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  1. R

    Sense Check - Water Pressure so low mixer shower no longer works but electric shower will?

    I have a tenanted property which has a standard boiler and hot water tank. Since it was built in the 1990's the bathroom has had a mixer shower fed from the bath taps for a shower into the bath. Recently the tenant has explained that the shower is too hot. The managing agent plumber has told...
  2. D

    Is lockout dues to pressure?

    Hi All, I have an old Worcester 24i Junior - Maybe 15 years old. If i turn heating on it works perfectly. But if i turn hot tap on it sputters and fails and the lockout flashing light comes on. Pressure is 0.5 so could be the problem? How do i increase the pressure if so? I didn't install it...
  3. P

    Why does the valve have two pressure relief nipples?

    Any ideas why the pressure relief valve on my water heater has two outlets? Is one inflow and one outflow?
  4. H

    Worcester bosh combi boiler strange pressure problem

    ive been having problems with my boiler banging at night so ive had all my radiators changed and on Saturday had M C 3+ cleaner through the system and sentinel x100 inhibitor put in the boiler was fine that night Sunday night about 3 in the morning the boiler banged then i could hear a woosh of...
  5. R

    Rinnai B26 instant HW functions? temp sense or pressure drop?

    have a question for plumbers and or people in the know! I have a Rinnai B26 instant hot water unit that i had plumbed in line after a solar hot water storage tank. NOTE: the solar hot water part is a evacuated solar tube heater that circulates the water to a 135 litre ex gas storage cylinder...
  6. G

    Warmflow Utility 90 HE Combi Leaking and losing pressure...

    Our not so trusty but very efficient Warmflow is currently incontinent! Over the past 10 years, I've tightened all the fittings, installed new fibre washers ad nauseum, replaced the expansion tank, the flow meter and just this week the PRV. The boiler is losing water somewhere but looking at...
  7. A


    Hi all I have a 3 bed semi work in progress at the moment. It's fed off of a 15mm incoming copper water mains pipe which then branches off in 15mm pipe to feed the bathrooms, boiler, kitchen etc. It already has a Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior in good nick on the 1st floor landing cupboard, a...
  8. D

    Shower Advice for low pressure Bungalow

    Hi all Hope Im in the right sub-forum. I have a gravity fed ( I think) shower. Bungalow has cold water tank in loft and hot water cylinder in a cupboard on ground floor(same level as shower). My gas boiler is an old Glow worm "Normal" boiler, i.e. not a Combi. I believe my mains pressure is...
  9. Cat

    Water pressure mystery

    Hey folks, I am hoping you can help me solve a bit of a mystery. My water pressure drops on occasion, kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower (electric) meaning the temperature fluctuates and it shuts off. I haven't had any plumbing work done but my downstairs neighbours have, the water supply...
  10. B

    Low Water pressure area

    Dear all, I have a question please kindly help me. The job is in rural area and has very low water pressure. There is no gas here. The customer is thinking to install an electric combo boiler. The problem is the minimum pressure for electric boiler is 1 bar. How can I fill up the combo system...
  11. M

    Hi I have slow rising pressure in boiler

    Hi I have slow rising of pressure in boiler not sure why but blue valve its fully open and black one closed..read on web that both should be closed is that true? Trying to attach pictures
  12. J

    GROHE Red - Low Pressure

    Hi, I’ve been googling for a solution and tried GROHE directly (no response) but have not been able to find a solution to my problem. I have just moved into a house that has a GROHE Red boiling water tap installed in the kitchen. When turning the boiling tap on only a trickle of boiling water...
  13. S

    Connecting pressure tester into CH

    I have acquired a (second-hand) Rothenberg TP25, which comes with R 1/2” connector and i’ve been trying to determine how to connect it into the CH i.e. connectors to use. I was still searching at 01h00 this morning, increasingly annoyed that i couldn’t get a definitive answer! Before starting...
  14. R

    Can high mains pressure damage an electric shower?

    Hi, planning to update electric shower, not sure what Kw rating current one is, but it works well at the moment during summer, so don't necessarily need to go for a higher rating. The cold mains pressure to the cottage we are working on seems pretty high - when I replaced a kitchen tap valve and...
  15. M

    System dropping pressure every few days

    Posting this on behalf of my Nan who has been experiencing issues with her central heating system periodically for the a number of years, and thus far no-one has offered a solution that has provided a permanent fix. She lives in a 1970s bungalow with central heating throughout. The combo boiler...
  16. G

    Fitting sink in loft with low water pressure system.

