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  1. E

    public liability insurance for plumbing without gas safe

    I would like advise on what is the fair price for a public liability insurance cover (what covers damage up to £2.000.000)? and I would like to know if there is a company that anybody could refer me to? Thank you
  2. Bibbs118

    Is This Guy (Coach Tony) a Danger To The Public?

    He currently runs a mentorship programme costing 2k for a months mentorship. Use the YouTube app to see comments left. I'm guessing the A and R stands for At Risk Boiler Repairs. Boiler Repair Training Online Ideal Isar HE30 LF Code. With Coach Tony Morgan Viessmann Vitodens 100...
  3. M

    Public liability for commercial gas work

    Who do you use for public liability insurance to cover you for commercial gas work? I always struggle to find people to cover that. The ones that do always want a fortune for the privilege
  4. J

    linking mf burner & gas system

    Im fitting a new heating system to my house Im gas safe registered & plumbed a few multifuel burners, but never mixed the 2 Can I use a low loss header on the mf side to transfer the heat over to the flow on the gas system. I appreciate the need of extra pumps, pipe stats, check valve, its just...
  5. J

    3 pumps in 12 months closed thread

    Chalked I'm not sure why you have closed my thread, surely the idea of this forum is for an engineer to put a problem out there for others to help if possible. I see nothing wrong with my replies but you have seen fit to close the thread without explanation.
  6. H

    Pro's & Con's

    Just wondered peoples thoughts on tougher regulation of the plumbing industry in the U.K, like countries such as U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have to name a few.
  7. R

    Business Insurance

    Hi guys, i'm looking at different options for business insurance. Ideally Id like to get a package that includes: -Public liability -Van insurance -Tool insurance -Personal accident insurance -Business interruption insurance -Personal indemnity insurance Does anyone here currently...
  8. M

    High FGA Readings

    Working on a Glow Worm flexicom 18hxi today and I had the following results : 02 - 4.2% C0 - 1716 PPM Ratio - 0.0180 C02 - 9.5% It is only 3 years old, gas valve has been reset as per manufacturers instructions and tried two anaylsers in case was faulty. Any suggestions ??
  9. M

    TMV in schools and nurseries

    Hi chaps, I am looking for some information on this. In part G it says it is only a requirement for baths to have TMV's on if it is a new build. Now, I also thought it was a requirement to have them in schools and nurseries at wash basins? But, I cannot seem to find where it mentions this. Does...
  10. L

    Heads up please

    Whats the eticutte on this forum? Never been on a forum before but want to use this as a learning tool, hopefully give some good advice (im sure I will get shot down if wrong!) and have some banter Registered with moderator to get access to gas site, obviously a new member but on the boiler...
  11. K

    how to start up?

    hi everyone......as much info as possible from your wise and experienced minds would be greatly appreciated.... so heres my current situation..... im in college doing part time evenings for my level 2....... i work a full time job earning just above minimum wage..... baby on the way so i cant...
  12. D

    do you think the public know what ciphe is?

    I know this has probably been covered loads of times before but do you think the general public are aware of CIPHE and know what it is?
  13. G

    Plumbing sucks

    AS TITLE !!!:shout:
  14. J

    Starting my own Business

    Hi Interested in starting my own business but had a few questions. Do i u just need to buy tradesman insurance then off i go or is there more that i have to do? i really dont know what i suppose to do. Could someone please advise me on what to do. Thanks in advance
  15. T

    baby on the way

    CRAP CRAP AND MORE CRAP the misiss's waters have broken eeerrrrrmmmmm eeeeeerrrrrmmmmm HELP stiched me right up all I want is to go to bed and iv got a 3 & half year old alsleep in bed that needs looking after now i need to bee In two places at once HELP im happy thats she is on her...
  16. S

    CIPHE, what do you think?

    As I value other's opinions (allmost as much as my own lol), thought I'd ask you all what you think of CIPHE?
  17. W

    Incorrect PRV termination?

