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  1. soother

    Ideal logic primary heat exchanger leak sealant success?

    A mate tells me he cured a heat engine leak on this boiler (confirmed by boiler isolation & dripping condensate drain) by adding K-Seal car type sealant, and It's still ok after 5 years. Has anyone else had success curing these leaks with sealant additives?
  2. D

    Gurgling from primary circuit, Y plan system

    I've noticed that my hot water primary circuit has started gurgling a lot. My system is a conventional 'y' plan and the controller will not allow heating without hot water. The gurgling is at it's worst when there is only hot water demand. I'm pretty sure there's no air in the system and in any...
  3. A

    Pre-payment meter

    Can someone please inform me of the reason why a pre-payment meter used as the primary meter can not feed a secondary meter? Kind Regards
  4. K

    Flow and return pipes

    Hi, Im currently replacing the central heating system in our house and have the following question. Our house has solid floors downstairs so both the upstairs and downstairs radiators will be supplied from 22mm flow and return pipes routed between the upstairs floorboards and downstairs...
  5. M

    Biasi DHW Diverter problem got me stumped !

    Folks .. REALLY REALLY appreciate some thoughts here I’m a little demented ATM. Let firstly get out of the way I am not gas reg but do have a significant engineering background so feel more than comfortable tackling the jobs I am allowed to do. I make apologies in advance for a little long...
  6. J

    potterton power max he pressure vessel

    Hi all, I'm new here so hear goes. I have a potterton power max he, I've had some Ch pressure issues which I traced to a faulty pressure relief valve Which is now on order but when I went to check the pressure vessel's the external one was ok but when I put the Pump/gauge on the primary...
  7. E

    is it ok

    to pressurise the primary side i.e. heating on a vented cylinder. I was told it is ok but it doesnt sit right with me I would prefer one system or another but of cours I am probably wrong. eddie
  8. D

    F+E tank with no vent

    hi i was just wondering if this is normal or it it was a mistake. the F+E tank never had a vent on it, we drained it down and it took 2 hours to get up and running. some of the air was coming though the cold feed to the primaries to the tank. I've had a look though my college books but can't...
  9. S

    Warmflow 70-90 hot water problems

    Hi all, first time poster here so hope you can help! Got called to a boiler breakdown today with the customer complaining of lukewarm hot water. Had a look at the boiler and it is a warmflow 70-90 combi (with the flexible braided pipes inside) I've seen before with them the flexible pipes being...
  10. B

    What are the extra inlet/outlets?

    Hi, came across this cylinder today! Customer asked what the two outlets were for. I didn't really know so thought I would seek some advice. Sort of established that the 15mm on the left is a hot water draw off but not sure about the 22mm above the primary. Hope someone can help :-)
  11. L

    Out of my depth please help!!!

    3 rd time ive tried to post this... so this is the really really short version Is there a 3 port valve that only has 3 wires (l,n,e) on it made by honeywell please guys that has a relay in the wiring centre?
  12. S

    Aerjec removal

    Hi all, Quick query, if you were to remove an aerjec and re-pipe without it would the following be correct: Primary flow coming out of floor in ac tee off (centre) to pump and top of tee to open vent. This would mean the vent would be on the negative side of the pump. As for the cold feed tee...
  13. W

    MRFC needs help

    Hi Guys, I am with Malahide Rugby Club in Dublin and need some advice ( naturally free as we can't afford to pay for anything at the moment ) My question is: Has anyone Installed/Comissioned/Maintained a HeatMaster ACV HM 100G water heater. Its a large, red, gas fired boiler and at present...
  14. D

    baxi conbi 105e

    can you get a kit for differential on diverter valve,rod not coming out when dhw or ch is called for
  15. G

    Biasi M90E24s no hot water?????????

