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  1. Dan

    How to deal with offensive posts - Never reply to them, Always report them

    If you find a post that is offensive to you, or you think it is offensive to somebody else, then please report the post and do not reply to it. When you reply to a post that we might be pulling for offensive content, we then need to go and check your replies, and see if anybody has quoted the...
  2. Dan

    1 Million Posts!!!! - Well done people :P

    1 Million Posts! - That's a lot of waffling :D ;)
  3. SimonG

    New Posts Button Not Working.

    New Posts Button not working. Just hangs. Have to go into individual forums.
  4. Dan

    Tag People in Posts (Like Facebook and Twitter and stuff)

    Not sure if we had this before, I can't remember. But you can tag people in posts. Like this. @Lou @croppie @Plumbstar Tom Just use the @ symbol as you would anywhere else.
  5. C

    Ideal isar HE24 luke warm water

    Hi guys, I have been called out to an isar on the premise of a service to find that they only have luke warm water. If you slow the flow on the basin and kitchen taps you can sometimes get hot water but the bath is always tepid at best. I read that if the diverter valve is playing up the flow...
  6. Chalked

    What's with hasad? Forum working weird

    What's happened to the forum?
  7. G

    looking for my last post

    So....I placed a post earlier stating I was looking for work but it didn't appear...what happened?......
  8. R

    tons of information..

    all happening in the plumbers arms, you in yet? http://www.ukplumbersforums.co.uk/plumbers-arms/
  9. C

    Range rated boilers

    normally range rated boilers have a min,medium and max settings, so if I'm testing the heat kW input and burner pressure does the results have to be spot on one of these settings or does it just have to be within in the range of the min and max? Or do I have to do the test on maximum which would...
  10. C


    Morning guys, I attended a jaguar combi boiler to which I know very little about, the hot tap in the kitchen pretty close to the boiler when I put the hot tap on the boiler doesn't light the cold just runs through the boiler. If I go upstairs and put the tap on the boiler ignites but doesn't run...
  11. L

    Removal of buderus 500 combi heat exchanger connection plate

    Hi everyone, i have a boiler with a leak from cold water inlet and DHW outlet connections into the plastic heat exchanger connection plate. it is almost impossible to see if the leaks are from the brass nipples or a crack in the plastic block so I am going to replace both just to be on the safe...
  12. J

    linking mf burner & gas system

    Im fitting a new heating system to my house Im gas safe registered & plumbed a few multifuel burners, but never mixed the 2 Can I use a low loss header on the mf side to transfer the heat over to the flow on the gas system. I appreciate the need of extra pumps, pipe stats, check valve, its just...
  13. D

    Sorry here is my gassafe reg no

    comm/domestic & Lpg regarding last message re concorde boiler
  14. T

    Worcester 9.24 rsf problem

    Worcester 9.24 rsf no central heating. I know its an ancient boiler and yes it will be replaced soon (with a baxi duo tec) But just for knowledge sake...The DHW works fine but central heating does not work at all. All obvious things have been checked like c/h thermistor, programmer, air flow...
  15. B

    entry into the GSR Only forum

    New Rules for anyone wishing to gain access ,send me or Redsaw the following,we are doing away with the technical questions Full business name,name of the Engineer who wants to join,A picture via pm of your GSR engineer ID card Or RGI if applicable you still need 10 posts to apply
  16. C


    Hi guys I run a small heating and plumbing company and would like to know what software or what methods people use to work out the profitability on each job? I'm sure we all do many jobs a day so looking for the simplest method? I have a few ideas just wandering what others use. thanks everyone.
  17. A

    Heatline monza 28kw

    Hi all , Can you still buy this boiler ?.
  18. A

    Vivaro van racking

    Hi, I've just bought a vivaro and am looking at installing some racking in the rear. I am thinking of splitting it in half in the middle and have been looking at ex bt racking. Has anybody used this and has photos they could show of what it's like when being used? Or what other ways have people...
  19. A

    ideal logic+ 24 f2 fault

    hi everyone im new on here but a long term reader of people posts. i am a gas safe but i do not have 10 posts on the forum yet but im in need of some help with this boiler it started as a simple leak repair on the flow turbine, far as im ware this is common. then i had to replace electrode...
  20. D

    Plumbers Arms?

    Tried looking for entry info and only able to find post from 2009, are they still all correct? Thanks in advance
  21. T

    Posting pictures ?

    I have another thread in progress, and someone has asked for a picture. I tried posting a reply including a picture, but the post was forbidden, something to do no of urls or forbidden words ? What is the method for posting a picture ? Thanks
  22. E

    just joined the gas register still learning.....

    Hi, passed my core and four 18months ago and have just registered as work has been tight. o do i join the forum as I need some advise.. eddie
  23. A

    pro combi he 85 hot water and heating not working

    Hey all, I hope someone can help,no heating or hot water i switch either on and my pump runs but the fan doesn't, then the boiler just locks out (constant red light),if it is the board how can i test it or the fan i haven't used a multi meter before,would be grateful for any advise as im going...
  24. R

    Running a gas supply in the floor of a first floor flat

    To any one who can help, I've been asked to install a new boiler to a first floor flat. (1900's) My question is, is it permissible to run a new gas pipe under the floor from the meter to the boiler? I seem to be getting mixed answers from gas safe as to whether this is allowed. Apparently...
  25. S

    Becoming a pub member.

    Hi guys and gals, can anyone point me in the direction of becoming a pub member? Reg No.45196 Getting to grips with the forum, slowly! Cheers, Stoker.
  26. B

    help with previous post

    Hello all, i recently asked a question regarding bending a set 350mm in 1" bsp black steel tube , a kind person responded with a calc that used hypotenuse and it was spot on . I looked on the forum to use this again and couldnt find it anywhwere , if you responded or know the answer please could...
  27. jtsplumbing

    Able group ?????

    Hi Guys Got Able Group advertiseing down here in the South West, any one had any dealings with them ?? They seem to pop up from time to time !
  28. turnpin

    Bod joins the 4000 post gang

    Well done Bod on your 4000 quality postings always worth a read ..regards turnpin
  29. A

    one hundred posts

    I have now made it to 100 posts I came to this forum as a fast track engineer without the benefit of an apprenticeship, so this forum has been a valuable resource when i needed an answer to a problem and some experience to guide me through the process of becoming an engineer thanks to all...
  30. turnpin

    WaterTight 2000 + posts

    Not sure if I`ve missed the boat on this one but would just like to say congrats to WaterTight on 2000 + posts quality input time and again regards turnpin:hurray::hurray:
  31. turnpin

    AW heating passes 2000 post marker

    Well done great input and always a good read regards turnpin:wink5:
  32. turnpin

    Gray0689 hovers near 2000 posts

    As I post this Gray still has to make the final post to take him over into 2000 post land [1999] great input as usual keep em coming regards turnpin:hurray:
  33. turnpin

    Stevetheplumber nears 3000 posts [or he did when I last looked]

    Well done on 3000 posts steve good quality input I dont know if anyone else has beat me to it but congrats just the same regards turnpin