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  1. H

    Worcester bosh combi boiler strange pressure problem

    ive been having problems with my boiler banging at night so ive had all my radiators changed and on Saturday had M C 3+ cleaner through the system and sentinel x100 inhibitor put in the boiler was fine that night Sunday night about 3 in the morning the boiler banged then i could hear a woosh of...
  2. stings27

    Baxi VP ignition problem

    Hi all. Went to a customers house last week because they couldn’t light their gas fire. Initially I thought it was the spark generator but on closer inspection the problem looks more to do with the control assembly. If I press in the control knob gently but not fully ,it will spark& sometimes...
  3. H

    Unexplained problem removing tap cover

    Hello. I wonder if anyone can help please. This is my first post. I am trying to replace a washer on the hot tap (simple pillar type) in my bathroom basin. The basin is an 80 year old basin in Art Deco style original to the house and so I am keen not to break it or the pipe joints below...
  4. P

    Peculiar central heating problem - any ideas?

    Our central heating system "bangs" sometimes when the Hot Water comes on. A single bang. The engineer came and replaced the mid valve actuator. This had no effect. The engineer came back and replaced the mid valve. This seems to have had no effect. We have a recording taken on my iphone when...
  5. R

    hortsmann serviceplus s21 lockout problem

    hi new to this forum, have a client whose serviceplus s21 has locked out from his system due to a service which he had already done over 3 months ago but engineer never reset his programmer (probably didnt know how to), is there anyway a code or sequence that can reset the programmer? ive tried...
  6. J

    Indirect Drainage Problem (without getting thru the floor)

    Hello all! glad to be here.... gonna be doing quite some plumbing work with a handyman of mine to lower cost of my new business so I hope this is the right place to get some good pro info! So with my new biz, they are requiring a 3 basin sink like a restaurant kitchen, and with this they...
  7. L

    New day new problem!

    Hi all, continuing saga, I connected a temporary tap to the stop cock tap but have a leak! I'm sure I have the wrong part but maybe someone can tell me what I need from City Plumbing... So it's a female thread in the tap, in my box of bits I have male to male adaptors which then allowed me to...
  8. M

    Geberit Sigma 40 dual flush plate with odour extractor problem.

    Ive a Geberit Sigma 40 dual flush plate with odour extractor. I replaced the carbon filter with new one after LED button flashed (instructed this is why it flashes) but it still flashes are new one installed. How can I stop it flashing and get it to work properly?
  9. M

    Worcester Greenstar 24I Hot water problem

    Hi there hope you guys can help me, the boiler in my rental property has stopped giving hot water, i.e. now water at all. the central heating works fine, cold water works fine, but when i turn on the hot water i get nothing no water at all. look forward to tour suggestions. Many thanks Martin
  10. Neville Hillyer

    How can I cure my gravity circulation problem?

    I am a retired Chartered Electrical Engineer and am looking for information about the necessary conditions for gravity primary circulation in a 28mm domestic indirect vented hot water circuit. Until recently I have fitted Hercal cylinders in my house and they always worked without any...
  11. J

    Toilet keep blocking - suspected problem with WC connector.

    I have a problem. We've just had a toilet fitted and its already blocking up. We can clear the blockages with a lot of plunging but it doesn't take much to block it back up. Also the flow rate of the flush seems lacklustre even when not blocked - it doesn't seem strong enough to pull the paper...
  12. M

    Ferroli myra C24 problem

    My heater is showing an error code F07 ( parmeter card anomaly) as soon as I start it. Any help to solve this issue. Thanks
  13. O

    Problem with Center programmer

    Hi All , Some advice please , We have not had the heating on for a bit but decided to put in back on today for a bit However when I went to the programmer and peers the Manuel to come on , it wouldn’t come on ?It’s a combi and the hot water is all working ok Display way showing a triangle...
  14. L

    Gas line for dryer failed inspection

    Gas line for dryer coming out of wall about 3" and runs about 2' along wall then elbows along furnace. Inspector failed and wants specs on stack washer/dryer. Will not return calls, not sure what to do. We took out water lines and vent - no washer/dryer for that room.
  15. J

    Firebird flue problem

    I'm trying to clean the flue on a scooted up Fiebird Evironmax. The condensate pipe had blocked causing the condensate pathways in the boiler to clog with soot. I can't see an easy way to clean the internal passages,anyone seen this please?
  16. R

    Shower Pressure problem

    Hi There, Looking for some help before making an expensive purchase. Before having my bathroom replaced 2 years ago I had an old (20+ years) Mira excell concealed mixer shower. Pressure was absolutely fantastic to the point where the wife couldnt stand under it. Brilliant shower. When the...
  17. U

    underfloor heating. one section not heating.