    Please help!!! Ive been trying to diagnose a fault with this boiler as i cant get any hot water from it. when going into service mode the lights indicates thats its theres a fault in the primary flow circuit , does this mean the DHW flow sensor???? when reading MI it says that DHW sensor is...
  16. D

    pipework lay outs

    can you have more than one return from the central heating return to the primary return and can it be place'd between radiator returns,open vented fully pumped.
  17. S

    Ideal Icos HE18 no display?

    hi my Ideal Icos boiler has recently stoped working, there is no lights on the display and there is 240v supply to it and no fuses have blown, ANY IDEAS?? I'm thinking the worst and i think the pcb has gone, but what would cause this to go?:banghead:​
  18. V

    Gravity Flow On Fully Pumped System

    I'm trying to cure a fully-pumped central heating system where the radiators become warm when only the hot water is turned on. This has always been the case ever since the customer moved in. The three port has AB on the left, A to the top and B to the bottom. I was wondering if it's possible...
  19. F

    No hot water

    Hi, I have a gas heated hot water system with a hot water storage tank. It was making a loud noise when hot water tap was switched on and during the week the flexible hose and expansion vessle were replaced with a fixed cooper pipe. Since then the heating of the water has been tempremental...
  20. N

    pump query

    hi all, A very simple question for most of you but want to check first - not seen the job yet. The pump is a wilo pump on a gravity fed system with a potterton boiler that keeps locking out. This pump is making a gurgling noise when the hot water is boosted, not when the CH is run. Is this...
  21. S

    Halstead ace

    HI i have a problem with my halstead ace boiler. for CH it is always on low flame and only ch is luke warm. hot water is ok on high flame ,any ideas ?
  22. P

    Anyone experienced with Worcester Greenster HE Combi

    As above, customer reports that when he opens hot water tap boiler rockets up to 90 odd degrees and locks out. Now he says heating is messing about as well. he said boiler had no pressure so topped up to 1.5 and just before its locking out its going up to 3/3.5 bar. Im thinking primary side...
  23. G

    Asked to install flueless gas fire

    Hi Been asked to install flueless gas fire. Just wondering how many of you install these? I gather that the customer would be using it alot in the winter. Aware of vent/room sizes, but still concerned of the safety of these, if they are not serviced regulary. Thanks
  24. S

    new gas run

    today did a new gas run ,customer asked to reconnect existing gas appliances i refused to do it as !gas hob did not have isolating valve ,sign of burn on taps ,primary air port partly block with sh''''t ignition button missing!so ID i thought boiler flue less then 300 mm from internal...
  25. R

    Annoying rumbling noise

    Hi, about six months ago a plumber installed a new Albion ultraseel 180 litre cylinder. The information on the commissioning information says I have a primary open vented boiler. The mains pressure is 3 bar, and a strainer has been fitted. The installler set the water temp. at 60 degrees, i...
  26. K

    airlock on combi boiler primary circuit?

    right ive got a problem after draining and filling a combi heating circuit to change a faulty rad valve. ive never had an airlock before on combi systems, but anyway the problem is that after all rads bled, all work as normal apart from one on the ground floor which only gets luke warm...
  27. J

    vokera compact 29he: DHW ok/ CH cuts out after 10mins???

    After any advise, been to look at vokera compact 29HE fault. No MI present. Hot water is ok and heating works fine for about 10mins, then boiler goes back into stanby. No lockout or red/amber led. Green light flashes faster. You can then turn off/on and will repeat the cycle. On first look...
  28. L

    Single Pipe System Radiators

    Hi all, I have been asked to rerplace some radiators in a old house which has a single pipe radiator system in place. The Client has purchased his nice shiny radiators and Honeywell TRVs and new lock shields. Questions The old radiators are top fed and low return, can the new radiators...
  29. T

    Pressure increase?

    Hi all, This might be really obvious but would appreciate your thoughts. Over the last few weeks I have noticed an increase in pressure on the primary circuit of my Halstead Finest. Reset a week ago and still increasing about half bar/week. I'm assuming that the likely candidate is the filler...
  30. T


    Installing a Velux solar kit soon for a customer . Anyone installed one ? Things to watch for ? I have noticed it has no air vent at top of the panels , inlet and outlet are at the bottom (great air trap !)
  31. P

    Volt free frost stat?

    Anyone know of a volt free frost stat? Need one for a ravenheat combi in a loft. the boiler only takes volt free controls. Can't find one on the internet!
  32. C

    Cornwall - business opportunities

    We always holiday in Cornwall - might like to semi retire to North Cornwall soon ish. When I ask various people I come accross there they say there is a shortage of Plumbers /Ch Eng in North Cornwall. Anybody got some ist hand experience ? centralheatking
  33. M

    Isolating second MegaFlo indirect cylinder

    I live in a 3 bedroom house with two bathrooms. It has two Heatrae Sadia Megaflo CL145 cylinders. There are only two of us living here, and we only ever use one bathroom at a time, so I think the system may be over-specced for us, and we're paying to heat more hot water than we need. I'd like...
  34. J

    Honeywell Mid-position Diverter Valve......