    Hi, I work on the Warm Front/Eaga scheme and have installed a boiler where the PRV terminates onto a 'public highway'. The house is basically an end terrace with the boiler fitted in a cupboard downstairs on the gable. Flue, PRV, Condense go straight out, however the inspector has failed the...
  18. R

    how much to supply and fit pressure switch on ideal boiler

    i have been charged 70 quid to supply and fit a pressure switch on a ideal boiler this took 5 min to undo one screw and 3 push on screws ---- is this right please help
  19. S

    Homecall Plus

    Anyone contracting to Homecall Plus, just wondering what they're like paying invoices? Cheers in advance.
  20. P

    Second Hand Boiler fitting in rented accomodation

    Hi, a landlord has asked me to fit a second hand boiler (once im GSF, next week, :() in one of his lets. Ive been told by someone else this isnt allowed. Ive searched my corgi and viper books but found nothing. maybe a call to GS is on the cards???
  21. H

    Am i unreasonable ?

    I was asked for a qoute to replace a standard kitchen sink and fit a pre purchased monobloc tap i told the fella that if it is a straight swap over with no hitches it would be £110 if i had to trim worksurface to new size it would be £150, the customer told me there and then that i am too...
  22. P

    should government make it law to be qualified plumber to do plumbing work for money?

    would this sort out some of the very bad plumbing I have had to fix over the years? what do people think i appreciate there are a lot of guys out there working as plumbers who dont have quals and are probably better than some with quals but generally what do people have to say on this.
  23. O

    New gas safe forum

    Dans started a new forum for gas safe registered peeps only, so lets use it people and ensure we help each other without embarassing ourselves or encouraging those with limited knowledge to have a go. The team upstairs has responded to a request so lets make the best of it, and keep slagging...
  24. T

    Please help, Worcester Bosch boiler problem!!

    I have a Worcester Bosch combi boiler and have just returned from being away for a month. The HW works just fine, but the CH only works in off or on status and none of the other options like once, timed etc. There is a black triangle with (( )) flashing within the dashboard interface and my...
  25. P

    Im trying to find a copy of reg 26(9)

    Lost my regs book and after a copy of this. I cant find it on the Gas Safe Engineers site anywhere. Anyone got any ideas?
  26. M

    how much precentage of profit on materials

    what kind of precentage would you guys put on materials, just dont know what a reasonable precentage is to put on materials.
  27. F

    AA Advertisement

    Hi, what do you all think of that recent AA advert where the woman says to John Cleese "no need to call your COWBOYS" as there's water pouring through the ceiling as he looks through a paper "Il'l call the AA" she say's. I find this deeply offensive as they're implying that anyone found in the...
  28. A

    Gas Mains Call Out

    Howzit All, Working on site today and bolstered through the gas mains.(Long story).Had to call out emergency Southern Gas Networks to repair mains pipework.They charge on time it takes to repair,which was approx 2 and a half hours,after much chatting and standing around. Any idea of what this...
  29. E

    A good quote??

    hi all. writing a quote for a customer and wondering what does a good quote consist of? anyone got any templates? or any ideas as dont want to miss anything off thanks
  30. T


    I know this is basic for most of you out there but can you please advise me as to why when I turn the TRVs in the bedrooms in my house to zero or the frost sign there is maximum output of heat from the radiators!! How can I turn the heat off on these radiators? Are all these TRVs faulty or does...
  31. I

    Liverpool aera

    Hello my name is Ian Weeder I'm aged 30 and live in anfield and have just started a Gas Installation,Servicing and Maintenance course at Liverpool Community Collage . As part of the the course we need to build up a portfolio while working in the field, by providing evidence such as...
  32. Z

    What are these worth? Pictures!

    Hi all, I have these items and am wondering what some of you more experienced plumbers think they are worth. Firstly i have a ZIP AQUAPOINT AP50 5 Litre unvented undersink water heater which is brand new and still has it's clingfilm wrapper on and fully boxed Then i have a ZIP...
  33. K

    Bathroom Installers Urgently Required

    Bathroom installers required to install bathrooms in our customers homes. We specialise in the selling and installation of easy access bathrooms and require installers to work on a sub contract basis who can ensure that all aspects of the installaton conform to our drawings and standards...
  34. S

    New Boiler Install Help Please (what paperwork should be issued)

    Could someone please advise me on what paper work (test/installation certification) I should have received when I had a new boiler fitted last week. The job was to fit a new condensing boiler, extend the existing gas pipe to new position and install new flue. My main concern is when I come...
  35. P

    Illegal Gas Fitter Caught

    I'm sorry but after reading the below it seems that the fine is clearly not sufficient as its a lot lower than the training and registration costs it is to be Gas Safe I do not beleive in illegal gas fitting in any way shape or form but it has worked out cheaper for this Chappy! Illegal...
  36. G

