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  1. N

    Quiet electric shower recommendations

    Hi All, I'm looking for a recommendation for an electric shower. Having installed a gravity fed Mira Elite ST I want to change to a mains fed (very easy as I can go off feed to tank) electric shower as the Mira Elite sounds like a plane taking off. With the bathroom next to one of the kids...
  2. Dan

    This is why the forum was quiet before.....

    Just watching the stats of users online right now. Seeing what the percentage of devices being used is. And it's nearly all mobile and tablet. So the old style just wasn't working for those guys. Now all of those (and half are mobile!) can browse the forum using a really neat design that...
  3. G

    Quietest system boiler advice please.

    I have a long-standing customer whom I dont want to loose. I dont normally fit boilers but in this case, I might have to. She has an old noisey Baxi Solo boiler (from memory 18kw) that wants replacing before the kitchen gets done out. As its to be re-sited onto a bedroom wall, she wants it to be...
  4. S

    Monobloc tap screw.

    Hi everyone. I am trying to unscrew the bolt under my monobloc tap, however the bolt is very unusual as you can see in the picture. I am also an absolute noob when it comes to plumbing. Going through tons of youtube video on replacing a monobloc tap seemed quiet straight forward but my tap...
  5. H


    How do you see your workload in the future getting more work?
  6. S

    condensate pump noise

    hi, having read through this forum I've noticed that others have also had noise problems with condensate pumps for boilers. I've had our plumber try two different models of pump and both are noisey so we can't have heating start before we wake up or when the kids are in bed! I'd expect a...
  7. P

    Tehflow pumps are they as quiet as they claim?

    Hi Has anyone fitted a techflow pump, a customer wants to change his shower pump and wants a quieter one than his current one. Saw techflow ones and claim to be whisper quiet can anyone confirm this??? any info gratefully received
  8. D

    New (ish) to forum

    Hi everyone , been nosing on here for a while now so thought i'd sign up and post. Been a plumber for 3 years after coming into it from roofing. Find this site very useful for help and advice.
  9. B

    How is everyone finding work at the moment

    I was just wondering how you are finding it at the moment,ive been self employed as a plumber for 4 years, now gas safe registered and was thinking of getting on a firm to have hands on with boilers daily,not having much luck on the job front as yet.How are you doing