    "Honeywell Mid-position Diverter Valve" was a phrase I'd never encountered until my central heating stopped working this morning and I had to look closely at what was in the airing cupboard. My hotwater is still working, but there is no heating, the thermostat and the timer controllers appear...
  35. P

    Gravity to fully pumped

    installing a W/Bosch 24ri supplied by client. Existing is Kingfisher2 MF, on GR floor & HW cylinder on 1st floor with C plan thermostat/Mot valve controlled Gravity circuit. Not easy to get additional pipework up to cylinder, so whats the best way to convert to fully pumped. It has a combined CF...
  36. T

    Extended S plan with 5 channels 2 pumps

    In a large old house with 22 radiators with pressurized system need to replace the boiler and install controls. Plan on installing Worcester Greenstar 40 CDi or Vaillant ecoTEC plus 438 boiler. Thinking of Danfoss Tp9000Si Programmable Room Thermostat upstairs, Sunvic Select 307XL 3 channel...
  37. A

    no hot water

    Morning all - I replaced a trv in a large bungalow yesterday. To save draining down I bunged the header tank - rad working fine now but water not heating up. Assume there is now an air lock leading up to the coil in the tank ? How would I clear this ? cheers dave
  38. G

    using fernox DS40

    Hi I am going to cleaning the CH system, 10 rads, all the ground one 5 are new, on first floor 4 radiators are 33 years old they still working, the system doesn’t leak, never need to top up. The pipes are wednesbury ss metric BS4127, some copper pipe are also joined where some radiators where...
  39. J

    3 port and two port valve in same system

    I have been asked to look at the wiring of a programer and room thermostat as when the hot water is called for by the timer the boiler turns off. On looking in the at the valves by the tank which is unvented, I found two of them there is a 3 port and then from the one side of this the pipe runs...
  40. J

    Towel rail

    How do you set up a central heating system so that the towel rail is hot even when the central heating system is turned off but hot water is switched on.
  41. M

    STACK DRAINAGE - offsets in discharge stack?

    Need to introduce a biggish offset in the bottom storey of a 4 storey discharge stack. The stack serves two bathrooms in one house (no flats). I've read Part H, in particular that these should be avoided etc etc, although I really need to try to get this to work. My questions are: 1) If the...
  42. B

    Airlock in primary hot water circuit/Power flushing old gravity fed indirect system

    Hi, I've got a very old Glow-worm 92/100 boiler which is gravity fed indirect (it must be 30-40 years old. Having had a leak from an old galvenised F&E tank for a year finally got around to replacing it (and not a moment too soon as it had gone literally paper thin). Refilled primary and no HW...
  43. S

    cooker prob

    hi all i got a rangemaster 55 leisure with a problem. you turn the oven burnner on and it lights low flame and stays on low flame and doesent go to high flame, is the stat b*ggered on it or is something else? :confused: thanks for the advice :D
  44. J


    unvented clyinder and system boiler hot water luke warm heating and hot water tapped in together as a bypass but no auto bypass fitted could this be the problem cheers
  45. A

    Flame Retention

    I am a newly time served plumber and am away to sit several gas courses, while doing a bit of revision i came across flame retention in gas cookers, but am not 100% what this is or how it is prevented, if some one could tell me or send me a link that would help it would be much appreciated
  46. P

    Towel Rad on DHW

    Hi Can any one advise how common the above install is?
  47. M

    primary flow with cold feed and vent into it?

    Hi guys, today my boss has told me to pipe up a boiler with the primary flow having the vent pipe and cold feed going into it. Is this ok? The pump is on the flow pumping downwards. He says that if the cold feed goes into the return then the pump will pump the water through the coil and back...
  48. B

    primary ventilated stack

    Hello all, On a two story building, can the stack pipe exit the roof near the eaves, or must it exit near the ridge to work effectively? Any help much appreciated, BOBBOB
  49. H

    Leaking Buried Copper Pipework

    Hello all, I have a real problem to deal with. I have recently installed a full underfloor heating system in a very expensive 'new build'. I have run 28mm copper from the boiler to the unvented hot water cylinder approximately 18M away. I insulated the 28mm copper pipework and air tested it...