

    If a buildings reg. certificate says the gas work has been carried out by a person "on behalf of" another company, who do I chase for support / advice? I was under the impression when I had my boiler fitted that the plumber had his own company, his name was on the paperwork when it came through...
  20. D

    new gas safe operative

    Hi all new to this forum. I am a newly qualified gas safe engineer and am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get going in the industry ,have done a few bits and pieces , but no where near enough to pay off what ive spent , seems like the training centres are the only ones making big money by selling these...
  21. U

    ferroli maxima 35 c

    Hi. We have the above boiler and it keeps losing pressure (from 0.7 to 0.5) when we try and have a shower and turns the water cold. The boiler states a f37 fault code....handly not listed in the manual. Can anybody help? I have tried increasing the pressure on the flex loop (not sure if thats...
  22. C

    gas sizing

    Why was my chat thread closed anyone?
  23. O

    Covering gas engineers

    Hello all as I mentioned in previous threads I am not gas safe reg yet but attending too be one soon. whats the rule like about working with a gas safe reg person am I covered when I work for him ? Am I allowed doing gas jobs like boiler break downs even though he isn't next to me ? Or or...
  24. O

    German gas safe

    I am German plumbing engineer. As my documents from Germany are not equal to British standards I had to re-take the whole course for being a gas safe registered plumber. My question is there anybody who get me ready for my portfolio to become finally a registered gas safe engineer ? my old...
  25. C

    Oftec registration and gain experience

    Hi All, I was just wondering for some feedback if anyone would be kind enough to give me some answers, I have 9 yrs plumbing, 5 yrs gas experience installing servicing and repairs. I have been gas safe registered for 5 yrs and now am due to re sit gas exams but am thinking of becoming...
  26. T

    CIS Scheme

    Really sorry for the long, probably stupid question................ After a bit of advice about dealing with the CIS scheme from both sides of the fence please. I did a job for someone the other day and he wanted to pay me the invoice amount but less tax. From a brief look on the www it...
  27. C

    Biasi 24s combi condenser boiler wont fire up.

    Hi. Have the above and was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas. The pump runs but the fan doesnt kick in. Both green lights flashing and then after a few seconds, the red light comes on and it then locks out. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  28. C

    Worcester Greenstar 40CDI - No Heating, and No Fault Code

    Hi, This boiler starts, when heating is demanded, but cuts out after around 30 secs. Pump body is hot, and I can feel the impeller vibrating, so not sure if it is the pump. When the heating cuts out, no fault code is displayed. Boiler is holding pressure. Domestic Hot water is working fine...
  29. M

    joining this gas safe forum

    I would like to join the gas safe site forum I haven t registered with gas safe but do have my ccn1 cenwat and ckr1 im not planning on joining any time soon I was registered back in 2012 and still have my card and number have re sat ccn1 a few weeks ago
  30. J

    Ex-Employer Signing off in my name AFTER i had left the company.

    First of all, a big hello to everyone, I am new here! So the story goes.... Bumped into an old colleague while in the local plumbcenter, I knew him from a company I worked for with him a while back while , The guy in question had also left the company we worked at together, He say's in...
  31. townfanjon

    Boiler not registered

    Morning gents, can anybody help me with this one .... customer moved into a new developed property at Xmas , the heating system was described as brand new ( I have seen the agents brochure ) Lots of problems but the main one is , the brand new boiler was manufactured in 2008 ( WB junior ) I...
  32. T

    Mounting a combi after a balanced flue

    What do people generally prefer to do in this situation. Old boiler with square flue off the wall and new boiler in same place. Do you use a non combustible board or block up with rapid set cement or any other tricks I don't know about. thanks
  33. F

    Performa 30 HE no heating

    Hello, My heating cut out last night on my Performa 30 HE. Wanting to avoid paying out lots for a plumber at this time of year I'd prefer to try and fix it myself if it's a simple fix. The pressure was first too low so I operated the valve to increase that, then the pressure went to high...
  34. L