    Hi, I’m making a “man cave” in my loft and I’d like to fit a sink for making drinks and washing up etc. It’s a low pressure system with a header tank up high in the gable end and 2 water tanks on the deck. I know one feeds the hot water cylinder below and one feeds the cold water below. I...
  17. Y

    High pressure into the boiler

    Hi All, We have issue with our "viessmann vitodens 200" (16 year old already), about a month ago display was blinking with message "F E" and the whole system was off. After resetting the system it get back to normal work, but then we notice that there is a high pressure on the gouge around 2.5...
  18. M

    Ideal boiler displaying F1 error but pressure is as should be

    My boiler is displaying the F1 error meaning I have no hot water or heating. A quick google search tells me that this error is caused by low pressure and theres many tutorials on increasing the pressure. However, my problem is that the pressure guage is telling me the boiler is at ideal pressure...
  19. S

    Should I pressure test relatively small plumbing job

    I am a DIYer that is looking to address piping under my en-suite floor, whilst I am undertaking a major re-ferb of the room. With reference to the picture, you can see that I have a number of JG connections under the floor and they will ultimately be tiled over. To complicate things further...
  20. E

    Electric showers and water pressure

    Hello, could someone give me advice on a problem I have with my shower? I’m close to replacing the shower engine but not sure if pressure could be the problem. In our en suite, the shower starts but very very hot then proceeds to a kettle noise and stop. After a few seconds it does the same...
  21. H

    Why is the water pressure non existence for hot water supply to shower?

    We bought an Edwardian semi detached house just over a year ago (previously a hotel, converted in the mid 90s). The shower (not power or pumped) had low pressure for hot water which got worse over time, then out of nowhere (hadn’t got round to getting anyone to look at it) it was great, better...
  22. D

    Boiler Pressure and Leak

    Forumite 193 POSTS Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please offer some advice. I have a small leak in the boiler and the pressure is low not going above at best 0.5, this is despite having a boiler check days earlier. The hot water and heating is still working. I was just wondering if you...
  23. Hairy Animal

    Pressure regulator causing hammering.

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if I've posted in the wrong forum or whatever. I would call myself a competent amateur plumber, having plumbed our whole (1928) house from the stop tap to the cisterns in the loft, but I know there's plenty of stuff I don't know about so am always...
  24. D

    Worcester Negative Fan Pressure decrease after cleaning heat exchanger

    Hi, I am new gas safe registered. I serviced a old worcester R28 HE Z7-28 system Boiler. found negative fan pressure -3.95mb lower than MI's -4.2mb, Gas rate is 2.82 m3/h, little bit lower than MI'S 2.9M3/H, so clean heat exchanger very well. after that check fan negative pressure, -3.11mb...
  25. P

    URGENT pressure relief valve

    Hi I am having a pellet boiler installed in spain and the instruction manual says "maximum working pressure of boiler is 2 Bar" the plumber is installing a saftey group which has a prv of 4 bar so I'm just wondering should the pvr be 2 bar or is that working pressure and 4 bar release if things...
  26. M

    Help and advice on replacement boiler and system.

    Hi, Any help, advice or personal experience appreciated. We are supplied by a lead pipe but on a shared supply. I am about house 4 out of a run of 6 or 7. When tested by Affinity Water no other houses seemed to be drawing water. If you were to run a hose and another house draws water the...
  27. A

    Boiler Pressure and Cylinder Noise Issue

    Hi all, Any help with this one would be much appreciated as I have no knowledge of plumbing. I have a Potterton boiler and a Megaflo cylinder system. I have noticed that when the boiler fires up to heat the water that sometimes at the end of the cycle the boiler pressure drops on the gauge and...
  28. Dark Eyes

    Does anybody have any experience of jetting 38mm waste pipes with a pressure washer?

    The waste pipes from my kitchen sink, which also carry the dishwasher and washing machine waste, are severely blocked, and snaking it and clearing with a Vax aren't working any more; so I was going to try jetting it to see if that clears the gunk out. Does anybody have any experience of...
  29. D

    I have a F1 fault code on my ideal boiler, the pressure is fine?

    Pressure is ok but increased to see if boiler would click into action but didn’t, have reduced back, needle is moving on pressure gauge, have tried reset but still nothing, any ideas before I call someone out? Thanks
  30. M

    Help! En suit hot sink feed terrible.

    Hi all, First time posting but need help urgently. Our en suite bathroom is the room next to the water heater for the house. All the water pipes in the house are run off 10mm pipes. Our en suite shower has incredible water pressure both hot and col but the en suit tap has almost zero...
  31. R

    Help pressure test pump for rothenberger pump

    Hi guys had to open a new account not sure what happened to my old one.. Is there a drill pump out there that can pump up my 1st fixes for pressure tests? As doing it by hand can take a long time. Thanks.
  32. Ricardo Napoli

    HELP..Pressure test pump drill pump

    Hi guys just wondering is there a drill pump or something that I can attach to pressure test when I'm on new builds. Currently using the rothenberger pressure test pump but that can take a while to get up to pressure pumping by hand. Thanks guys.
  33. S

    Operating pressure. Low pressure installation

    Hi I was working on a job yesterday low pressure installation. extending a 15mm gas pipe by about a foot. The meter was an e6. no appliances connected, so when it came to purging and I cracked the nut on the compression cap end, I was wondering why the Pressure in the system felt very high...
  34. P

