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    Radiators won’t get hot

    Evening all. I have open vented C/H system with a heat only boiler and 10 rads over 3 floors. I have just replaced a rad on the middle floor. Drained system down for new gateway valve for cold feed for header tank. Refilled system no leaks, ?, but the top top 2 rads won’t get hot. ALL rads...
  2. J

    Radiators off, boiler switched off - can I turn the water on?

    The radiators were taken off and the boiler was switched off as was the water supply. Would switching the water supply back on cause a leak? The only taps are the bathroom and kitchen which have their own stop valves. The toilet has not been removed.
  3. J

    Plasterer removed Radiators - one pipe has come off

    So the plasterer has removed all the Radiators from the walls. The boiler Vaillant Eco Tec Plus 28 is showing a F22 fault - I assume this is due to the fact there is zero pressure in the CH as its been drained. 1) Do I just leave the boiler as is or switch it off ?- I do not need water as...
  4. A

    Combi Boiler heats radiators when hot water only is selected.

    My combi boiler has started heating the radiators when I select hot water only. Any ideas ? The system has been in for maybe 10 years.
  5. B

    Hot water only when heating radiators.

    Hello. I have a Worcester Greenstar 24 Ri boiler linked to a Megaflo cylinder. The boiler heats water for central heating but when I want hot water only the boiler does not fire up. I can get hot water when the central heating is on, but not ideal in the summer. The boiler is only 18 months old...
  6. D

    Heating water has started heating the radiators as well!

    Hi, Up until a few weeks ago heating the water (we have a water tank) used to heat the radiators in the bathroom and the en suite. For some reason our water heater has started heating all the radiators in the upstairs of the house apart from the bathroom, en suite still heats up though! Any...
  7. B

    2 radiators on with hot water only

    Can anybody let me know if they've experienced 2 radiators gettng warm upstairs (both above the boiler) when the boiler is only set to hot water. It's a four bed house and the other 4 rads upstairs don't get warm so I'm guessing not divertor valve related which is only a couple of years old. I...
  8. J

    Removing radiators for decorating

    Looking at redcorating our whole house so was wondering whether it's better for the CH system to do it one by one or remove them all at once and then put them back all at once? Should radiators be removed for decorating room by room and then once the room has been decorated to replace it...
  9. C

    I have a Firebird Silverpac condensing boiler

    I have a Firebird Silverpac which is about two years old and it has stopped heating the water. The radiators are fine. I recently lowered the water level in the header tank as it was continuously overflowing. Any advice would be helpful.
  10. L

    Cold radiators upstairs (hot downstairs) and little hot water

    Hi. I've an oil-fired condensing boiler (11 years old) in the garage which has two external pumps (Wilo RS50s). I decided to flush out the system and after emptying it via the lower ground floor radiator added Fernox F5 to the tank and turned the supply back on. Running the system leads to the...
  11. J

    Can the rad tails on kudox radiators go far in?

    Hi guys, I have fitted a new radiator and had a few issues working things out once I put it on the bracket. I screwed the tails in until the threads were no longer visible. The tails were too far out of the rad/too long and couldn't align the valves with the pipes. So I twisted them in further...
  12. M

    Radiators and UFH not functioning well

    Hi All. First post. What a great bunch of people here. I have recently had an extension done and we have UFH on just the new extension, and radiators upstairs etc, in the house we have a nest thermostat and a heatmiser stat for the UFH area. The issue I am having right now is that the nest is...
  13. L

    Needing some help - no plumbing knowledge

    Hi - I'm new here. I have a Glow-worm flexicom hx boiler that had a f25 error code and isn't heating my water. I have bled all the radiators, then reset the boiler and now have a f22 code. Can anyone offer advice please. Thanks.
  14. C

    Wiring UFH and Radiators

    Boiler: Valiant Ecotec 832 UHF (new): 2 zone mixing manifold, Heatmiser Neo Air thermostats x2, Heatmiser UH8 RF (wireless) wiring centre Central Heating (existing): Netatmo radiator valves connected to Netatmo thermostat and boiler relay Other (new): Two Honeywell motorised valves - 1 for CH...
  15. H

    Noise in Radiators & wall where pipes come in

    Rushing water noise between hall & bathroom rads When hot water tap is turned on it stops for 3-4 mins. Doing my head in!! Recently had a new boiler
  16. M

    Central Heating radiators not heating correctly

    Hello, I need some help please I have an open vented central heating system with a Potterton Profile Boiler. Probably 25 years old I was having trouble getting all of the radiators hot at the same time, by turning the upstairs off I could get most of the downstairs hot for a while and vice...
  17. M

    Hot radiators remain when heating goes off - maybe from hot water storage cylinder ?