    Problem with activator in just one area of the UFH system. I don't know how to take off the activator to check the pin. No problem with water flow. Not sure how to handle the flex coming out of the activator. I know the pins aren't working as the water gauges are not responding (that's what...
  18. T

    Did work on plumbers advice that did not work, ask for refund?

    Hi, I need advice from experienced plumbers please, I got my bathroom done a few weeks ago, the job was done but the detail was very poor. I had to repaint what the builder had already done as the previous paint was coming though, one side of the tile had not been siliconed so you could see...
  19. Z

    Idea for those who have cash flow problem

    I had a terrible time finding a plumber and I am trying to think of a way to help him as I have one whom I trust implicitly thought that I could put a Medium sum of money in his account specifically to cover labour on future jobs As it’s only labour that is covered then there is no risk to...
  20. P

    Boiler problem starting when cold

    Hello My boiler has this strange start up sequence from cold: 1. boiler fires up and runs fine for about 45 seconds and then goes off 2. repeatedly tries to start, maybe 3-10 times, each attempt the boiler is lit for about 1 sec before going off 3. eventually stays on and works ok...
  21. G

    Glow worm ultracom 30cxi ignition problem

    Hi, I am new to the forum and as a new home owner have a rather basic understanding of central heating systems! We have a main house and separate annexe which are supplied by two separate thermostats (Drayton digistat 2) which both run off the glow worm boiler. Without warning our heating did...
  22. G

    Trickiest boiler problem

    New here. I hope someone can offer some assistance. Glow Worm Fuelsaver MkII 40 prior to service in working state Brand new thermocouple out of the box held over a candle flame produces a steady output ~9mV when connected to the valve and after relight will hold supply to pilot open...
  23. G

    Secondary return problem

    Had a customer contact me today. They have brought a property that has an unvented cylinder with a secondary return. The property has been extended the hot taps in the original side of the house work ok but the hot taps in the extension side run hot for a few seconds then go cold. The run is...
  24. S

    Combi boiler/shower mixer problem

    Hi. I have a Baxi Combi Instant 105e boiler. The problem is that the shower ran cold. So I called Brit Gas and they came and changed the DHW diaphragm and a temp sensor. The Hot water to all the taps is fine and constant but the hot water to the shower mixer goes cold more or less as soon as...
  25. O

    Shower problem with Iflo shower.

    I have a shower with an Iflo unit that is leaking. intermals are Halkin unit, 53560601G can I get replacement or service.
  26. M

    New macerator problem

    Hi, I have just fitted a new toilet macerator, the unit works fine when you flush the toilet, but when the sink or shower is used, it runs on and off and won't stop unless you flush the toilet...can any one advise??
  27. I

    Baxi 100 HE ignition problem

    Can anybody provide some help with the ignition problem in video please?
  28. M

    Hot water temperature problem

    I have a Glow Worm 24HX Condensing boiler on the ground floor with a pump in the same cupboard, a hot water storage cylinder in the airing cupboard upstairs (Kingspan 1500 x 450 grade 3, 162 Litre. cylinder) in the eaves area I have another pump (both pumps are Salus MP200 domestic circulating...
  29. S

    My boiler is leaking, has anyone else had this problem?

    Hi folk got a leaking boiler, WB greenstar combi. Has anyone had this before? Drips on the outside of the boiler.... was recently serviced and all seemed ok then. Thanks! 1579987904 Is this difficult or expensive to sort out? 1579987976 I dropped the pressure to just over 1 bar as it was nearly...
  30. F

    Linking water to shepherds hut

    Hi, I’m currently building a shepherds hut. I’m trying to link it up to my parents house for water and electricity. The problem I have is that my parents use a borehole system to feed there house. My proposed site for the hut is about 50-60m away from the house, and probably a 6m drop from the...
  31. phil hair

    glow worm ultracom 18hxi low flame problem

    hi, Im looking at a glow worm ultracom 18hxi that heats up to mid 70s/80s works for about 20 mins, then goes into low gas mode (one flame on display) and stays there for the rest of time. no heat in the water or rads. I have changed a 3 way valve (which was jammed with the black stuff) I then...
  32. B

    Is a missing flange the problem?

    I have a 2nd pump which has recently stopped working properly. Symptoms are 1) usually loses pressure quickly and the pump gets louder 2) no pressure at all. We can fix it by either changing the mixer tap on the shower to cold, then back to hot or by giving the hot feed pipe to the pump a shake...
  33. S

    Shower valve problem???