    Air Pressure Fault - Heatline Boiler

    Morning all, We inherited a c.2007 Heatline Compact boiler when we moved into our house. On Friday the boiler developed an air pressure fault. I first tested the air pressure switch in both the Common-normally closed and Common-normally open positions and both are working ok. I even tried a...
  35. E

    UK 1970s Flat - Cold Water Pressure

    Hi all, I’m at my wits end and would really appreciate any advice! The cold water in our kitchen mixer tap has recently lost all pressure i.e. just a dribble and if the hot has been on for any length of time it seizes up completely. A plumber In the past has suggested that the kitchen cold...
  36. C

    Low water flow to whole house

    I have a pressure reading of 75 psi to my house but the flow is very poor. We do not have a water softener or pressure regulator. The flow is about even on hot and cold taps. We ran a 5gal bucket test and after over 1min we were not even at half. This started about 1 year ago and has gradually...
  37. K

    URGENT Worcester Heatslave 15/19 Oil Combi Boiler Pressure

    My boiler pressure gauge is at zero so the boiler is not firing up. I thought I heard a small water leak in the wall near the boiler the other night, just before this happened, but the leak has now stopped. I have been reading other posts to try to find a solution and I've hunted everywhere...
  38. L

    Low water pressure on newly fitted tap

    Hi, I recently fitted a new precision rinse mixer tap in a kitchen and the water pressure is really low. I have checked for leaks and to make sure that the isolator valves and stop cock are open fully. What can I do to improve the water pressure?
  39. R

    No water pressure and loud gurgling and tapping from loft

    Hi I have for a while had bad hot and cold water pressure. At a certain time in the morning the boiler comes on and you can hear bubling coming from the radiators and much louder from the tank in the attic and like a taping noise the gradually slows down after 20 seconds, it does this circle I...
  40. R

    Low pressure to outside taps

    I have 2 outside taps that used to be fine. They are now just a dribble! I had a plumber out yesterday who said we would need increased water pressure and he couldn't fix them. I have checked the pressure and the cold tap in the kitchen fills a 1 litre jug in 7 seconds so United Utilities can't...
  41. S

    Unvented Cylinder loses pressure when I bleed radiator

    my unvented cylinder system has been losing pressure. So I started the investigation as to whether it is losing pressure due to hot water or heating. So waiting for spring / summer when I don’t run heating much. I can see that only one of the radiators which I need to bleed as it is always cold...
  42. O

    Loss off water pressure after mains scale inhibitor fitted

    Hi all, i have fitted a 22mm scale inhibitor today( due to very hard water) and have lost pressure to all the cold taps in my property bar the outside tap and the washer valve feed . I have also lost around 4L a minute on the flow rate on all the affected taps . Property is a new build MDPE...
  43. M

    Worcester boiler part leaking

    Hello this part of my Worcester boiler seems to have a leak and boiler pressure has gone up? Any ideas what this part is?
  44. Zootie

    Boiler firing up then failing & pressure gauge fluctuating after re-pressurizing

    I’ve had an issue with my 7 year old Worcester Bosch boiler losing pressure for a couple of months. It’s fine when running, but when I turn it off at night it loses pressure and I have to refill the system in the morning. The problem has got worse with another weird symptom and I need some...
  45. B

    Outside Tap,Low Pressure

    We have been in the house now a few years and I want to get the low pressure on the outside Tap sorted out. I thought it was the tap so took it off the pipe and it's not that since the flow from the pipe was low. Water pressure in the house is fine. I have taken a couple of photos to see if you...
  46. R

    Shower Pressure problem

    Hi There, Looking for some help before making an expensive purchase. Before having my bathroom replaced 2 years ago I had an old (20+ years) Mira excell concealed mixer shower. Pressure was absolutely fantastic to the point where the wife couldnt stand under it. Brilliant shower. When the...
  47. M

    HW expansion vessel pressure and sizing

    Afternoon, I am not a G3 engineer but am using the downtime during COVID to do some extra learning. Is there a calculation to use to correctly size the expansion vessel and have the correct pressure in the vessel on unvented HW systems? Thanks
  48. M

    What pressure to charge HW expansion vessel?

    Afternoon, this is purely a query and learning benefit. I am not a G3 qualified engineer, however am just using the down time during COVID to take on some extra learning. Would anyone know if there is calculation or something to determine what pressure and size the vessel should be on an...
  49. J

    Worcester boiler pressure issue

    I have a Worcester Greenstar 24i junior boiler that is around 12 years old. I am having issues with the pressure on the central heating. When the boiler is off the pressure is dropping down to 0 (I know it should be around 1 bar). When on it is around 1 bar some of the time, but it can go up to...
  50. T

    Baxi Burnall with back boiler connection to Unvented /Mains pressure water tank ??

    I have a Baxi Burnall open fire with wrap round back boiler connected via a Dunsley Baker Neutaliser to the vented hot water tank. I wish to update my older vented system to an unvented twin coil indirect water tank with two immersion slots. I want to use one immersion slot for my recently...