    Ideal c30

    My ideal c30 hot water goes cold also the central heating will go off there is no fault code and the boiler displays 0 (standby). If I reset it at the spur 9 out 10 times it will come back on. Any ideas please.
  35. N

    Any one on here Jib regiistered

    As above. Sorry one i in registered:o
  36. H

    Question 1/2

    Are you VAT registered?
  37. L

    Up to date requirements

    Hi , I've been out of the business for several years , my company who I'm working for only as a labourer are looking to put me back through my acs and get me gas safe registered. Is there any other things I have to do as a must to bring me up to standard for today's market , or is the acs and...
  38. H


    On the verge of having to register for VAT. Any advice/help would be welcome.
  39. P

    Warning notices and stickers

    Hi guys where from I'm looking on oftec direct can't seem to find them ??
  40. P

    solicitors request certificate !

    I did a combi change like for like for a customer about 8months ago. Now the customer is selling up and his solicitor has requested a compliance certificate. How do I go about getting one and from whom ? Thanks in anticipation.
  41. G

    external expansion vessel on combi

    Hi all i am going fit a external expansion vessel for a combi . The current one is split on hermann icon 23t so i am going to cap it and fit a 12 litre external expansion on the return . The question is will the boiler be ok in hot water or will it over presurise during dhw operation due to...
  42. plumb_know

    Where do I stand??

    Hello again everyone, Hopefully you can help me once again, when working for a big insurance company they put me through my G3 unvented course, I took exam and was given a Bpec unvented card and was then told I can work on unvented. I no longer work for them and my card is still in date but...
  43. D

    Registering an install

    I haven't registered an oil install for about a year. Tried to do one on the phone the other week, which I've not done before and was told I need to fill in a mandate form. So now trying to do it online with a debit card and it's still saying I need to fill in a mandate form!?:smartass: Is...
  44. S

    Boiler installed by non-Gas Safe engineer. Are we liable?

    Hi all, We took a plumber on to fit our new central heating system and boiler. His website said he was Gas Safe registered but it has since been discovered that he wasn't. We have contacted Gas Safe and they are coming round to inspect the installation for safety etc. We know that installing...
  45. H

    vokera linea 25 he ignition problem

    hi, problem with vokera linea 25he, spark transformer had failed. new one installed and now when trying to ignite 9/10 times it fails and fault code 10 (ignition failure). when it does ignite theres a quiet banging noise from flame as I its lacking gas and then it runs fine until it trys to...
  46. M

    Boiler Pressure Drop

    Hi I am asking this for a work mate neither of us are plumbers. Boiler runs at 0.5bar normally. Just recently the pressure drops and boiler cuts out after 10 minutes. We cant see any leaks.There is a slight leak from overflow pipe. Boiler is about 18 months old and plumber who installed it...
  47. R

    New Bosch Combi Gas Blr; 4000W ZWA 24-2

    :disappointed: Have installed this unit in my home, HW activates OK on demand when tap opened, CH will not activate on demand, the only way to get the heating to activate is to switch HW on 1st for 2 seconds then off again, then the CH will activate & remain on/off all day, have pondered on this...
  48. B

    Getting back into the swing of things.

    Hey Folks, I'm returning to my first love of Plumbing and Heating after switching career a while back. I started Plumbing when I left school and completed an apprenticeship ultimately finishing with 7 years in the trade before switching to a completely different industry. Why ?!?! ... because...
  49. R

    www.boilerparts.co.uk has any body had dealings with them?

    firstly id like to say hello this is my first post :) recently my boiler broke so i striped it down and found the faulty part, after a little googling i found the bit i needed (burner) and this place to buy it. i decided to renew the whole bottom end so i bought a few bit and all was good, i...
  50. N

    Registration query???

    Hi, I am going to pay for my registration tomorrow. Any idea how long before I can work legally?? Thanks