    Hot water coming out of the hot water storage cylinder into upstairs radiators after heating/HW turns off and running out of hot water in the mornings. I have a Glow Worm 24HX Condensing boiler on the ground floor with a pump in the same cupboard, a hot water storage cylinder in the airing...
  18. U

    Worcester greenstar 30 - wont start after bleeding radiators

    Ive just moved into a rented property and some of the radiators were very cold at the top so I bled the radiators. The boiler lost pressure and switched off. I've repressurised the boiler to 1.5 but the controller on the boiler is completely off and I have no idea how to turn the thing back on...
  19. B

    Pipes to radiators in suspended timber floor new build

    Advice please. Building a home with suspended timber floor. 300mm Ijoists at ground level with sheeps wool insulation. Wondering whether to use copper or plastic pipes for radiators/hot water and where to locate them in the ground foor. Within the joists inbetween the insulation? OR Underfloor -...
  20. S

    Radiators Don't Heat Up Enough

    I have a Charnwood Country 15B stove. I’m having a problem with the radiators not warming up enough. There’s a thermostat on the outgoing pipe which is set to 85 degrees, and the thermostat on the incoming pipe is currently set to 40 degrees. The thermostat on the incoming pipe is what...
  21. B

    2 radiators not working at all.

    I have a central heating system that runs from a stove burning wood mostly and smokeless fuel overnight in Winter. I fitted the system about 25 years ago but the stove was changed about 10 years ago. Problems started over year ago when the radiator in the extension, which is used as a store room...
  22. K

    2 port valve to seperate radiators from ufh zones

    Apologies if something like this already been covered. We have new underfloor heating and new radiators upstairs. Problem is the company who fitted the boiler didn't fit a valve to isolate the upstairs radiators, so I fear when we turn on the underfloor heating it will basically heat upstairs...
  23. M

    Radiators cooling down at different rates.

    Why do some radiators cool more quickly than others? my boiler is less than 12 months old, heats up really quickly, we’ve got around 12 rads throughout the house. but the two in the lounge get raging hot like all the others, but once thermostat reaches desired temperature, they cool much...
  24. S

    Rattling pipework and radiators

    Hi. I have had this noise for 5 years and have had a plumber check it out and he said it could be a bit of solder in a pipe thats rattling and is impossible to find. I gave up getting the noise fixed and have lived with it. A quick run down of what happens is when the thermostat kicks in and...
  25. G

    Two radiators not heating up after bleeding. Flushing of system required?

    Hello there all mighty and knowledgeable central heating warriors! I have two radiators in my duplex flat which fail to heat up. One is a large vertical radiator in the living room, the other is a small ladder style radiator not too far away in a downstairs toilet so both on the same floor...
  26. M

    Solid fuel central heating - no heat in radiators

    I have moved into a house that has a large wood burner connected to radiators for the whole house. The pipes go up into the attic and there is an overflow tank there. The radiators are not heating up at all. The pump comes on, but the water doesnt seem to get to the radiators. Also, theres a...
  27. C

    Noisy rads, clicking - not ticking - (bubbles ?) intermittent

    Background 10 year old system. Has been kept scrupulously clean. Kept very up to date with inhibitor (higher than normal concentration). Several rads have been removed, flushed and then additional inhibitor added to keep concentration high. Aladdin Self-bleed vents fitted upstairs and down (5...
  28. G

    Cold Radiators Downstairs

    Hi, I've had this problem for a while. I have a fully pumped system with 3 way divertor valve. I have hot water and hot radiators upstairs. All radiators downstairs are cold (6 rads). A new pump was fitted, I have flushed the system with Sentinel X800 and X400. Also power flushed system...
  29. milleniumaire

    Cold radiators in loft

    Hi, I've have a problem with my CH system for around 18 months now and it's time to get it sorted. Here's a diagram showing our current heating system: The house is 21 years old and the loft extension was performed around 15 years ago. As you can see they simply extended the existing 15mm...
  30. Dan

    General Plumbing Co Ltd

    Dan submitted a new resource: General Plumbing Co Ltd - Just a plumber here. We do plumbing and bathrooms and whatnot Read more about this resource...
  31. R

    Drain down central heating and refill with radiators off

    Hi, I have probably done a silly thing here so need some advice. I drained down the central heating system with a hose pipe from the drain off on the radiator closest to the door. No problems. Then I removed 3 radiators as we had the decorators in for a few weeks. As the decorators...
  32. R

    Radiators heating up on DHW setting

    Since replacing the expansion vessel on our Viessman 333 gas boiler, we've experienced a major problem. When we want hot water only,(DHW) setting, the radiators are being activated! Obvious solution may be with the 3 way port, but the complete heating system is now automatically switching itself...
  33. T

    Heating in flat issue

    I live in a 2 bedroom flat. The kitchen and lounge are one room. I have a combination boiler for water and central heating. There are standard radiators in all rooms that have TRVs except the lounge/kitchen area, this has 2 smaller radiators with no TRV. The thermostat is on the wall in the...
  34. P

    Is my CH/HW fully pumped? Is it two-pipe?