    Happy new year I have two showers in the house but this only affects one of them and no impact on any taps either. the showers are the type where there’s just a small control showing through the wall (mixer?) with hot/cold and pressure controls on the same unit. the pressure is good but the...
  34. PolypipeOverlay

    Pipes going in at angle into Underfloor Heating Manifold Problem?

    Is it acceptable to have plastic pipe going into the manifold at such angles as shown in photo? There is definitely stress on the fittings as the pipe is pulling hard to one side on numerous connections. The manifold does not leak under pressure test. Should it be kept as is if it does not leak...
  35. J

    Problem with new Grundfos UPS

    Hello everyone, I have a problem, to which there is probably a simple solution but I can't see the wood for the trees. I swapped out an old Grundfos pump for the new one. Gone is the lovely old silver button on the front where you can bleed the pump and now we have more bells and whistles. But...
  36. S

    What’s the problem here

    Hi, Can anyone identify what the fault is with this boiler? Beforehand it was cutting out and then back on constantly, before giving up completely over a few weeks. Grant Vortex Combi 21external oil
  37. D

    Can anyone please help with a water hammer problem?

    My cold water feed (from a private supply) has a pump because the head isn't great. This has worked well for years but recently started to make a hammering noise. I can see that this is due to the pump starting and stopping when the water level in the tank is almost enough to close the valve . I...
  38. A

    URGENT Noisy boiler problem

    Can someone please advise as to what is causing this issue with my sons boiler
  39. O

    Help needed on central heating problem

    Evening gents I have a Worcester green star ri controlled by a Honeywell st9420c controller and wireless thermostat All working fine this morning now when home from work I’m getting no heating. The light is on on the controller and the digital thermostat is showing the fire symbol but there’s...
  40. M

    Hole in the slab for vertical plumber position problem.

    The red one is sewage system. The workers put the vertical plumb where the big black dot is (зошто овде дупка во плоча за одвот) that means why there. There is a hole in the slab 30cm from each side of the wall. On the one side i understand cause there is a concrete beam, but on the other side...
  41. R

    Shower pump problem salamander ct60bu

    Evening all, Finished a full bathroom 2 days ago The system required a negative head pump to be installed (salamander ct60bu) as there was not enough head of pressure for a standard pump, Here is the installation spec/layout, The pump is installed at the base of the cylinder (1m below draw off)...
  42. Gee

    Water temperature from electric shower is a problem

    Hello, I'm using a Triton Amber III and sometimes the water is just totally cold and other times irregular and the light at the top of the unit doesn't come on. Can anyone tell me what's happening? Thanks.
  43. I

    Push fit pipe problem

    I am trying to combine some push fit waste pipes that go directly into the outside drain. They are 34mm. Can anyone tell me where I can get this size? It all seems to be 32 or 40 mm. Thanks
  44. M

    Problem soldering Yorkshire 22mm to 3/4 coupler

    Hi, Im trying unsuccessfully to solder a 22mm to 3/4 yorkshire straight adapter. Ive done a fair bit of soldering before without issues but its all been on 15mm pipe. With Yorkshire fittings im used to seeing a ring of older appear after about 15 seconds and then stop. However with this...
  45. T

    Cleanout problem... cannot open cleanout to get to drain obstruction.

    I have an obstruction in a drain pipe. Plumbing was new with the house 65 years ago, and the particular cleanout I need to open has not been opened in all that time. I put a wrench on the plug expecting it to come out. Instead, the plug remains firmly seated in the flange, and the flange...
  46. C

    Problem radiator

    We live in a bungalow and have a problem radiator that will not heat up at all. My OH has changed the thermostatic valve, tried bleeding it and has this morning taken radiator off and flushed it, still cannot get any heat from it, appeared to start heating up when he had bleed valve open then...
  47. J

    Baxi Bermuda PW5 Gas Fire Problem

    Hi all, i have the above gas fire with back boiler. The boiler is working fine but there is a problem with the fire after first light of the cold season(cold according to my wife). The ignition has always been tempramentel so we have always used a "clicker" gas igniter. We press the knob down...
  48. J

    AGPO ECONPACT problem

    Hello, I live in the Netherlands and I have a central heating system without boiler (AGPO ECONPACT 235c). It is leaking( very slow) a yellow thick sticky substance. it can hardly be removed if it drips to the ground. Does anyone know what it is?
  49. D

    central heating problem

    burner heating water but not rads any ideas
  50. Eric

    Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive 838 problem

    The boiler temperature is set at 70 degrees but when it fires up for heating it gets to about 45 then shuts down. The flame symbol during heating only shows two bars, out of the four. This is followed by the display of Heating Rem. off time 5 mins. And counts down before firing up again. The...