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  1. SlimD

    Worcester Greenstar Ri HEADACHE!

    Hello, I'm hoping that some of you mosre experienced guys can help me. I qualified and got Gassafe this year and it's been a steep learning curve as I'm learning something new with every job . However, my in-laws Greenstar has me baffled. It starts to fire up but doesn't get past the 45...
  2. P

    What is the best silicon remover

    Hi I am trying to remove old silicon off a shower door. I have cut and scraped off as much as I can with a sharp blade. Can anyone recommend a good silicon remover without damaging the stainless steel shower door surround? Thanks
  3. J

    Four CH pump failures within 10 weeks - help!

    I had a new Worcester Bosch boiler installed by British Gas at the beginning of May. All was going ok until the pump failed within two weeks (it had always behaved pretty well until then). BG replaced it. Then the replacement packed up within another two weeks and so I started wondering if there...
  4. G

    'Non-Standard' Manual Exposed Mixer Valve

    2x15mm pipes with 40mm centres, out the tiles then immediate elbow down to a top entry (again, 40mm centres) manual exposed valve/mixer. Absolutely no identification on any parts :/ (which leads me to expect they're trade/ubiquitous - or once were (pretty ancient)) Looking for...
  5. C

    Strong bath recomendations

    Hi, I need a 1700x750 bath for our new bathroom, it will be used as a shower and bath in pretty equal amounts. It has to be straight sided as I already have a shower screen to fit so no P or L shaped shower baths. I want something that is really solid feeling and will put up with constantly...
  6. M

    exposed shower valves...

    With 150 centres. Any recommendations. Not really over 200 bucks. Have 150 centres and are not bar valves. Mira or Bristan I guess
  7. U

    water leaking into boiler

    Hi all, I live in a council flat and have a combi boiler and i just noticed today (after it's been raining very heavily) that there is a tapping sound coming down into this large pipe that goes from the boiler and up into the attic (sorry i'm pretty thick at this kinda stuff) but i'm guessing...
  8. M

    Aristo takes over ATAG

    I've just seen in the Gas Safe mag that Ariston have taken over ATAG. I've only ever fitted a couple of ATAGs, (mainly because they look a bit 'awkward') but have been very impressed with them. What will this mean for the future? I've never really thought much of Ariston boilers, and can't say...
  9. C

    Boiler leak issue driving me up the wall

    Ok working at a church, job was to change 32 thermostatic radiator valves.....easy change a few taps ok.....easy fix pressure drop on boiler.....not so easy the boiler house is situated about 6 metres away from the church so the pipework goes under ground and then into the church...
  10. B

    Smelly Toilet

    I have an old toilet in a downstairs cloakroom and there is a bad smell when the room is left closed up. No smelly bottom jokes please. It has a swan neck from the back of the pan straight into a soil pipe. I think the gasket that seals the two has perished and allows foul air to escape into the...
  11. J

    Part G Compliant

    Just been on the Electrician forum for advice, learnt a lot. (mainly that they feel the same way about fast trackers) Part P means that they are compliant with Part P building regs. So why don't plumbers advertise as being Part G compliant?
  12. D

    New (ish) to forum

    Hi everyone , been nosing on here for a while now so thought i'd sign up and post. Been a plumber for 3 years after coming into it from roofing. Find this site very useful for help and advice.
  13. T

    Which type of boiler?

    Hi there, I'm looking for some advice regarding a boiler upgrade. We live in a 4 bedroom largish house. 14 rads (6 doubles) and 2 thermostatic showers. We currently have an old gas boiler (ideal mexico - 1988) and hot water suplied form an old storage tank with a cold water tank in the loft...
  14. G

    Site/commercial work

    Newbie here, been browsing for a while decided it was about time i posted! Anyway, just come to the end of my apprenticeship for a small domestic company. Problem is the work is a bit slack at the moment and as much as i like the job, i think it may be time to move on. My mate works for a...
  15. S

    Strange combi problem

    Hi guys, really hoping that someone will be able to help as have hadliterally everything replaced on my worcester combi but we are still having problems. My very experienced and honest plumber is flummoxed !!! Since moving into the property 3yrs ago we have had regular problems with the...
  16. M

    Is this good value ?

    Bristan JAVA THERMOSTATIC Recessed Shower Mixer with FIXED OVER Head Chrome Plated - J CSHCFH C - £160.00 - BuyaParcel.com - £3.95 delivery for most UK items I have seen this shower and it looks pretty stylish. I have decided to go with a hidden valve and pipes shower. This shower is...
  17. W

    How universal are tap revivers?

    Valve on hot side of bath taps (which could only be replaced as a whole by removing bath) doesn't open and close properly. Removed and played with - something mechanical not working properly anymore. The valve looks pretty standard. This sort: Would standard bath tap revivers almost...
  18. M

    underfloor heating guide

    Hi, does anybody know of a guide that they could reccomend? Either a book or online as been sent the building plans for a large new build property today and asked for a price for the whole plumbing system but it has to be underfloor heating and I've never done this before, I am gas safe...