    Hi, I'm having problems understanding the exact configuration of the CH/HW piping in my house. In particular, I have to understand where and how to place piping for additional radiators at the upper floor. My configuration is the classical one: loft cistern, indirect cylinder on the upper...
  35. A

    Very hot water and radiators after Summer.

    Suggestions please. I have an puzzling problem. I switched off hot water and CH in Summer. Baxi boiler. After a short period of turning hot watertap on the water was scalding. Assuming hot water coming from hot water tank? I switched on hot water and CH but hot water is still scalding and...
  36. P

    Advice around buying designer radiators

    Hi Guys I'm new to this platform and trying to do some market research for my start up company poshrads.co.uk and reach out to potential tradesmen/plumbers My question is how often are you finding customers are asking for designer radiators as to a standard convector standard rad if so where...
  37. Ryooo

    Help 2 radiators not heating up

    Hi there, just spent the best part of 3 days in only what I would describe as "a big hoose" domestic 60 kW boiler. The client wanted 2 radiators added, 1 radiator added in master bedroom and 1 added in bedroom 2 that was the son's nursery. Completed the works today. The existing system is mild...
  38. A

    Advice on flow to radiators after new boiler

    Hi All, I am looking for a bit of advice. I am not a plumber, just a DIYer who has been doing his own plumbing for more than 40 years. I understand how central heating works with flow and return but have a bit of a potential issue which I want to discuss. Bit of background first. I had a...
  39. G

    Boiler with no radiators

    Hi, Is it ok, after draining the system and removing all but one radiator to turn on the combi boiler, in order to get hot water, until new radiators are installed? I've left the pressure at 0 so haven't filled up the system and have put capnuts on each TRV side just in case. (Couldn't get...
  40. P

    BTU's at delta T65 and T50

    Hi Guys, Need some help. I have calculated online the BTUs for the rads (calculator used T65) then when purchasing I was looking at the T65 radiator calculations..... But I have since noticed, Europe uses T50 as standard. What calculation would I use to convert the T65 BTU needed to the new T50...
  41. J

    Barco Radiators - Bunkrupt

    Just heard Barco radiators went bust. Wolseley said that all their stocked items (inc. special orders like designer rads) were zeroed off their system and they weren't allowed to sell them. Just so you know. J
  42. D

    Two out of three radiators not heating up

    Hello — if anyone's got any ideas on this one, I'd be hugely grateful! Here are the details... I live in a small one-bed flat (on one level). Last year I had the water tanks and immersion boiler removed and replaced with a Vaillant EcoFIT combi boiler. The fitters rerouted the pipework as...
  43. E

    Stelrad Compact Radiators vs Stelrad Softlines

    Hello, can anyone tell me if there is a difference between Stelrad Softlines and Stelrad Compact radiators - if there is a difference what is it. I am thinking of getting some for my house and am wondering which to buy.
  44. B

    Radiators hot at one end and cold at the other.

    Hello. I need a bit of advice please about getting heat through to 2 radiators. All the others are piping hot but these 2, in adjacent rooms (bedroom & en-suite) are piping hot right the way up at one end and stone cold at the top at the other end. There's a hot band for the bottom third of the...
  45. O

    Good Value Column Radiators - (milano windsor range ) Help

    Hi, we are currently trying to source radiators for a new build. We have found the Milano Windsor range on the best heating website. They seem to be about the only column rads in our budget range. Has anyone any experience of them?. We are a bit concerned about buying online. There is a...
  46. Nicola84

    Radiators smell when on

    Strange question but when my radiators come on I can smell a sort of burning dust smell, I've cleaned behind them however I can still smell it a few weeks on, is this normal?( I know when the heating as come on as I can smell the hot metal)
  47. D

    3 radiators on 15mm branch?

    I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to replace some 15mm pipe with 22mm. I currently have 3 radiators on a single 15mm branch. Small, medium and large, approx 10,000BTU's at 50C in total. The room with the large radiator is always cold in the Winter, partly due to insulation but...
  48. T

    Radiators upstairs in dormer bungalow - Gravity system

    Gravity system. 2 rads and 1 towel rail. Base of F&E tank to top of towel rail approx 300-400mm Base of F&E tank to top of rads approx 800mm All stone cold when heating is on, although the customer tells me that after the heating has been on for about 3 hours they do start to feel warm. I...
  49. I

    TBOE radiators in new build incorrectly piped

    Hi everyone, I am seeking some advice. We moved in last year to a new build flat which has 6 TBOE radiators with TRV's at the top. The new build flat uses a heat exchange unit as it is connected to district heating system. All pipework is behind the plasterboards and run up in the ceiling. I...
  50. P

    Ufh problems temp control and radiators temp

    Hi guys Our recently installed UFH system is causing us trouble and we are struggling to get the fitter to help, problem one is we have to slowly build up the heat as the new floor is tiled but the only way to do this is by turning the boiler heating controls down as low as it goes, 30 degrees...