    Heat exchangers

    Like the mechanics car, my own heating system is suffering from severe neglect and having been snowed in the last two winters I really need to get it sorted. I plan to fit a system boiler using an external heat exchanger to buffer to the existing system for reasons it would be tedious to...
  37. D

    Help needed please

    I posted yesterday, asking about plumbing jobs in Nottingham, after working for my dad since the age of 16 (I'm now 27) I want a change. I went to college when I was younger, but dropped out (I was young and naive) so never got any 'official' qualifications and just learnt all I know from my...
  38. P

    Another bodged bathroom

    I was in a newish bathroom today, the main problem was water dripping through the ceiling when the basin was used, the bathroom was put in a couple of years ago by a local guy. In the corner of the bathroom there is an inset basin set into a poorly tiled 'cube', no access panel and no way of...
  39. T

    new motor on oil burning boiler? how much and how long to fit one?

    just out of curiosity guys , my neighbour who is an old aged pensioner has had a new motor fitted recently and he didnt get any quotes for the job first , he has asked me to find out how much the motor costs as the invoice only quoted a total for parts and labour. it was a rbl 171t motor. so ...
  40. S

    Public Liability Insurance

    I'm a new business and I'm struggling to find reasonablt priced insurance. Quotes that I've had exclude all hot work, which seems a bit pointless for a plumber. Either that or its around £500 pa. Does that sound about right?
  41. B

    LPG Offtake

    Hi Fellow Gas Men I have to quote for an LPG installation for a 6 burner dual fuel cooker how do I work the offtake out to determine bottle and change over size. You dont have to divulge to the public tell me where to look.:confused: Thanks
  42. S

    gas safe sham or con

    is it just me or is everyone else getting sick and tired of being baby sat by these regulators first corgi who to be fair were not to bad but now gas safe which is just a money making scheme after all what have we paid for and god forbid you have a year out it doubles and for what ......to go on...
  43. J

    Bad News for newie plumbers

    Finished my 6129 level 2 recently and have been looking to further my experience etc 6129 level 2 standard alone - no problem 6129 level 3 only available for me day release or distant learning. Day release not possible due to work commitments - distance learning not adviseable as limited to...
  44. S

    Advice on associated skills training, bricky, chippy, plasterer etc.

    I'm on a plumbing course which doesn't include other skills such as bricky, chippy, plasterer and so on. Problem is I'm nearing 40 and not much different to a 20 yr old out of college, (which one shall I hire, decisions decisions, said the employer). Now I've drilled holes, notched and drilled...
  45. M

    London Earnings

    Hey Guys was thinking of going for my Gas certificates and just wondered what the average earnings in London were for it. I know it varies on your type of employment, how hard you want to work etc. but I reckon its around the 40k mark. Would this be a fair estimate? Many thanx Marty
  46. P

    cast iron downpipe

    evening all, Got a bit of a dilema, a van(not mine!) hit a cast downpipe. the owner wants me to replace it in plastic. the problem is there is only about 10mm to 15mm of cast pipe above ground for me to play with. and not enought room for a cast coupling either. My idea is to silicone a...
  47. G


    Whilst trawling the net to find the best deals for forms, came across these on ebay. Seems like a good deal for 50 quid. Thoughts anybody? CORGI FORMS & LABELS ESSENTIAL SET on eBay (end time 10-Sep-10 09:38:36 BST)
  48. S

    Pipe with silicon rubber tubes in it.

    First off this is not a job, same as the Saniflo type systems, are there jobs plumbers don't do. thread. Just getting titbits of info while studying, basically so I don't go blindly into things, plus I might forgot the questions in a few years time. Where I work (sport centre) there's plastic...
  49. S

    Natural gas pipework & inspection - business premises

    Hi, Please would someone be so kind as to provide me with some assistance... I am trying to clarify the inspection & maintenance criteria on natural gas pipework which runs through basement areas and underground in a business premises. I am unsure which legislation applies, what the employers...
  50. J

    Apprentice Plumber?

    Hi guy, I'm not too sure if this is the right place to put this, but i am 19 years old, I have been driving my own car just over a year and have City And Guilds Level 2 In plumbing, but have no work experience, which is what i am seeking. Can anyone help me out, either direct me with any help...